Chapter 547 – Unfathomable (1)

◈ Episode 547. Unfathomable (1)

If the gate to the Pantheon is indeed open.

‘Regardless of the restrictions of the Godhood.’

Anyone could have entered it.

But what I don’t understand is.

How is it that my legend is echoing there!

As you can see, I’m in the real world, not the God Realm or the Arcana Continent, right?

But the system messages can’t be lying.

That leaves only one possibility.

‘……Shadow God, it’s you.’

If for some reason, the Shadow God has entered the Pantheon, and is playing in the Pantheon in my name……? It all made sense now.

Then, Muon’s screams pierced my ears.

“The saintess has been abandoned by the Goddess……!”

“The Goddess is angry!”

“Bring down Freyja now……!”

I’m not even snorting as I listen.

‘After all, that’s how much faith you have, isn’t it?’

I hate to admit it, but I think you were right, Grandfell. You don’t even know the exact reason why the goddess’s voice has disappeared, and you’re blaming everyone else.

I opened my mouth to speak, sincerely.

“How foolish.”

The Shadow God enters the Pantheon. If my legend is raging to the point of resounding, it’s no wonder the Goddess can’t even spare a word to the saintess.

‘Of course, I have no intention of giving away the secret.’

Why, I know because I met him face to face.

‘It won’t be easy to be a half-godhood.’

The Shadow God, master of the Shadow Mercenaries.

In a word, the Shadow God is the Shadow Mercenaries’ highest compatibility. When it comes to harming others, he has a skill that no one else can match.


‘The Pantheon is not intact.’

A swarm of prototypes emerged from the entrance of the Pantheon.

‘The inside of it is no exception.’

There’s a good chance that Raymon Sean’s trickery extends inside the Pantheon as well.

So me, Lee Hoyeol.

In my head, the quote is already out.

In this war, I win.

Cocky against God?

No, look at me.

Look who’s behind me.



“Chief Lee……!”

Holy War Alliance.

I have allies, don’t I?

Despite the confidence, I swallow a sigh inwardly.

‘I’m sure I’ll be even more tired after the war.’

The looks on everyone’s faces were unnerving.

Even if everyone else seemed normal.

Matisse, Senior Black Mage, was stealing those eyes.

‘……Next time, don’t spill anything, Grandfell.’

This is because of the [Blood Grown Lycoris Flower].

I put them in my office.

The butterfly effect of that one flower, the whole……!

I’m sure I’ve gotten the picture, but it would be rude not to respond to the outpouring of concern. I fluttered my Dawn’s Jacket and opened my mouth.

“You have nothing to fear.”

[Waiting for the Dawn 5/5]

[Set item effect applied].

[Set effects currently in effect: 5/5]

[1. When you are the Commander, all allies have ‘Maximum’ Morale].

[2. All attacks deal additional damage. The extra damage has the ‘Light’ property and deals the same damage even if the target of the attack is a ‘Light’ property].

[3. Once per battle, negates an ally’s status abnormality]…….

“The fight was won before it began.”



Park Hwigang, explorer.

He was stranded.

He’s stranded in the Holy Land of Muon.

Crouched in the corner of the restroom, he snorted.

“I’ve been too lucky, haven’t I? I accidentally caught Hoyeol on camera, and the broadcast was a disaster, then I got caught up in a huge incident, and I was able to broadcast it, and I somehow survived the weak subject matter. But…….”

His luck seemed to run out.

“All of a sudden, a Goddess pops up, and it’s a declaration of war…….”

The manifestation of the Goddess through the saintess, Freyja.

Immediately, the Muon was sealed off.

Even the news in the chat was frightening.

-Hwigang-ah, I’m sorry for your loss. T.T T.T T.T

-Don’t say that, even if it’s a joke;;;

-No, it’s not the Bohemian News, it’s the crap.

-Guyver properly crazy?

-Hwigang, don’t get caught.

Bohemian Guild.

Executive, Hamed.

He was accused of heresy and summarily judged.


Park Hwigang moved a little further into the corner, lowered his voice a little more.

“Even with [Camouflage], I can’t hide completely like [Stealth]. ……. If I’m caught like this, I’ll be accused, right? Prove your faith in the Goddess.”

Park pursed his lips tightly.

“Yes. I would do anything to live, but…”

He couldn’t.

“I don’t know about anyone else, but how could I?”

Faith is something you can’t give up, even if it means losing your life. That’s right. Park’s faith was unbreakable no matter what, even though he was still in the restroom.

Park puffed out his chest proudly.

“I can’t live like that……. I’d rather die a martyr!”


-Hwigang, you’ll be the first martyr of the Hoyeol Sect.

-He’s crazy here, too;;;

News from behind the tongue-in-cheek chat window.

The Holy War Alliance is gathering forces from the Kingdom of Yusra. Even the senior mages of the Magic Tower have joined them, so if they’re ready, they could be on Muon in a flash.


-You can’t even see Lee Hoyeol’s nose! lol

There was still no sign of Hoyeol.

Park Hwigang raised a finger.

……Didn’t I say, heretic referee?

I’m feeling good, let me try it too.

A cold voice echoed in the restroom.

“I see a lot of unbelievers, I’m going to moderate the chat.”

And then the chat room is plastered with one word.




“I’m happy for your faith, brothers.”

Park Hwigang smiled with satisfaction.

“Ah, aaaahhhhhhh……!!”

A scream began to envelop Muon.

-Hwigang, no matter how scared you are, you can still scream. kkkkk

“I, I didn’t scream, did I?!”

-So the priests of the Goddess Church were the ones screaming?

“Well, I don’t know about that!”

-She stuttered, so yeah.

