Chapter 421 – The End (1)

◈ Episode 421. The End (1)

So many plans and schemes.

Everything comes to naught.

Not even by Lee Hoyeol, but by Lee Hoyeol’s subordinates.

Liu Zunqun looked at the blood gushing from his shoulder and thought.


Why me.

I can’t even face Lee Hoyeol?

Long Shenglac spat at his old master.

“Know your subject, Tyrant.”

Cold judgment is one of Long Shenglac’s strengths.

Call it brainwashing, but in the past, he used to be Liu Zunqun subordinates.

In the present, he sincerely serves Hoyeol.

He was able to objectively compare their strengths.

Of course, they weren’t even comparable.

“Heaven and earth.”

Long Shenglac had stayed on the Arcana Continent and witnessed the Arcana Continent being turned to darkness by Hoyeol. He had experienced firsthand the infinitely deep darkness and its unfathomable power.

Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo.

He knew Hoyeol’s nickname.

You see what you know.

Though the meaning and weight of the name was still unfathomable.


The greatness of that family was indirectly known through the Four Families. Four families, each worthy of ruling the Arcana continent, had bowed before Claudi’s name.

In other words.

“No matter how hard you try to fly or crawl. You may envy, slander, and try to pull him down, but it’s no use. Heaven and earth, you cannot touch His fluttering collar.”


Long Shenglac, a man who couldn’t even be his own dog is lecturing him. He should have been furious, but Liu Zunqun said nothing.

‘What is that look in your eyes……?’

Liu Zunqun was looking at the unwavering gaze of Long Shenglac. It was a determination that he had never shown to himself in the past, even when he was under the influence of the monarch’s brainwashing.

Because he was a monarch.

Because it was his skill.

Liu Zunqun was familiar with the limits of [Brainwashing].

At the moment of death, its effects would be canceled.

It was only because he was so close to death that Long Shenglac changed his mind.

He said.

“If I can kill you, I’m willing to die as well. Your ideas are seriously dangerous, especially now that you’ve turned into a Tyrant. But…….”

Even [Brainwashing] can’t force someone to die.

But Long Shenglac was saying that he was prepared to die himself.

Not for himself, but for Lee Hoyeol.

Liu Zunqun gritted his teeth.

That’s right.

Hoyeol must have a skill that surpasses his own.


“Don’t misunderstand me. Everything is my judgment.”


“The fact that I searched for you for him, that’s where it all started.”

Long Shenglac continues as if it were obvious.

“Don’t overestimate yourself. To Him, you’re no more than an ant, Liu Zunqun. He has no need to face you, no reason to look down on you.”


A chill ran down Liu Zunqun’s spine.

Maybe he really was.

Maybe he didn’t even have the qualifications to face Lee Hoyeol?

Was he really not worthy of his attention?

Liu Zunqun realized this in his heart.

He wanted to deny it.

He didn’t want to admit it.

Liu Zunqun’s mind desperately searched for an excuse.

‘……No way. Look at those elves.”

On the Arcana Continent, elves were higher beings, comparable to dragons.

It’s clear to move them.

Lee Hoyeol’s command would be essential.

A former monarch.

Did he see through his desperation?

Long Shenglac smirks.

“Well, it’s true what they say about if you want to live, you die, and if you want to die, you live. I happened to run into some elderly elves who had the same goal as me. I suppose the elven leader had the same idea.”

……A chance encounter?

They feared my potential as a Tyrant.

Are you telling me you haven’t been laying out an elaborate siege?

A monarch.

The one who has always ruled.

Liu Zunqun’s pride crumbled at the truth that Long Shenglac spat out.

“Surprise, didn’t I tell you earlier?”


“You don’t even have the qualifications to face him.”

Immediately, the smile vanished from Long Shenglac’s face.

“You are not his rival, not his enemy, not some tyrant. Liu Zunqun. At best, to die to me, a subordinate, and that is the end of your vessel.”

