Chapter 334 – Write Greatly (1)

◈ Episode 334. Write Greatly (1)

Muon, the holy land of the Goddess Church.

Talim Eber, leader of the Paladins, wiped away the sweat from his training. His senses were not bad. Not nearly as bad as when he’d fallen into the world of adventurers.

Talim gave a small laugh.

“Is it natural that I stayed?”

The Goddess Church had stood still.

It was still a shame.

To think of the Goddess Church trapped in Muon, taunted by demons. I’m sure the paladins and priests are just as eager to make amends as I am.

“Let’s see, tomorrow we enter the Rift.”

The Goddess Church is part of the Crusade Alliance.

They knew better than anyone that training alone was no match for a demon that could hold and shake a man. Talim had traveled through countless rifts to gain practical experience.

A system that belongs only to the player.

“Though the words are still foreign to me.”

As an Arcane, Talim had no systems or levels.

But his changing body and the reactions of players in the Holy War Alliance told the story.

-“Now that level 500 rift is easy!”

Hard work doesn’t betray you.

But Talim was not pleased in the least.

He just shook his fist.

The more familiar he became with the world of adventurers, the more he realized.

“I’m afraid we’re still a long way off.”

The gap with Hoyeol.

Word spreads faster in the Adventurer’s World than on the Arcana Continent.

This is due in large part to the strange devices that can’t be matched by most magical tools. More than half of those rumors were about the Hoyeol.

-Clearing 700-800 level 700 cave rifts simultaneously!

-Lee Hoyeol quells the catastrophe in the Zero Mountains.

-[BREAKING] Defeating the Great Evil Seven Deadly Sins of Envy…….

As a current Tallim.

These are legendary feats that no one else can match.


“I will faithfully follow in your footsteps.”

Rather than being discouraged, Talim was motivated.

It’s your faith, your pride, that matters.

More important than the direction it takes.

is that it never breaks.

The day the Muon fell here.

It was thanks to Hoyeol’s enlightenment.

Talim muttered.

“Still, sometimes I wonder if we should be doing this.”

I was intrigued. I knew we had a long way to go, but I didn’t feel impatient. It was a moment when Talim was reminded of Hoyeol’s presence.


A portal opened in front of him.


Muon was the holy land of the Goddess Church.

The main gate was open and visitors could enter through it, but only those who could open the portal could enter the heart of Muon.

Talim’s face lit up.

‘It is you, commander.’

But the cheerfulness didn’t last long.


Behind him, a figure emerged from the portal’s swarm of light.

A silhouette that didn’t look familiar.

Talim’s eyes narrowed.

A veil draped over her face.

And the octagonal symbol embroidered on the nun’s robes…….

Unmistakably the symbol of the Goddess Church.

For a moment, a million things crossed his mind.

It was unlikely, but I wondered if the priest of the Goddess Church had disrespected the commander-in-chief. Even if it wasn’t disrespect, something had happened. There’s no way a priest of the Goddess Church would be out there in the first place……?

Of course, Talim’s predictions were all wrong.

“What, what did you just say, Sister?”

Talim asked the priestess.

“The tribe of the Second Coming of the Goddess……?”

With a bewildered expression.

“There are no more tribes in the Goddess Church, are there? How can you be talking about something that is at least a hundred years old now……?”



I put down my teacup.

“Indeed, age cannot keep up.”

” ……Did you speak to me, sir?”

“No, I was not speaking to you.”

If you ask me what I’m talking about, I’ll answer with the teacup I just set down. The Goddess Church, and especially Talim, have not learned my lesson.

-“Saint’s Tears nor is the water as special as its name suggests. Its ability to resist aging is merely one of the effects of the Aryan Moss, an elixir that grows at the base of the spring. It is so unremarkable in appearance that it has never been properly studied. No wonder it is unrecognized.”

The Aryan Moss that grew in the Muon Spring was being utilized properly!

Anyway, it’s a common human psychology to desperately run after something that is said to be good for you. But what if there was a spring that restored youthfulness?

‘There is a good example near you…….’

I was the one who used to enclose Aryan moss in my letters every morning to prevent Mrs. Choi Kanghee from aging, and because of me, Mr. Lee’s chat room caught fire.

-Lee Hoyeol, what did you get your mom???

-I heard my mom and sister yelling at me today 🙂 …….

-My sister was shocked hahahaha.



-If you have something good, shouldn’t you take care of these sisters too? ㅡㅡ

-My mom’s skin is so smooth!

The promise of pure knowledge.

Knowledge of plants and minerals that have effects.

The rejuvenating effects of Aryan moss are only effective at certain temperatures.

Unless you’re a natural mage like me, it’s difficult to maintain that temperature. That’s why it’s not as widely known as it should be.

‘The more I look at it, the more I wonder if there is a God?’

It was an amazing coincidence that the Demun Moonstone happened to be on Muon. Its heat-absorbing properties perfectly matched the specific temperature of the tricky Aryan moss.

