Chapter 454 – Darkness Falls (3)

◈ Episode 454. Darkness Falls (3)

I travel back and forth between reality and the Arcana continent on a quest for the anomaly.

So, I didn’t pay attention to the news I heard.

And came back.

[Enters the top floor of the Spacetime Social Hall].

I needed time.

Time to clear my head. After giving Jesse a new advice to stay away from social circles, I found myself taking a breather in the Spacetime Social Hall.

‘It looks like the snout doesn’t have anything to say either.’


Instead of excusing myself, I reached for my teacup.

I filled it as usual and brewed a green tea bag.

As I waited, my mind raced.

‘This is a shitty situation.’

Oxidin, the Transcendent.

The winner of Liu Zunqun’s [Tyrant] crown, he was on a rampage. As expected. Even though he was only a player, Liu Zunqun’s influence far exceeded the limits of players.

‘Whether it’s his ability or his class.’

After all, he was able to control and sway the mighty nation of China and its billions of people. The power of a [Tyrant] was in the hands of a Transcendent.

The Four Houses, the patriarchs, have reported.

-“Oxidin has tamed the Great Monster.”

The Great Monster.

The monsters that survived the ravaged Arcana continent. They were not easily touched by demons or even demigods.

Not surprisingly, they were extremely high-level monsters, starting at a minimum level of 1,000.

-“There were also great monsters that we don’t even know about. I think they’re from the distant past, the stuff of legends. For example……. Like the Titans.”

That was back when Arcana was just a game.

It contained monsters that had been swallowed up by the Bad Omen and erased.

Indeed, it was a fish out of water.

‘Liu Zunqun was in trouble, too.’

One more drink Oxidin. In truth, the Four Houses’ patriarchs were not the least bit intimidated by Oxidin’s power. They even declared that they would go to war with him if I gave the order.


“It would be best to avoid unnecessary disturbances.”

War requires sacrifice.

Even the Four Houses are prepared for war.

Oxidin was already a powerful force.

Even if all that was known of it was the Great Monsters Legion.

‘As if the Transcendents had been recruited.’

It is highly likely that they formed an alliance with other forces under the water.

It has become too great a force to be crushed unilaterally.

One might think it should be rooted out before it grew too big.

But the situation was not favorable.

Oxidin was just a stone that had been rolled too far.

“The emotions that come from war are the power of the demon.”

My main enemy is the demon.

The Behemoth’s Maw is once again active. Gunner, the dwarven pilot who monitors the Behemoth’s Maw, tells me that it’s been very active.

It’s like its throat is constantly gurgling.

‘It looks like it’s holding back nausea.’

Perhaps the Demon World is already full of demon-type monsters.

But it was too early to be alarmed.

The Iron Castle has received a report.

-“Chief Commander, we have captured the evil dragon.”

Two at once.

It’s easy to purify them.

The highest level of healing magic, 『Proof of Equivalent Exchange』.

Sacrifice your life to purify the evil fruit the dragons have swallowed.

‘Well, it’s not hard for me to sacrifice my life.’

I have the title, [Last Adventurer].

The only problem was the cooldown. A whopping 24 hours in real-time. If I purify a single evil dragon, I can’t even think about setting foot on the Arcana Continent for four days, Arcana Continent time.

I know my subject well.

Because I know the topic.

I can even imagine the aftermath of my absence.

Four days.

At the Behemoth’s Maw, now.

Four days in a situation where demons might pour out…….

It’s not just the Arcana continent.

Breaking news is also coming from the real world.

The Demon of the Ten Thrones has risen in the real world.

It must be due to the condition [Corruption] they caused.

Dmitry of the Shining Guild has been killed.

It’s the first time since the Cataclysm that a top-ranked player has died in the city center, let alone inside the Rift. Dmitry was said to have seized the demon’s ankle even while he was unaccounted for.

-” ……Thanks to you, we were able to escape.”

Dmitry bought time.

Worse casualties were avoided.

The senior mages on the way to the Magic Tower had slain the mixed-blood demon.

I whispered.

“Dmitry Malcolm, I will not forget your pride.”

