Chapter 422 – The End (2)

◈ Episode 422. The End (2)

The arrival of the tycoons has shaken Antonium.

Diamond Top, Garmond Pill.

Garmond turned to his faithful assistant.

“Hey, assistant. Wouldn’t the Red Eye have arrived in Antonium by now, and I’d like to show what I’m seeing to Shahin Dune, that barbaric bastard!”

I will buy the whole empire.

A man so wealthy that he can make a serious threat.

At the point when Treasure Island and the Kingdom of Yusra were updated to reality.

Garmond was, in name and reality, the richest man on the Arcana Continent.

A procession of Diamond Top?

“My God, they covered the carriage in jewels!”

“I’m so dazzled, I can barely see.”


For the people of Antonium, it was a sight to behold.

No, it wasn’t just an attraction.

He would follow Claudi with all their hearts.

Garmond was making good on his promise.

The enlisted mens of the Top were busy moving.

“Can, can we take this?”

“Mmm! I’ve never tasted bread so soft!”

“Such precious silk for free……!”

Gamond continued speaking with a happy expression.

“It’s worth it, assistant. To be able to share my wealth with the poor people of Antonium. Truly, I can’t stop the tears from blinding me…….”

The assistant turned to Garmond and spoke coldly.

“The end of the Seven Deadly Sins Sloth must have been a great stimulus for you, Lord Garmond. If he can’t guard against his own greed even after dealing with the Seven Deadly Sins, that’s a beast, or human…….”

“Ugh! Assistant!”

Of course, Garmond had spent his entire life chasing gold and silver treasures.

No matter how clean and pure he was.

It was hard to shake off human instincts once and for all.

Garmond excused himself.

“It’s all part of practicing pride.”

Farewell, my bloody fortune……!

But Garmond swallowed hard at the tears that welled up in his eyes. He tried to put on his best face as he saw the rejoicing people of Antonium.


Garmond raised the corners of his mouth in a bizarre way.

His assistant looked at him and sighed.

It answered a question he’d forgotten to ask.

“Shahin Dune would have entered Antonium by now, but it’s as vast as the one Garmond coveted.”

“I know, and I won’t be able to see his stupid face.”

“Still, you seem to be in a good mood.”


Although it is one under Claudi.

Garmond saw Shahin Dune as a competitor.

Of course, they were friendly competitors.

Of those who had accepted Claudi’s invitation.

Of all the people who had accepted his invitation, there was only one who deserved his favor.

Because there was only Shahin Dune.

Garmond added quietly.

“Great Sage Old Man Rise aside.”

“But you still understand the topic.”

“You are so arrogant even in front of a great sage? As the assistant said, is it a beast or a human? Hurry up! I want to deliver this news of victory as soon as possible.”

Claudi gave the order, and Garmond carried it out perfectly. A feat, I assure you, that Shahin Dune could never match.

“It’s that barbaric…….”


Garmond was on his way to the Imperial Palace, his momentum building.

The carriage screeched to a halt as a crowd gathered.

Garmond let out a generous laugh.

“Haha, drawn by the majesty of the Diamond Top…….”

“They didn’t flock to see us.”

“Still, you can’t get any more free……. Excuse me, assistant?”

He snapped.

Garmond stuck his head out of the carriage. He saw the people looking in a direction other than the Diamond Top. He didn’t know what they were mesmerized by or what was blocking the path of the Diamond Top.

Garmond was stunned.

“Seriously, Shahin Dune?”

No, it couldn’t be!

The Red-Eyed Clan, despite their reputation.

The true nature of the Dune is known to only a few, including Claudi.

No matter how much fuss they made entering Antonium.

“You can’t possibly get more attention than me……?”

Garmond narrowed his eyes.


His eyes caught a glimpse of a crowd-drawer.

Mysteriously beautiful.

An appearance that could only be described as beautiful.

Pointed ears gave away its identity.

Garmond’s face went white.

“An elf? Why would an elf be in Antonium?!”

That’s right.