‘Any idea is fine, Talim.’

It is.

I’m holding a teacup made of Demun Moonstone.

And in it is brewed Aryan moss tea.

Look at this.

The Goddess Church was one of the Arcana powers most adapted to reality.

And I sipped at that Aryan moss tea again.

‘How did my mom drink this bitter stuff?’

I asked, marveling at her age.

‘By the way.’

I, the third party, was tasting the tea.

Talim and Saint Freyja.

The conversation between them was serious.

‘No wonder.’

Freyja identity was a saint from the past who emerged from a bad omen. I was able to dissuade Freyja, who was trying to judge me. As expected, I have benefited from struggling without resting.

And my friendship with the Goddess Church.

Being the last survivor of Akshan to defeat the Bad Omen.

If only one of those conditions hadn’t been fulfilled.

‘Things could have been quite complicated.’

Think about it.

To put it bluntly, I was in the middle of Antonium.

What kind of rumors would I have gotten if I’d been arguing with a priest of the Goddess Church?

I’m sure there would have been a lot of misunderstanding.

However, thanks to fully achieving the prerequisites.

Freyja did not fully believe me.

She followed me to visit the real Muon.

Muon, the holy place of the Goddess Church.

She thought it might answer her questions.

But Talim didn’t seem to be in the right frame of mind.

A flash.

Talim, who had been poring over the Bible, spoke up.

“So, there were saints in the Second Coming tribe in the past.”

I’m not sure that counts as genealogy.

In any case, Freyja was at least a hundred years old.

No wonder Talim was surprised by her existence.

At the same time, it seemed uncomfortable.

Talim muttered to himself.

“I didn’t know that even the demons knew…….”

Nephrite, the demon of origin.

An accurate impersonator of Freyja.

It was definitely aware of her existence.

I’m not surprised. It occurred to me that the demonic influence had been on the continent for a long time. So I thought back to Nephrite’s screams during the exorcism ritual…….

-“Great evil. My master, Sloth! Save me!

……Surely, that’s what he said?

If Nephrite is a minion of the Seven Deadly Sins, it makes sense. Unlike the demons of the Demon World, the Seven Deadly Sins were demons born on the Arcana continent.

Of course, there’s no way this guy’s pride would be admired by demon.

I interrupted the conversation at that point.

“The subject of judgment still hasn’t changed.”


When Freyja fell silent, Talim asked.

“What do you mean by judgment, Commander?”

I, Lee Hoyeol.

I cannot and will not bear injustice.

Besides, it was a one-sided misunderstanding, wasn’t it?

‘That’s a bit of a wordplay…….’

Sure, I caused a continent-wide inconvenience with my sudden ‘blackening’, but shouldn’t I be judged simply for that?

‘Part of me wants to snitch on Talim.’

I don’t think it’s polite to be snarky.

Anyway, you’re being picky.

I stared at Freyja wordlessly.

But that was apparently enough for Talim.

“Sister, will you tell me the whole story?”

I guess there’s something to be said for being of the same religion. Freyja, who had barely spoken to me, spoke kindly to Talim.

“I feel that infinitely deep darkness……. would eventually engulf the Arcana continent in ‘immeasurable sorrow,’ and it was not right to allow such darkness to remain unchecked, according to the doctrines of the Goddess Church.”

“……Infinitely deep darkness.”

Darkness on the Arcana continent due to blackening.

It must have been unbelievable to see with your own eyes.

You’re probably wondering what in the world I’m talking about.

But no.

In response to Talim’s next words.

I almost gulped down the Aryan moss tea I’d swallowed……!

“The Commander-in-Chief is ‘a ray of light in the infinitely deep darkness.’ Sister Freyja, why do you speak as if you never witnessed that light?”

No, Talim, that’s not it……!!!

More than that, why are you suddenly mentioning tinnitus?!

Freyja, why are you there again?

“……If only it were a ray of light.”


To be precise.

You’re staring at my jacket!

The sin I have committed is so great that I cannot let my guard down even for a moment.

But you don’t think it’s enough because I don’t show it.

Talim blurted out.

“For the Goddess Church, the Supreme Commander was literally a ray of light. It wasn’t enough that he saved Muon from the devil who impersonated Sister Freyja……!”

……This is going to be a long story.

‘I can’t bear to hear it anymore.’

It’s the gilding on my face that’s as unacceptable as Grandfell’s full name. I got up from my seat at that point. I must have snapped back to reality, because it was time to deal with the next part of my schedule.

How do we get quests in and out?

[World Quest: Saint of the Second Coming].

Darkness engulfed the Arcana continent.

A saint will follow the teachings of the Goddess.

In the future, the Arcana Continent will fall into immeasurable sorrow.

To judge the infinitely deep darkness.

─Survive the judgment of Saint, Freyja. (Hold)

Perhaps you are not yet fully persuaded by Talim’s words.

