chapter 413 – Roses Are Not Enough (1)

◈ Episode 413. Roses Are Not Enough (1)

The last three people to fall.

With that, Antonium was covered in roses and eternal happiness.

Seric Rose stepped forward.

“Then next.”


It was time to bathe the Arcana continent in eternal dreams.

Seric Rose thought of his next move.

Suddenly, he felt a pulse.


From the flowers of Antonium.

He was in a happy dream.

There should have been no stirring.

The flowers were shaking.

It’s not blooming.

They were awakening from their slumber.

Seric Rose’s face contorted.

“How dare you reject the dream I gave you?”



Lansha’s pupils dilated.

“What are you doing there?”

Mate looked up at her, smiling brightly.

The landscape of Dredsen stretched out behind him.

Mate leaned in and murmured to Lansha.

“Have you fallen in love with me because I’m so handsome?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Haha, joking. Are you tired? Did you not sleep well last night?”

“No. Something like that.”

Lansha walked with Mate through the meadow. The mountain village of Dredsen was nowhere to be seen as the sun set. They had to return to the village before the sun set.


“Oh dear, you’re together again today.”

Gardner, who was driving the goats, recognized them and called out to them.

Mate nervously shook his head.

Lansha blushed and lowered her head.

“You’re so…….”

It was already embarrassing to be treated like a couple.

Gardner chuckled.

“Well, what do you say, Lansha? Everyone in Dredsen knows about it. Let’s see what I can get you two for your wedding present. Goats, perhaps?”

“Mister, are you serious?”

“Mate, I don’t know about you, but do you think I would lie in front of Lansha?”

“Well, my Lansha is a bit persistent, she wouldn’t let go of me even a little bit today, if we were married we’d be together every day, I don’t know why…….”

Lansha stared at Mate and Gardner as they talked.

I wonder why.

A long-forgotten emotion gnawed at her chest.

Lansha smiled to herself.

“So this is the happiness I was hoping for……?”

She should have known better.

Her heart sank. A hole in her heart was unfulfilled. Her heart was empty. And yet, she should have been grateful for the happiness in front of her……. She kept feeling like something was missing.

To be precise.

“……Lansha, are you crying?”

She couldn’t forget.

The image of Mate’s face, tormented by the demonic possession, was superimposed on mine. Flames and rampaging demons loom over the peaceful village of Dredsen.

And Gardner, a retired mercenary, raising his weapon against such demons.

And finally.

“……What the hell? I’m not forgetting you, not even a little bit.”

Shining silver hair.

A strong back.

But also the lonely look of Hoyeol.

Their conversation flashes through her head.

-“So, in the end, you’re going to take everything on yourself this time.”

Flying ships.

The stories she had heard from the dwarves on the Iron Castle.

Lansha opened her mouth.

“I’m sorry, Mate.”

“Sorry for what, all of a sudden?”

“I think I……. should go back.”

It was ridiculous.

She’s a country bumpkin, not an adventurer, not a hero, not a superpowered person, and she has all the happiness she’s ever wanted right in front of her. Why would she want to go back to her miserable reality?

Lansha gives her answer.

“I can’t be happy on my own.”

If she didn’t know better.

She saw that lonely backside.

She couldn’t turn away.

At that moment, Lansha’s vision began to brighten. Her happiness was fading. Dredsen’s face, Mr. Gardner’s face, and Mate’s smile were buried in the bright light.

But she could hear them clearly.

“Well, goodbye, then, Lansha.”

A sweet voice said.

“It’s okay if you’re late, I’ll be waiting for you forever.”




Nam Taemin shook his head.

“So this is how it feels.”

Complete victory.

Taemin stood over the fallen Hisagi and relived his emotions. It had been a dominating victory. He’d beaten Skal in the quarterfinals, Leonie in the semifinals, and this snake-eyed guy in the finals…….

“What, you’re not happy?”

He wasn’t particularly happy.

His doubts didn’t last long.

The ranking system message popped up in front of him.

“……That’s right, Mr. Hoyeol!”

The unofficial number one ranking.

I couldn’t surpass him.

How could I claim to be the best?

“And no matter what.”

Nam Taemin spat out a laugh as he looked at the blurring landscape.


At the fallen Hisagi.

“We’re not about to beat the crap out of each other, are we?”

Hisagi was looking at a similar view.

“He’s ruder than you, the real Nam Taemin.”

The last Guild Master of the Great Alliance.

Leonie closed her eyes tightly.

What the hell was she seeing?

With her eyes still closed, she shouted.

“That person can say things like that, you crazy bitch, Leonie!”

She wondered if someone had slapped her.

Or did she slap herself.

Her cheeks were flushed red.

In any case, a clear message flashed before Leonie’s eyes.

[Status abnormality, ‘Eternal Sleep’ is lifted.]

. tl/n: I think I know what is in Leonie’s dream, Hoyeol confesses his love to her lol



Bensch looked at the table.

It was a sight he had never seen before.

This kind of peace did not belong in the Williams family.

“Brother, brother. I’m not there today!”

Nash chirped.

His brother’s always been a bit of a grouch for his age.

It was a sight to behold, the way he joked.

But Bensch knew.


This was not the happiness he had hoped for.

Because he never wished for anything that couldn’t come true.

Bensch put down his fork and knife.


Now it’s time to go back.

His mother asked him.

“Why, without more?”

Bensch replied.

“It’s time to go.”

The father said.

“Where are you going at this hour, Bensch?”

Bensch laughed.

“Where else, the damn reality.”

Someone had said that before.

