Chapter 141 – Splendidly (1)

◈ Episode 141. Splendidly (1)

[Quest: Request from the Simuard Family].

The Mage Family Simuard.

They have been cursed with a terminal illness.

They want you to find the source of the curse.

Visit the Simuard Mansion. (Success)

Confront Countess Simuard. (Success)

Defeat the demon possessing Yulah Simuard and break the Covenant. (Ongoing)

Updated quest objective.

I have prepared myself for this moment.

Not to mention the fluttering [White Outer Wings] and [Thunderstruck Branch Wand].

[Luxury – Thunderstruck Branch Wand]

[Rank: Unique]

[Limit: Lv.380]

[Effect: When casting elemental magic, increases its destructive power by 30 percent at the cost of 30 percent increased M. Atk. consumption].

The effect is a double-edged sword.

It’s an extremely energy-consuming attribute magic, and if I were to unleash the hundreds of attribute magic stored in my wings, I would suffer from energy exhaustion, but I don’t care.

The demon-infested continent of Arcana.

Grandfell’s pride grew stronger and stronger in this inferno.

『Maybe what demons should be most wary of is not Grandfell’s class, the Demon Hunter, but Grandfell himself, the human being.』

I nodded.

For me, the continent of Arcana was more like home, whether it was a high-level demon or a demon king. It’s not unreasonable for me to risk my life to defeat one.


[The First World Tree has become aware of your presence].

[The First World Tree blesses you].

[Your health and mana regeneration are greatly increased].

…… I didn’t see that one coming.

The World Tree’s blessing had been triggered before I could unleash my magic. Naturally, this was no preparation, just unexpected luck.

[Luck: 7]

Indeed, investing one precious point in luck was worth it……! By the way, the World Tree is as effective as its name suggests. Right now, I’m consuming a small amount of magic.

I don’t feel like I’m losing any magic.

It’s not even comparable to herbal buffs.

No other magic equipment or item can produce such an effect.

The blessing of the World Tree was the source of my confidence.

Another step.

The lake.

I manifested magic and walked on the surface.

It’s unthinkable when you’re under the influence of magic.

But now that I have [Natural Enemy] and the World Tree buff.

Manifesting this level of magic didn’t affect my magic power in the slightest.

So, since we have a rare opportunity, let’s take a walk.

So this is what walking on water feels like.

But it didn’t close the distance between me and the demon.


I take a step closer.

It took a step back.

The ritual had already been activated.

In consciousness.

The battle of wills between me and the demon had only just begun, but I needn’t have worried. The pride of the Grandfell would be diminished by a demon?

Don’t make fun of my black history.

I know better than anyone that it can’t happen.

” …… will you stand by and watch? Demon World!!”

Suddenly, he shouted to the sky.

“Demon King, Great Evil, he, he, he has come for us!”

It’s just a neighborhood rumor.

As you can see, she looks surprised.

Well, it’s understandable.

‘No wonder she’s somewhat aware of my existence.’

Once a demon was slain by a demon hunter, it ceased to exist and could never be resurrected.

The Great Evils and Demon Kings ceased to exist.

It’s only natural that they’d notice.


‘They never thought I would show up on the Arcana Continent.

I don’t know about their common sense.

I mean, who has common sense?

That the last of the Demon Hunters would enter the demon-infested Arcana continent on his own, alone.

Even I, the main person involved, couldn’t have imagined it just a few days ago.


But whether it was planned or not.

If nothing else, Marcelo’s life was on the line.

Not to mention the pride of Grandfell.

If only so that I would not overwork myself to death with the duties of a chief.

I would have no choice but to enter the continent of Arcana.

“Don’t make me say it again.”

A cold declaration.

At the same time.


The lake froze in an instant.

I turned to her, to my prey.

“The only words I allow you to speak are apologies to the Simuard family.”

[『Anomaly』], manifesting Absolute Zero.


The creature’s face froze in place.




From toe to head.

An unbearable chill settles over her.

It can’t go on like this……!


