◈ Episode 297. It’s a living hell……! (1)

If there is hell for the demon.

I, Lee Hoyeol, have a reality.

I seriously have such thoughts.

‘Isn’t the Arcana Continent better than this?’

Infinite darkness, Dark Dragon, what is it…….

Now that everything is out in the open except for the annoying full name.

For my mental state, I think the Arcana Continent is better than reality.

‘At least there’s nothing there.’

True education.

As Nam Cheolmin said, the effect was considerable.

I defeated the Seven Deadly Sins of Envy.

Did it add fuel to the growing interest in me?

-You didn’t defeat the Great Evil for nothing.

[Lee Ho-Yeol, Excalibur’s Chosen One].

The video doesn’t just capture me drawing my sword. The player’s voice can be heard in the video that plays automatically as I sift through the comments.

-“It’s a Goddess……!!”

Yes, it is.

There was Hiel who was unaffected by the unique circumstances of the cave.

Indeed, from the player’s perspective…….

‘I can see where the goddess voice came from.’

You can only really see the hem of the clothes, right?

No matter how high the camera angle was, Hiel’s face was not captured. The response to the comment is that it doesn’t matter what they say. Still, it was as if everything was expected.

My snout chattering leisurely.

“God doesn’t exist in the first place.”

If you were going to mutter that, you could have done it earlier……!

Of course, I can’t take back what I’ve done, even if I grumble about it now.

And you know you have to enjoy it if you can’t avoid it.

Still, it’s disturbing to see all those bubbles popping.

And are those bubbles just bubbles?

That shiny thing is just so…….


A knock at the door woke me up from my grumbling.

It was a knock at the door that woke me up from my grumbling, unable to let go of my regrets.

I don’t even bother to hide my displeasure.

“Come in, Marcelo.”

“I apologize for bothering you upon your return, Sir.”

“You’re welcome.”

Thanks to Marcelo.

Hadn’t Marcelo perfectly countered Liu Zunqun’s scheme?

Let’s see what the counterattack has produced in just a few days.

‘I feel like something that was like a thorn in my eye has been removed.’

Claudi and Mr. Lee have restored their family’s honor.

Because I have not forgotten the role of a dutiful son through him.

That’s a pass, Marcelo, even by the high standards of Grandfell.

Marcelo let out a small gasp of admiration.

“I’m glad you think so, then, and I’m glad you’ve taken care of the rest of it, by the way. I’ve had my own anomaly explorations…….”

And then he pulls out.

The smartphone I had activated and given him.

After all, it is Marcelo.

Teach him one and he knows ten.

Explore Anomaly on his own.

No, he’s gotten used to using it enough to surf the internet?

“Of course.”

“I’m glad to hear that, too, sir.”

It’s unlikely that Marcelo had requested an interview to make small talk, but he soon got down to business. This time, he was talking about a real “Anomaly.”

Marcelo’s pupils dilated.

“Anomaly, I’ve made some progress on that research.”

At the same time, his vision flashed.

[Quest: Marcelo’s Research]

Magic Tower, Chief Mage Marcelo.

To reach the next level of magic.

He wants you to join him.

─Weight of the Chief (Repeat) ▲.

─Access to the Anomaly (Success)

─Progress toward Anomaly (Ongoing)

This is Marcelo’s quest.

It’s been a while, so the quest objective that was in progress is now successful.

And he has a new quest goal in mind.


The parchment that Marcelo was holding floats in the air.

Marcelo’s handwriting fills the parchment.

“It’s an unfamiliar concept, and I can’t seem to organize my thoughts without moving my hand. Playing with my quill and I’m in awe of you. How can you hold such a vast concept in your head?”

Nothing to admire, Marcelo.

Always the same posture.

My expression never changes.

‘I’ve been there too.’

Why, back when I couldn’t tell the difference between skill and magic.

I used to stay up all night with blinkers on trying to figure out what players were doing on NetTube. It’s either experience or talent.

It wasn’t hard to understand Marcelo’s research paper.

“A new approach to the Arcana continent.”

Seriously, what would we do without Marcelo?

The greatest talent in the history of Magic Tower.