At this moment, Antonium was filled with big shot that surprised even the other big shot. All of them had answered Claudi’s call.

“Oh, no!”

Garmond urged his assistant.

“Assistant, we must be the first to arrive before we are compared to that elf! Yes, even if that elf isn’t. Shahin Dune, to that guy……!”


I rented the parlor of the Imperial Palace.

I took my seat and sat down like I owned it.

One by one, I spoke to those gathering in Antonium.

The first to arrive were the Red-Eyed Dune Clan.

They were joined by a group of players.

I spoke with them, trying to identify the culprit.

‘First of all, it’s not Shahin Dune.’

Then who is it?

Who the hell spread my darkness across the continent?

I gave no such orders……!!!

‘By the way.’

That was more than I expected.

‘No Dune Clan, no Diamond Top.’

Just being connected to the Claudi family.

I had a vague idea of how great they were.

I didn’t expect it to take so little effort.

‘They didn’t kill each of the Seven Deadly Sins for nothing.’

But it was Agentress who dazzled me more than anything.

“I’ll listen.”

I set the teacup down in front of him. A scrap of paper scattered across the teacup. It was, of course, the teabag green tea I always carried in the inside pocket of Dawn’s Jacket.

‘It’s the most precious thing to Grandfell, that tea bag.’

The reason why precious green tea bags were given away.

That was because no orders were given to Agentress. Not only was it unlikely that he would listen to orders, but Agentress had a goal, a primodial evil.


Agentress replied, picking up the teacup.

“I will drink it gratefully, and I pay my respects. You have once again sprouted the seed of the World Tree. Indeed, I see that my mother was not wrong in her judgment.”

Such polite words, unexpected in a first conversation.

I am deeply overwhelmed.

But I shamelessly tilted my teacup.

Am I surprised by the bitterness of the green tea?

After a pause, the dazed Agentress cut to the chase.

“We’ve encountered the Heavenly Unity.”

“The Heavenly Unity.”

“Liu Zunqun, you must be aware of his existence.”

He sounded nonchalant, but this was something else.

‘No, did you find him?’

You really did search the entire Arcana Continent for the Primordial Evil, didn’t you, Agentress? You’re not the type to be easily outmaneuvered, Liu Zunqun.


I nearly spit out my green tea at what followed.

“I hunted them all down.”

……Hunted them down?

Heavenly Unity?

It’s not because I feel sorry for Liu Zunqun.

“I see.”

Liu Zunqun had already been treated like a demon by Grandfell.

If I were to face Liu Zunqun.

I would have hunted Liu Zunqun down relentlessly.

The only reason I’m surprised is because.

Agentress of Heaven.

Took the trouble to do such a troublesome thing.

‘I don’t think the Heavenly Unity has anything to do with the World Tree.’

Why did he go so far as to mobilize his own people to hunt down Liu Zunqun?

Agentress had his own explanation for that.

He bowed respectfully to me.

“Forgive me for meddling in your affairs. But it has come to my judgment that their, his, Liu Zunqun’s impious ideas will harm you in the future.”

I was more surprised than angry.

‘……You mean to tell me that you hunted down the Heavenly Unity purely for me, this?’

Such a thing was unthinkable to the elf’s temperament, which he had heard, seen, and experienced, especially when he thought of Elsidor in the Garden of Elegance.

I wish it was so scary.

“Raise your head.”

Are flowers finally starting to bloom in the flower fields of Grandfell?

I thought to myself.

Yes, there is a give and take in everything.

Grandfell’s mercy must be repaid.


‘If you do it, you do it, everyone.’

Whether it was elven pride or something else, I could not tell.

“Your pride is not misplaced.”

With his snout, he shamelessly congratulated Agentress on his hard work.

Agentress emptied his teacup and rose to his feet.

“Frostnax, now that I’ve confirmed that the young dragon is guarding the World Tree. I see no reason for me to remain in the mortal world any longer.”

I nodded in the manner of a Commander-in-Chief.

‘A waste of power, to be sure.’

