Chapter 455 – Darkness Falls (4)

◈ Episode 455. Darkness Falls (4)

Swamp Dragons and Storm Dragons.

Their malicious rampage was destructive.

The Iron Castle shook the dwarves to their core.

“This is not a good match, Mr. Chainwalker!”

“A Storm Dragon, I can barely hold the controls in these winds. I can’t even scramble the fighters. Are the magic cannons ready?”

“It looks like there’s a problem with the mechanism!”

“Damn it.”


Wallswale, holding his hammer, grunted in frustration.

“Isn’t this why I said that the Iron Castle needs to be modified? It’s impossible for us to deal with them with our technology alone. We need to take in the adventurers’ technology, the magic of the Magic Tower, whatever it is…….”

“I know. Enough nagging, Wallswale.”

The process of smelting must be deliberate.

Different minerals can withstand different degrees of tempering.

The Iron Castle was a masterpiece of Dwarven technology. I knew it would be impossible to modify the Iron Castle in a short period of time, given the advanced smelting process involved.

Why did he say such a pointless thing?


Walswale slammed his hammer down.

“It’s because I’m frustrated, because I’m frustrated!”

It was because the situation was hopeless.

If the only threat was the Evil Dragons, I would have held them at bay, even if it meant breaking the Iron Castle. I didn’t want to think about it, as it seemed shamefully dependent, but…….

‘If it’s reversal magic.’

If it’s the mysterious magic of the Commander in Chief.

Surely it could restore the shattered Iron Castle to its former glory. But the threat wasn’t limited to Evil Dragons.

The Behemoth’s maw was threatening to spew out demons, and the Commander in Chief’s traces were also mysterious.


A rumble from the ground.


The flying debris hit the Iron Castle. The Iron Castle shook violently. The adventurers who had to face the terrestrial demons with their bare hands, as well as the safety of the Great Alliance, were deeply concerned.


Of course, they couldn’t afford to support them.


With a loud crash, the glass windows of the Iron Castle began to crack.


It looks like glass, but it’s not just any glass. It was a massive shield of gemstones and crystals, cut with extreme dexterity for defense.

“You mean it was cracked by a simple wind?”

“We can’t go out in a storm like this……!”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if my flesh was torn to shreds!”

“A mere wind has this kind of power……?”

It was Hiel, the spirit, who answered the futile question.

“It’s not just wind.”

“What do you mean by that, Hiel?”

“This storm contains killing intent beyond malice.”

World Tree Blessing Effect.

Beyond the forest, Hiel had come to understand {Nature}, itself. Thanks to this, Hiel’s eyes were opened. The indiscriminate violence wielded by the literal king of all things against all things.

Hiel minced no words.

‘The scent of blood is strong.’

She could feel how many lives the Storm Dragon had taken in its flight here. The Swamp Dragon’s rampage on the ground would be no different.

Chainwalker nodded decisively.

“Then we can’t stand idly by and watch. Are you finished with your repairs, Wallswale? Have the magic cannon ready at once. In the absence of our Commander-in-Chief, we have no means of cleansing the Evil Dragon!”


The machinery clicked together and made a magnificent sound.

At the same time, the cannons sprouted from the Iron Castle.

The power was at maximum output.

Chainwalker finished his thoughts.

“Today, we will kill the King of All!”

It was not an easy decision.

With the help of the Commander Hoyeol, even the most vicious of Evil Dragons could be saved, even if they had already committed irredeemable sins, forgiven and reformed.

Chainwalker gritted his teeth.

‘Even if I, a lowly dwarf, cannot understand.’

You would have done it with pride.

But for themselves, it is such a sense of pride.

No power, no leader.

So this is the best they can do for now.

“Stand by to fire!”

The determined Chainwalker’s eyes widened.

Desperately aiming the shaking barrel.

It was the moment of truth.


Beyond the shattered crystal window.

He could see a head with silver hair blowing in the wind. Emerging from the storm was the one he’d been waiting for, the one he’d never expected, the Commander-in-chief of the Holy War Alliance.

It was Hoyeol.


“The hair……?”

His long, shining silver hair fell past his waist.

I wouldn’t have been surprised if it was just that.

He’d been gone for days.

It wouldn’t have been strange to see him, no matter what.

The Iron Castle Ship regained its calm upon Hoyeol’s arrival.

Was it just magic stabilizing the air currents, here.

It wasn’t.


Wallswale called out to Chainwalker.

It had to be that way.

When and what gap was that?

The Storm Dragon was covered in blood.

Both of its wings had snapped and it was plummeting to the ground.

This was not what I expected to see.

“I see.”

Still, Chainwalker nodded grimly.

Perhaps there was no turning back for the creature.

Above all, Hiel surely knows the Commander-in-Chief’s intentions.

Chainwalker turned his head.


Hiel’s eyes were still closed.

Hiel should be happier than anyone else about Hoyeol’s return.

Hiel closed her eyes and clasped her hands together.

“My Lord.”

Reciting that one word quietly.


The Great Alliance.

A message came to the players.

It made them realize that they didn’t have to believe it.

[Leveled up].

[You’ve leveled up]…….

The Evil Dragon is dead.


Dry saliva is swallowed automatically.

It was a powerful blow. A Swamp Dragon that defeated an entire region with a single roll. Its head and body were cut to fit its massive size.


The fountain of blood gushing from its neck is self-explanatory.

In an unexpected situation.

Hisagi was the first to speak.

“……I don’t think there’s anything we can do.”

Hisagi had faith.

If he had been a usual Commander, he would have been able to purify the Evil Dragon. Proof was the living Frostnax guarding the World Tree near Antonium.

