Chapter 549 – Unfathomable (3)

◈ Episode 549. Unfathomable (3)


The views of the world’s branches were not very different.

Even the self-proclaimed Arcana experts were in agreement.

-“This time, it’s going to be a fierce battle!”

-“The Goddess Church and Bohemian. And you’re telling me that a handful of Cleric class players are going to be able to take on the Holy War Alliance, a group that’s not only joined by the Magic Tower but also the Kingdom of Yusra?”

-“Not to be overlooked, the Gods of the Arcana continent!”

The self-proclaimed expert was not deterred by the lively viewer reaction.

-“Of course, viewers who favor our Lee Hoyeol player may be uncomfortable, but……. You have to look at it objectively. Didn’t the God of the Arcana Continent himself make an appearance?”

“……are you really crazy.”

Sung Hyunjoon muttered as he stared at the monitor.

His eyes were fixed, but his ears were open.

Yoon Soogyeom asked.

“What, are they talking nonsense again, these self-proclaimed experts?”

“Yes, senior. But there’s something more annoying.”

“What is that?”



Yoon Soogyeom turned his head, and Sung Hyunjoon averted his eyes.

“That’s because I’m pissed off that you said that.”

Pissed off by a self-proclaimed expert?

That could mean a lot of things, right?

Yoon Soogyeom shrugged, the corners of his mouth twitching upward.

“Actually, it’s not a bad guess to expect a close fight, especially since we’re not sure what the Arcana Continent gods are capable of, so I’ll take it a step further…….”

He recalls the most important implication.

“An Infinitely Deep Darkness.”


“Yes, we can’t overlook our General Manager, Lee Hoyeol, who is the Infinitely Deep Darkness. Maybe the Gods of the Arcana Continent have ‘good reason’ to be wary of him.”

Is this blasphemy or not?

Sung’s gaze quickly turned cold.

Lest he misunderstand, Yoon Soogyeom quickly waved his hand.

“Alas, of course, I’m speaking in terms of the Arcana Continent’s biography. Why, the General Manager’s class hasn’t been revealed yet, so it’s the opposite of the cleric class. I mean, we have to consider the possibility that he has a class that is at enmity with the All Gods.”

……Aha, that made sense.

“You know, I never thought of it that way.”

“Well, I just thought of it while talking to Katrina.”

“Well, then, seriously, isn’t the current situation actually not that different from the old days? Back when Arcana was just a game, quests like this were incredibly common.”

Quests that tangled players together.

“Yeah. It makes sense when you think about it.”

“Yes? What?”

“Raymon Sean’s ulterior motives.”

The Arcana Continent Biography that was just a game.

It’s been a long time coming.

The slogan of Arcana Continent Biography.

“Overwhelming power is the new order, right……?”

“It was a game that encouraged winner-take-all from the beginning.”

“Right, because the empire was the result of winner-take-all.”

Yoon nodded.

“I’ve been thinking about it since Seoul was colored by the Arcana Continent Biography, encouraging sieges between guilds for nothing. Raymon Sean, that bastard still hasn’t given up on the endless competition system.”

“So, is this an extension of that?”

“I think so.”

Yoon Soogyeom looks at the monitor in the control room.

Two factions are being observed in real time.

The Holy War Alliance and the Goddess Church Alliance.

“The only difference is that players don’t have a respawn system anymore.”

That must be why Raymon Sean is so cruel.

Why, every time his name comes up.

I could tell the branch manager was getting it.

Sung said with a sneer.

“I think he treats people like complete idiots.”


“You know? Once the Cataclysm started, Arcana wasn’t a game anymore! You can’t die and come back to life, and you can’t be happy that you’re not bored by one event after another……!”

Raymon Sean is a bastard and not even a real human

Sung Hyunjoon, his words slurred.

Yoon Soogyeom shook his head.

“Yeah, right.”

It was a nod with a double meaning.

Cosmo’s developer.

The experience was speaking coldly.

“But the Arcana Continent has always been like that.

That’s the justification for the Arcana Continent.

The irony.

When the winner takes all.

The continent was the most peaceful of lands.

‘As I said, the empire is the proof.’

If that’s the case, it’s inevitable that thoughts will naturally reach each other.

‘……Will Seoul, with its colors, be like that too?’

If ‘someone’ takes over everything in Seoul with overwhelming power.

I wonder if peace will come to Seoul.

No, it goes further.

‘If the victor rules reality, the Arcana continent, and everyone.’

There would be no more suffering in that world.

Yoon Soogyeom concluded.

Yes, if someone had to fulfill that role…….

“I guess it’s all subjective here.”

“What? What do you mean?”

Yoon Soogyeom smirked.

“It means that I want the General Manager to win this war.”

And the result seemed to be the same as always.

Lee Hoyeol.

General Manager Yusra hadn’t betrayed his faith this time.

Everyone expected a close game.

The outcome was clear from the start.

“Crazy, I didn’t think about self-destruction.”

“Oh my God, a saintess has been accused of being a witch……!”

“Is something wrong with the Pantheon?”

The AAU Korea branch roared.

The victory of the General Manager was in sight.

Yoon Soo-gyeom couldn’t be happy.


It was too overwhelming.

He was ashamed of himself for expecting a close match.

The Goddess Church was self-destructing, and they had won by accident?

Could they really think that weakly?

‘If even that was brought about by the General Manager…….’

I can guess the length of time the General Manager has been away. Isn’t it impossible? No, isn’t it a more likely guess than him falling to hell and coming back alive?

Yoon Soogyeom finally spoke up.

“Indeed, there will be an era of peace that no one will ever know.”

But to put it a little differently.

“At the same time, it’s an era that no one can defy…….”