The founder of Theoretical Magic.

Marcelo had perfectly described the interference process of the Connector in writing! I could only speak for myself, as I had entered the Arcana Continent by mimicking the manifestation process of the Connector.

“That’s a great interference process that can’t even be compared to anything else like that.”

He was referring to the connector.

To Grandfell, Raymond Sean is no different from the demon.

This is a connector made by Raymond Sean.

It’s natural to be treated poorly by Grandfell.

‘No, apart from that, you’re amazing, Marcelo.’

It’s amazing what you can accomplish without entering the realm of the anomaly, and most importantly, there is no unnecessary interference. This will greatly reduce the consumption of magic.

Marcelo added an explanation.

“If we can apply that concept to the Portal of the Magic Tower, it will allow adventurers, as well as Arcanians, to enter the Arcana continent without restriction.”

Magic Tower Portal.

The portals in the Lobby are special. No one knows exactly how it works, but it appears at all times, regardless of magic power. It’s a portal that transports players to all corners of the world.

I nodded grimly.

“You’re right, Marcelo.”

More is better.

The more allies you can count on, the better.

I see it now.

If it weren’t for Marcelo.

I’d be trying to improve my magic to manifest a portal to the Arcana continent, and I’d be struggling to carry that ridiculous weight alone.

I took a moment to feel grateful again and swallowed my dry saliva.

‘So what do you need?’

The message answered.

─Progress toward Anomaly (in progress)

●Determine the source of the Magic Tower. (Ongoing)

The source of the Magic Tower.

As I said before, the magic tower is special.

Back in the days when I was ignorant of 『Magic』…….

I thought it was possible because it was just a parachute.

But now that I’ve qualified as a real chief, not a parachutist.

There were more than one or two questions about the Magic Tower.

Let me give you a friendly example.

First, let’s start with the exterior of the Magic Tower itself.

When viewed from the outside, the Magic Tower is by no means huge. It’s tall, but not as tall as some of the buildings in Seoul.

But what about the inside?

The staircase of the tower appears out of thin air, and you can’t see the end of it.

The interior is equally spacious. Just like the endless items in your inventory. A magic tower contains vast halls and countless locations.

This means that it is definitely not a place built solely on 『magic』.

In fact, the underground of the tower, Mugan, alone.

It is a place that is more mysterious and incomprehensible than anything I have ever seen. [Rift], [Hidden Piece], and even the fields that the Seven Deadly Sins of Envy changed cannot keep up with Invincible.

“May I be excused for a moment, sir?”

I nod.

At my nod, Marcelo approaches the bookshelf.

Marcelo’s gnarled fingers flick through the books.

“Unless you look deeply, it’s hard to tell. But as you may have guessed, Sir, it’s not magic that makes up this Magic Tower, there is no magic in the world that cannot be depleted.”


At the same time, the structure of the bookshelf changes.

I’m not surprised.

‘I’m also a chief.’

An attitude of not neglecting anything.

Even though I was parachuted into the position of chief, I read the manual carefully. No need for magic. The structure of the office can be changed as desired simply by will.

“Pardon me, sir.”


Marcelo restores the room to its original configuration.

He continues.

“We need to add an interference process to the magic tower’s portal. According to the theory, the priority would be to explore the magic tower itself. I have no choice but to hope for your help again.”

Marcelo doesn’t even look concerned.

It’s nice that he trusts me, but…….

This is a disturbing feeling of its own.

‘The Source of Magic Tower.’

Where do I even begin to understand this?

I’m thinking about it.

Marcelo, who had asked for a favor, sighed for some reason.

Then, in a shock tone, he said.

“Oh, no. I apologize, sir. I know I can’t be of any help, but I don’t deserve to sigh and spit. I have great faith in your abilities……. I don’t know if I’m asking too much of you…….”

Marcelo’s gaze flickered to the office.

No, his gaze swept over the more fundamental Magic Tower.

The founder of theoretical magic. Marcelo’s personality was such that he had to dig into a magic tower that could not be explained by theory, so it was understandable that he revealed emotions that he rarely showed.

But who am I, Chief Mage Marcelo?


I’m done listening.

