Chapter 412 – A Promising Future (2)

◈ Chapter 412. A Promising Future (2)

Seric Rose praises.

“Flame Emperor William. You were not lacking as my first partner. You have mastered the Fears, also be called a Monarch praised by the flames?”

Bensch was furious.

Even against Seric Rose, who had complete control over Antonium, he was not outmatched.

However, it was not the superiority of attributes that determined victory or defeat.

A rose flower growing on a thorn vine.

Soon enough, the blossoms were oozing with pollen, which preyed on Bensch’s weaknesses as he focused on the battle against Seric Rose, and infiltrated his body through his breath.

It bathed Bensch in a rosy glow.


In the rosy dream, Bensch saw his dead mother.

“How was your day, Bensch?”

Her cheeks were not puffy.

No blue bruises on her neck or hands.

His mother was sitting at the table, whole.

At her side was his father.

“You’ve suffered.”

The pupils are not like sparkling flames.

It was his father looking at him affectionately.

Bensch realized at once that something was wrong.

‘ …… This is not real.’

He had to get up and leave.

He must finish the fight that hasn’t been settled yet.

But then a small hand grabbed the hem of his robe.

“Brother, where are you going?”

He turns his head.


Young Nash was looking up at him with teary eyes.

Bensch remembered an emotion he’d forgotten.

To live.

He couldn’t hold on any longer.

Back in the past, when he’d headed to the Magic Tower.

He had left his home in the name of ending the family line.

Leaving Nash alone, trusting only himself.


Not a day went by that he didn’t worry about his brother.

There was no telling what kind of disgrace he might be facing in the family.

There were times when he truly regretted his choice.

But maybe…….

‘I’m back.’

To the past where he could make amends?

Damn, it was a mess in his head.

But maybe it was a good idea?

“Let’s hear it then.”

Bensch thought.

Even if this is false happiness.

He didn’t want to wake up right now.

It felt so warm.




“Bro, brother! Brother Bensch!”

At that point, Bensch turned into a full-blown rose.

Fear extinguished in an instant.

The thorny vines beginning to wriggle once more.

“Oh no.”

Nash followed suit.

Matisse and Bellier have also realized the gravity of the situation.

the Senior of the Magic Tower.

The pollen in the air had alerted them earlier.

Bellier looked at the fallen Leonie and bit her lip.

‘It’s a condition I’ve never seen before.’

Bellier was currently the pinnacle of healing magic on the Arcana continent. However, after inhaling the pollen, Bellier had no idea what state Leonie had fallen into.

[A status abnormality, ‘spiritual sleep’ occurs.]

“Miss Leonie…….”

Even the ultimate healing magic, the 『Blessing of Restoration』, which could make one forget even [Status Abnormality Fear], had no effect. Bellier set her down gently and concluded.

‘How could Senior Bensch have been caught this pollen……?’

Under normal circumstances, the pollen would have been detected.

But Bensch had been so focused on dealing with Seric Rose in front of him that he hadn’t realized the pollen was enveloping him.

Even without knowing the details, Bellier made a decision.

‘I have to finish here.’

The pollen had knocked out everyone but her.

Still, if it was Senior Bensch who had been awakened to the Flame Emperor.

He must have done some damage to his opponent.

“I have faith in you, Senior Bensch.”

Bellier immediately manifested a portal.

“I’ll be right there.”

Matisse came to the same conclusion as she did, and stepped through the portal.

He faced Bellier.

He saw a man kneeling in the dirt.


It was Nash.

Skills equivalent to that of a adept mage.

It was obvious that he was holding on by sheer force of will. Where his barely-open eyes turned, there was a rose blooming out of thin air. Matisse wasted no time.


He uttered his opening words.

“You may rampage.”


Then, from the black robes he wore.

The past and background that Matisse had sealed away began to flow.

A time when he had wandered the Arcana continent in search of a way to establish black magic.

The suitable magic powers he had embraced emanated from him.

Seric Rose recognized Matisse’s aura.

“Flame Emperor, next is a gloomy mage.”

Seric Rose looked like he had a lot to say, but he didn’t.

Matisse unleashed the suitable magic.

A dark spear shot toward Seric Rose.

A spear of darkness.

Each one carrying the cruelty of the continent’s past. Upon contact with flesh, they can break a target’s spirit. Seric Rose watched the flurry of dark spears.

“What a strange story.”


Then he caught the spear with his own body.


Matisse’s pupils dilated.


Seric Rose’s body, studded with spears, could hardly be called human.

There was no gush of blood, only the sound of something being driven into wood.

However, it doesn’t matter.

The founder of Black Magic.

Even he is not immune to its influence. It was the suitable magic that even suppressed sealing magic manifested to keep it in check. It’s impossible to stay sane while being stuck in a dark room filled with such cruel history…….

“But do not mourn now.”



Contrary to Matisse’s expectations, the rock pieces shatter to pieces.

What that meant was simple.

Seric Rose’s spirit had overcome the black magic.

Seric Rose looked at Matisse and spoke.

“You nameless, gloomy mage. On my behalf, you have chased away the sorrow and terrible past that has spread across the Arcana continent. As with the Flame Emperor, I will give you a choice.”

The choice was the same as it had been for Bensch.

“Is it eternal happiness you desire, or the vain truth?”

Matisse did not answer.

All that was on his mind was how to manifest the remaining suitable magic. The most powerful of these was, of course, the highest level of black magic,『Blackout』

It was similar to the effect of the 『Black Crown』 in that it deprives the target of their senses.

『Blackout』takes away everything, including the target’s senses.


‘The manifestation of the Blackout requires time.

Did he recognize Matisse’s intentions?


