Chapter 548 – Unfathomable (2)

◈ Episode 548. Unfathomable (2)

We have entered the realm of anomalies.

The moment I stepped into it, I realized that my growth was different from what I’d experienced before. I realized why Hoyeol said that levels are just numbers.

Thanks to him.

Jesse, Nam Taemin, Hisagi, and Leonie.

After entering the realm of anomalies, the four players thought.

If we hone our anomaly from now on, we might be able to walk with Hoyeol in the future……. No, even if we can’t walk as equals, we can at least not be a stumbling block.


“Brother, can you imagine how I feel right now?”


“Really, really, really shabby.”


My fists involuntarily clenched.

Hard enough to make my nails bleed.

In the past, I might have vaguely thought.

“If I tried hard enough, I could reach it.”

But it wasn’t until I stepped into the realm of anomalies that I saw it.

“……It wasn’t.”

He was only a few dozen steps away.

“There was a gap between me and Hoyeol-nim that could never be bridged.”

A gap?

Unbridgeable was the right word.

No, there weren’t enough words to describe it.

“What’s going on, everyone?”

Speaking to the four players who were at a loss for words.

It was Marcelo, the Tower Master who had filled in for Hoyeol and was leading the Holy War Alliance.

The magic power that sensed the national unit responded.

Marcelo warned.

“We have detected enemy movement not far from Muon. They are probably the forces of the War God Church, led by the adventurer, Guyver.”

He urged the halting group forward.

“My feelings are no different than yours at being reunited with Sir, but we must take Muon quickly. If we are attacked from both sides, it will complicate the situation…….”

“Excuse me, Master Marcelo, can you hear me……?”

“I’m listening, Miss Jesse Heinness.”

Jessie replied with difficulty.

” ……And that’s why you must stay still all the more.”

“What do you mean, you have to stay still?”


Hisagi, always looks at the situation soberly.

“Mr. Hisagi?”

Because, by his own admission, he was one of less than ten adventurers.

Marcelo didn’t hear him.

Hisagi spoke heavily.

“We are nothing but a stumbling block to you, Mr. Commander.”

Marcelo didn’t want to admit it, but he had no choice.

“The well-trained soldiers of the Kingdom of Yusra, the players who are ready to die, those of us who have entered the realm of anomalies, and by extension, all of the senior mages of the Magic Tower, including Master Marcelo. No exceptions.”


Marcelo was not a narrow-minded man.

He wasn’t angry at Hisagi for belittling the Magic Tower.

Hisagi must have said that for a reason.

He nodded.

Marcelo shook his head.

“I guess there are some things you only see in the realm of anomalies.”

“Thank you for your understanding, Tower Master.”

“Then let me ask you a question, gentlemen.”

……of what?

Marcelo recognized.

The four players turned their heads in unison at the question.

Marcelo’s eyes shone with a faint glint.

“Do you truly think your lordship will be able to overcome this crisis alone, without our help? If so, this war could be the perfect ‘Reversal’.”

He was looking farther away.

Even if he didn’t have anomaly’s insight.

Marcelo thought a step further.

The world of adventurers is torn apart.

Disputes and conflicts, great and small, are always possible.

The current division stems solely from the Goddess Church.

The Goddess Church and the Adventurer’s Guild Bohemian allied.

The nations of Europe have had other plans, and the AAU branches that are dependent on them have been standing back and watching the situation unfold. In the face of such a close call.

‘If, and only if, the Lord wins a complete victory.’

It was obvious that the conflict would disappear as if it had never happened.

Maybe even as long as you live……..

and the world might never be divided again.

So Marcelo waited for an answer.

But what he heard was more than he could have imagined.

One by one, they spoke up.

“He will win, even without us.”

“He will.”

“Now is not the time to worry about that…….”

It was Leonie who muttered last.

” ……because we should be worrying about how much we’re going to get trampled.”

Berserkers, a guild that originated in Europe.

‘Those stupid bastards.’

At this moment, Leonie’s mind flashed back to the faces of his former colleagues from Berserker to Bohemian, whose lives were at the disposal of only one man, Hoyeol.

Marcelo understood.

“I see, I see.”

The meaning behind their grave expressions finally dawned on him.

They didn’t doubt Sir’s victory.

They were genuinely concerned about what he would do to them.

They were genuinely concerned.

Marcelo’s eyes narrowed in determination.

“No matter what cruel punishment Sir decides to inflict, I…….

I can understand the sentiment, for after all the mercy that has been shown, it may be necessary to crack the whip on those who still do not understand.

In the midst of all those conflicting gazes.


The line began to move.


I was right.

[Sixth Sight Brooch 5/6]

No ordinary item, this one.

I, Lee Hoyeol.


It’s not an exaggeration to say that I went through hell and back.

Why, a week’s worth of preparation was a bit of a waste.

‘Cause I’d never fought a proper battle.’

The wraiths were busy crying and clinging to me, and the imps that ran amok were hunted down by our Akshan seniors.


‘We didn’t even come face to face with what Grandfell was hiding.’

So all I got out of Hell were the three [Six Sight Brooch] that the wraiths had given me, and the effects of those three items were nothing out of the ordinary.

