◈ Episode 349. From this side and from that side


Kiko Armin, a senior in Magic Enchantment, ran up the stairs of the magic tower. Magic tools and subspace pouches were not enough. She had more than enough forging tools in her arms.


A voice called out to Kiko.

“Senior Kiko?”

“Excuse me……. I’m sorry, but who is this?”

“Well, who?”

The sound of a deaf person.

Whoever it was, they weren’t making themselves heard. Kiko grunted and turned, trying to twist her head to look at the voice, but it was impossible.


Then her vision widened.

“As an apology for teasing, I’ll take this.”

The baggage that had been blocking the view disappeared by half, and in its place was a head of rich green hair. Kiko’s face flushed with the color of life.

“Senior Bellier!”

Bellier, senior of the Healing School.

Kiko climbed the stairs of the Magic Tower with her. The reason for the hurry up the stairs was simple. Bellier and Kiko, this evening. They had to head to the Arcana Continent right now.

“I was afraid I was going to fall, but you saved me.”

You must have been in a hurry, Senior Kiko.

It showed as she dampened her hair with water and straightened it.

Bellier gently smoothed Kiko’s unruly hair.

Then she spoke.

“I heard the news, it must have been crazy.”

“……Has the rumor spread to the spare room?”

“Yes, without distortion, of course.”

“Phew. Well, adept mages are good at gossiping……!”

By rumors, she was referring to the time the senior had entered Garnet Hall and asked her what her plans for the evening were. Kiko was still dizzy. Minor misunderstandings aside.

“He told me that he was going to use the Dragon Heart to enter the Arcana Continent, but I thought it had nothing to do with me. But now, so suddenly……!”

I never thought I would be stepping on the ground of the Arcana Continent!

Is the Armin family safe? What happened to my laboratory hidden in the family estate? How badly has the Arcana continent been deserted? Where are the tools I left in the Antonium Empire warehouse? …….

Kiko’s head was spinning with confusion.

She shook her head to clear her thoughts.

Then she turned to Bellier.

“Is senior Bellier okay?”

“You mean me?”

“Yes. You seem to be relaxed, unlike me.”


Bellier gave a small laugh.

“I had that in mind.”

From the moment Eunaxus had fallen, Bellier had known it wouldn’t be long before she set foot on the Arcana continent. Kiko’s eyes sparkled at Bellier’s meaningful answer.

“Senior Bellier……! Do you think you could give me a hint? I’ve already had one unnecessary misunderstanding in Garnet Hall, and I’d like to prepare myself this time.”


The end of the conversation.

The two of them reached the top floor of the tower.

Bellier smiled brightly.

“As much as I’d like to, I think it would be better to hear it from Chief Lee himself, since it seems to be the last time he’s gathered us all together.”


Kiko poked her head out at Bellier’s words.

Indeed, the chosen ones were gathered on the top floor of the tower.

Harkon sitting in a chair with wheels – a wheelchair

Four adventurers supporting him.

Matisse, senior Vangrit.

Yugweed, the elder mage.

And finally.

“Is this all present?”

Including Chief Lee.


I’m sorry, I was too busy rummaging around for my magic tools……!

Kiko, realizing her mistake, hurried over to the assembled group.

Bellier followed suit.

It was only when he saw them that Hoyeol spoke.

“My reason for summoning you is simple.”

The tension was tense.

Nam Taemin swallowed dryly.

At first, he thought Hoyeol was just trying to keep his word.

However, there was a difference in the number of people in the squad.

The total number of people in the current selection team was only 10, half of the twenty.

‘Maybe it’s not the time to be happy about being selected.’

Hoyeol made that judgment.

There must be a reason.

Indeed, from the perspective of pride, only half of them will go.

Nam Taemin’s prediction was accurate.

“Because the seizure of evil fruits begins now.”

Speaking of evil fruit seizures…….

Eunaxus swallowing the evil fruit.

Are you saying that the appearance of Eunaxus is just the beginning?


A look of horror crosses the faces of those who realize the implications.

Of the advance party.

Bellier is the only one who remains calm.

‘I knew it.’

No, Bellier is quietly firing up her will.

At this moment, she felt a great responsibility.

Purification from evil.

It was the first thing Chief Lee had ever asked her to do.

But as you can see, she could not do it.

And what was the result?

Magic Tower lost its master, and Harkon lost his leg.

‘If only I wasn’t lacking.’

Starting with the Shadow Mercenaries.

It took time away from healing the wounded, great and small.

I didn’t want to make excuses.

‘I apologize, Chief Lee.’

Compared to Chief Lee’s hard work, it’s her job.

It was just a job that needed to be done.

So Bellier clenched her fists tightly.

“Also, I’m afraid your experience with Eunaxus won’t help you much. Eunaxus was desperately trying to suppress a seizure of evil.”


