Chapter 335 – Write Greatly (2)

◈ Episode 335. Write Greatly (2)

Cause is always important.

I’m the kind of person who adds a lot of rhetoric to a cup of loose-leaf green tea, but when it comes to hunting? I have to be strict with my rationale.

‘I’ve got my priorities straight.’


As a result, I, Lee Hoyeol, have succeeded in monopolizing the potion and keeping the Heavenly Unity at bay. Of course, such a struggle would be unnecessary for Grandfell.

But let’s never forget, Hoyeol.

Even if everyone in the world is assimilated.

I, too, must not be swayed by Grandfell’s turbulence……!

‘It’s not as easy as you think.’

First of all, the Heavenly Unity is no ordinary guild.

It is the only one not affiliated with the AAU International Convention.

It’s safe to say that they’re single-mindedly aligned with their homeland.

One need only look at their activities in the Zero Mountains for proof.

‘It’s like the guilds are running the army.’

The bottom line is that the conflict between me and Heavenly Unity could turn into a Korean vs. Chinese, nation vs. nation conflict. Besides, what kind of confrontation between me and Liu Zunqun would be moderate?

‘That means Grandfell was convinced that he was his prey.’

The implication was that, depending on the situation, we might have to put our lives on the line. Considering that level……. there was a good chance it could turn into a war between Korea and China.

So I, Lee Hoyeol, got to thinking.

The Heavenly Unity buys potions in large quantities.

A rumor well known among players.

I wanted to stop them and kill them.

They planned to sweep up the potions first.

They won’t last long.

‘What goes around, comes around.’

Former Heavenly Unity Guild member.

According to Long Shenglac, Liu Zunqun didn’t care about class, he just wanted all the high-level players who could give him a lot of experience.

The ratio of dealer, tank, and healer classes is already out of balance. With no healers to make up for the lack of potions, it’s no wonder that the aftermath is immediately apparent.

The Golden Round Table in the Yusra Kingdom.

The Holy War Alliance meeting begins, and the situation in the Zero Mountains is brought up.

The Great Alliance’s analyst, Nam Cheolmin, briefs them on the situation.

“As you can see, the first thing that stands out is the weakness of the Heavenly Unity. If we had succeeded in attacking the cave crack, we would have sent out press releases like we always did……. The press is quiet.”

Of course they would.

‘As someone says, there is a procedure for everything.’

I know what happens when you force water on a poisonous brew. It’s not like I wasn’t diligently trying to repair the broken poison, right?

Nam Taemin scratched his head at Nam Cheolmin’s words.

“That’s strange. With the recent momentum, there’s no way it could fail…….”

Honestly, I was speechless.

‘In a way, it’s a successful strategy.’

I’m going to give the Heavenly Unity a good beating!

I had hit the nail on the head from the first step.

The pride of Grandfell is no ordinary pride.

I can’t even pat myself on the back because you refuse to consider the luxury of strategizing against your prey. I’ll have to come up with a good reason to make up for it.

I didn’t speak until after the briefing was over.

“It’s about time.”


Gazes focused.

The tension in the room.

I continued.

“The time has come to step onto the Arcana continent.”


Reality and the Arcana Continent.

Full-scale travel is no longer a dream.

‘This entry has made it clear.’

I had added twilight magic to the portal manifestation process. Thanks to that, I’ve confirmed that traveling through the portal with Freyja doesn’t put much of a strain on my magic.

‘If we can incorporate the subtle senses that Grandfell’s talent has given me into the magic tower portal……. I should be able to transport about twenty people to and from the continent at once.’

After all, my magic manifestation had risen from before.

As they say many times, a celestial child.

How could I meekly admit my shortcomings?

I continued shamelessly.

“It is thanks to you that you qualified yourself.”

“……Is it true, Sir Hoyeol!”

“At last……!”

“I’m glad to have lived up to your expectations, Commander-in-Chief.”

I swallowed a sigh as I looked at them, seemingly overcome with emotion.

Feel your guilty conscience, Grandfell……!

I realize that I may have unintentionally engaged in a bit of positive self-promotion, but……. In times like these, all I could do was pull my burden tighter.

“Nevertheless, the Arcana Continent will not be kind. Everything is different from the past, and it’s no exaggeration to say that everything, including the time line, has been mixed up.”

The connection between the Demon World and the Arcana Continent had caused tectonic shifts on the continent, and as if that weren’t enough, it had also spit out beings from the past that had been erased from the Bad Omen.

The growth of the Holy War Alliance doesn’t change the fact that it’s dangerous. It means we need to be prepared. And that’s what I bought the potion for.

