◈ Episode 378. A familiar role for me (2)

The bombshell declaration.

By the way, Hoyeol’s way of communicating was not inferior to Raymond’s. The original meaning was often implicit, and it was not uncommon to realize it only after everything had passed.

But this time was different.

Sung Hyunjoon whispered to Yoon Soogyeom.

“Senior, there must be a hidden meaning, right?”

He shook his head in response.

“I don’t know. I have no idea.”

The Demon King of the Ten Seats.

To the point.

A straightforward declaration that left no room for interpretation.

No one reacted more explosively than a senior mage of the Magic Tower.

Bensch William.

“No wonder there was no blood or tears……!!!”

……,does this person truly accept those words?



Vangrit sighed and poked Bensch in the side. Bensch quickly shut up under the stinging stare, but he wasn’t the only one shocked.

As if he had expected such a reaction, Hoyeol spoke up.

“I have returned to the Magic Tower after defeating the Demon King of the 10th Throne, Buer, on the Arcana Continent. In doing so, the Demon World has judged me to have taken the 10th Throne.”


Both the Magic Tower and AAU were stunned.

Park Minjae turned to Hoyeol.

Demon Kings of the Ten Thrones, another expression for the High Ranking Demon Kings…….

“……Did you really defeat Buer, Commander-in-Chief? Only one day in real time. Even if you counted it in Arcana Continent time, it was only a few days, wasn’t it?”

The presence of a High Ranking Demon King was on a different level.

It was the AAU who had gotten that information through the ranks, not anyone else.

The same could be said for the Magic Tower.

The only two men in the Crystal Hall who weren’t agitated were the two of them.

The person in question, Hoyeol, and the senior Black Mage, Matisse Dean Karl.


Matisse gazed at the suitable magic power emanating from Hoyeol. The suitable magic, which could only be witnessed through the use of magic tools, was pulsating in a visible way…….

‘Evidence of blackening.’

Blackening was a backlash from the past.

Considering the amount of suitable magic power Hoyeol possessed, the aftermath of that past backlash would indeed be enough to shroud the Arcana Continent in darkness.

Matisse nodded.

‘Maybe even the High Ranking Demon King won’t be a problem.

Even knowing that, Matisse still couldn’t understand it.

After all, the current Hoyeol looked fine.

It was impossible to think of him as someone who had experienced blackening.

‘Blackening is never easily overcome…….’

Matisse paused as he looked at Hoyeol.

Finally, he recognized the gaze.

His eyes met Hoyeol’s.

For a moment, Matisse asked himself a question.

‘…… Does that look in his eyes belong to Chief Lee I know?’

But the question was meaningless.

Hoyeol was the same as usual.

Oh dear, I’ve unintentionally broken the rules out of fear.

Matisse hurriedly bowed to Hoyeol.

When he looked away, Hoyeol opened his mouth.

“I told you, be alert, but don’t be afraid.”


“A mere demon is not worthy of your admiration, even if it is the true king of demons.”

The true king of demons.

He must be referring to a High Ranking Demon King.

Hoyeol added.

“Besides, we’ve already surrounded them.”

……Wait a minute, even if the progress was fast, it was too fast!

As usual, Hoyeol’s words were hard to follow.

Weren’t the High Ranking Demon Kings being compared to a cornered prey?

It was necessary to understand.

Park Minjae calmly summarized the situation.

“So, what the General Manager of Yusra is saying is……. Thanks to the defeat of the 10th ranked Buer, the general manager has taken over his throne?”

Hoyeol replied as usual.

“It’s a throne that I won’t take even if it is given to me.”

Sung Hyunjoon thought to himself.

A Demon King.

If it were any other player, they’d be laughing even in their dreams.

The fact that he was not obsessed with wealth and fame meant that he still had integrity.

Sung whispered.

“Demon King, isn’t that a cool name?”

“……You’re a little too wild in your emotions, aren’t you?”

“I’m still young! Just a junior high school student, and I’m in the 2nd grade…….”

Luckily for someone.

The small talk didn’t last long.

Park Minjae nodded, but opened his mouth.

“I don’t know if that was the trigger, but the Battle for the Demon King was announced in the regular update, General Manager. If it wasn’t for the fact that the Arcana Continent and reality were besieged by demons ahead of the Battle for the Demon King…….”

That was the reason why Crystal Hall was in anguish.

The High Ranking Demon Kings could manifest without sacrifice, and there was no telling how many challengers there might be for their thrones. The whole fight was going to blow up in their faces.

But Hoyeol said nonchalantly.

“I told you.”

“……What do you mean?”

“That I am the Demon King of the 10th Throne.”

Hoyeol’s gaze shifted from Park Minjae to his left.

“I understand your concerns about the Battle for the Demon King. But I stand at the forefront of that battle, and yes, many challengers will turn to me first.”

Hoyeol added dryly.

“That’s what the 10th throne is for.”


As it turns out, that was true. A challenger would most likely go for the easiest Demon King in the hierarchy, so it made sense that they would immediately surround him in reverse.

Bensch and Vangrit nodded in agreement.

“So you’re saying that as a Demon King, you’re going to wipe out any challengers, is that……? If it’s not a metaphor, if it’s really Chief Lee’s siege, it would be a perfect trap that goes beyond a siege!”

Of course, that wasn’t the end of his meaning.

“I also have the opportunity to point my sword at a higher ranking Demon King. As the Demon King of the 10th Throne, I can take the steps to challenge the Higher Demon King.”


“That’s why I’m willing to take the throne of an inferior race.”

Hoyeol’s eyes glowed coldly.

“Not a single prey can be missed.”


