Chapter 187 – It’s the same.

◈ Episode 187. It’s the same.

A loud shouting match.

“What is this decision for!”

“Didn’t you all witness it? Antonium was pushed to the limit. To retreat when the fall was in sight!”

“Lord Shegwin, you will have to take responsibility for the decision.”

Under the glare, Shegwin was silent.

He couldn’t be bothered to care about the sanctification of the feudal lords.

In his head.

He couldn’t get the image of the silver-haired man, Hoyeol, out of his mind.

‘I couldn’t guess what it was.’

A spacetime social hall.

Due to his discipline, he could only infer information from his opponent’s appearance.

What does Hoyeol appear to be like?

Let alone any fancy equipment, including weapons.

Even his clothing was unfamiliar.

‘Most likely a mage.’

Magic is a mage’s weapon.

Although it is possible to amplify the power of magic with magic items, such magic items are rare.

Even that was a monopoly of the Magic Tower.

‘But the body…….’

It’s too trained to be a mage’s body.

Shegwin recognized it, for he, too, was a warrior.

Broad shoulders and strong forearms.

The muscles were obviously developed from holding and wielding weapons.

‘……A magical swordsman?’

There was no reason to be surprised.

From magical swordsman to magician.

There had been people who practiced both magic and martial arts since ancient times.

What struck Shegwin as odd was that he had chosen the Unorthodox path, not the Orthodox path, to reach the level of the Transcendent.

‘It is a state that cannot be reached by one wave.’

Usually, in trying to catch the whole thing, you miss the whole thing.

This was evident from the fact that there were no well-known magic swordsmen or magicians on the Arcana Continent. That’s why it’s unbelievable.

If I hadn’t bumped into Hoyeol in the social hall.

As he collected his thoughts, a voice spoke.

“Do you hear me, Lord Shegwin!”

How dare anyone shout at him?

For a moment, Shegwin could hardly contain himself.

Immediately, the room fell silent.


Among the feudal lords, there were some who had never even held a sword. Because of this, those whose bodies had not been trained foamed at the mouth and fainted.

The reactions of the rest were not much different.

“……Sir Shegwin. What is this, what are you doing?”

I could barely hold my breath, but that was all.

Shegwin silently fiddled with his sword, the Atlas Sword.


A vibration shook the room.

The men’s faces turned white as they broke out in a cold sweat.

Now they couldn’t even form words.


This is the presence of the transcendent.

This is the normal reaction.

Soon, the sight of the devastation brought Shegwin back to his senses.


What have I done?

“Heoheok heoheok.”

Of all the feudal lords.

Only Duke Yumir was still standing.

Shegwin spoke to him.

“Yumir, do not be angry with me.”

“What is that……?”

“The day will come when you will understand.”

You only see what you know.

If he tried to explain the power of Hoyeol, he would not understand, and he would insist. Shegwin held his tongue.

There was no point in standing around while everyone else passed out.

Shegwin rose to his feet.

“Let’s make this expedition to Antonium never happen.”


Duke Yumir’s eyes widened.

He shouted at the back of Shegwin’s head.

“Master Shegwin!”


“You’re going to do something that was never meant to be!”

I gave up so much for the expedition to Antonium.

And now you want to do something that never happened?

Yumir stood up on shaky legs.

“Shegwin, I have taken you at your word and turned my back on the people of my lands. I kept telling myself that I had no choice but to sacrifice a small thing for the greater good!”


“So? Didn’t I ask you, what is the reason? Wasn’t it necessary, wasn’t it a lot of work? If you had stepped up, if you hadn’t retreated, Antonium would have been……!”

If you had stepped forward.

If I had done as he said.

What would have been different.

Shegwin asked himself.

No, nothing would have changed.

Shegwin, more than anyone else, was aware of this.

The moment he met Hoyeol.

-“Why do you smell like an ugly demon?”

Heart pounding.

Like Yumir’s heart, at this very moment.

His own heart was beating furiously.

It was fear, an emotion Shegwin, born with the gift of swordsmanship, had never felt before in his life.

The corner of Shegwin’s mouth twitched.

“Yumir. I wish you would shut up.”

“Shut up, don’t say that……!”


Before he could finish his sentence, the sword was drawn.


A solid line was drawn across the nape of Yumir’s neck.

“Eh, eh, eh!”

Yumir quickly clutched at his throat.

Oh, is he still alive?

His throat was cut, but how?


Shegwin wiped the blood off his sword and said.