Yulah judged quickly.


To stop the chill from creeping up her body.

She pulled out the nails she had hidden under her skin and cut off her own ankle.

Even if her body could regenerate, she would never be able to cut off her own ankle with her own hands.

Yulah breathed hard and deep.

“…… Is this what you mean by the Exorcism ritual?

Yulah was not a direct participant in the holy war.

She didn’t want to be lumped in with the foolish demon king or demons.

He watched Akshan’s final moments from a distance.

What could be better than that?

On the subject of humans.

Akshan’s demon hunters, who looked down on demons.

To see them betrayed by their own allies and hunted by demons.

It would be a spectacle to behold, but the events of the Holy War were not what Yulah expected.

-“Fucking assholes……!!”

Betrayed by allies, besieged by demons, demon kings, and great evil. Akshan hunted the demons to the end.

Despite being overwhelmingly outnumbered, they knew the odds were against them.

They remained undaunted until the very end.

The result.

Akshan had slain a dozen demons.

It wasn’t enough.

-“I can’t die like this. I would rather……!!!”

The Great Evil, the Seven Deadly Sins, Greed, forced to commit suicide.

If he died at the hands of the Demon Hunters, he would be erased from existence.

Yes, Demon Hunters.

They were the kind of beings that could make even the Great Evil commit suicide in terror.

-“But now there is nothing to stop us.”

Such a foe, the extermination of Akshan.

Like the other demons, Yulah had been swept off his chest. She marveled again at her judgment for not joining the holy war.

But she hadn’t expected it to boomerang back at her.

‘Why. How come I don’t see anything else?

It’s bad enough that she’s filling the vacant seat of a demon king.

Even though she was now powerful enough to not have to worry about a hierarchy war, Yulah was inexperienced, and she had never faced a natural enemy, a demon hunter.

And Yulah’s vision?

All she could see in the darkness was Heat.

Or, more precisely, Hoyeol.

A special place above the lake.

Hoyeol standing upright.

Hoyeol standing upside down.

It shook Yulah’s spirit even harder.

Yulah pulled herself together.

She remembered all the hardships she had endured.

‘I’ve endured and suffered.’

I can’t just disappear like this.

Yulah shouted again.

“Behold. Demons. There is a demon hunter here. There is a being here who will destroy us if left unattended!!”

It was all an illusion.

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

It’s not just him that exists in the darkness.

I’m just mistaken.

Yulah racked her brain and came up with an idea.

‘……Yes, let’s stall for time.’

Even though he’s a natural enemy, he’s only human.

Playing with a human mind?

It was too easy for her.

Yulah opened her mouth.

“Funny, demon hunter. Now you want to avenge the Holy War, Akshan, while your companions were dying. Where were you and what were you doing?”

The Last Demon Hunter.

I don’t know what happened between him and Akshan, nor do I care. But a lesser man would be shaken. Yulah added.

“With a demon hunter of your caliber, the outcome of the Holy War might have been different, but you were not there. And what was the result? Despite slaying dozens of demon kings, driving the great evil to suicide, Akshan was ultimately defeated. Annihilated!”

If you were a weak mortal.

You can’t help but feel guilty.

That would shake your spirit.

“I’ll take advantage of it.’

But the wind blew away.

The voice returned, unchanged.

“I can’t believe you’re not making any progress, even after all these years.”


“Indeed, even compared to the beast, you’re beginning to feel sorry for the beast.”


I didn’t feel the slightest stirring in him.

“But since you’ve saved me the trouble, I’ll join in.”

What is that arrogant stare?

Isn’t he looking down on me?

And I’ve saved you the trouble?

So you want to join in.

Before I could ask why, he continued.

“To pity the Akshans is an insult to their pride.”

“Pitying them is an insult? Don’t be ridiculous!”

“It’s also pitiful and makes light of their sacrifice.”


Unwavering glare.

He is serious.

He really thinks that way.

A natural enemy.

I could see why demon hunters, were called the natural enemy of demons.