Let’s just say he’s got a bad temper.

He’s so innocent, after all.

I refused the throne of Yusra, a land of gold and silver treasures called Treasure Island. I refused the great city of Frost, in the northern part of the empire, and I refused a title bestowed upon me by the Emperor, and I refused the position of Master of the Tower.

And now you call me the Demon King of the Ten Thrones?

‘King of the Demons, do you think I want that?’

Above all, to Grandfell, demons were prey.

A hunter.

King of the Hunters, that title was more fitting.

‘In that sense, you have endured much, Grandfell.’

But Grandfell would claim the title of King of the 10th Throne in front of others. He did so for a greater cause. A cause that would lead to the destruction of countless prey in the Battle for the Demon King.

“Demon King. It doesn’t sound bad.”

Demon King.

It’s definitely not because of the words that make middle school students crazy.


I set the teacup down.

Sure enough, there was a green tea bag hanging from the cup.

Not my own brewed green tea.

“Would it be rude of me to say that even that looks good on you?”

You’re getting pretty good at utilizing [Anomaly], Marcelo.

‘This is the kind of green tea that can only be delivered by rocket ship.’

Just like I taught you.

You’re making good use of the [Anomaly].

I was in the office of Tower Master Marcelo.

He glanced at the box of tea bags on the table and muttered.

“After all, appreciation is a personal freedom, Marcelo.”

……What kind of art am I, what am I?

Anyway, there was no sense of crisis in this guy’s bluff.

I could tell that Marcelo wanted to talk.

“It puts me at ease to hear you talk.”

He wasn’t always wrong.


I was the Demon King of the 10th Throne.

And the breathing room for demons with the potential to surpass me.

I was in a position to tighten both at the same time.


‘The problem is, I’m also a Demon King.’

A checkmate situation meant a tricky one.

Grandfell, the Demon King, was as nonchalant as ever, but those who realized my plan were bound to send word of their concern.

“Are you sure about this, Sir?”


We sat and sipped our green tea, and Marcelo cautiously inquired. He was a Tower Master now, the head of the Tower. His treatment of me as his superior had not changed.

“This storm is more violent than any of the others. Its intentions are impure. It’s as if the table has been set for the Demon World, not the Arcana Continent or this reality.”

Back to reality.

I checked the regular updates as I headed to the Crystal Hall. I had anticipated the [Battle for the Demon King: Master of the Ten Thrones] quest when it came up, but Raymond Sean had surpassed my expectations.

“You must be referring to the [Behemoth’s Maw].”

“That’s right.”

“Even so, I’ve seen it on this expedition.”

“Are you sure about that?”

According to Marcelo, the Magic Tower had also known of the existence of the [Behemoth’s Maw].

Marcelo narrowed his eyes.

“I heard about it at my office one day. Demon hunters from Akshan had brought a significant warning to the leadership of the Magic Tower about the [Behemoth’s Maw]…….”

A natural enemy’s intuition.

It was our senior members of Akshan who recognized the schemes of the demons and prepared for the holy war early on. The [Behemoth’s Maw], the one that warned the Empire and the Magic Tower of its danger.

“I blame myself for not paying attention.”

Including Marcelo, I don’t think anyone gave it much thought at that time.

Which was understandable, given Akshan’s reputation in those days.

‘Other than the dwarves who directly helped…….’

As far as I know, the only people who could be considered friendly to Akshan are…….

No one in particular came to mind.

I answered Marcelo generously.

“In those days, there were demon worshippers at the leadership of the Magic Tower. Marcelo, even if you had tried to step forward, you would have definitely caused a disruption. There is no need to blame yourself.”

“…… It was like that. I completely forgot about it.”

To put it nicely, co-chief.

To tell the truth, it was a parachute.

Even I, a newcomer to the tower, knew that the Elder Mages acted in contradictory ways. At the time, Marcelo was deeply resentful of the Elders.

I continued.

“It’s never too early to be late, Marcelo.”

“You’re right, and if that’s the case, then…….”

As usual, Marcelo was unflappable. His gaze is full of concern. Marcelo’s eyes sparkled, and he had a solution.

“We’ll need to seal off the [Behemoth’s Maw], because, according to the AAU, their reports are that demonic beings will be pouring out of it with little restraint from now on.”

I laughed to myself.

‘I suppose that’s why Grandfell, who likes to take charge, has passed on the position of Tower Master.’

Marcelo was right.

The best way to prevent a full-blown demonic erosion was to seal off the [Behemoth’s Maw]. Of course, I couldn’t think of a specific way to do that.

I told Marcelo the story of the Lich of the Demon World, Discus, being bitten by the [Behemoth’s Maw]. I couldn’t describe it vividly because I hadn’t seen it before.

Still, Marcelo got the gist of it.

“Wow, it’s even worse when it’s a living thing.”

With the update, the [Behemoth’s Maw] would no longer attack demonic monsters.

What that meant was simple.

It meant that if you pissed it off by trying to contain it, you might end up getting the full weight of its aggression.

Marcelo picks up his teacup in frustration.


He’d forgotten he’d emptied his cup earlier.

No wonder he was frustrated.

We knew demons are going to spill out of the [Behemoth’s Maw].

There was nothing we could do to stop it.

But don’t worry, Marcelo.

I opened my mouth to speak calmly.

“This is an unreasonable battlefield.”

“As much as I hate to admit it, it is.”

“Then why don’t we change the battlefield?”

“……What do you mean, Sir?”

Marcelo frowned.

Of course, I’m not arrogant.

Above all, this was not the answer that I, Lee Hoyeol, gave.

“For a true checkmate.”


“I will enter the Demon World.”