“Considering my misjudgment, I’ll just take it as one wound.”


Yumir suddenly realized how shallow the wound on his neck was.

A sting at best.

All the more reason to be appalled.

“How could you, with your ridiculous skills!”

Yumir cried.

He clasped his bloody hands together and clutched his head.

A desperate voice came out of his mouth.

“……Master Shegwin. No, Master Sword Saint! Please think again. I cannot return to the manor as it is, I cannot face a people trampled by demons as it is!”

It was an emotional plea.

But there was no change in Shegwin’s expression.

No, his face hardened even more coldly.

“It’s not even funny, Yumir.”

“How could you say that!”

“Cut the fucking crap.”



Shegwin grabbed Yumir by the hair and lifted him up.

“From the outside looking in, you are no better than the demon. You know how your people, so dear to you, died.”

“……Master Shegwin, what are you talking about?”

“You are an accomplice with me.”

He said.

-“What did you trade for that youth?”

The lives of others.

The lives of the people.

I traded my life.

-“Sword Saint. No, you’re a swordsman who uglier than the demon.”

You couldn’t be more right.

After being born a human and committing such heinous acts, I can’t argue with being called uglier than the demon.

But make no mistake.

Shegwin’s pupils narrowed.

“Hypocrite Yumir, you are no better than I am.”


Shegwin threw Yumir to the ground.

Then he looked out at the silent hall.

The commotion should have woken him up.

Still, he turned to the group, who were holding their breath like rats.

“I’ve changed my mind.”


“I think it’s best not to leave a trace.”


There was no time to react.

A flurry of swords.

A fountain of blood gushed out a beat late.


Then, sheathing his sword, Shegwin stared at the carnage.

He should have been shocked at his own cruelty.

And yet, why?

He felt no remorse.

As if that wasn’t enough.


The flesh surged with energy.

It was as if the blood and fear in the room had become the elixir of legend.

Shegwin inhaled deeply.

Again, there was no hint of blood.

It smelled more like ripe wine.

Shegwin opened his mouth.

“On second thought, you are right.”

I am a demon.

I may have become something even uglier than that.

But I will not regret it.

If I can be strong.

I don’t care if I’m uglier than that.

I have not chosen the wrong path.

But Shegwin’s ecstasy was short-lived.

He soon realized his situation.

‘Even after this transformation, I felt fear.’

Just by making eye contact with him, he realized.

It’s an immeasurable difference.

He gritted his teeth.

“I will grow stronger. To cut you down.”


Awww, how weak.

How insignificant, Hoyeol.

This is how you think you can defeat Shegwin!

─Train your weak body. (Repeat)

Run 45 kilometers (Success)

3,700 push-ups (ongoing)

2,200 pull-ups (successful)

1,400 burpee tests (successful)

Yusra Kingdom Executive Office.


I stepped off the gleaming golden rod.

Damn, I can’t feel my forearms.

But without a moment’s hesitation, I summon up my magic.

“This is really hurting my aesthetics.”

Immediately, I manifested Reversal Magic.

The iron rod returned to its original form of a golden ornament.

Even if gold bars were common in the Yusra Kingdom.

To do pull-ups on an iron bar made of pure gold.

‘I’m so nervous I can’t even think about it.’

Innocence or not, you’ve got a big liver, Grandfell.

The good news is.

I realized that the [Blessing of the First World Tree] was activating.

My numb forearms quickly revitalized.

“As expected.”

If it weren’t for the life regeneration, I’d be lying on my back in pain, but you’re a good talker, Grandfell. Breaking the shackles of the Circle hasn’t changed my routine much.

I was still plagued by class quests.

I watered the elixir fields.

Attending to the affairs of the Kingdom of Yusra.

And finally, attending a Holy War meeting.

‘I’m just missing my chief duties.’

Besides, the pride of Grandfell would not allow me to skip work, and I will soon return to the tower dutifully to reclaim the chief’s duties from Marcelo.

In that sense, the remaining days were precious to me!

That’s why I hurriedly wrote to the head of the Explorers’ Federation, Fabien, and asked to borrow the [Torch of Hell], and the Explorers’ Federation graciously granted my request, so I took the [Torch of Hell] into my inventory.

[Torch of Hell]

[Rank: Unique]

[Limitations: None]

[Effect: Same as the effect of Hellfire].

[Description: A torch burning with hellfire, a treasure of the Explorers’ Federation said to have been left behind by Lorenzik, a romantic explorer long ago].

Fabian handed over the torch and said.

