Chapter 184 – Let’s skip the tea

◈ Episode 184. Let’s skip the tea


Socializing in space and time: consciousness, entering the Spacetime Social Hall.


If I were a normal class.

I’d be like, ‘What the hell is this skill effect?’

Not only was it unfriendly, but the effect was also difficult.

‘It’s a social gathering place in time and space.’

But what was my class?

Demon Hunter, the ultimate in unkindness.

And I had the benefit of experience.

Tempered as I was, I could make some guesses.

‘If it’s a ritual, it might be similar to an exorcism.’

A ritual.

It wasn’t a stretch to think of the Exorcism Ritual.

Even the passage of time is separate in the ritual.

‘If the Exorcism Ritual is a ritual that only demon hunters and demons can enter……. then the Spacetime Social Hall is a ritual that only transcendents can enter.

When I think about it, my shoulders relax.

I feel like a VIP, you know?

Even so, I couldn’t help but be impressed.

‘Anyway, the words I said ended up coming true.’

I said to Harkon, full of bravado.

‘Trust me,’ I said.

Like I said, I didn’t have a clue how to fix it.

But now that I’ve learned [The Society of Space and Time].

I had found the only option to fulfill my words.

A social venue in space and time.

There, I would meet a transcendent like myself, Sword Saint.

Who knows, maybe I’d even meet Shegwin.

[Quest: Futile].

Shegwin considers hunting demons a futile endeavor.

Talk to Shegwin,

and learn the true nature of his actions.

Meet with Shegwin. (Ongoing)

As well as the quest left by the Quernberg Machine Tower.

Defend Antonium. (Ongoing)

Perhaps the main quest objective could be accomplished.

But it was too much to ask for no information.

Moreover, I knew that there would be rules, and I couldn’t move rashly.

‘There must be rules, just like in the Exorcism Ritual.’

The rules of the exorcism ritual are simple.

The superior mind dominates all of consciousness.

But it’s a ritual that only the transcendent can enter.

Maybe the rules aren’t that simple.

I was tempted to look it up on the internet, but…….

to see if there’s any relevant information.

“No socializing is more important than work.”

Yeah, yeah, you’re right.

Magic Tower was the only one who turned in a leave of absence.

The papers on the desk in the Yusra Kingdom office are a separate matter.

I looked at the documents and frowned.

‘Is this from the AAU…….’

There was a word that caught my eye.

[Transcendent Community].

It wasn’t until I read through it that I realized what it was.

“……, you mean 『The Spacetime Social Hall』?!

That’s how I found out.

The Spacetime Social Hall.

The Rules of Ritual.

There was no hesitation for me.

The sun was setting.

I stood before the mirror.

Wearing the [Duke of Swallin’s Favorite].

I straightened my outfit and arranged my brooch. Am I trying to be cool to enter a social club? If anyone asked, I could answer firmly.

“Not so much.”

……An embarrassing setting that comes to mind for the first time in a while.

『Heir to a great family. In the social circles of the past, Grandfell’s presence was like an oasis in the desert, or a mirage. He did not enjoy socializing, so his appearances were few and far between. And when he did, he was the center of attention…….』


I wanted to cut off my hands and feet because they were growing out of control……!

I can’t understand it even if I try to be understanding.

It’s just popular.

Couldn’t you have just kept it simple?

Why is it so specific and full of details?

‘You are not even aware of the fact that you are receiving attention, but you’re actually being admired by so many people that you have different followers…….’

It’s time for a gale and a storm.

It’s a setting full of blatant desire.

I’m too ashamed to even look in the mirror.

Of course.

Grandfell was as shameless as ever.

Soon, I’m babbling nonchalantly.

“But if you can’t avoid it, you have to enjoy it.”


Then I prayed earnestly.

I hope that my dark history will not be repeated.



The sound echoed through the hall.

Everyone’s eyes were focused.

Everyone had guessed who the stranger belonged to.

Sword Saint Shegwin’s eyebrows twitched.

‘The one who sent the High Ranking Demon King to hell.’

The High Ranking Demon King.

Not even himself.

No, it is a being beyond the standard that even the transcendental people gathered here cannot dare to face. It was like that. The master of this presence was the one who brought such a high-ranking demon king into hell alone.

‘I couldn’t believe it when I saw it.’

It was the existing Transcendents gathered here to evaluate the qualifications of the new Transcendent.

So the Transcendents were astonished to see such a long-awaited arrival in their Spacetime Social Hall.

And then they voted in favor.

Unprecedented unanimous passage.

‘I never thought there would be someone with that kind of ability left on the continent.’

Indeed, the vast continent of Arcana?

This shocked Shegwin even more than the news of the elves’ appearance.

The birth of such a transcendent was amazing enough.

It was also unexpected that he would immediately seek out the social hall.

Someone spoke up about him.

“It took years for someone to get in.”

A social hall in space and time.

This was not a space that actually existed.

It was a space ruled by consciousness, and you had to be aware of its existence to access it.

And even if you do realize it.

‘You can’t easily enter it.’

It’s a place of transcendence.

It’s not easy to step into a space where there are transcendents at or above your level.

Of course, hostilities are forbidden in the social hall.

‘Actually, regardless of the rules.’

As you can see, Transcendents don’t speak to each other except on special occasions.

Each had some idea of the other’s character and abilities.

Each of us knows that no good can come from arguing.

But there’s no way to know that until you’ve been there.

