Chapter 296 – If it’s for me (2)

◈ Episode 296. If it’s for me (2)


Call of the Wild: Awaken your true wildness, and your wildness will rise dramatically.


A unique skill acquired shortly after starting a class quest.

Nam Taemin had already reached the [Call of the Wild] proficiency mastery.

It was a tremendous achievement.

Of course, there was a good reason for that achievement.

‘I thought I was going to die, really.’

A heavy burden of honor.

To share it, he needed the strength to carry it.

He was the one who risked his life every time to acquire that ability. It’s not just words. Wasn’t the evidence revealed in such a sword?

He recalls the words of his mentor, Harkon.

-“Keep this in mind, gentlemen. The sword becomes thicker in a life-threatening struggle.”

Less than 600 levels.

The appropriate level for him was 800.

The fact that he was able to take on the enormous cave right before the boss.

It was due to the influence of sword energy.

‘If it wasn’t for Sword Energy, I wonder if I would have been able to deal with it?’

Of course, there’s another way.

“Call of the Wild…….”

Barbarian’s unique skill.

[Call of the Wild] amplified the unique stat [Wildness] and greatly increased his physical abilities. However, the penalty for activating it was that you lost your sanity.

He literally became a beast.

‘To the point where I can’t even emit sword energy.’

If only I could use [Call of the Wild] and 『Sword Energy』 at the same time……. At the thought of reaching such a level, Nam Taemin couldn’t help but clench his fists.

‘If I could, I wouldn’t bother Hoyeol with this.’

He felt that he had already hit a wall.

No new [Class Quests] came to mind. Even the [Call of the Wild] skill, his only goal, had reached its limit. It was no wonder he felt like he had lost his purpose.

‘That doesn’t mean I can’t refine my sword skills…….’

This was because he was walking down a path that was completely opposite to the barbarian path he had built so far. Because of this, Nam Tae-min sometimes fell into agony even in moments like these.


“This is not the time, Nam Taemin.”

Wasn’t Mr. Hoyeol giving him his precious time?

“You really seem to think twice as much as everyone else.”

He marveled again.

It’s not enough that Hoyeol defeated a great evil in such a short time.

Hoyeol even stopped by the Blue House and cleaned up a bunch of corrupt politicians.

‘Really, how far are you thinking?’

When Taemin thought about it.

His mind was spinning as he remembered his own shortcomings, but he shook it off.


With a loud crash, the cave’s boss mob appeared.

[Twisted Root of the Ancient Tree: Lv.900]

If you’re wondering why there’s a level 900 boss in a dungeon that’s supposed to be level 800, it’s because this boss has an unusual pattern.

Nam Cheolmin briefs us.

-“Its health and armor are abnormally high for its level, and its massive size means that it can only swing its roots, not move, but it has a huge attack radius.”

Nam Taemin bit his lip.

‘With my sword energy…….’

It could only produce a small raw slash.

Even if he abandoned his sword energy and activated [Call of the Wild], it didn’t make much difference. He snapped off a few branches, but that wasn’t much against a creature bigger than a building.

-“Taemin, what are you thinking about?”

“Huh? No, nothing.”


They’re not brothers for nothing.

Nam Cheolmin can tell just by listening to his sullen voice.

Nam Cheolmin comforted his discouraged brother.

-“Everything takes time, right? Don’t be impatient, Taemin.”

Of course he knew.

He was just worried.

Even if there was enough time.

‘If you don’t have a clear goal…….’

He decided to move forward.

He wondered if he could follow Hoyeol’s lead.

There are concerns.


But at this moment in the cave.

Make the dark future bright.

A being that makes concerns unfounded.

There was Dawn.

Nam Taemin’s eyes follow the movement of that dawn, Hoyeol.

“It’s not Sword Energy……, it’s Sword Force……!”

Sword Force, the higher level of Sword Energy.

He had been taught by Harkon that it existed.

He also knew that Hoyeol had reached the level of sword force.

Yes, there was a reason why Nam Taemin was surprised.

‘That’s not pure sword force.’

You only see what you know.

In the past, Nam Taemin didn’t even know the existence of sword energy, let alone sword force. But now that he has witnessed sword energy, and has reached the point of emitting sword energy himself, he is able to see Hoyeol’s sword force in a different light.

‘……Something is mixed up.’

You only see what you know.

Whether it was magic, skill, or something else.

He couldn’t tell.