“But there is nothing for you to worry about.”


“All preparations are being made according to my procedures.”

“You are correct.”

It was the King of the Yusra Kingdom who spoke to me.

It was Hakuna.

He rose from his seat and spoke.

“An enormous amount of potions and magical tools for the Holy War Alliance are steadily accumulating in the supply depots. So much so that we could start a continent-wide war right now.”

Even if it is a potion, it is absolutely not impure.

‘That doesn’t mean you can’t pour a potion into a teacup and drink it in the middle of a battle…….’

In fact, I can’t even carry around a bunch of potions in my inventory that I don’t even use because of formalities. So I turned to Hakuna. I asked to borrow some of the Golden Palace’s vast warehouses.

He gave me a parchment with an organized list.

As he reads it, Nam Cheolmin pushes up his glasses.

Then, with a puzzled expression, he mumbles.

“Oh, no. How can you already have this amount of ……?”

“Brother, don’t be surprised by yourself, explain it to us.”

“These items are beyond the reach of our great alliance resources! You’d have to be a Shining to be able to compare……. No, I don’t think so either!”

Of course not.

‘I gave them all away for free.’

Me, Lee Hoyeol.

I was determined to live up to the old saying of earning like a dog and spending like a politician.

But it was always more than I imagined.

The spending power of a great family was several orders of magnitude higher than that of a nobleman!

Is there a difference between an innocent and a thug?

An elixir worth billions.

When it comes to instant purchase, it really is…….

‘I thought my liver was going to fall off.’

But thanks to the great money-making.

The Heavenly Unity was not noticed and ended up just sucking the fingers without even trying to do anything else. Maybe it feels like you’ve been hit in the face with a bundle of money?

I looked to my left, where the excitement was obvious.

Everyone, including Harkon, must be thrilled.

But what can I do about this?


“But there is a proper procedure for everything.”

I’ll have to light a candle.

“As of this hour, I will select the first vanguard to set foot on the Arcana continent. The number of members of the vanguard will be twenty, to be exact, for the purpose of paving the way for the Arcana Continent. Of course, the criteria will be based solely on my own judgment.”


As I said before, even if we utilize the portal of the Magic Tower.

I can only handle twenty people at this point.

I could have been honest and said it was my lack of ability.

What a lame excuse for a vanguard.

The only thing that stirred me up was the tender left-handedness.

Hisagi’s eyes narrowed.

“Then……. From now on, everyone will be each other’s competitor.”

The glares became even more fiery with those words.

In those eyes.

I felt guilty again.

Just a guilty human being, a substitute sinner…….


The Oak Auction.

It is no exaggeration to say that the orcs’ underground is spread across the entire Arcana continent. Kichi strolled through the tidy underground city, accidentally touching some of the decorations once in a while.


Each time, a sarcastic laugh escaped her lips.

“I envy you.”


“My lair reeks of rotting corpses.”


“Is this the kind of world where the bastards in the middle get to eat better and live better? I’ve never been so full. How do you manage to keep a stack of magic stone implements like this?”

The orc leading the way narrowed his eyes.

‘Mr. Ulrich, you must never look at it…….’

On the Arcana continent, magic stones are highly prized. Not only were they valuable as materials in their own right, but they were also used as fuel for certain high-performance tools.


The magic tools wobbled precariously under Kichi’s rough hands. Considering Ulrich’s prickly personality, she had to be stopped immediately.

No matter who the opponent is, they will accuse you of failing to do your job properly.


“It is, isn’t it?”


The problem was, it was Kichi, the head of the Shadow Mercenaries.

In the Underworld, of course.

A criminal organization so vicious that not many could stand up to them.

‘……I’d rather be punished than killed.’

Kichi’s stern demeanor made the orc cringe and quicken his pace. After passing through several magic stone portals, he came to the office of Ulrich, the president of the Oak Auction.


Open the door to the office.

A pair of tinted glasses.

An old-fashioned fountain pen.

Ulrich is scribbling something down and looks up.

Like a good businessman, he comes straight to the point.

“What’s all the fuss about, Kichi?”

Kichi laughs.

“This snake-blooded orc pretends not to know?”

The orc ducks his head, weary of the two of them.

“Well, then, let us speak at your leisure.”

Only after they were out of earshot did Kichi speak.

“Give me your hair.”

“Hair? Why do you come to me looking for your cut hair?”

“What? Is there a joke?

“Wasn’t it funny? Anyway, you look good with short hair.”

“Cut the crap and get it.”