Shegwin, himself, had learned the rules through experience. An experience where an argument broke out and a sword was drawn in a social hall, and then he was kicked out of the ritual.

“You’re a very confident newcomer.”


A quick, almost rushed entry is a sign of confidence.

I could tell by the confident footsteps that were getting closer and closer.


Soon, all eyes were on him.

A new transcendent had entered the social hall.

The ceiling chandelier shone with brilliance.

Far from being lost beneath it.

Silver hair shimmering in the light.

Indeed, the silver-haired man was not even slightly intimidated.

‘Quick to grasp the situation. I wonder if that feat was true.’

‘He’s not even wearing any equipment.’

‘……What part of the world is that outfit from?

I had never seen it on the continent.

Yet it didn’t feel foreign.

The moderately clingy top and bottom fit the man like a second skin.

And the accessories made a statement without being overbearing. His appearance alone was enough to turn heads.

Didn’t he also have a overwhelming achievement among the Transcendents, defeating a High Ranking Demon King? Perhaps because of this, there was even an illusion of a halo behind him.

But the most surprising thing of all.


The man’s behavior was natural.

Even in the realm of consciousness, what was seen and felt was no different from reality.

One might have been distracted by the luxurious and magnificent social halls, unheard of on the continent of Arcana…….

And so on.

The man didn’t even pay attention to all of that.

As if it was all too familiar.

He started walking across the social hall.

The sound of heads turning could be heard everywhere.

‘He must be a nobleman or royalty to be so familiar with this place. There’s no way I wouldn’t recognize someone of that stature……?’

‘You’re a curious creature. What kind of transcendent power do you possess that you were able to single-handedly defeat a High Ranking Demon King?’

‘No, that’s beyond what I’m used to…….’

……Isn’t that bold?

A small murmur.

It was inevitable that it would gradually change into curiosity.

This must be his first visit to the Spacetime Social Hall.

It seems to know everything.

As if it had a purpose.

The man did not hesitate.

The turning heads stopped.

‘I want to avoid him as much as possible.’

What if the man’s purpose had something to do with him?

He didn’t want to get involved.

Unless this was the continent of Arcana.

‘Because I would have been able to gauge the gap.’

But the rules of the social hall could not be broken.

All hostile acts against each other are forbidden.

As a result, there was no way to estimate the other’s power or force here.

It would be more accurate to say that the concept does not exist, and therefore cannot be felt.

‘Even if you can’t feel it, you have accomplishments.’

‘Achievement at a level that no one has ever achieved.’

‘First unanimous passage.’


In the man’s actions.

Interest and concern began to build.

Then the man sat down.

So, for what reason did he seek out the spacetime social hall?

In tension.

All eyes waited for the man’s lips to fall…….




Damn it.

Black history had not abandoned me.

Not to mention Mr. Grandfell, who’s self-proclaimed lack of interest in socializing has not gone unnoticed.

I could feel the stares.

‘…… I really can’t live, this is me from the past.’

What, a social oasis, a mirage?!

That’s a lot of attention.

How is it possible that you don’t know that, really!


I assure you.

This social hall is more of a burden to me than any rift.

Not to mention the black history.

I can tell when I look at the people in this room that they’re not normal people.

‘Everyone’s shouting that the first thing you see is the Transcendent.’

[Transcendent Community].

That’s what the information from AAU said. It was just an idea, so it was a temporary name, but I could recognize the concept at a glance.

[Transcendent Community: A special place for ultra-high level players with certain qualifications, including NPCs. The rules are as follows…….]

What if we just put ‘transcendent’ in the specific qualifications?

It’d be no different than a “spacetime social hall”.

Indeed, AAU.

I’m starting to wonder if it’s true what Grandfell said about those who seek the Creator’s handiwork for nothing…….

‘……Why a social hall, huh.’

In the back of my mind, I felt a surge of resentment.

Anyway, don’t stop walking if you can help it.

And don’t look around for nothing.

‘It helps in times like this.’

Stiff posture at all times.

I sat down in my luxurious chair, feeling unaffected by the stares.

Then I looked at the message that came naturally.

[current menu available].

According to the rules.

A spacetime social hall, all facilities were free. Back in the days when Arcana was just a game, I would have dismissed it as a service for the Transcendent.

But you only see what you know.

And now I realize why.

‘Because there’s no substance.’


After all, everything that exists is not real.

That’s why they give it away for free, I suppose.

So that the cat can walk past the fishmonger and the sparrow can walk past the mill. I, Grandfell, looked at the message. Free means that there is no conflict with integrity and innocence.

Oh, by the way.


Don’t be so blatantly sullen, Grandfell.

Green tea in a space like this.

Or tea bagged green tea, for that matter.

[You’ve canceled your order].

……Yes, and what kind of tea in this situation.

I came to the social hall for a very specific reason.

I didn’t pause any longer.

A sprawling social hall.

Dark blue hair.

Deep blue eyes.

I looked at the Sword Saint, Shegwin.

Then I opened my mouth.


The Siege of Antonium.

And as if that weren’t bad enough, he destroyed the Quernberg Machine Tower.

It is an act in which there is not even a trace of pride.

Naturally, no kind words could come out of my mouth.

“I will ask you a question.”


“Do you know your sin?”


……What a sudden turn of phrase.

I’m sure the lack of green tea on the menu has set you off, Grandfell.

But you can’t pick up what you spit.

“From now on, think and answer wisely.”

I continued, my voice as cold as ever.

“Your answers will determine your disposition.”