He wasn’t exaggerating.

The elves had been chasing primordial evil just moments ago.

To them, a tyrant, Liu Zunqun?

Not even a pesky flying insect.


So there was no need for skill, no need for magic.

The elves’ swords were casually wielded.

Liu Zunqun’s body and head were instantly severed.

“I am……!!!”


Eyes bulging.

Liu Zunqun’s head rolled on the ground.

No one remembers.

It’s not worth it.

A common death.


As ‘someone’ said, it was an end no different from that of the demon.




“Wise men, it was an honor to meet you. Thanks to you, I survived.”

Long Shenglac bowed low to the elves. It was not his mother. He couldn’t imagine what would have happened to him if he had faced Liu Zunqun alone.

‘It was dangerous.’

Considering the [Monarch] poor stats, he should have tried to ambush him.

He never thought a body awakened as a [Tyrant] would be capable of such a feat.

Another newfound gratitude.

“I guess this was also arranged by the Commander-in-Chief……?”

Long Shenglac remained in his seat for a long time after the elves left. He looked at Liu Zunqun’s separated head and body, which were growing cold.

“I told you, I don’t trust you.”

Liu Zunqun, who usually ate everything that was good alone, there was concern that the severed head might reattach itself and be resurrected.

Magic exists.

Even though it was something that could not have happened even in Arcana common sense.

As he said, Long Shenglac was cold and thorough.

“I don’t like it, but it’s better to be sure.”

Why, it’s not good to leave a corpse lying around town. Long Shenglac buried Liu Zunqun’s head deep into the ground and threw his body into the foothills.

It was like erasing a human trace.

“What I’ve learned thanks to you, I’m going to use it against you.”

It was something he had done many times in his life as a Five Stars.

Speaking of Five Stars.

He didn’t have to worry that Liu Zunqun’s men would attack him.

‘Truly, it’s good to have an ally this time.’

The elves had taken care of them earlier.

Well, even if there were other subordinates besides them, there was nothing to worry about.

With Liu Zunqun’s death, the abnormal status [Brainwashing] would have been lifted.

“Are they going crazy and coming to save you?”

I’m lucky if they don’t come to kill me.


Long Shenglac climbed up a tree. He looked at the beasts that had been attracted by the smell of blood. He saw Liu Zunqun’s body disappear without a trace.

“Fuck you, Liu Zunqun.”

He gave his middle finger a flick before climbing down from the tree.

“I guess I should hurry.”

Liu Zunqun, he had spent a long time chasing after him.

“We’ll see where you’re going.”

In the meantime, news has come through that the Emperor of the Empire has passed away, so it would be fitting to return to Antonium with the news of a successful mission, at least before the Emperor’s funeral.


The Center of the Empire and Imperial Palace.

Less glamorous than the Kingdom of Yusra.

This place has a moderately old-fashioned atmosphere.

I am seated at the head seat.

What does the head seat in the Imperial Palace where the Emperor resides mean?

It means the Emperor’s seat……!

Harkon, Nash, Matisse, Bellier, Bensch, and the High Representatives of the Empire.

All eyes are on me.

I swallow a huge sigh of relief.

‘I’m so glad I said no.’

Of course, the shameless iron skin, the unflappable posture, the stiffness that made the Emperor’s seat look like a sofa at home. If it were real, I, Lee Hoyeol, would not have been able to hold on.

Why was I temporarily seated in the throne room?

It was simple.

The Empress of the Empire.

The Empress was painfully aware of her own lack of ability.

‘Yes, I have a good attitude to learn.’

The problem is that I listen too much.

-“I am ashamed to say that I am ignorant of governing, but if you will show me, if you will teach me, I will learn quickly, so that I may take your place.”

A surrogate cleanup of sorts.

An unintentional non-payment of imperial taxes,

well, something like that.

I even managed to activate the Imperial [Authority] function.


