◈ Episode 546. If They Are God, I Am (3)

Not one but two flashing messages.

[The Goddess Church has declared war on you].

[Your relationship with the Holy Land Muon will be drastically reduced].

[Your influence in the Holy Land Muon is drastically reduced]…….

Muon, of course.

[The Pantheon has declared war on you].

[Your relationship with the Pantheon is greatly reduced].

[Your influence in the Pantheon is greatly reduced] …….

The higher-ups, even the Pantheon, are in an uproar.

‘I guessed it from the moment the saintess appeared like that.’

I guess.

Looks like we’ve been hated, eh, Grandfell?

It’s a terrible waste to think so.

‘Oh, my donation……!’

But who do you think Grandfell is?

A master at earning like a dog and spending like a monk.

He doesn’t show the slightest sign of regret.

“Material things are useless anyway.”

Well, let’s think of it as a good thing.

‘Let’s just say it was a nice donation.’

After all, without my support, the Arcanians of Muon would have starved to death. Besides, Grandfell, given your personality……. I’m sure you would have spent it similarly, even if you didn’t donate it to the Goddess Church.

‘Besides, it’s not as if there’s a very good harvest.’

Not everyone in Muon betrayed me.

[You have been granted command of the Goddess Church Paladins].

[Commander of the Goddess Church Paladins, 15,800 paladins under Talim Eber]

[Current Status: Advancing]

Talim Eber.

Even when the Goddess herself declared war on me, beyond the Goddess Church, Talim did not betray the Holy War Alliance……! I am honestly impressed, Talim.

‘Grandfell had said such nasty things to him……!’

Giddy blasphemy ran through my head.

-“I don’t believe in God.”

-“Because there is no solid proof that God exists.”

-“But there’s also no solid evidence that God doesn’t exist.”

Now that the Pantheon is open with an emergency update?

There’s proof of God’s existence in plain sight.

As usual, he’s brazen.

“You’ve finally turned away from the illusion of godhood, Talim.”

The Goddess herself is now an “illusion”?

You’re so good, really.

I stuck my tongue out at Grandfell’s easy-going way of thinking.

I have a destination in mind.

‘Current status, advancing.’

Now that Muon is in a full-scale war, the Holy War Alliance has begun to respond accordingly. Marcelo, Hakuna, and even the Guild Masters of the Great Alliance, even if I’m away.

‘After all, they’re more experienced than I am.’

I wasn’t really worried.

But I also couldn’t relax.

There was no easy estimate.

An unknown variable.


I hadn’t even seen the inside.

So the only gods I knew were half-gods.

Shadow gods were all I knew.

Speaking of which.

I wonder what he’s doing now.

The Shadow God, that guy.

‘Because the Pantheon is open…….’

I wonder if he wanted to be on the side of the Pantheon as much as he wanted the Godhood?

I thought and then shook my head.

At this moment, it’s too late to consider the actions of the Shadow God.

I, Lee Hoyeol, had insufficient brain capacity.


[BREAKING NEWS] Bohemian Expedition Begins…….

[BREAKING NEWS] Bohemian, “Our destination is Muon, the Holy Land of the Goddess Church. You are welcome to join us, but you must prove your faith.”

[BREAKING NEWS] A group statement issued by players affiliated with the church


Events were unfolding in real-time.

The guild master of Bohemian.

I knew Guyver well.

‘Well, I understand.’

[Paladin] class quest taker.

I could understand why Guyver made that decision.

It was probably because of the Class Quest.

‘Right or wrong, there must be a reason.’

The system message never lies.

‘I’m not in a position to feel betrayed.’

Why, I’m not sure, but I was trapped in Akshan, back when it was just an Arcana game. I’ve heard that back then, one quest could lead to tens of thousands of players dying and killing each other, sometimes several times a day.

‘The only difference is that real lives were at stake.’

To which I might add.


I turned my cold gaze to the sky.

“You look terribly amused.”

Evil Eyes.

I realize that the ten evil eyes are watching this whole thing.

An occupational disease of demon hunters.

I have not underestimated the influence of the Ten Thrones on reality.

‘It’s a fertile ground for malice.’

And it doesn’t stop at [Fear] or [Possession].

[It added a top-level status of [Corruption].

The implication was simple.

I said coldly.

“I will dispose of you according to procedure.”

In order.

At the same time, quickly.

That things had to be organized.


The time spent on the portal manifestation was a waste.

I activated [Heavenly Demon Reign] and immediately folded space and stepped out.

I don’t need to tell you where we’re going.

First, let’s go to the Magic Tower.

There might be some materials or information that hasn’t been released to the press.

We shouldn’t forget to ask Talim himself about the situation inside Muon.

‘Is he away?’

We set foot in Marcelo’s office.

By the way, it’s been a while since I’ve been to the top…….

Are you still using the same stuff you used when you were Chief, Marcelo?

‘Too frugal.’

Anyway, I don’t need to learn about that bastard’s integrity…….

I grumbled to myself.

A red glow suddenly enters my vision.

[Blood-Grown Lycoris Flower – Taxidermy]


Why is that on Marcelo’s desk?

Is it also in a state where [Taxidermy] magic has been activated?……?


Like it or not, I’ve gained experience.

For the time I was in hell.

I had a vague idea of what had happened.

‘This must be…….’

I think everyone is completely mistaken, right?


The atmosphere was unprecedented.

The empty seat of the Commander in Chief.