“With a great sense of duty upon his shoulders.”

The five who faced Eunaxus.

‘That’s what he was desperately suppressing…….’

Harkon, Nam Taemin, Hisagi, Leonie, and Skal felt the gap between them in a new way. But their hearts were not easily broken. They had a mission, too.

“We cannot expect other dragons to have the same pride as Eunaxus. This means that as of this moment, neither the Arcana continent nor the reality of the Zero Mountains is safe from the dragons. After all, they are free to travel between dimensions.”


The advance party suddenly realized.

Why the advance party was only half full.

No one could say for sure when or on which world an evil dragon would emerge.

To prevent the power from being distributed in favor of any one world.

Harkon nodded.

‘It is a sound judgment for a wonder to make.’

But one question still lingered.

‘ ……, but why me?’

He had lost both his legs and could only move with the support of others. Of course, there was equipment that could compensate for physical deficiencies both on the Arcana continent and in the world of adventurers.

‘Wear it and get used to it.’

It was a sentence, that he would never be able to fight like before.

But Harkon did not ask.

It was because of his faith in Hoyeol.

‘Still, it all means something to you.’

If there is a use for me.

Harkon vowed to follow willingly.

His faith was immediately answered.


A portal appeared on the top floor of the tower.

Beyond the darkness was the Arcana continent.

The advance party took a nervous step toward the portal.

Only after stepping through did a thought occur to them.

So where are we going?

They had vaguely recognized the Arcana continent, but the continent was vast, even vastly so. Finding themselves in Antonium, the capital of an empire beginning to rebuild.

In their own way.

Each had their own thoughts.

A sight that none of them could have imagined unfolded before their eyes.


The advance party, what they saw.

The vast expanse of the Arcana continent.

It looked like a view from high in the sky.

“We’re not free-falling from the sky, are we?”

Including Vangrit.

Some of the others looked around in disbelief.

It was starting to get to their ears.




The sound of machinery engaging.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sound of metal clashing.

And so it was.

Greeting the advance party was the flying castle, the Iron Castle.

Harkon spat out a hollow laugh.

“I only heard about this from the commander-in-chief…….”

Harkon had gotten news of the Empire through personal communications. He immediately recognized the location as the interior of the Dwarven Iron Castle, a ship that had been docked in Antonium and had provided some assistance to the Empire.

But it was too soon to be alarmed.

“I’ve been expecting you, Dark Dragon.”

The dwarves greet Hoyeol politely.

One of them, an older dwarf, approached Harkon, his face serious as he looked at the lower half of Harkon’s body.

“Tell me what you want.”

“……What do you mean by that?”

“It means that you can tell me, Wallswale, the best blacksmith in the Dwarves, what you want. I will fulfill your every wish if I can.”


Harkon suddenly recognized the word.


Among those with legendary dexterity.

The best of the best, Wallswale, offering to build him a new leg. There could be no other reason for the blunt-tongued dwarf to bestow such a great favor on a stranger.

‘Are you sure you want me to be the chosen one…… for this?’

He asked.

Harkon turned his head to look at Hoyeol.

He was no different than usual.

It was only natural.

Like he wouldn’t accept a thank you.

“According to the information we have gathered so far…….”

The dwarves were simply relaying news.

‘…… It’s nothing else, and I shouldn’t interrupt the proceedings.’

With that, Harkon bowed his head toward the back of the line.

Still, his emotions would not subside.

He had no choice but to vent his overwhelming emotions.

The venom in his eyes was gone, and his gaze burned once more.

“I want a leg that won’t break.”

“Easy. If the minerals we use…….”

“But I also want legs that are light.”

“Well, that’s not a difficult order either.”

“Finally, I want a leg that transcends human limitations.”


“Because only then will I be able to follow in his footsteps.”

To follow in his footsteps

Wallswale looked at Hoyeol and shook his head.

That’s not going to be easy, no matter what.

“I completely understand how you feel, but human limitations…….”

His voice trailed off.

“You know, I thought there might be something I could do to help.”

Kiko, a senior in Enchantment, stepped between them.

Wallswale’s gaze snapped to Kiko.

A mage?

This is an ugly group of people.

He thought to himself.

His gaze shifted to the smithing tools Kiko was setting down.

“……Wait, aren’t these smelting tools? How can you, a mage, be carrying these around? You’re not supposed to be hammering away in a place called a magic tower, are you?”

“Oh, I feel bad when you say that.”

“What? Then do you know anything about magic stones?”

Magic stones.

The dwarves were already using magic stones in various ways, including on the Iron Castle.

However, it was not clear that they were utilizing it to its full effect. Dwarves weren’t very good at manipulating magic.

Kiko said proudly.

“Magic stone is so rare on the continent that I’ve only ever touched it when it’s inlaid into magic tools, but I’m pretty good with it. It’s an enchanted stone, right? I’m a senior in the Magic Tower, I should be able to handle it.”