“There is a way to return the Evil Dragon to its original state.”

So the question was.

Why didn’t he purify the Swamp Dragon and show mercy to the Evil Dragon this time?

Was it because the Swamp Dragon had already crushed a village?


It’s not that.

Hisagi shook his head.

This was a man who could forgive worse than this if he was truly atoned for.

Besides, they knew that the Dragon had simply gone on a rampage, driven by the Evil Fruit.

Just when they were sure there was another reason.


The sound came from far away.

The falling Storm Dragon had crashed somewhere in the mountains.

It was literally the blink of an eye.

Schreig spat out a hollow laugh.

“Should I call this the commander in chief……?”

What kind of skill, what kind of magic, could kill a terrestrial and a flying dragon at the same time? In a split second, literally in the blink of an eye. I had no idea what Hoyeol was capable of.

But what I don’t know is.

“No, isn’t that……?”

It was an unfamiliar aura coming from Hoyeol.

The only thing that changed in appearance was his long silver hair.

Length just enough to lightly exceed the waist.

Could it be that the atmosphere was different, making him feel unfamiliar?

Schreig muttered to himself.

“You look good with it.”

As if he’d always had long hair.

Of course, the thought didn’t last long.

Nam Taemin spoke up.

“If you’re curious, just ask.”

It’s been that way since their first meeting.

Hoyeol didn’t hide anything from the barrage of questions. Of course, there was no formality. There was a time when he coldly said that he would not take questions from people who were not polite……..

[Frenzy] deactivated.

Nam Taemin, who regained his formality instead of wildness, corrected.

“No, I’m sure you can ask.”

I’m sure.

If you’re the Hoyeol I know.

He’ll tell you the reason for his actions before anyone asks.

Why he had to hunt the Evil Dragon instead of purify it.


The Iron Castle seemed to have noticed Hoyeol’s appearance.

It was landing slowly.

Suddenly, the voices of players from the Holy War Alliance could be heard.

“……Did I live? Thanks to you, Commander-in-Chief, this time too?”

“I guess so, judging by the level up message.”

“Hey, but why is that still the same……?”

“It’s not alive, is it?”

“Don’t be a dick, please.”


At that moment, the three Guild Masters of the Great Alliance.

Schreig and the other Rankers froze.

They looked at each other.


The corpse of the Evil Dragon hadn’t disappeared.

The green flame that rises when a demon is killed.

Or, in the words of the romantic explorer Lorenzik, ‘hellfire’. The Arcana Continent’s electricity system, which causes slain monsters to turn to smoke and disperse, has not been detected.

They don’t know why, but the certain fact is…….

“You didn’t take any loot?”

No one claimed the dragon’s loot.

Hence the question.

In the battle, Hoyeol’s kill contribution was overwhelming.

“He took them down by himself, both of them?”

Why, all they did was get attacked by the Evil Dragon. Under the kill contribution system, Hoyeol should have automatically gotten the loot.

Hisagi spat out the words.

‘……Did he refuse the loot?’

Is something like that even possible?

As a player, I wasn’t sure if such a system existed.

No player would want to give up loot, let alone themselves.

My doubts grew stronger.


Hoyeol’s foot fell.

As he walked through the air, the sound of his shoes echoed in the air.

Everyone could not believe their eyes.

But it was still too early to be surprised.


At the same time, Hoyeol disappeared.

Everyone stopped in their tracks.

Even the gears of the Iron Castle seemed to creak.

Leonie stuttered.

“What, there must be something really urgent going on?”

Otherwise, there’d be no reason to slay two Evil Dragons and then disappear without even glancing at the loot. Schreig said, breaking into a cold sweat.

“Right, the real world isn’t normal either, now, is it?”

But Nam Taemin and Hisagi weren’t so quick to speak.

The irony.

It made sense that he wouldn’t take the loot.

‘It’s Mr. Hoyeol, not anyone else.’

His integrity.

His reputation.

I’ve seen Hoyeol without a care for loot.

But what I don’t understand is.

He hasn’t even paid us a glance.

Since his arrival.

Not once has he turned his gaze toward the Holy War Alliance. No, it wasn’t just that he didn’t look at them, it was that he didn’t even bother to look at them, as if they were loot.

Nam Taemin remembered the usual Hoyeol.

The man who was more generous than anyone else, and who had saved him in times of crisis.

He remembered the ‘ray of light’ that had saved him time and time again.

But in this moment, he felt no mercy from Hoyeol.

It was questionable, but not questionable.

Yes, because if he admitted to that ‘one thing’, everything would make sense.

‘Unless the Hoyeol I know now is not the Hoyeol I know.’

Nam Taemin thought of the unfamiliar scent lingering on the tip of his nose.

A very different scent.

Likewise, an even more ‘unusual name’ came to mind.

Yes, the ‘name’ that had been following Hoyeol since a certain moment.

『Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo』.

Nam Taemin blurted out.

“No way.”


Another Space Ship.

The hopeless count was being updated.

“The number of Evil Eyes captured to this point is 642.”

A hopeless number indeed.

But then the count, which had been rising at a frenetic pace, zeroed out again.

It didn’t take long for it to return to zero.


The ten Evil Eyes surrounding the Earth are exploding all at once.

“……Senior, I think there’s something wrong with the camera?”

“What? I just checked it, why?”

“Well, the Evil Eyes suddenly disappeared from the screen!”

“What, what?!”

The moment of panic on board the Another Space Ship.

Same time.

A Knight appeared on Earth.




[Breaking News] Will Lee Hoyeol’s appearance be the spark for a reversal?