Chapter 379 – Maybe You and Me

◈ Episode 379. Maybe You and Me

The battle for the Demon King, it’s enough to change the battlefield.

To the Demon World, which is neither the Arcana Continent nor the Real World. In fact, it’s quite natural. If you ask them why they would choose a king from someone else’s homeworld, they won’t have anything to say.

The question is, what kind of madman would do such a thing?

in the Arcana continent and in the Real World.

So Marcelo was surprised.

“What do you mean, you’re going to enter the Demon World?”

This is because Marcelo did not witness it in person.

-“I thought you were really disappearing beyond the demon world?”

The moment I lost consciousness.

Grandfell was on his way to the Behemoth’s Maw, the gateway to the Demon World. In the first place, Grandfell’s destination was the Demon World. The High Ranking Demon King Buer and the usurper Discus had merely bumped into each other along the way.

‘The two of them were never meant to reach Grandfell.’

The price of a lost ray of light.

At that point, Grandfell was truly ready to take the Demon World, everything.

I guess it was the experience.

I simply shifted my thinking.

“I wouldn’t give up my home for a mere demon play.”

Shrimp backs explode in whale fight.

There is no better way to describe the reality of the battle for the Demon King and the position of the Arcana Continent. Therefore, I will move the location of the whale fight to the Demon World.

That way, instead of shrimp backs, demon backs will explode, right?

‘Cause I’m the bait.’

As I said, my position in the battle for the Demon King is unique. I don’t mean uniquely strong. I mean that I’m sure to receive more attention and challenges than any of the High Ranking Demon Kings.

‘Because I’ll be the easiest.’

I’m the lowest Demon King in the hierarchy, having just ascended to the throne.

Even if the roles were reversed, they’d still target me first.

Such an appetising Demon King.

I wonder what would happen to me if I appeared on my own?

Marcelo answers slowly.

” …… Sir, you will be under heavy attack from numerous challengers. If you set foot in the Demon World. There may be no reason for the beings of the Demon World to come to the Arcana Continent through the Behemoth’s Maw, for there would be no reason for them to do so.”

He smiled, but his expression was not cheerful.

“……However, was that truly your great purpose?”

I nodded.


I understand his concern.

In fact, I was very worried myself.

The Demon World would be a completely different world, and there would be no valid [Last Adventurer] effect on the Arcana Continent. If I died in the Demon World, there would be no way to recover my body…….

I’ve thought of everything.

But no matter how I thought about it, it was for the best.

I wasn’t going to be swayed by Grandfell’s pride this time.

Commander-in-Chief of the Holy War Alliance.

It was my decision to accept the position.

Marcelo lifted the corner of his mouth with difficulty.

“In that case, I will no longer persuade you.”

Then I immediately think of the next move.

‘It’s good that he’s clear on the matter.’

Maybe it’s because of this side of Marcelo that I consult him first on all my big decisions. By now, Marcelo had lost his cool and stuck to the plan.

“As you know, the most important thing before entering is information, and in that sense, the Demon World is dangerous.”

The Demon World.

Before the demon race appeared in earnest, it was considered a legend. Because this is a story from a time when Arcana was just a game. To put it systematically in the game…….

‘It means that only rice cakes were thrown away.’

Some NPC discovered a demonic monster imp.

Someone was possessed by a lost demon.

Rumours of such things had even reached Akshan.

‘I’m sure the Akshan quest had a story like that.’

Marcelo says bitterly.

“Even looking back, the Magic Tower at the time was extremely arrogant. So determined to follow a false truth, so unwilling to look at the looming threat to the Arcana continent.”

The implications of that statement were simple.

There was no information about the Demon World in the Magic Tower. But the Arcana continent was large, and there had to be someone who had been wary of the Demon World. Marcelo spoke of such a being.

“Lorenzik, he’s been sending letters to the Magic Tower.”


How could that name be familiar?

It was the name I’d seen and heard every time I’d visited the Explorers’ Federation. The hellfire required to trigger [Akshan’s Upkeep]. The Hellfire Torch, blazing with such hellfire, was an item Lorenzik had been collecting.