Their minds are not of weak mortals. That mind is obviously broken, and broken hard.

The nemesis finished speaking.

“It’s time to drown in ugliness.”




…… So I can see where you’re coming from with the holy war thing, but I’m not sure it’s going to work for me, since I’ve had well over a decade of arcana hiatus in this life.

I do appreciate the information about the Holy War, though.

It clears up one lingering question in my mind.

Why, the discomfort I felt with the Seven Deadly Sins, Greed.

I wondered if it made sense to be great evil and not know the exorcism ritual.

It makes sense if the Seven Deadly Sins Greed led to suicide.

It also smelled like a immature demon.

It was the same level as the Demon King, Decarabia.

Demons are growth monsters.

The Great Evil would be no exception.

It makes sense that Greed would die and then be resurrected.

In that case, I’m feeling both relieved and horrified.

Level 650 upon resurrection.

So what level was Greed originally?

And how did you make such a great evil decide to suicide, Akshan?

‘……It’s not pity, it’s praise.’

Forces that have not yet been revealed, including the Magic Tower and the Goddess Church, betrayed Akshan. Akshan had driven greed to the point of suicide in such an unreasonable holy war.

So I could say with sincerity.

“To pity the Akshans is an affront to their pride.”

The exchange over, I pointed my wand at the horrified creature. It would have no chance against a hundred spells of magic, not when it was cowering under the weight of its old ways. I could guarantee it.

Unlike him, I had experience.

“That’s it. Lesser demon.”

To keep from sinking and drowning under the weight of my pride.

I struggled with every ounce of strength I had.

I’ve fought demons many times at my proper level.

The effect of [Aesthetic] that has reached the [Medium] level.

The 『Light』 I had scattered to use as a trigger for my elemental magic began to shine brilliantly. It was as if they were trying to replace the Arcana stars that had disappeared from the night sky.


Each and every star responded to the magic emanating from the wings. A sphere of pure magic becomes the catalyst for elemental magic, unleashing the destructive power of stored magic to its fullest extent.

Literally a hundred colors.

An unfathomable amount of elemental magic spread out over the lake.

A bit like fireworks.

Maybe it’s the lake reflecting the light.

At least the boat is more spectacular, here.

“It’s like the night sky of Arcana.”

I wonder if even the Grandfell’s aesthetics would be pleased.

But I can assure you.

There can be no greater fear than this for a creature who is in an exorcism ritual.

As if to confirm my suspicions, I heard it scream.

“Aaaaahhhh! I can’t die like this, I can’t die like this!”

A final glow.

Demonic energy emanated from its body.

The musical instruments hovered in the air, transforming into patterns.

“Marcelo……. If I could have his life, I would have……!!!”

But alas.

It won’t happen.

I declared coldly.

“I didn’t expect that. You’re going too far.”


“I don’t want to hear any more. Shut up.”

Black Magic, 『Black Crown』.

A mentally broken creature wouldn’t be able to Intermediate Black Magic.

As if to prove it, a message pops up.

[The Demon King, Yulah, is ‘silenced’].

Stars rained down on him.

[Leveled up].

[Leveled up].

[Leveled up]…….

A dizzying flurry of messages.

I felt the stares.

Had they only noticed the death of the Demon King after the ritual was over?

The huge demonic eyes floating in the night sky glared at me for a moment.

At the same time, the [Natural Enemy] reacted.


No, thousands.

Tens of thousands.

All the demons in the vicinity were rushing towards me.

Yes, I would have panicked.

If [Last Adventurer] hadn’t worked.

But I had that in mind, too.

I mean, I told you.

Thanks to all that talk, it saved me a lot of trouble.

I shifted my gaze.

From the Evil Eye in the night sky to the ship behind me.

[Flying Machine Castle, Iron Castle: Waiting for command]

[Flying Machine Castle, Iron Castle: Waiting for attack]

It’s time for the real fireworks to begin.

note: 호열(hoyeol) : heat, demon hunter is beast