Marcelo looked at Hoyeol’s seat and thought.

‘If we can’t be together in hell.’

I will make this place hell as well.

So that all may feel your pain.

It was an extreme declaration, even for him.

‘That’s a small consolation.’

None of the Holy War Alliance opposed his will.

That was to be expected.

They’d all been watching.

Marcelo’s eyes sank.

‘A world that takes your sacrifice for granted.’

Finally, Marcelo spoke.

“Seoul, the land of anomalies. No enemy will ever set foot in this land of your mercy, for I will not tolerate a single step, not even one. For that.”

After a moment, they exchanged glances, and Nam Cheolmin stepped forward.

“Yes, we’ll have to target the Muon first, since that’s where they’re concentrated.”

“That won’t be easy…….”

The player who spoke up was someone who had experienced Muon before.

It was Second Sun’s Guild Master Schreig.

Nam Cheolmin added an explanation to his monologue.

“Yes, it won’t be easy to capture, because Muon’s walls will not be easily broken from the moment the siege begins, especially now that the Goddess has been revealed.”

The Goddess’s power has yet to be confirmed, given the status of the Cleric class players who received a buff in the emergency update.

Nam Cheolmin looks at the hologram and continues.

“Based on simple numbers, it is likely that they are already ranker level or higher.”

The average level of the top 100 rankers, excluding non-standard Hoyeol, was around level 600. That’s at least 150 to 200 levels ahead of the average player.

A graph of stat totals in a holographic, inverted view.

“The gap didn’t narrow in basic stats like Strength, Dexterity, and Magic, but rather in the Cleric class’s unique stat [Faith], which is a huge increase, meaning the numbers are pure Goddess power.”

Game-changing influence in an instant.

Indeed, she could be called the God of the Arcana Continent.

That wasn’t the only problem.

“And we can’t overlook the variable you mentioned, Raymon Sean, and of course, the Demon King of the Ten Thrones, who will be looking for an opportunity to take advantage of this moment.”

Thus, the Holy War Alliance could not move all of its forces in this war, especially the elite of the elite, the troops directly under the Commander-in-chief, without him.

Hakuna nodded.

“Offense and defense, we can’t neglect either.”

The conclusion was reached, and the meeting concluded.

“We’re ready to go, Tower Master.”

Matisse, the Senior Black Mage, bowed.

Matisse included.

The teleportation circle of a dozen senior mages manifested in unison.

Nam Taemin whispered.

“Why, teleportation, not portals?”

“Because they’re different.”

“……What, aren’t they the same thing?”

Hisagi, the Magic Spearman, showed off his magic knowledge.

“A teleportation can be manifested over and over again, depending on the skill of the manifester. It’s very different from a portal, whose entrance and exit are fixed in coordinates.”

“Manifest in a row……?”

“Like this, for example.”


Hisashi manifested a teleport.

Forward, backward, sideways, positions that change in an instant.

Taemin snorted.

“You’re fast, but you can’t escape my animal senses.”

“That would be nice, Taemin-kun.”

“……What, are you suddenly being sarcastic?”

“I’m not being sarcastic, I’m serious.”

Hisagi said with conviction.

“Unless you have the same visual acuity as Taemin, you can’t follow teleportation with your eyes. From now on, we will fight using teleportation as a passive skill.”

“What, what, how is that possible?!”

“So, isn’t this what my eyes look like?”

Those were some impressive skills, Senior Mage.

In that sense, they were truly impressive.

A player who is doing his part and not falling behind them.

The Archmage, Jesse Heinness.

Hisagi said softly.

“We’re going to have to work hard, Ms. Leonie.”

“I know. I know.”

“What do you two know? I want to know!”

Nam Taemin shouted for a moment.

The three Guild Masters of the Great Alliance stepped onto the teleportation magic circle, followed by the players, Talim with the paladins, and the soldiers of the Yusra Kingdom.


Hakuna raised his sword.

“The moment the view changes, the battle will begin!”

Marcelo thought.

A powerful God would surely know of our advance.

If so, we will be seen beyond the Gods today.


The teleportation circle surged with magic.

Magical light poured into their vision.

Soon, the landscape shifts.


But no one in the Holy War Alliance swung their swords.

The coordinates of the teleportation were not incorrect, for it was impossible for a spell designed by Marcelo, the founder of theoretical magic, to be flawed.

What then?

“Well, I wasn’t expecting this.”


The analyst who planned dozens or hundreds of lanes.

Was it something that caught even Nam Cheolmin off guard?

As if to answer him.

Dark clouds gather over the holy city of Muon.

A scream comes from inside Muon’s tightly closed gates.

“The Goddess’ revelation is gone……?”

“The Goddess could not have abandoned us!”

“Then why did she suddenly……?”

It doesn’t even want to approach.

“……is the saintess.”

“That’s right, the saintess has sinned!”

“Pull down the fallen saintess now!!!”

“Burn the saintess, no, burn the witch!!!”

It was madness.

Marcelo thought.

‘……The revelations of the Goddess are gone?’

Who on earth could take away the revelation of the Goddess?

There was only one person he could think of.

Only Hoyeol.

But the Sir is in hell…….


Soon, Marcelo’s dream became a reality.



He didn’t have time to say hello.

How did the Muon end up like that?

And what did I do wrong…….

[The legend, ‘A Being Who Blasphemes Even The Goddess’ resonates throughout the Pantheon.]

Such a shameful legend is spreading all the way to the Pantheon?!!