Chapter 142 – Splendidly (2)

◈ Episode 142. Splendidly (2)

Godmother (大母).

How long had she been impersonating the Simuard family’s Godmother?

Her body, freed from possession, was rapidly losing its vitality.

The Exorcism Ritual has been activated.

A possessed human body would not have been harmed.

She was reduced to a corpse. To skeletons. To dust.

Scattered into thin air, leaving no trace, along with the demon.

‘For a period of time that the human body cannot endure.’

The demon had deceived Simuard Family.

It’s starting to make sense.

I wonder why people with outstanding mental power like Marcelo and Bellier were afflicted with the demon’s condition.

‘It was a condition passed down from generation to generation.’

It was literally a curse.

Soon, all trace of Yulah Simuard was gone.

I caught the end of the message as it emerged.

“─Defeat the demon possessing Yulah Simuard and break the curse covenant. (Success)

[You have fulfilled the condition].

[You will be rewarded].


The message was both familiar and unfamiliar.

Class quests included.

It was the first time I’d gotten anything resembling a reward for doing Demon Hunter-related quests.

Of course, the steadily rising stats alone were a huge reward.

‘Even if I kill a Great Evil, even if I crush a Demon King.’

The message didn’t say anything about how hard it was.

Of course, I didn’t expect much.

Wasn’t this a request from back when Akshan still existed?

Again, I didn’t expect it.

[Your relationship with Akshan grows].

[Increases your influence in Akshan].



First of all, I wasn’t disappointed.

……What are you talking about, anyway?

[The Extermination of Akshan].

As the class quest says.

Akshan has ceased to exist.

But my relationship with Akshan and my influence has increased……?

The contradictory message seemed significant.


“Even if it doesn’t exist, pride lives on.”

In a nutshell, I neatly organized my complicated head.

Yes, it would be unreasonable to assume anything about Akshan at this point.

I’m not in a position to do so.

Still, I’ve accomplished my first objective.

‘Covenant broken. The Curse of the Terminal Ilness is gone.’

Not the Rift, but the continent of Arcana.

I don’t have a real-time view of what’s going on in the real world, but trust me, my situation is far too urgent for that.

‘No, it’s more than urgent, it’s desperate, isn’t it?’

The evil’s eyes hung in the sky.

According to Yulah, the demon king, the demons called them evil eyes. Indeed, just by looking at them, one could tell their purpose.

It’s probably used to monitor the dynamics of the Arcana continent from high above.

Just like it’s glaring at me now.

But there is a procedure to everything.

I followed the order with pride.

“You may now rest in peace.”

I said to the void where nothing was left.

I spoke to Yulah Simuard, to some distant ancestor of the nameless Simuard family.

The pride of Grandfell could not pass without consolation. Even if she was possessed by a demon, she could only watch as her own flesh harmed her descendants.

I wonder if my stiff greeting was any consolation.


For a moment, a ripple appeared on the surface of Lake Narnia.

I looked up.

I looked up at the sky.

“For raising my gaze. I will take it into account in my disposition.”


I said, arrogantly, as always.

But aside from the bullshit, it’s really dark.

‘I’m surprised the crushing of the Demon Kings worked.’

We only crushed three demon kings.

I can’t believe the momentum has slowed down.

The night view of the Arcana Continent is a magical landscape.


Did this interrupt their sleep?

The number of Demons, which were only a few dozen at most, began to gradually increase.

From dozens to hundreds.

No, now they were too numerous to even count.

[Skill, ‘Natural Enemy’ is activated].

My level has risen.

My demon hunter’s senses are sharpened.

I could feel the demons gathering in a wide radius.

How loud were they?

It’s almost enough to make me feel resentful.

As if the night sky wasn’t enough, their voices reached to the ends of the earth, seriously.

It wasn’t a metaphor or an exaggeration.

It was literal.

I can feel every demon on the continent of Arcana watching me.

Beyond that, the ultimate demon hunter.

To kill me, the last natural enemy.

I can feel them swarming.

I spit out a short sentence.


I checked my current status, for now.

The magic consumed in the battle with Yulah Simuard, the demon, is approximately 30%.

That was before I defeated the demon, Flauros, and the evil dragon.

You’d probably be drowning in a lake right now from exhaustion.

‘One point difference adds up.’

Plus, I have the Blessing of the World Tree buff active.

You’ve come a long way, Ho Yeol.

But there’s no time for self-praise.

Only 7% of my magic remains.

‘Even after taking into account the damned magic regeneration items…….’

I don’t have enough to fight the demons that are closing in on me. No, Marcelo. Even if a demigod, Senios, or Karimzeva came, it wouldn’t be possible.