Bellier took a step forward.

“Eternal happiness? Can you give me that?”

Senior Bensch awakened to Flame Emperor.

Senior Matisse, who lifted the sealing magic.

They were struggling with an unknown being wearing a crown of thorns on his head.

‘Not to mention me.’


The combat magic she could manifest was only at the level of a Adept Mage. Bellier calmly assessed the situation. Specifically, she did what she had to do.

“Before that, who are you?”

Even if it would cost her life to be considered arrogant.

Bellier dared to ask the question.

To Matisse, too.

To help Hoyeol, who would return in four days.

Seric Rose answered.

“Seric Rose. As you can see, I am the Emperor of the Empire.”

“Seric Rose? You are not the Emperor I know.”

“Do you know the Emperor? I’m afraid the Emperor you know no longer exists in the Empire. He laid down his crown of his own accord, unable to bear the weight of it. But no one can accuse him of weakness.”

The Warlord’s Library spoke the truth.

“All seven emperors, including him, were unable to bear the weight of the crown. Isn’t that natural and pitiful? Humans are imperfect and weak.”


Wait, you’re telling me this isn’t the only emperor who’s fallen victim to this thing?

She hadn’t seen the Warlord’s Library.

Unsure of its authenticity, Bellier asked again.

“If they couldn’t resist, they must have taken it in equal numbers.”

It was a provocation.

To provoke him.

Not in a condescending way.

She wanted to see him for who he really was, to get under the covers.

But the Lord of the Roses was unmoved.

“It is understandable that you would misunderstand. But bear in mind. I was merely responding to the requests of weak emperors. Can you imagine the anguish that the emperors of the Empire have been feeling? I know. I have bestowed wisdom upon them from the Warlord’s Library.”

“……The Warlord’s Library?”

Nash gritted his teeth at the word.

“The Warlord’s Library……. was lurking……?”

Seric Rose rubbed his chin.

“Lurking. That’s a poor choice of words, imperial mage. I merely offered it up in contemplation. I offered the Seven Emperors the wisdom to rule the Arcana Continent and the Empire in peace. But…….”

He turns to Nash and adds firmly.

“Even at my mercy, the Empire eventually reached its limits, did it not? Yes, it did. I could no longer watch the Empire’s people suffer. I cannot abandon my people to the demon-infested Arcana, and I will give them a rosy future, an eternal dream that will never wake.”


As if falling into a deep sleep.

He realized why the people of the Empire had fallen into a deep sleep.

They had been dreaming a happy dream that never ended.

Everyone turned into roses.

Suddenly, Nash’s pupils fluttered.

‘Then, Brother Bensch, I wonder if you…….’

is enjoying the happiness he never knew in his dreams.

If so, what right do Nash have to wake him from his slumber?

He’s been through trials in the family and in the Magic Tower, and how dare he…….

“Nash William Imperial Palace Mage.”

Nash paused at Matisse’s voice.

“……Yes, I’m listening.”

“What is the state of your remaining magic power?”

“I’m afraid I have very little left.”

“Can you manifest teleportation?”

“For a short distance, perhaps one person…….”

“If so, please.”

High Level Black Magic.

Matisse, who had finished interfering with Blackout, looked at Seric Rose.

Even if only to borrow Nash’s limited power.

Even if it means saving the magic power that would otherwise be wasted on teleportation.

He had to hit Seric Rose once and for all.

He had to get it into his head.

“Don’t waver.”

Matisse added.

“There is no such thing as eternal happiness, Nash William.”

He seemed to have dangerous ideas indeed.

Soon, Matisse’s body was enveloped in Nash’s magic.

Teleportation manifested.


A flash.

Teleporting behind Seric Rose, Matisse raised his hand.

Aiming at the back of Seric Rose’s head, he summoned Blackout.


The suitable magic power enveloped Seric Rose like ink.

As he said, the target was to be robbed of everything.

Seric Rose opened his mouth nonchalantly.

“I told you, gloomy mage. I can give you eternal happiness, so any suitable magic with a brutal past and background is meaningless before me.”

Black magic manifested with the suitable magic cannot be defended against with normal magic. It can be healed, but it cannot be completely undone. But if Seric Rose’s words are true.

‘Are you saying it was offset by eternal happiness……?’

As if to prove his point.


Matisse’s blackened ring began to lose its shine.

It was an observational magic tool that could determine the suitable magic power of an area.

Seric Rose spread his arms and opened his mouth.

“See, this is no ordinary trick.”

Matisse’s gaze turns to the rose.

“See. Doesn’t everyone dream of happiness?”

Matisse can’t answer.

They are covered in petals.

Are you saying that they truly have no regrets or remorse?

For he could not detect a single bit of suitable magic in them.

‘…… What the hell?’

The Lord of the Eternal Rose.

“I only wish for my people’s happiness. Call it a dream. What is wrong with me, what do I wish for my poor people on a miserable continent?”

Matisse and Bellier lost focus on Seric Rose.

“Even if it is a dream.”

Then turning to the cowering Nash, he asked.

“What is wrong with my mercy, mages?


“Even if it was wrong, it was wrong for a long time.”

So it was.

Having been given the gist of the situation, I muttered.

No less seriously.

“In my flower garden.”

An evaluation was made.

“For it is full of flowers that I would not trade for a rose.”




Flame Emperor of the William family.

The rose that held Bensch twitched.

Or, more accurately.

It began to burst into flames.

The rose petals that covered him.

Burning away without a trace.

“Flame Emperor.”

The flower bloomed with fire.

“Heat is a fitting name, isn’t it?”

Not even a rose could compare.

“It’s not like lukewarm warmth.”