-“I’m glad to hear that the Federation’s tools can be of service to you, Commander-in-Chief.”

That damn commander’s title is really… … .

Anyway, I’m happy for him, but I’m happier and more grateful.

Imagine if we didn’t have the [Torch of Hell].

The moment the gates of Hell closed, we would have lost contact with Akshan. I didn’t even know where it was, let alone how to open it.

Barely acquired class unique skill.

You mean [Akshan’s Upkeep] was going to be my demise.

I read the torch’s description and whispered.

“Lorenzik, your pride has led to the torch.”

……I should have just said thank you.

Why does it always come down to pride, Grandfell.

Anyway, I wasted no time.

I quickly grabbed a torch from my inventory.

Then I activated [Akshan’s Upkeep] on my mouth.

“Respond, Akshan.”

I didn’t have to use my mouth when I used a skill or magic…….

Consider it the least I could do for my seniors.

[Your relationship and influence with Akshan applies to the effect].

[An Akshan demon hunter responds to your call].


A floating message.

At the same time, the torch of hell flickers fiercely.

It was indeed Akshan, by the way.

‘Your relationship and influence must have increased since then.’

Before the High Ranking Demon King, Gamigin, the demon hunters appeared in a loud and clumsy manner.

Now it was just one of them.

Still, where is one?

After all those unkind personalities.

I should be grateful for even this.

By the way…….

A black outfit that clings to the body.

The deeply pressed hoods.

And weapons strapped to their bodies.

Yeah, I know, I fell in love with that look!

But now that I’m all grown up, I can’t think of a more ineffective outfit.

No, that’s not what I’d say to a man who lives and dies by formality. That’s overdone in a different way to me, isn’t it?

‘You’re going to impale yourself on your own weapon if you move!’

But that’s what I’ve always felt.

Besides, there was no point in going against Akshan’s wishes now.

I had to find out, to learn.

The source of that vast bowl!

I dared to hope.

Even if there were countless classes in Arcana, a class that could kill a level 900 Named Monster with a single blow? I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t exist except as a Demon Hunter.

At first, I thought it was just because of their high stats.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized it didn’t make sense.

Why, just now, the objectives for the Fitness Class quests were rising exponentially. Even with my lousy stats…….


Strength: 112 / Agility: 124 / Magic: 512 / Luck: 12 / Aesthetics: Mid

I can see how this would be a daunting goal even now. You’d need to have at least 900 Strength and Agility to be able to kill a level 900 Named Monster with a flat hit.

If you calculate that in terms of training volume…….

That’s not a very achievable goal, is it?

A day is a day.

Even if I spent an entire week on a fitness quest.

You wouldn’t be able to accomplish even one goal.

So I thought I’d ask the guys.

What’s the secret to those stats, those massive bowls?


But somehow it doesn’t look easy to begin with…….


Looking around the office, the Demon Hunter was disappointed.

Being a demon hunter myself, I could guess.

It was obvious that he was disappointed that there were no demons.

‘You’re so consistent, Akshan.’

No socializing among demon hunters.

Truly, even in Hell, he would maintain discipline.

“I’m afraid there are no demons here.”

I say.


He doesn’t even seem to hear me, let alone answer.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, what’s he doing?

Dropping to the floor.

Wait, you’re doing push-ups?!

“Well, I guess that means we don’t need to talk.”

Working out in someone else’s office.

Don’t accept that kind of disrespect, Grandfell.

I didn’t ask for this……!

But my shout was cut short.


I had just completed a fitness quest with the Demon Hunter I’d summoned, and even as my body screamed, I couldn’t help but feel uneasy.

“No way, really, ah, really?

You just randomly increased your stats by training?!

Really, there are classes like this!!

He wanted to scream in frustration.

Grandfell’s competitive spirit was ignited.

I performed push-ups non-stop.

[You’ve met the requirements].

[The reward is coming].

I had reached my goal.

I couldn’t stop.


senior… … .

No, not even a senior.

Because that rude demon hunter wouldn’t stop.

I groggily open my mouth.

” ……It looks like you’re finally getting somewhere.”

Don’t bluff when you can’t even speak, Grandfell.

It was a time when I was literally bending my arms with malice.

Suddenly, my vision spun.

After all that physical abuse.

I’m finally passing out.

I was hoping that passing out would allow me to rest.

I didn’t.

I remembered a message.

[Additional rewards will be awarded for training beyond your limits].


I found it.

Demon Hunter, the secret to those transcendent stats!