Chapter 143 – Splendidly (3)

◈ Episode 143. Splendidly (3)

Harkon’s voice echoes in my ears.

-“……On a battlefield where life and death are at stake, the sword grows darker and takes on a color of its own.”

I guess I am indeed at the crossroads of life and death.

The words I hadn’t understood before.

Now I see it all at once.

I stared at the sword in slowed time.


Sword Strength, the upper level of sword technique.

The sword has turned a dark black color like jet black.

The silver aura surrounds that jet-black sword body.

Did you say it was a user-specific color?

……I’m not sure if it’s a reference to silver hair in black history or what.


It’s obvious that this is the sword strength of Lee Ho-yeol.

But more importantly, it’s not a sword energy, it’s a sword strength.

This must be due to Grandfell’s talent.

Just as he was able to grasp the magic at once. I naturally realized the difference between sword energy and sword strength.

And how difficult it is to reach the ranks of the Sword River.

Why, just look at the situation now.

Because it meant that it was an area that could only be reached by dying, even with Grandfell’s talent.

Part of me just wanted to take it easy and feel the growth.

[Status abnormality, “Bleeding” occurs].

[Warning: health is too low].

[Warning: health is too low]…….

All those flashing messages from earlier.


A sword that slashes demons.


A crossbow bolt that shoots out.

It’s slower than before.

I can really feel that my body has reached its limit.

I can’t help but be persistent.

It’s too much, even for the pride of Grandfell.

But as I suspected even before entering the Arcana Continent.



I didn’t stop hunting for a moment.

If it slowed down, it slowed down.

If I had any energy left, to hunt down even one more demon.

I fought against my screaming flesh.

It’s unreasonable.

There is no such thing as unreasonableness, Grandfell.

It’s black history, really.

Death and all that.

A ghost of a time when nothing was to be feared, but I am grateful for it.

If it weren’t for me back then, this battlefield would have been too much for me to handle.


With a noise.

Magic power scattering in the air.

A dragon whose magic power has reached its limit is oxidizing.

The [Evil Earth Dragon Fang] returns to your inventory.

Now I’m the only one on the ground.

The gazes of hundreds of thousands and millions of demons are focused on me.

[Lv.900: Wandering Giant Hellhound]

[Lv.950: Evangelist of Despair].

[Lv.1,000: Laxioros, Loser of the Western Demon World]…….

Fuck all of them…….

No, these are levels so far away that they cannot be approached.

But what terrifies me even more than the numbers is that among all these demons, not a single high-ranking demon king has shown up.

Well, I got one.

I suppose the Higher Ones don’t have to step up to the plate.

I muttered.

“You’re not showing the right attitude.”

The words came out well, even though I felt like I was about to collapse.

But can they see my limitations?

I hear a voice say.

“You are indeed the last man standing, Akshan! I, Laxioros, the Loser of the West, recognize you. You were foolishly brave to the end. You are not worthy of the same treatment as cowardly humans!”

Laxioros, Loser of the Western Demon World.

The one atop the giant beastly demon roared.

“Very well. I will grant you the opportunity to serve this body even after death. Anyone is welcome! Take possession of that demon hunter’s body! Be possessed! Then, I will grant you the honor of participating in the battle to conquer the Demon King on an equal footing with Laxioros!”

You’re going to compete for the title of Demon King?

You demons are a good bunch.

We live every day not knowing what monsters and demons will come from the Rift.

And then what?

You’re going to possess me?

‘There’s a lot I could say, but I don’t think I can…….’

I don’t engage in unnecessary conversation with my prey.

I snapped my fingers instead of speaking.


Laxioros, he raised his palm to block the bolt.

I didn’t expect it to work.

He looks like he’s itching.

He stared at his pierced palm, then let out a giggle.


His pupils blackened.

“Is this the last straw, Akshan, the last survivor!”

Even your puns……?

You’re getting there, you.

But enough.


I dropped my hands from my sword and crossbow.

“Have you finally realized, demon hunter, it’s over! All of it!”


I hear the demons gulp.


A chuckle is heard, half amusement, half mockery.