The effects of each of them are amazing.

But the most shocking thing was.

It was an unfinished set effect.

[Currently working set effects: 5/6]

[1. Increase all base stats by 2 points].

[2. When attacking boss monsters, all damage is increased by 10%].

[3. When facing multiple enemies, damage taken is reduced by 10%].

[4. Gain the ‘Awaken’ effect when reaching 70 %, 50 %, 30 %, 10 %, and 1 % maximum health during combat].

[5. After entering the ‘Awakening’ state, you will have a 0 magic power cost for a period of time].

……Does this make sense, man?

Until the third one.

The [Waiting for Dawn] set effect was pretty good.

But the fourth or fifth effect.

It was unbalanced to say the least.

Let me put it this way.

‘If it costs 0 mana.’

To me, it meant that I could unleash a barrage of [『Anomaly』].

You’re saying that I can simply coat the highest level magic, 『Meteor Strike』, with [『Absolute Zero』], so-called ‘magic power shit’ that, if it were me, would have left me exhausted at the same time as it manifested, right?

‘In other words.’


I was convinced.

The [Sixth Sight Brooch] is.

was an item that players shouldn’t be able to acquire.

‘It shouldn’t exist beyond that.’

Once I realized that, the ridiculous difficulty of obtaining it began to make sense.

‘You’d have to be the chief mage of the Magic Tower to get one piece, scour the vast dungeons of the Arcana continent to get one piece, and die to get three pieces in Hell.

‘And we still don’t know the whereabouts of the other.’

I feel more and more certain.


I win, Holy War Alliance, without anyone’s help.

Beyond Muon and the Bohemian Guild.

Against the Goddess and the Pantheon to which she belongs.

This is the proof.


I straighten the angles of the Sixth Sight Brooch as I straighten my clothes. ‘By the way, if I’m struggling this much, shouldn’t you tell me, Grandfell?

‘What is the identity of this extraordinary brooch?’

But Grandfell made no answer and was in no mood for further conversation.

They must have sensed my presence.

Paladins began pouring out of Muon.

Oh, still roaring, huh?

“We are not abandoned!”

“The Goddess is with us!”

“We will prove our faith by dying nobly!”

Seeing as you can’t even get on topic in front of me.

I guess they’re not so different from the imps in hell.

Well, I suppose it’s all in good fun.

Suddenly, a thought crossed my mind.

《Maybe we should just hunt them the same way.》

……No, what was I just thinking?

No matter how redundant it seemed, yes, hunting……? It’s the kind of distraction I’d shake off my head if I could, but my self-pity didn’t last long.

“Burn the witch, and we shall be victorious!”

I heard the shouts.

‘Burn the witch…….’

The words hit me like a ton of bricks.

There is only one person in Muon who could be called a witch.

Freyja, the saintess, was being hunted down as a witch.

It flashed.

The message flashes as if the answer is correct.

[Hidden Quest: The Witch Hunt].

Saintess Freyja has lost the ability to hear the Goddess’s voice.

To the Goddess Church, Freyja was no longer a saintess, but a witch.

The punishment for a fallen witch is burning at the stake.

Is she a saint, a witch, or something? Who is she?

The choice is yours.

-Encounter Freyja. (Ongoing)

A shout comes from the Holy War Alliance.

“Heh, a hidden quest?”

“The analyst’s prediction was correct! After all, it’s an internal dispute!”

“Witch, or should I say bitch, is this……?”

Shame on you.

‘You might think so.’

But not really.

I wasn’t happy that Freyja was being labeled a witch.

Why, shouldn’t we be sure of the cause and effect?

‘It’s the Goddess, not the saint, who’s against me.’

Freyja was merely following a revelation.

I wonder if that’s what she really meant.

The quest message says so.

What is Freyja if not a saint, a witch, or something else?

As if in response to my words, Grandfell’s snout speaks.

“Foolish of you to make a distinction between saint and witch.”

……Yes, I wonder why I didn’t bring that up.

“What matters is the presence or absence of pride.”

Anyway, the objective was set.

The pouring army of Muon

I have to stop Freyja’s burning by facing down the Church of Guyver, who could stab me in the back at any moment. And I have to ask her, since she can talk to the Goddess anyway.

‘What the hell happened to the Pantheon?’

Yeah, what happened.

[The legend, ‘A being who blasphemes even the goddess’ echoes through the Pantheon].

That means we have to check if the legend, which is strange to say the least, is still echoing……! At this moment, what we need is speed.


Madness on the battlefield.

Given that fanatical faith.

Freyja’s golden time must be running out.

‘Burn the witch as fast as you can.’

I’m sure she’ll want the voice of the Goddess back.


Don’t expect me to control your power.


Leader of the Paladins of the Goddess Church.

Talim Eber.

He recites a passage from the Bible.

“The walls of Muon shall not fall before any foe…….”

As it turns out, the walls of Muon did not fall.

Yes, they did.

They crumbled without a trace.



Lee Hoyeol.

He snapped his fingers.

“……Are you saying that you have surpassed even the Bible?”