Someone had said that you can’t miss something until you’ve experienced it.

But they were wrong.

He had never experienced the bliss in front of him.

He woke up and realized he would miss it.

Bensch turned to his mother.

“Mother, you will be alone and lonely for a long time, but I believe that one day we will meet again. After all, isn’t that the way of life, that we could be reunited as soon as tomorrow?”

He looked at his father.

“And I still think about you, Father.”


Maybe that’s what he wanted for his father.

But Bensch hadn’t forgotten his father’s glowing eyes.

Bensch smiled and added

“So don’t even think about being nice, even in my dreams.”

Then Nash tugged at the hem of his robe again.

“Brother, do you really have to leave……?”

Bensch patted Nash’s head.

“Yes. It has come to that.”

“After all…….”


“……Even in that world, it wouldn’t be possible without Brother Bensch! Brother Bensch is amazing, isn’t it? When will I be able to become dignified like you?”

He was a consistent younger brother.

Even as he spoke, Nash was still holding on to the hem of his clothes.

Bensh stared at him, then opened his mouth.

“I promise you, Nash.”

“What? Of what, brother?”

“I promise I’ll see you more often.”



With that, Nash released his grip on the hem of Bensch’s robe.

Suddenly, his vision began to brighten.

A soft voice whispered in Bensch’s ear.

“Are you sure, Brother Bensch?”


“Of course.”


Bensch opened his eyes in a blossom of flame.

Across from him was Seric Rose.

That carefree expression finally cracked, huh?

There was anger in his voice.

“Why did you refuse my mercy?”

Bensch spat out a hollow laugh.

“Mercy? I didn’t ask for any of that shit.”

“Shut up, there is nothing I do not know.”

The Warlord’s Library.

Every question, every answer. Naturally, he can also know what happiness the people want. But how is it that they wake up from the happiness they truly desire and…….

“Why have you returned to this miserable reality?”

To wake up again in the ugly Arcana continent?

Seric Rose glared at Bensch.

All right, a man worthy of the Flame Emperor.

“You have guessed, I’m sure, the terrible series of events that will befall the Arcana continent in the coming days. That is not something a weak person can endure.”


At this moment, the voice of Seric Rose was echoing in the minds of all those who had awakened. He began to tell them of the disasters to come.

“The rise of the demons that ravaged the empire and the continent is only a foreshadowing. The Demon World is in a frenzy like never before, and you will envy those who have died before you.”

“Even in that mixed race, foolish people will attack people in the same situation. Hidden Monarchs will rise up and plunge the Arcana continent into even deeper chaos.”

“And yet, how is it that you would trample upon the eternal happiness that I, the merciful one, have bestowed upon you, my people!”

Bensch shouts back.

“That’s why you have no shame.”

” …… no shame?”

“To be satisfied with such a small amount of happiness, to wander about drunk with dreams. You are not worthy to see Senios and the Master of the Magic Tower, who gave his life for the Magic Tower.”

Bensch was not alone.


The awakened people of the empire were each shouting.

“How has our son protected Antonium……!!!”

“We’ve come this far, we can’t run away, not even for the sake of injustice.”

“Even if I die, I’ll pay the demon bastard back and be damned!”

Seric Rose was deeply shocked.


These were trials that even he himself had to be afraid of. But these frail beings were truly determined to fight the trials? He couldn’t even wrap his head around it.

“Good, the people of the empire covered in flowers are also waking up. I guess I don’t need to suppress the Fear any longer, Then, from now on, this is my sincerity.”

Because the Flame Emperor breathed Fear.

No, it wasn’t just Bensch.

Soon there were Holy War Alliance troops on the ground, ready for battle.

Matisse and Bellier.

Nash staggered to join them.

And then.


The people began to cling to the gates of Antonium, which had been firmly closed.

Awakened from their blossom, they shook off the pollen.

The harsh realities of the situation began to sink in.

“Cut down the thorny vines!”

“Damn it, I don’t care if I get poked anymore!”

“But, what do we have? We should at least have a kitchen knife…….”

Someone’s organizational skills began to shine through.

“We’ll lend you our equipment.”

“No, aren’t you Scavengers?”

“……You’re going to lend us your weapons? To us?”

Yes, Antonium hadn’t fallen completely.

From the lowly sewers.

The Scavengers had been waiting for this moment.

“Well, I guess I’m going to need all your help in my life, but thanks anyway.”

“I never thought I’d hear a thank you.”

“So, is it mutual?”


Scavenger and the people work together to cut down the thorny vines that cover Antonium. How……? Seric Rose is still not convinced.

“Do you truly wish for suffering, my people?”

Cutting off the thorns would not directly harm him.

The same goes for the Flame Emperor in front of him.

Even if you burn this body with a burning fear.

‘This is but a shell.’

This body was the seven roses that bloomed in the Warlord’s Library.

So don’t struggle in vain…….

That’s when Seric Rose regained his composure.



A chill ran down the nape of his neck.

He could feel it in his gut.

Someone had entered the Warlord’s Library.

The Seven Roses.

Someone who was aiming for his breath……!




The Warlord’s Library.

The King of Scavengers.

Emilio wondered.

Did Mr. Claudi expect me, a mere mortal, to crawl in here and find these roses? Well, it was probably for the best.

No matter.

Even if my judgment was wrong.

If it is Him.

“You will forgive me.”

Emilio’s sword was aimed at the rose without hesitation.



I opened my mouth to speak.

“Everything is as planned.”

……No, Grandfell, you expected it, but I had no idea.

Senior Bensch William, of all people.

You were a much better person than I expected, right?!