I replied.

“You mean the Romantic Explorer.”

“So you knew him, too, sir! That’s right. The Romantic Explorer, Lorenzik, also took an early interest in the Demon Realm.”


Marcelo snapped his fingers, and his office crackled with magic. Papers on the desk. The books on the shelves fluttered for a moment. A faded piece of paper flies between Marcelo and me.

A flutter.

“And this was Lorenzik’s letter.”

My arm stiffens to pick up the slip of paper.

I read it with a nonchalant expression and frowned.

This……. It’s not just a warning letter.


Chronicles of Demon World


Marcelo nodded.

“Yes, it is. Lorenzik, the Romantic Explorer. He knew the Demon World well enough to write a short note early on, which means he experienced it.”

The book was brief. It was full of landscape descriptions of the Demon World, and the lack of complicated rhetoric only added to its credibility. The problem was that it was cut off in the middle.

“He wanted to borrow the Magic Tower’s power as evidence. I don’t know why, whether it was to explore the Demon World further or to check out the dangers…….. Naturally, his request was not granted.”

Marcelo adds.

“For your information, Senior Bensch William volunteered to go, but the higher-ups didn’t approve – not that Senior Bensch appointment was unreliable, but……. again, it was the influence of the demon worshippers.”

……Is that so?

If it weren’t for Bensch, I wondered if permission would have been granted if another senior volunteered. Because it wasn’t an important story. But I didn’t say it out loud.

“I’m just deeply disappointed. It would have been a great help to Sir, if Magic Tower had established a relationship with Lorenzik……. I suppose that’s another thing Magic Tower is lacking.”

Marcelo was only half right.

Lorenzik had stepped into the Demon World.

He will be a great help to me as I enter the Demon World.

But I shouldn’t be disappointed.

Marcelo doesn’t know that.

I’ve seen it through the messages.

The vanishing beings spat out by the Bad Omen.

The buffs being applied to the Arcana continent by their return.

Among them.

[The missing Romantic Explorer, Lorenzik, has returned to the Arcana continent, enriching it with the knowledge of a Romantic Explorer whose dramatic survival and reclusive lifestyle has led to his return. : Romantic explorer, Lorenzik, wanders the continent, spreading his knowledge].

Lorenzik’s name.

“By the time I tried to search for Lorenzik in hindsight, it was too late. Even after tracing his handwriting and magic, we could find no trace of him.”

Marcelo frowned.

“Considering the rumours that surrounded him, it’s even more strange that he’s still alive today. I’m afraid I’ve spoken for nothing. False hope only makes one’s mind wander…….”

“No, it’s not false hope. Marcelo.”

Once deleted.

Lorenzik disappeared from the Arcana continent after being swallowed by the Bad Omen.

He had returned to Arcana.

“Not a vain hope, sir?”

Except for Grandfell’s way of speaking.

There was no way I was going to tell him a long story.

I had no choice but to cut to the chase.

“I have brought Lorenzik back to life.”

“Well, you’re bringing him back to life. Are you really talking about resurrection, sir?”

……Even grandiose packaging has its limits.

But it’s not completely false either.

It was best for me to keep my mouth shut.

Thanks to this, Marcelo was able to stretch out his magic theory.

“You can’t be……! You’ve reversed even death with your Reversal Magic, Looking at you, I realize it again. After all, the position of Tower Master should go to you, not me……!!!”


‘Now it’s a miracle of resurrection through reversal magic?’

I thought as I set down my teacup, wondering if it might be harder to blow my own bubbles out than to search for Lorenzik, who is said to be wandering the vast Arcana continent…….


A small town that had fallen to the demon’s onslaught.

A group of men sit in a roughly dusted tavern. They all look different. They don’t appear to be from the same time period, let alone dressed the same way.

A gravelly voice rings out.

“We may have lived in different times, but aren’t we all in the same boat at the same time, hahahaha! We’re just as clueless as each other, so let’s get along!”

All of them were people who had emerged from the Bad Omen.