This was no bluff.

I couldn’t even begin to count the demons I could see with the naked eye.

But I was prepared. Ever since I decided to enter the continent of Arcana.

“But out of every great crisis comes a great opportunity.”

The Arcana Continent.

The evil eye is upon me.

My nemesis, the survivor of Akshan, the last demon hunter.

But I have not backed down.

Even in the face of lowly demons, imps.

Even in the face of a Demon, the king of demons.

Even in the face of the Great Evil, and the Evil eyes in the sky.

I stood upright as always.

Yes, this upright position, always.

For it was I who struggled not to sink.

So I moved with all my might, with everything I had.

“Come. I’ll hang out with you today.”

What’s the point of being prepared?

You just hunt demons until you die.

Yes, that is the pride of the Grandfell.

It was a conclusion that I, Lee Ho-yeol, agreed with. Experience and levels might be just numbers to him, but they were very important to me……!

‘Don’t forget, the death penalty.’

Back when it was just a game, Arcana’s death penalty was infamous. As the [Last Adventurer] title suggests, you’d lose access to Arcana for 24 hours.

On top of that, the experience penalty was insane.


‘After going through all this trouble, shouldn’t I get my money’s worth?’

To offset the death penalty.

I’ll kill as many demons as I can and die.

That was my true intention.

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad it worked out in the end.

Thanks to you.

There was no hesitation in my actions.


I raised my sword from my waistband.

Sword energy becomes even sharper on a battlefield of life and death.

As I said, it’s a battlefield where you have to die.

You must take out everything you can, from experience points to swordsmanship.

“You’ve finally met an enemy to set the teeth on.”

……Oh my God.

Seriously, I’m glad no one is watching.

I’m not even talking to myself anymore, I’m talking to items, but I’m glad I didn’t forget. I summoned a tooth, the Fang of an Evil Earth Dragon, from thin air with my magic.

I stare at the battlefield.



A massive vibration.

It’s different from the demons I’ve seen in the real world and in the Rift.

It’s also huge.

Beastly demonic monsters that aren’t demon kings, but emit evil energy comparable to that of demons. Now that I’m facing them, it makes sense.

No wonder the continent of Arcana fell without resistance.

“There’s not a hint of refinement in your step.”

You look so uneducated you can’t even speak, that one.


I stepped forward to face them.

“I will not allow any further disturbance.”

Simuard Manor, near the lake.

Inside the mansion are the servants of Simuard.

They’ve only just recovered from their long absence.

They’re too busy trying to figure out what’s going on.

You cannot draw them into battle.

Manifested a series of short-range teleports.

I’ve closed the distance from the lake.

Indeed, I am the only one with a purpose.


The demons’ pupils rolled, and they quickly caught sight of me.

See, I’m not on the lake.

From now on, there will be no unnecessary consumption of magic power…….

The time has come for an all-out war.

[Current number of stored attribute magic: 31].

White Wing, the number of stored attribute magic is roughly thirty.

Even if I manifest them all, I won’t be able to take down more than a few.

In that case, I’ll have to rely on [『Anomaly』].

[Aesthetic: Mid]

Like copy and paste.

An effect that can simplify a complex interference process.

Even the senior mages of the Magic Tower are amazed at the efficiency of the aesthetics. Yes, I have manifested the aesthetics of [『Anomaly』] into the strongest weapon I have.

[Evil Earth Dragon Fang]]

[Rank: Unique]

[Limit: Lv.800]

[Effect: None]

[Description: A sword forged from the fangs of an Earth Dragon that failed to become a dragon. Due to its inherent limitations, it has no special effects, but its destructive power is unmatched by any other weapon].

Jiji Jiji─

Unlike the bite elemental magic.

Pure magic is all about destructive power.

I recalled the magic of Vanguard, a senior in Pure Magic, and manifested it.

Pure magic enveloped the fangs of the Earth Dragon as it floated through the air.

At that moment, the effects of [Aesthetics] are activated.

What emerged from the [Anomaly] manifestation was a magical dragon, writhing as if it were alive.

Only 70 percent of its magic remained.

Of course, even with all my magic, I couldn’t have manifested something as massive as the ‘One Who Must Not Be Awakened’.

It was at least as large as the beastly demon you see there.

I let go of the leash on the teeth-baring dragon.

“Rampage to your heart’s content.”


Destructive power plus destructive power.

With the addition of the [『Anomaly』], the synergistic effect was more than just addition.

There were no demons left where the outstretched magic dragon had swept through.

The lesser demons fell to the destructive power of pure magic, and those that survived were pierced by the fangs of the earth dragon.

Messages popped up incessantly.