It didn’t take long for the playfulness to fade from the chat.

It didn’t take long.

The world’s eyes were on Muon.

Because it didn’t take long for the news to get out.

-Gentlemen???? The Goddess’s revelations have disappeared????


Park Hwigang, who had been squatting, stood up.

“That rumor, I’ll check it out right away.”

Because it was a scoop that NetTubers couldn’t miss?

To get viewers to donate?

No, no matter how good the wealth and fame are.

Park Hwigang wasn’t stupid enough to risk his life on it.

The Explorers’ Federation.

Park became a recognized explorer within the Federation. It’s been said that a place makes a man, and so it was with Park Hwigang, who was able to read situations differently than before.

The process of retracing his steps.

The Goddess’ revelation is gone.

The Muon is shaking in the wind.

It shook so violently that an unrecognizable scream erupted.

‘ …… The situation inside will help the Holy War Alliance.’


The thought was short-lived.

Biting his lip, Park Hwigang activated [Camouflage] once again.

He put on his priestly robes and stepped out of the restroom.

Then he saw it.

“…… What is this?”

Muon’s landscape was overtaken by madness.

“Freyja has incurred the wrath of the Goddess!”

“She lacked the faith of a saintess.”

“A saintess? Don’t be ridiculous, from now on, Freyja is a witch!”

Park Hwigang shouted sincerely.

“They’re all crazy, but they’re crazy in the right way.”

Freyja, the saintess.

As I learned during my infiltration of Muon, aside from being resentful, Freyja was amazing. Literally, she’s been fulfilling the role of a saintess, doing the Goddess’s will to perfection.

“So, as soon as she can’t hear her voice, she’s a witch?”

Enemy, but sympathetic.

Muon’s madness was threatening to consume Freyja at any moment.

Is this really the attitude of those who serve the Gods?

He felt a surge of disgust.

“If only it were you, Hoyeol-nim.”

The chat window, stunned by Park’s monologue, responds.

-He would have forgiven me.

-How many times has he forgave me?

-Sometimes I wonder why he does that.

It wasn’t about the rightness or wrongness of the behavior.

It was just a comparison.

Park Hwigang shook off his random thoughts and thought.

‘More importantly, why did the revelation suddenly disappear?’

He checked his smartwatch just in case, but no new updates came up. The Pantheon was still open from the last emergency update.

-Hey, it’s not just the Goddess Church that’s in trouble!

-The other cults have also lost their revelations.

-Yeah, it looks like they lost the connection to the Pantheon.

The explorer’s eyes light up.

” …… What if something is wrong with the Pantheon?”

I asked.


A goosebump-inducing shudder came from outside the Muon.

Park wasn’t the only one who felt it.

The chaotic Muon was suddenly filled with silence.

Everyone felt it.


Something unfathomable.

That it was getting closer to the Muon.

And then, the chat window reveals its identity.

-Lee Hoyeol has appeared!!!!

-I was believing


Lee Hoyeol.

Hoyeol appeared in Muon.

Park Hwigang was waiting for him more than anyone else.

“…… Hoyeol-nim has appeared?”

At this moment, Park Hwigang couldn’t help but be overjoyed.

Thanks to the [Camouflage], he had managed to take on the characteristics of the Goddess Church. This was because he was indirectly experiencing the emotions of facing Hoyeol as an enemy.


It was too much pressure to swallow dryly.


Not to mention the shaking hands and feet. Even for a non-combatant class, the player’s body felt as if it would shrivel up at any moment.

‘Was it just because they were on opposite sides……?’

No, it was something else.

If you ask me how I know for sure…….

It was just a gut feeling.

A specialty in recognizing threats.

It was an explorer’s sense of warning.

Of course.

“We don’t need fake saintess!”

“All the Goddess wants is faith!”

“Prove that faith by dying.”

Muon’s madness seemed to have consumed him.

Is it because of that, the muon gate was blocked?

Instead, it opened from the inside.


“For the Goddess!”

The paladins shout, swords raised.

“May her grace be with us.”

The priests close their eyes and pray.


Through the open gate, they face Hoyeol.

For the first time in a long time, Park Hwigang saw Hoyeol in the flesh.

And I felt it.

As expected, you are the same as always.

The expression, the upright posture, the glorious silver hair.

But only one thing.

Something has changed.

Park Hwigang opened his mouth.


He wasn’t referring to the colorful and ornate set of [Waiting for the Dawn] clothes. Park Hwigang’s gaze was fixed on Hoyeol’s upper body, or more precisely, the brooch.

A brooch that looked like a six-pointed star.

Park Hwigang was certain. It’s because of that brooch that Hoyeol is exuding a different momentum than before. The player’s common sense tells him.

‘It’s probably a set item.’

If we think that the reason he left was to get that item……. I was able to make a rough guess at the value of the Sixth Sight Brooch.

Still, it didn’t make sense.

No matter how great a set item it was.

How could a single item make such a difference?

I thought he would be more excited than anyone else.

Instead, Park Hwigang froze.

The chat window sanctified him.

-Why don’t you worship?

-Shouldn’t you pray first?

-You don’t have enough faith, Hwigang.

Park Hwigang muttered to himself as the chats poured in.

“……Your status has changed once again.”

It was a voice, somehow, filled with fear.

“To the extent that someone like me wouldn’t dare touch it.”




Pride forced his eyes open.

The bedside.

The scattered light woke him up from his fainting.

“……A ray of light.”

Gritting his teeth.

He reaches out.

What he grasped was a small piece.

It was the Sixth and final piece of the Brooch, the Sixth Sight.

“Are you trying to drag Grandfell to hell……?”