Among them, there were those who had no one to rely on.

Someone spoke bitterly.

“If I’d known this would happen, I wouldn’t have run away from that war……. I never thought the punishment for defying fate would be so long.”

“Hey, do you really have to break the mood like that?”

“I’m sorry. I was jealous, I was jealous…….”

Everything is relevant.

It’s a miserable empire for them.

Just like them, they came out of a bad omen.

Even those who were not alone were objects of envy.


In order to control such emotions, sometimes you need someone to vent your anger on.

The men poured out their knowledge of the Arcana continent.

“Isn’t it even more ridiculous that it was the Seric Rose family that united the Arcana continent, back when I was alive, when they weren’t swallowed up by the Bad Omen, Seric Rose was a border noble among the border……!”

“An era of flying dragons, the end times will also be like this…….”\

“Most of all, I am surprised by the news of Akshan. The mighty Akshan has disappeared from the continent in a single day. That can’t be right, can it? Akshan is…….”


The men’s gazes turned towards the corner.

There was a disturbing sound from earlier.

A rustle.

The sound of a sharp tip scratching paper.

“What the fuck, that bastard.”

It was a young man in the corner, scribbling tirelessly. As previously mentioned, the group was in a bad mood. They needed an object to express their anger.

“Hey, what are you writing down?”


No answer came. At face value, he must have just come of age. As the younger one ignored the older one, the older one drew a sharpened knife and approached.

“Judging by the way you’re wandering around alone, I’m guessing you came out of that monster’s belly, too. If you think my words are funny because of where you came from, you’re wrong.”

The world is not a flower garden of dreams and hopes. This is the Arcana continent, where ugliness is a necessity for survival. The middle-aged man glanced at the group behind him.

‘Above all, let’s not look down on these people.’


The knife slammed into the wooden table.

The young man, who had been silent, spoke up.

“We were born on the same day.”


“Surely there’s romance in that expression.”

Having said that, the young man raised his head.


The threatening man was stunned.

“……What is it, these eyes?

The young man’s eyes were too clear.

It was as if his black pupils contained the milky way in the night sky.

They gave everyone goosebumps.

He asked nonchalantly.

“Do you mind if I borrow that expression? What I’m writing now is a novel of the Arcana continent’s unraveling……. No, it’s going to be a history book.”

“……What, what?”

“Do you think I’m bluffing, okay, then I’ll recite a verse for you.”

The middle-aged man exchanges glances with the group.

He is a very dangerous person who doesn’t pay attention to threats and just says what he wants to say. This is what a clear-eyed madman would say about this guy.


The men nodded, and one by one, they began to stand.

The young man continued, undaunted.

He cleared his throat with a cough.

“Ehm! That was the moment when the Arcana Continent was engulfed in an infinite darkness. The Infinitely Deep Darkness took a step towards the Demon World. The King of Corpses howled. O Infinitely Deep Darkness, why do you want to devour even the Demon World?”

……Whatever the infinitely deep darkness are.

The story is overwhelming to hear.

He’s well on his way to writing it down.

That’s why he’s definitely a madman.

It was a moment when the men moved meaningfully.

The young man’s clear eyes sank.

“Well, this is where it gets really interesting……. It’s too bad. There is no room for you to listen seriously at all. Well, it doesn’t matter. Even if you don’t understand, you will definitely pay for the quote.”

At the same time, something flashed in the young man’s hand.


Then, except for the young man.

Everyone was lying on the floor along with their deaths.

Does this mean they paid for the quotation?

Literally holding their breath.


The young man didn’t seem to mind.

As if nothing had happened.

He sat down and picked up his quill once more.

As if the hero of his story could hear him.

“The Infinitely Deep Darkness sits on the throne of the Ten Thrones. No, that’s too boring. Doesn’t it sound romantic, romantic! Let’s see, the Infinitely Deep Darkness has reached the Real Truth……. No, that’s not enough. Wake up, Lorenzik! You need something more majestic, more splendid, more magnificent, more unsurpassable……!!!”

While reciting stunned words…….