[You have leveled up].

[You’ve leveled up.]…….

Of course, I can’t afford to be impressed.

I’ve used my magic to the point of exhaustion.

For the time being, no more magic is possible.

But that’s okay.

I am no mage.

I am the enemy you feared more than anyone.

A demon hunter.

I gripped my sword in my right hand, my left hand reaching for my inventory.

What I pulled out was a crossbow.

[The Legendary Assassin’s Crossbow]

[Rank: Unique]

[Limit: Lv.300]

[Effect : When attacking, has a high chance to inflict Bleed on an opponent].

[Description: An old crossbow favored by a legendary assassin, whose power was enhanced by the user’s aura].

This item was not purchased at the auction house.

An item of this caliber shouldn’t even be listed on the auction house.

No level limit, no rank.

Any ranged class player would be drooling over it.

It was.

This was a crossbow I received from Wolfe Saccharin, a member of the Shadow Mercenaries. I can trace my relationship with him back to our first meeting, shortly after the crushing of the Demon King.

-“I am honored to have accomplished this feat with you. My Lord.”

Somehow, he was more formal than Kichi.

In the midst of his preparations, I had another conversation with him.

-“……Of course, shooting is my specialty, but have you ever been interested in such things? I’m afraid it’s a rather different kind of awe-inspiring……. No, but I’ll help you with what I know.”

To dig another hole to live in.

It was the skill set of a short-lived demon hunter.

When magic power is low, even the few skills are disappointing.


Silver Mastery (91%)

Shooting Mastery (78%)

Apart from skill mastery.

Wolfe was impressed.

-“I can’t believe you hit all of them from such a long distance……!”

-“I don’t think there’s much more I can teach you.”

-“If you don’t mind, would you accept this?”

-“It’s nothing fancy, it’s just a crossbow I used when I was younger, and I don’t know what to do with it, let alone sell it, so I think it’s found a good home.”

It was a less intense reaction than a Harkon or Matisse, but still. It was yet another example of how I was set up in those days, where everything that was cool and good was ignored.


I loaded a bolt into Wolfe’s crossbow.

Naturally, it was a silver bolt with silver tips.

I’m not the same person who cringes at the sight of a silver arrow.

Having integrity doesn’t mean having no money.

On the contrary, I was wary of spending money casually.

I wasn’t worried about my wallet.

“Don’t quarrel. There will never be enough to go around.”

I didn’t have to worry about running out of bolts.

I took a fighting stance.


Knight Lionheart’s stance was flawless.

The charging demons paused for a moment.

I took advantage and fired shot after shot from my crossbow.


It’s hard to reload with one hand.


But there is a small amount of magic power that regenerates in real time.


Although unable to manifest great magic, it can still be used to reload.

The power of the shot is proportional to the Agility stat.

Even if you have increased your combat power with [Natural Enemy].

I’ll still be less destructive than an Archer class player of the same level.

But I have [Silver Mastery].

Along with [Natural Enemy].

It’s the most efficient skill in the Great Demon War.

My skill level is also approaching its peak.


“I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you!”

“How human!”

Even the most high-level demons, I could deal a critical hit, a stagger. I didn’t miss the opening. I rushed through the demons and unleashed my sword energy.


Damn it.

Demons everywhere, everywhere in sight.

I’m not even a real Sword Master.

No wonder I can’t dodge every attack.

The side.

The cheek.

The back.

My thighs.

Pain shoots through my body.

So this is what it feels like to get hit by a monster.

Damn, I’m starting to admire melee players like Nam Tae-min and Leonie. But just like on the inside, they can’t show their pain.

Unbending in the face of pain.

Because that’s what Grandfell’s pride is all about.

Of course, I, Lee Ho-yeol, have no intention of enduring everything completely through evil or gangsterism. There are items that I have been wearing for that purpose.

[Pure Emerald Ring].

Restores health when hit.

[Necklace of Sublime Promise].

Similarly, when hit, triggers the ‘Medium Protection’ effect.

You say it sucks?

I can’t help it.

For this moment in time, I must be desperate to the very end.

To the very end, it is necessary to hold on to as many demons as possible.

Only then will I be able to pull off a spectacular finale.

……What was I saying?

I told you that the passage of time doesn’t matter to me.

I feel like that statement has become a reality.

Flashing lights.

Extremes of extremes.

Everything started to seem slower.

The battlefield where I ran into death.

Thanks to this.


I felt as if my body had opened one eyelid.

It wasn’t an illusion.

The opposite of a draining life force.

For some time now.

Because the black energy was becoming clearer.

‘… … It’s not sword technique, it’s sword strength.’

As dark as the sword of Harkon.