Progress is on hold, but that’s okay.

We talked about this in Antonium, didn’t we?

The Goddess seems to like me better than that saint.

‘Besides, I told you that directly with my own mouth.’

Suddenly, a snout comes to mind.

-“Revelation? No, just your own narrow-minded beliefs.”

Now that I think about it…….

In any case, I have confirmed that the saint’s ability to pronounce judgment in the name of the Goddess is harmless to me. I manifested the portal without concern.

What’s next?

If you ask me, why the rush?

You can tell by the way my lips haven’t moved from earlier.

The iron rule of a Demon Hunter.

Don’t talk to your prey.

Just wait, Liu Zunqun.




Talim held his head.

” ……You’ve made a big mistake, sister.”

Freyja did not understand.

“How is it a mistake? I was only trying to practice my doctrine. Before that, I could not believe the form of the Goddess Church. How could the Goddess Church, which is supposed to serve only the Goddess, be……. participating in this nonsense called a Holy War?”

Talim held his tongue.

‘No wonder they don’t understand each other.’

There’s a difference of at least a few hundred years.

Even if they were the same Goddess Church.

Different eras have different teachings. Such views cannot be narrowed down in the short term; only this morning, Talim was arguing with a priest over the use of a holy relic.

‘But there are timeless truths.’

Talim said meaningfully.

“Very well, I will not persuade you any further, Sister Freyja; you will see for yourself and judge for yourself, why the Supreme Commander is called a ray of light in an infinitely deep darkness, but you must bear this one thing in mind.”

“What do you mean, bear in mind?”

“How do you think Muon has survived this long?”

“With the care of the Goddess, of course…….”

“If this were the Arcana continent, I would clasp my hands together at your gracious words, sister, but this is a completely different world, the home of adventurers.”


“In this strange land, how do you think Muon’s tens of thousands of priests and paladins have been able to lead the same lives as before without starving?”

Freyja could guess the answer.

A timeless truth.

The Church cannot be self-sufficient.

The Church must have donations.

Talim nodded.

“Yes, indeed, Commander-in-Chief.”


“If we convert the support you received from the Commander-in-Chief into gold coins…….”


The feathered pen scribbles down a number.

Freyja’s complexion changed drastically at the numbers.

……I see now why you didn’t respond earlier.


That’s not enough to carry out one’s faith.

So many.

The donation was at an astronomical level.


It’s no wonder the world is interested in celebrity wealth.

A player who is said to be stealing money in vulgar terms.

The interest in their earnings is beyond words.

There’s a name that naturally comes up in these discussions.


The best and strongest player, Lee Hoyeol.

Lee Hoyeol.

How much money did he make as a player?

We asked him to give us an estimate.

-Just think about the market cap during the Cosmo era.


-The reward for clearing the rift that Raymond Sean pays is all from the company’s reserves accumulated during the Cosmo era, right? Just thinking about the price of the connector…….

After the Count Ascura raid.

It was practically a monopoly on clearing all the updated high-level content in the real world. Considering his contributions and the difficulty of the raid, the total amount of rewards paid out to him was…….

-Hoyeol probably made at least a quarter of Cosmo’s market capitalization by himself?

It was estimated to be at least a few hundred trillion.

There was more.

The kingdom of Yusra, the legendary treasure island, was also considered to be part of Hoyeol’s territory, and if you added the economic value of the Magic Tower to the price of the items Hoyeol had equipped…….

-It’s at the level of money bug

-It’s not a walking company, it’s at the level of a country haha.

-Actually, he used a cheat to get infinite money haha.

-Are you saying that neither the Heavenly Kingdom nor the Oil Kingdom can give out business cards? ㄷㄷㄷ

That’s right.

It was wealth in a realm that cannot even be measured.

It’s just that the person involved was innocent and didn’t reveal it.

However, there were some people who suddenly felt enormous wealth, and it was the Heavenly Unity. The analysts of the Heavenly Unity who were watching the monitor with dull expressions, their faces turned to the color of earth.

“……What is this?”

The auction house on Arcana’s official website.




The non-stop notifications.

At the same time.

The high-level life and magic restoration potions began to sell out in an instant.

“…… is out of stock too, is it bug?”

“Everyone, come to your senses! “For now, just shut up and get one.”

“You know we desperately need to secure quantity, right?”

It was, and still is, an aggressive strategy, and to that end, Heavenly Unity has been buying potions, which are considered a luxury among players, as they are released into the auction house.






No matter how many times they scroll down, there’s not a potion in sight. Not even the elixirs that cost billions of dollars a bottle.

Not a single one, really.

“Well, something’s wrong!”

“…… Are there competing forces? Is this really The Shining?!”

“No, even the Shining can’t pull off a steal like this!”

“Then who the hell is it that can do this?”

The great bundle of money had begun to slap the cheeks of the world.