And let’s not forget the citizens’ interviews.

-“The demon, surely, asked about Lee Hoyeol……!”

I was not surprised.

Just as I question the Demon World.

How many questions do the High-Ranking Demon Kings have about reality?

Just as I am wary of you.

I think it’s natural for you to be wary of me and question me.

It’s just that the method is wrong.

A chilling voice speaks.

“I was willing to talk to you personally.”


I set my teacup down at that point.

I really, really hate to admit it.

Honestly, at this moment, I wasn’t sure what decision to make.

‘…… Damn.’

This is not the end of the story.

The Primordial Evil, the Seven Deadly Sins, and finally Raymon Sean.

Hositamtam (호시탐탐).tl/n: This means that the tiger opens its eyes wide and stares at its prey. It means that you are looking for an opportunity to catch opportunity.

There were many forces waiting for an opportunity.

In such a situation, you ask yourself the question.

‘…… Did I really use my best judgment in the meantime?’

If only I had made a better decision.

Senios the Elder Mage would not have died.

Harkon wouldn’t have lost both his legs.

The Emperor of the Empire would be alive and well.

Wouldn’t Dmitry and the other players have survived?

After all, isn’t ‘me’ not enough?

As I said, I’m good at identifying themes.

That’s why I, Lee Hoyeol, didn’t overlook it.

The reason I’ve been able to survive and fight so far.

I owe it all to Grandfell.


It was time to make a decision.

I looked at the message.

[Understanding Darkness (Curse): Greatly increases your affinity with the suitable magic. However, you must confront the past that is the source of the suitable magic. – Current Suitable Magic Affinity: 40%]

[Heavenly Infant Solitude (40%): A rare genius who blasphemes even the Goddess. Demonstrates the talents of Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo.]

While gaining 40% comprehension.

Even if I said I didn’t know anything about Grandfell.

I could feel it.

As my understanding and proficiency increased.

Grandfell’s presence became more and more apparent.

‘It’s like getting closer to [Blackening].’

Maybe, I was afraid.

But now.

I’m afraid of something worse than blackening.

Yes. This was the price I, Lee Hoyeol, would pay for my misjudgment.

‘How many times have I told you?’

Somehow, the burdens I carry have become more than I can bear. No matter how much I think about it, there is only one person in the world who can carry such a burden.

So I activated [Understanding Darkness].

On myself.

Suitable magic power surges.

Suddenly, as I’m enveloped in that suitable magic power, an afterimage flashes through my mind.

Uriah, the rotten shaman, was swallowed up by the suitable magic.

The truth is that Grandfell is less merciful than I thought.


‘Even if everyone in the world says that.’

At least not as much as I do.

I believe it.

Even if it is not merciful.

I believe that high pride will never be broken.

No, even if it does.

‘Cause I can change it.’

The effects of Understanding Darkness don’t end with just witnessing Grandfell’s past. It means that by intervening in Grandfell’s brutal past, a butterfly effect can change reality.

So don’t tell me you’re hiding something.

A horrible past.

It’s okay, Grandfell.

Time will fix everything in the end.

I’ve been there, done that, and I know it better than anyone.

I’m not giving up on you.

The message flashed.

[Enters Curse, ‘Understanding Darkness’].


On the ground, the Holy War Alliance.

In the air, the Iron Castle.

By any objective measure, the power was considerable.

“This is a shitty situation.”

“Even if the situation is like this, why don’t you tone it down a bit?”


“That’s right, sis, you should have some dignity!”

“Well, this is a beautiful situation.”

“……is that right?”

Leonie checked the flashing message from earlier.

[Evil Dragon, ‘Swamp Dragon, Iggils’ appears.]

It was Leonie, Hisagi, and Nam Taemin, who had been indebted to the Evil Dragon, Eunaxus, for a while after attacking him, a dragon with no proper wings and extremely restrained malice and became dependent on the Magic Tower for a while.

But then.

There was more than one Evil Dragon.

It raised its head and approached the Iron Castle.

[The Evil Dragon, ‘Storm Dragon, Cassandrews’ appears].

Leonie ultimately failed to purify her language.