A teacup filled with green tea bags to sip.

After swallowing the still-warm green tea that had delicately cast a warming magic on it.

I open my mouth as brazenly as ever.

“There’s nothing to worry about, Marcelo.”

“……Are you sure you have a clue about something?”

“Of course.”

I say, sounding unusually plausible.

“Anomaly knows the answer.”


Looking at Marcelo’s dilated pupils pricks my conscience.

It has to be that way.

Is there anything special about the Anomaly I am talking about here?

‘If you’re curious about the Magic Tower, just rob its designer.’

That’s right.

Another brave fight following the title of Chief of the Magic Tower.

AAU Yusra Branch General Manager.

‘Because the settings of the Magic Tower will exist in the database. First, let’s look for it.’

That’s me, Lee Hoyeol.


The Five Stars of Heavenly Unity.

The five players had a great deal of strength on their shoulders.

The Monarch watched over them.

‘You trusted me.’

‘I am the true Five Stars.’

‘I can’t believe you gave me this opportunity……!’

Five stars and five connectors.

This moment.

The Five Stars of Heavenly Unity enter the Arcana Continent through the connector.

How hard did your lordship have to work to obtain the connectors?

The self-proclaimed Five Stars glare at each other.

“Be careful not to betray his expectations.”

“Hmph, who would have thought.”

“Even if the Monarch forgives you, I will not.”

For today.

Five Stars cut off all contact with the world and prepared to enter.

With the tremendous support of the Heavenly Unity.

And with new equipment.

A man’s determined voice rings out.

“I believe you haven’t forgotten your goal, either. We must tell our masters exactly what is happening on the Arcana continent.”

There was already a bright pioneer of the Arcana Continent, Lee Hoyeol.

How could they trust his word?

A small war of words was brewing between them.


On time.

A loud beeping sounded.

Wu Sheng laid his body down on the connector.

A solemn voice emanated from the connector.

“All for my lord, Liu Zunqun.”




Shortly afterward, he opened his eyes on the Arcana Continent.


And regretted it.

A completely different world.

Therefore, with a voice that was impossible to reach, he shouted at his lord, Liu Zunqun.


[You have entered the doomed Arcana Continent].

This was not the Arcana Continent full of dreams and hopes, my lord!

Corpses and maggots everywhere.

Messages flashing in front of his eyes.

[Evil Eye looks at you with curiosity].

[Your mental strength is too low].

[You are experiencing a status abnormality, ‘Fear’].

And a giant demonic eye in the sky.

Wu Sheng gritted his teeth despite being terrified.

After all, this guy was unbelievable, Lee Hoyeol……!

“How many times have you entered a place like this and come out unscathed……?”

This is ridiculous……!

Trembling with fear, Wu Sheng hastily opened his inventory. As he said, he had prepared everything. With the items he had brought with him, he would be able to recover from status condition and get the information he needed for his lord.


Suddenly, above the heads of those who were thinking.


A somewhat familiar sound was heard.

“What, what is that?!”

It was.

Like a helicopter spinning its propellers.

A giant airship flying in the sky.

Wu Sheng’s face lit up.

“There’s no way the Arcana Continent would have been destroyed as it was, Lee Hoyeol, he must have gotten help from that emerging force.”

“Then why did you act so proud?”

“There’s nothing to feel bad about. Now that we have this information. Whoever’s on that airship will soon be swearing allegiance to the Monarch.”

To do that, we’ll need to send a signal to the airship.

[Skills] and [Items].

Each of these signals will alert the airship to their presence.


The desperation is palpable.

The airship’s cogs come to a halt.

“I see you!!!”




The airship, the Iron Castle.

The dwarven leader, Chainwalker, frowned.

Then he asked politely.

” ……Aren’t those adventurers?”

It was none other than Hiel who heard the question.

Hiel’s gaze fell on the five men and women on the ground.

The red insignia embroidered on their shoulder pads, to be exact.

‘Red insignia…….’

They are not my lords.

Infinitely deep darkness.

Are they not the ones who seek to slander the Dark Dragon?

“No way.”

Hiel’s loyalty to his true master, Hoyeol, fluctuated.