“Oho. Look at you. Your dream may be coming true.”


Harkon’s undeserved wish might come true. It was no wonder that the disciples, who were more concerned about Harkon’s condition than anyone else, jumped up and down.

But why?


Nam, Taemin, Hisagi, and Leonie.

And Skal, at this moment, was speechless.

A view that can be witnessed only because you are a player and not an Arcanians.

It was because of the message that had appeared in their minds the moment they entered the Arcana continent.

[It was a single man who saved the Arcana Continent from falling into despair. The man breathed new hope into the Arcana Continent].

“The man” who saved the Arcana Continent.

[From now on, the Arcana Continent will sing the legend. The cold winds blowing across the Arcana continent have ceased, and the frozen ground is thawing and trembling with life. : Increase experience gained by 50%].

A buff that came to mind thanks to the man.

Because the effect didn’t make sense.

From the days when Arcana was just a game, until recently.

“What is this?”

It was a skal that never missed a beat. The three of them were as close to the top as he was, if not closer, so it was more than shock, it was disbelief.

“……My, am I looking at this right?”

Even the 50 percent experience boost was just the beginning.

[The spirits of the universe rejoice in the reversed entropy; their mischief has greatly warped the causality of the Arcana Continent, and no one would blame them. : Item drop rate increased by 50 percent].

[The pure-blooded mage race, the Descendants of the Twilight, scatter violet mana across the Arcana Continent. The concentration of magic on the Arcana Continent increases. The dawn of the Archmage Age has begun. : Magic manifestation is increased by 30%].

[The mysteriously absent Master Weapon has returned. Every weapon on the Arcana continent worships him and looks forward to surpassing him. : Increase the mastery gain of all weapons by 30 percent.]…….

The list goes on and on.

Literally crazy buffs.

And the cherry on top.

A single line of text that turns speculation into certainty.

[All of this was courtesy of Dark Dragon].

“……What have you been up to on the Arcana continent?”

I dare to imagine.

Sending goosebumps all over my body…….

Uh, no.

“It’s not a feat. You’ve been writing a new legend.”

That was enough to send shivers down my spine.


The top floor of the Magic Tower.

Marcelo shrugged.

“Still, it’s a shame, sir.”

Marcelo knew better than anyone what Hoyeol meant.

He should be.

Why did they only select half of the advance party?

It was Marcelo who had gotten the message.

His words still ring in his ears.

-“I can trust you with my world.”

As it turns out, he was right.

The voice brought Marcelo back to the place where he had faced Eunaxus.

He was able to put aside any concerns he might have had at the sight of the long-haired man.

“More than that, considering the time difference…….”

You’ll be back in the real world by tomorrow afternoon at the latest.

But as he said, we must remain vigilant.

From now on.

There was no telling when or where they might show up.


Marcelo looked up at the deserted top floor.

It was so quiet. Not a hair in the air. Not even a lazy murmur of voices. The master was no longer there, though he tried not to let it show.

It wasn’t easy.

“You must have made a fuss.”

He could have spent all day complaining about why they wouldn’t take him back to the continent, but Marcelo’s reminiscences were cut short.

A fake smile.

“Oh, hi, Chief Marcelo!”

Jesse Heinness.

She had come to the top floor.

Marcelo nodded lightly.

“Miss Jesse. If you’re here looking for Chief Lee…….”

“No! Not that, I have something I need to tell you Chief!”

“You have something you need to tell me?”

I wondered if this was Ms. Mary.

It wasn’t.

Jesse adjusted her cone hat and spoke.

“Yes, about the Tower Master’s will!”





Magic Tower.

The lobby was full of players.

Among the crowd was explorer and NetTuber Park Hwigang.

Park whispered into the chat.

“I don’t know when the Arcana continent will be added to the destination list of the Magic Tower portal, but don’t you think I should be a few steps ahead of everyone else? I’ll have to camp for that.”

-By the way, is there a signal on the Arcana continent?

-lol Looks like the broadcast will be canceled ㅅㄱ

-Isn’t it true that our Hwigang is just struggling and can’t collect money?

Park threw up his hands.

“I don’t care if I can’t collect money or broadcast, I just want to step on the Arcana continent, why, back in the days when Arcana was a game……!”

That’s how it started for me.

But Park’s reminiscing didn’t last long.

Players gathered at the Magic Tower.


Suddenly, a message popped up in front of everyone’s eyes.

First of all, it wasn’t a message about a portal opening.

It was a random quest message.

But the name of the quest was bizarre.

The content was even worse.

Park read the quest window.

His eyes widened and he stuttered.

“Everyone, super-breaking news……!! Ho, Hoyeol……!!”




[Quest: Election of the Next Master of Magic Tower].