Dragons and elves.

The best of the Holy War Alliance’s forces.

Agentress spoke up and revealed his destination.

“I will return to my original mission and do my best to track down the Primordial Evil, while also praying for the fate of my brothers who may be struggling with it.”

Dragons, that’s good to hear.

‘Because thanks to Bellier, I now know how to purify the Evil Fruit.’

Of course, I had to die once for each purification, but…….

Well, as long as the [Last Adventurer] works.

It didn’t matter, except for the pain of dying.

What more?

‘You’re a reliable ally, Elf.’

In order to manifest 『The Ultimate Healing Magic』.

I needed someone to distract the Evil Dragon.

I can’t take on the evil dragon alone.

“And finally. I ask you to do me a favor…….”

A favor.

Agentress trailed off.

His gaze fell on an empty teacup.

‘……What, you mean the tea bag green tea?’

You flinched, but was it simply because the taste exceeded your expectations?

I reached into my inside pocket.

A few teabagged green teas caught my fingers.

I picked up the exact same one and handed it to Agentress.

He added

“Time is more precious than gold.”

……If this is going to happen, why not just start a green tea company?

“And savor it to the fullest.”

Who else in the world would get so excited over a single green tea bag? I dread the day when Agentress wakes up and realizes the value of green tea bags.

“This tea can be steeped in cold water.”

And with that, I bid him farewell.


I can’t help myself.

[Name: Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo]

[Titles: Last Adventurer, Sublime, Transcendent, Dark Dragon, Celestial, Master of the Ten Thrones]

[Class: Demon Hunter]

[Level: 976]


Strength: 200 / Agility: 194 / Magic: 877 / Luck: 16 / Aesthetics: High / Tenacity: 10 / Charm: Exist

[Points Held: 0]

Repeated physical training.

In the process, my [Tenacity] reached double digits.

But my level remained the same.

Such confidence, this guy thinks levels are just numbers.

‘I must be prepared for what lies ahead.’

One World Quest after another.

The players coming back.

These are, of course, variables that cannot be overlooked.

But the biggest event of all for me was the Battle for the Demon King.

After all, I, Lee Hoyeol, who defeated Buer and claimed the Ten Thrones, must be the most appetizing Demon King.

‘Don’t waste the green tea bags I gave you, Grandfell.’

There will be no time for leisurely teatime from now on.

Everywhere I go, the Lich of the Demon World.

Which means there may be no end of Discus-class monsters.

So I’m not going to let those sparks fly around me.

I was determined to enter the Demon World.

I vowed to do everything I could to prepare for it.

But the level hasn’t changed from when I defeated Buer.

Even if the level isn’t everything.

Gather the dust and make it a mountain.

Don’t you realize that every stat counts, Grandfell?

‘You can’t forget the item there either.’

Luckily, my inventory was full of magic tools I’d borrowed from the Magic Tower. And when I return to the Iron Castle, I’ll have items forged by Master Dwarven Blacksmith Wallswale from Eunaxus’s remains waiting for me.

And finally.


The [Sixth Sight Brooch], which I entrusted to Diend to search for. Surely Diend would have acquired at least one of these brooches by now?

By the way.


Diend didn’t appear at my call.

Cautiously, I look around.

Good, no ears to hear.


Diend treasures my name above all else.

If I were to recite that full name.

I’m sure he’ll appear immediately.

“Answer the call.”

I spoke solemnly.

“Diend Chrysiad Eternal Darkness.”

…… But there was no response.

I realized then.

Something was wrong with Diend.




Diend stared at the pulsing, suitable magic power.

Then he stopped in his tracks.

The suitable magic that comes from the past and background.

“Infinitely deep darkness.”

Why you, my lord.

From their past.

Why do you remain so harsh?

Diend’s gaze turned to the weather-damaged equipment.

It was silver.

Akhshan’s symbol.

Engraved with the Akshan wolf.

It was definitely Akshan’s silver equipment.




[Class Quest: Akshan Civil War].