For your information, I am in good spirits.

‘There has to be something like that!

Hell, all I did was heal my wounds with reversal magic. I’ve used up quite a bit of magic against the imps, but you guys have been hunting them for me, right?



A flick of the finger.

It wouldn’t be strange if the walls turned to dust.

But it was definitely an unfamiliar sensation.

‘Something’s different.’

It wasn’t that I was different, it was that [the system] was different.

To be precise.

Especially the siege system?

‘Normally, walls don’t fall down easily.’

The moment you enter a siege.

Gates and walls are granted unique durability. That was the system, the rule, of Arcana’s continent, and no one was exempt from it, not even me.

‘Just as it was in the battle to retake Frost.’

Let’s take the highest level of magic, Meteor Strike, for example.

If you cast Meteor Strike on flat ground, the area will be overrun. But if you cast Meteor Strike on a wall that’s under siege? You’ll do some damage, but not enough to turn the ground into a pile of mush.

As I ponder this, I hear a voice behind me.

“You mean to tell me that the Holy Bible of Prophecy is wrong……?”

Paladins who follow Talim.

As you can hear from their lamentations.

The Arcanians called the system a favor, a blessing, a grace.

‘Even the resurrection of players was called a miracle.’

So, to summarize.

‘I ignored it.’

The system of Arcana Continent Biography.

Even the Heavenly Raymon Sean.

I defied a system that could not be defied.

I recall the reason why.

As I said, in Hell, I had no room to grow.

Then there was only one choice.

[Sixth Sight Brooch 5/6]

You didn’t keep your mouth shut for nothing, did you, Grandfell?

‘I don’t know what it really is.’

Anyway, we’ll have to use it, won’t we?

‘Unless I actually use it.’

I wasn’t sure I could organize myself quickly enough.

The walls have fallen.

I wonder if they think the Goddess’s favor has fallen.

Muon’s paladins rushed forward, even more enraged.

“Charge! I will burn the darkness with the light of the Goddess!”

I don’t respond, just snap my fingers.


Architectural Magic, the eternal partner of Reversal Magic.

It was an advanced manifestation of such Architectural Magic.

A giant gate erupted from the depths of the earth.


Neither of them understands anything.

‘Neither do I.’

Grandfell, you’ve learned something from your brief trip to Hell, haven’t you?


What I manifested was a gate modeled after the gate of Hell.

A gate nearly as tall as the walls of Muon.

It was followed by a gate that doubled in size.

I looked at the paladins blocking the gate and spoke.

“He who opens the gates.”


“A trial awaits you.”

……You’re just copying it, but you’re getting the form right.

“More than any other trial.”

Needless to say, I had little hope that my warning would be heeded by those fanatics. Instead of cowering, Muon’s troops charge forward in equal measure.

“Do you think you can stop the Judgment with your Gate?”

“You cannot stop us!”

“It’s over, Infinitely Deep Darkness!”

But soon, their words fade.

For the gate has opened and they face it.

The illusionary magic circle I’d carved into the door.

‘That’s a pretty damned hard one, now that I think about it.’

I have to deal with people who want to kill me and subdue them.

But how many times have I done that?

The good news is that I’ve gotten the hang of it.

“Ugh, uhhhh…….”

The moment the gate opened.

The white-faced troops of Muon.

I looked at them and thought.

-“The key to illusion magic is control, gentlemen. It’s a magic that directly attacks the mind of the opponent, so you must always keep that in mind. The illusion magic you unleash can, in some cases, be more threatening than the destructive magic that shatters a target.”

Regular conference.

Senior mage of illusion magic.

Nasrow said so.

I, Lee Hoyeol, have no magical knowledge, but I can relate to his words.

After all, I’ve been there.

In a exorcism ritual.

Demons facing demon hunters.

I’ve seen what happened to their minds.

Therefore, I was confident in my ability to control the moderation of Illusion Magic, hence the inscription of the Illusion Circle. I mimicked the structure of the exorcism ritual, interfered with it, and manifested it.

And then.

“Ah, Ahhhhhhhh…..”

For some reason.

The effect was far beyond my expectations.

At best, I thought I would have been terrified and disoriented.

It went beyond that to tears.

No, incontinence.

The paladins were looking up at me with horror in their eyes.

After seeing that scene, the snout couldn’t just ignore it.

……No matter how neatly it’s presented.

“Those appearances are truly ugly..”

I can’t afford to stare at someone who has peed his pants……!!!




Guyver ran.

“I’ll save you.”

The prayer was cut off.

Guyver heard the voice of the God of War.

He could not fully comprehend the words.

-“□□□, □□.”


“I will cut through the Infinitely Deep Darkness.”

Guyver had long since descended into madness.

His vision was blurred.

He ignored the flashing system messages.

[※Warning: Excessive faith].

[※Warning : Status Abnormality, ‘Fanatic’ is triggered].

[※Warning : You are unable to control your physical body]…….

Except for one message.

[Class Quest: Paladin, Lighten the Darkness]

In the midst of uncontrollable chaos.

The Pantheon has opened.

Your god is calling you.

Chosen Knight of God, fulfill your oracle.

-Build the true army of God. (Success)

-Punish the infinitely deep darkness. (Proceeding)

Leading the sacred horse along the flickering light.

Then he saw it.

The Infinitely Deep Darkness, standing alone against the Muon.

“Found it.”

Guyver whispered.

A new quest objective popped into his head.

The system message that never lies said.

●A catastrophe that will lead to the destruction of all worlds.

The Infinitely Deep Darkness.

-Kill Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo. (Ongoing)

Noble paladin, you are not wrong.

[You have acquired the Holy Relic, the Heavenly Sword Excalibur].