The numbers popped up as a system message.

They say that even if a rich person goes bankrupt, it lasts for three generations.

An empire was an empire, even if it was a shambles.

‘How much is the expected tax revenue in gold alone……?!’

But integrity and innocence.

Nothing was more meaningless to me as wealth and fame. I could get straight to the point. I was able to get straight to the point, which is to say that [Authority] allowed me to see what was wrong with the Empire and to come up with solutions.

Nash and the others were impressed.

“You know more about the Empire than we do!”

……It’s complicated to explain.

It’s just all in the system window.

Even Grandfell Grandfell didn’t quiver this time.

“Sir Nash, Sir Hoyeol is the chief of the Magic Tower.”

……Senior Bensch William, why are you grinning like a maniac? It caused a surge of shame, but the Imperial Council must continue.

“Powers great and small are rising.”

The news of the World Quest was relayed. The subjects wore grave expressions. The empire that ruled the Arcana continent was a shadow of its former glory.

“Claudi performed a miracle and restored peace to Antonium, but……. but that doesn’t change the fact that the Empire was shaken, and it’s no wonder they’re so interested.”

I nodded.

‘It’s strange that you want me to be quiet.’

The powers that be spawned from the Bad Omen.

To them, an empire that united the Arcana continent?

They can’t feel too good about that.

Especially when they were once great powers.

It would look like an empire taking over their territory.

Of course, I couldn’t go out and campaign. Technically, it wasn’t me who rescued those who were deleted and swallowed up by the Bad Omen, it was our seniors, the Akshans, who were swallowed up by the Bad Omen.


‘There is no reason for me or Granfell to come forward.’

Claudi merely coordinates the continents.

He’s not exactly supporting the Empire or Seric Rose.

In that sense, my options were limited.

As I told Harkon, a true struggle was the best thing for the moment.

So I opened my mouth.

“You have nothing to fear.”

The Empire’s presence is necessary, at least until the Arcana continent is restored to normalcy. Until then, it was my judgment that the Empire must remain intact.

And how could I ignore such a heavy responsibility?

‘Pride, what he has done.’

Pride had something to do with the Emperor’s decision to step into the Warlord’s Library, so don’t thank me for the news that’s coming your way.


Suddenly, Nash was dumbfounded.

Apparently, telepathic messages were being sent through Antonium’s enchanted stone towers. He looked like he’d just received news he couldn’t believe.

You shouldn’t be so surprised, should you?

Well, to be fair.

I mean, it’s early to be surprised.

“Sir Nash, what is the matter with you all of a sudden?”

“Could it be bad news……?”

“What if the hostile forces are already advancing……!!!”

Doridori, Nash shook his head furiously.

“No. It’s just that troops have been arriving in Antonium……. I don’t think that’s the hostile force! It’s the red-eyed Dune clan at the west gate, and the east gate……. Wait, the Diamond Top?! That, and the elf who identified himself as Agentress at the north gate?!”

“If it’s the red-eyed……. Aren’t those beings from another continent, with their ridiculous force, that, they are approaching Antonium?”

“That’s certainly great news……, but be careful, this is Garmond Pill, the upper province that once tried to buy the Empire with money……!”

“And they’re elves, what the hell is that?!”

“You mean we can trust their word in the first place?”


At that point, all eyes turned to me.

They all seem to want me to say something.

I don’t really need to open my mouth, do I?

Yes, I do.

Silence is also a Grandfell way of speaking.

As I said, it’s too early to be surprised.

To return empty-handed to Antonium in the midst of the Emperor’s mourning.

They’re not the most formal of people.

Soon, Nash’s face begins to color with alarm.

“……Now, wait a minute, they defeated the forces that stood in your way to Antonium?! And spread the word of the, uh, greatness of the Darkness, as Claudi wished?!”


That last one is a bit of a stretch.

Who, who, spread the word of my darkness at will?!