“Arrogant. Inhumanly arrogant. What did you think hunting demon kings and great evils would do for you? To come here all by yourself! You are beyond arrogant, you are foolish!”

At that declaration, Evil Eye in the Night Sky cringed.

From full moon to new moon.

The Evil Eye in the night sky smirked.

It must have fallen on the continent of Arcana.

Suddenly, he remembered Akshan.

“I wonder if the demon hunters of Akshan felt this way.’

For the sake of pride.

They fought the demons to the last man.

All they got in return was their mockery.

“What do you think, do you have the heart to howl now, like the demon hunters who went down first? Why don’t you try howling, too, and see if you can turn that arrogant grin of yours upside down!”

Laxioros, as he said.

At death’s door, your iron will may have crumbled.

But I know this.

“Shut up.”





Because I had experience.

Even if you didn’t know, you have no choice but to know now.

That human pride is endless.

Akshan’s destruction?

As I’ve said many times, it happened during a gap.

It’s safe to say it had nothing to do with me.

But now that I know of Akshan’s pride, I can’t stand still.

Playing into the demon’s hands, or whatever.

After all, they were abandoned by their own allies.

I can’t turn my back on them forever.


This finale.

is my lament for Akshan.


I slowly lifted my head.

A giant ship, blurred behind the clouds.

My backside, the Iron Castle.

On the ground, I was alone.

Up there in the sky, I have something that floats just like you.


The barrels of the Iron Castle glowed like never before.

A message flashed in my blurred vision.

[Flying Mechanic, Iron Castle: Magic Beam Injection Cannon fully loaded].

If you have no choice but to die.

Take the main battlefield.

In style.

Shouldn’t we make it worth it?

I will.

Part of the preparation.

I disappear to the Arcana Continent, along with millions of demons.


The Iron Castle, the pinnacle of the dwarves’ technological prowess.

It was an attack that the Iron Castle unleashed with all its might.

In other words, that beam cannon was more powerful than any magic or skill I’ve ever seen.

An enormous condensation of power.

The clouds parted to reveal the aircraft.


The smirk on his face fades.

The focus of the demon eyes shifts urgently.

It looks like they’re catching up to the situation.

Too late, unfortunately.



It seemed to be relaying information from the Evil Eyes.

Laxioros, his face is distorted mercilessly.

“……You are out of your mind, demon hunter! This is nothing short of insanity! Throwing your life away won’t change anything. Even if you slay millions of demons here, tens of millions, even hundreds of millions, will be reborn!”

You’re not consistent.

That long tongue of yours hasn’t given you any momentum.

I don’t make unnecessary conversation, but I have something else to say.

I open my mouth.

“Then let’s hunt hundreds of millions of demons as well.”


He looks confused.

It’s understandable.

How I could possibly hunt hundreds of millions of demons when I’m dying, when I’m about to be swept up in the magic bombardment, is beyond me.

But don’t let that fool you.

Who says you have to die?

[Last Adventurer: You will not die on the Arcana Continent. If you do, you will immediately return to reality and will be unable to access the Arcana Continent for a period of time. – Cooldown: 24 hours]

Arcana Continent.

As long as I can find a way back in.

I will reappear in front of you at any time.

Indeed, until I’ve slain hundreds of millions of demons……!

Because I’m the type of person who can’t live without keeping what someone says.

But enough for today.

I continued.


It is the sound of a signal.

[Flying Mechanic, Iron Castle: Launching Magic Beam Injection Cannon]!


Immediately, a beam of energy of unimaginable power flooded the field of vision.

Amidst the demons’ pitiful screams, messages emerged.

An uncountable amount of messages.

[……Contribution to the kill is recognized.]

[……Contribution to the kill is recognized.]

[You have leveled up]]

[You have leveled up.]…….

[You have died].

[Death penalty applied].

[Your experience gained is reduced]…….

[Your accomplishments echo across the continent of Arcana].

[The lives of the Arcana continent speak of your sacrifice].

[Acquires the title, ‘Sublime’].

[The title, ‘The Last Adventurer’, is triggered].

[Immediately return to reality].