“Holy shit, one was bad enough, but two? Go ahead and do it, you crazy bastards. I don’t care if it’s the Arcana Continent or Reality. Just fucking do it on one side, please!”

I heard the news of Dmitry’s death and other reality news.

It was a lump in my throat because it didn’t sound like anyone else’s story.

In the meantime, not one, but two Evil Dragons jumped out.


A complex mechanical device handed out by the dwarves.

To put it simply.

Chainwalker’s voice came over the radio.

-“This is an unexpected situation.”

“Indeed, Mr. Chainwalker.”

-“The plan was to concentrate our forces on the one lying in the swamp. I didn’t expect another Evil Dragon to attack. Did you say Storm Dragon? Well, it’s hard to keep it centered.”

Nam Taemin raised his greatsword.

“We’ll just have to take them on one by one!”

Slaying the Evil Dragon.

The original plan had gone awry.

To finish off the Evil Dragon.

There would have to be a lineup that could purify the demons.

Hisagi calmly revised the plan.

“In the Commander in Chief’s absence. We don’t have the means to purify them, so we’ll have to hunt them down.”

Schreig added as he drew his rapier.

“The Swamp Dragon, Iggils, has already wiped out a small village, and the casualties alone……. I’d guess it’s easily over a hundred people.”

“And the one in the sky?”

“I haven’t seen it, but if it’s true that it’s causing storms…….”


A rush of air added weight to Schreig’s words.

“It could kill dozens of times that number.”

I remembered the story of a frog being killed by a carelessly thrown rock.

A distant past. The Arcana continent was shaken by the Dragon’s amusement, the tome that recorded the events of the Dragon Magic War clearly stated. If such a Dragon were to become Evil and rampage for nothing but Evil.

‘What the hell is going on?’

Hisagi bit his lip.

“Oh, it’s coming! It’s the first pattern!”



“The earth was shattered?”

“Everybody, take care of the wounded!”

There was no exploratory warfare.

Unimaginable power from the first attack.

I realize once again.


He was the greatest Elder Dragon, the most merciful.

“We have no choice.”


Nam Taemin pushed himself to his feet, holding his torn cheeks together. The Swamp Dragon, Igglis, had merely rolled over once. The entire area was shattered beyond recognition.


The Holy War Alliance was barely breathing.

Sprawled in the rubble.

Some players were not breathing or moving.


[Triggers skill, ‘Frenzy’.]

[Wildness] is extremely amplified upon activation.

Nam Taemin was able to control his Frenzy, which made the battlefield look even more chilling. It was as if the leader of the beast had grasped the situation. Nam Taemin’s wildness was warning him.

‘Even if we win.’

The allies will suffer terrible losses.

Nam Taemin thought.

I wonder what the Commander-in-Chief would do in this situation.

One thing was clear.

“I take charge.”


He would have taken it all on himself.

Of course, he didn’t have the ability to do that.

Taemin added.

“I’ll turn off the aggro.”

“Are you crazy?”

“That’s too dangerous.”

Aggro was supposed to be the job of tanks with overwhelming defense. But even the most armored tank could only take a few hits.

“If you can’t block it, dodge it.”


I will be in charge of tanking with evasion. I knew how dream-like that story was because I had talked about it several times with Cheolmin, and no one else.

‘He would have fainted if he heard it.’

But he had to do it.

It was the only way.

Moreover, the battle had already begun.

There was no time to reconcile their conflicting opinions.


Nam Taemin struck the ground with his greatsword.

His body bounced back from the force of the blow.

It was a moment of fierce speed as he rushed at the Swamp Dragon.


The huge head of the Evil Dragon was severed and fell off.

At the same time.

The Storm Dragon, Cassandrew, began to fall from the sky.

It all happened in a split second.

A flash of silver illuminated the scene.

As I turned my head, I saw a figure floating through the air.

A figure dressed in colorful, archaic attire.

Long flowing silver hair.

But more than anything, it’s something I’m not familiar with.

The bridge of Nam Taemin’s nose twitched.

“……Mr. Hoyeol?”

An unfamiliar scent wafted from the man in Hoyeol’s form.