Jokes thrown to lighten the mood.

But Kichi response was enough to harden Ulrich’s expression.

Ulrich replies in a lowered voice.

“The great leader of the Shadow Mercenaries has come to the Oak Auction……. Not to sell, but to rescue. I guessed that from the sound of it. If you’re here to rescue something, it must mean that it’s one of a kind, and it can’t be stolen from someone else.”

Ulrich’s eyes widen.

“So you’ve come for Claudi’s hair, which no longer exists in the world, and you’re willing to break the rules of the Oak Auction, Kichi, do you think the hair you sold for so long might be worth more?”


Kichi let out a short sigh.

Where do I even begin to explain this?

Start with the fact that I wouldn’t have made the move if it was just for the money?

Or that she’d traveled across the continent for days just to find a hair?

Or, if not that, why isn’t there a Claudi in this world, and how about correcting the green pig’s words

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can tell you.”

Kichi scratched her head.

She was trying to do something that wasn’t in the plan.

It was clear that her brain was rejecting her.

So she reached for her waistband.

“I’m sorry, it was a long time ago that I don’t know about, but I’m sure it was a successful deal for you, and if I break it, the Shadow Mercenaries won’t be able to do business with the Oak Auction in the future.”

Ullrich nodded.

“I see, Kichi. Even if the Arcana Continent falls, that’s only in the West, and you know that we in the Underworld will survive somehow, don’t you?”

He spoke in a low voice to Kichi.

“I have no intention of adding to my enemies, Kichi. I’ve got enough trouble as it is with that little Garmond Peel of the Diamond Top, who’s been reaching out to the Underworld lately.”


But Kichi drew back.

“Well, I’m not in the Shadow Mercenaries anymore.”

“……What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means I’ve thrown out the leader and the mercenaries.”

“……Hit me? A shadow mercenary group, the leader position?!”

Ulrich calculated quickly.


What Ulrich was concerned about was severing ties with the Shadow Mercenaries.

There was no other organization in the Underworld that could match the Shadow Mercenaries, and their relationship was an asset to the Oak Auction that could not be exchanged for anything else.

However, Kichi is no longer a member of the Shadow Mercenaries…….

He finished his calculations.

“Then killing you won’t hurt the Oak Auction.”

“Yes. Even if I kill you, the Shadow Mercenaries can continue to do business with the Oak Auction.”

“I see you’ve been thinking about this. The burden of the leader.”

Ulrich looked at the papers he was filling out.

“It’s a shame, I was hoping to get this done.”

“You want me to wait?”

“Never mind. It won’t be a matter of a day or two. It’s not easy for us to deal with the Colossus of the West, the Diamond Top.”

He put down his fountain pen.

“Well, whatever.”

Even if it meant his own death at Kichi’s hands.

The Oak Auction would continue to roll on.

Just as it always had.

All thanks to strictly established rules and procedures.

So now.

“Do you truly think you’ll find it, Kichi?”

“I will find it, even if it means killing a few people in the way.”

“Really? Then I’ll stop you, even if it means dying dozens of times.”

For establishing such discipline and procedure.

Loyalty to ‘Him’.

It was time to prove it, even if only in hindsight.

Ulrich stripped off his robes.

Thick neck.

Rough skin.

Strong bones.

Orcs’ bodies were fit for a fighting race.

Ulrich reached into his drawer for his weapon, but then he had a question.

“Can I ask you a question, by the way, Kichi?”

“By all means.”

“For what reason are you looking for hair all of a sudden? Your sigh proves it’s not just for money.”

“That’s a pesky question.”

“You say you grant the wishes of the dead, but can’t you at least answer the questions of someone who’s about to die? We have a relationship, and it would be a shame if I died without ever being told why.”

Kichi closed her mouth and thought.

…… How do I explain this complicated sentiment?

After a long pause, Kichi finally answered.

“……. Pride. I don’t know what it is, but is it because of that?”

At that, Ulrich’s eyes changed.

“……Are you sure you didn’t just say pride?”

“Why? What? Am I not allowed to say it?”

“No, it’s not like that…….”

Ulrich’s hand wandered for a moment.

How could…….

Does she mean to say the same thing as ‘he’?

As Ulrich said.

‘……Why are you looking for a hair?’

Ulrich was quick to calculate.

“Perhaps we have no reason to fight, Kichi.”

“What the hell are you doing all of a sudden?”

“I bought the hair…….”


Not a weapon on the desk, but a jewelry box.

Ulrich opens the jewelry box and a silver hair spills out.

“No, the reason I kept it was because of pride.”