[Cooldown: 23 hours, 59 minutes].


Iron Castle Lake.


The Dwarves’ leader, Chainwalker Hardrock, vented his anger.

“You mean to tell me this was the only way!”

Everything had gone as expected.

The survivors of Akshan.

Demons flocked to kill the last demon hunter, and the Iron Castle’s secret weapon was used to wipe out those demons.

When the spirit, Hiel, told me of the plan, I couldn’t help but wonder. This is the maximum power of the Iron Castle.

This means that even the most magically skilled Ho Yeol would be unable to block it without suffering damage.

“Nevertheless, trust me, Ho-Yeol told me to tell you so.”

But what is an oath?

Something you have no choice but to honor.

Moreover, the pact with Akshan could not be broken.

Despite my concerns, I had no choice but to go along with his plan.

But is this really the way things are supposed to be?

The dwarves, including Chainwalker, had witnessed it all.

“……That’s more than he can handle by himself!”

“Chainwalker, it’s only right that we join him now!”

“We can’t lose Akshan’s survivors like this!”

Finally, I caught sight of a line of swords and crossbows.

Anyone can see that the situation is cornered.

Was there really a way out?

Despite his doubts, Chainwalker was forced to make a decision.

“One betrayal is enough. We can only trust Akshan.”



The magic beam cannon that had devoured millions of demons.

Using the aftermath of the explosion as momentum, the Iron Castle moved.

Of course, the retreat was part of Ho Yeol’s plan.

The Chainwalker gritted his teeth.

” ……Are you saying we deserve your concern?”

A pause for thought.



A thought reached the spirit.

Hiel was Hoyeol’s contract spirit.

She was proof that he was alive.

And he had seen it.


He was radiating a light that was beyond graceful.

“Hiel, is Lord Ho-Yeol……?”

Chainwalker asked.

“There is no need to worry. He is safe, as always.”

In a voice as gentle as ever.




……I chose the rift closest to the tower.


His body was in perfect condition.

So, in a nutshell…….

When Arcana was just a game.

I woke up after lying down in a VR capsule.

That’s how tired I am.

‘From night to dawn.’

I’ve been fighting and battling nonstop.

I checked the time and realized that only two hours had passed.

Part of me wanted to go back to the Magic Tower right away.

I had to make sure Marcelo was okay first.

But then I remembered all the formality at the roundtable.

Wouldn’t it be a little embarrassing to go back to work just two hours after all that mayhem……? I looked through the rift with that in mind.

I also looked at the message that popped up. It was a little embarrassing to come back so slowly…….


But I checked it out.

It was my jacket, shirt, and slacks, torn to shreds.

There were no wounds, but there was blood.

You can see right through me, man.

I’m embarrassed.

There’s no way the Grandfell would approve of such ragged attire.

Straight to the portal.

We’re going out for two hours.

First of all, I need to change my clothes before putting them on.

I reverted with a gesture of restraint.

‘I’ll change and go out again.’

But despite my resolve.


There was an urgent knock at the door.

It was the doorbell, and I heard an urgent knock at the door.

I answered as if I’d been waiting.

“Hold on.”

First, button it up.

“You can come in.”

The door swung open with my permission.

It was Bellier who opened the door and come in.

Bellier said to me as I was wearing Duke Swalin’s favorite item.

“I didn’t expect you to return so soon.”

I didn’t either.

“Marcelo. No, Chief Marcelo is awake……!”

I knew it.

Still, it’s a relief to hear he’s awake.


Bellier, who had delivered the news, soon turned to the rags neatly hung on the chair. It was pinned to shredded, blood-stained clothing. I didn’t even have time to open my mouth.

“…… Chief Lee Ho-Yeol, what about those clothes?”

Bellier asked, his voice trembling.

“How… … ? What happened to you on the Arcana Continent?”

……This guy’s personality.

If something is wrong, I can’t just sit back and listen.

I straightened my clothes and spoke shamelessly.

“I didn’t get hit.”


“I’ve been hunting millions of demons.”

“You’re ……?!”

Why, well, we might be dead together, but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong, right?