But the important thing was that ‘something’ had combined the sword force.


Nam Taemin looked at his greatsword.

His mind felt refreshed.

The answer was right in front of him.

‘It’s not impossible!’

The combination of [Call of the Wild] and [Sword Energy].

He had lost his direction and was drifting.

Hoyeol gave him a new goal.

Nam Taemin couldn’t help but look up to Hoyeol once again.

‘Why did you leave magic behind and take up the sword……?’

The chief of the Magic Tower.

Hoyeol can manifest a lot of magic.

It would have been enough to burn that old tree.

But what’s the point of fighting it with a handmade sword?

Even without words, he senses my pain. He’s trying to teach me by example, not words. I couldn’t help but let the overwhelming emotion spill out of my mouth.

“How far are you looking ahead, Mr. Hoyeol……!”



I expected it based on its size.

This is tough.

‘Of course, it might be tough.’

Is it because I came from dealing with the Seven Deadly Sins of Envy?

Even though it was a level 900 boss mob, I didn’t feel intimidated. Even if [Natural Enemy] wasn’t triggered, the difference in difficulty was enormous.

‘It’s as simple as the pattern.’

A large attack radius?

It’s not a problem for me, who can levitate effortlessly.

Swing at the hundred blade of roots.

As long as there is a lot of dirt on the roots.

“What a fuss.”

Even if it’s just to maintain a high level of formality.

To avoid getting dirt on the Dawn set.

I’m not about to allow an attack.


Dawn’s jacket flutters.

If you ask me why I put it back on my shoulders……. I figured I’d rather flutter than be a self-luminous firefly.

I’m not really in a position to use a set effect.

Actually, I don’t think there’s much difference between fluttering and sparkling.

I mentally prepare myself and focus on the battle.

Just because this enemy is weaker than the Seven Deadly Sins of Envy doesn’t mean I can let my guard down. This is a level 900 boss monster. It’s characterized by relentless health and defense that even Nam Taemin can’t damage.

‘Practice like the real thing. Practical combat is like practice.’

Don’t forget the trinity of magic, sword force, and tenacity.

To get used to the sensation of flowing water.

I don’t take out Gwicheol.

Instead, I interfere with the minerals around me, manifesting a suitable sword and holding it in my hand.

Then I manifests [『Anomaly』].

Do I need to explain the power of Anomaly?

To beings who have not entered the realm of Anomaly, Anomaly has an absurd effect, like a giant old tree being sliced up like tofu.

“You’re as loud as you are big.”


A man of my word, again.

I blasted away a cloud of dirt with my magic.

How could I miss, such brazen words.

“But you are not worthy of my flower garden.”

After that.

Is there anything to explain about the whereabouts of the battle?

It was a one-sided victory for me.

[You have leveled up.]…….

Let’s see, I’ve gained 5 levels.

You might be wondering if that’s a lot of experience for a level 900 boss monster……. It’s understandable considering the Wailing demand experience points that exists every 100 levels. No, it’s the other way around.

‘How much experience did you give me, Seven Deadly Sins of Envy?’

Easily ignoring the level 700 barrier and rising to the limit of 50 levels.

A moment of admiration.

The loot automatically pops up as a message.

[Decayed Hollow of an Ancient Tree]

[Rank: Unique]

[Limit: None]

[Effect: None]

[Description: The base of a giant tree. It’s already decayed, but it holds a lot of energy. If you build something with it, it will become a masterpiece, and if you craft something with it, it will become a masterpiece].

A material item.

“Should I be thankful for this?

If a level 900 restricted item that matched the boss’s level dropped.

There must have been no difference in the picture.

Now that I’ve realized the 700-level barrier, I’ll be happy instead of sad.

‘I can have dwarves do the smelting.’

Items forged by Dwarves have the Artisan’s Dexterity effect.

This means that you can use your dexterity to craft wear restrictions to your advantage.


‘What should I make so that people can say that I used it well…….?’

Just as I was thinking about it.

Nam Taemin approached me.

Why does he have such a strange face……?

“Thank you, Mr. Hoyeol!”


Why the sudden bow?

Is it because I defeated the boss mob?

I got all the experience points and loot?

There’s no reason to be so grateful.

I thought to myself.

When Nam Taemin raised his head, I opened my mouth.

First, I shamelessly admitted it.

“I’m glad I could help.”

I also noticed something.

Nam Taemin was obviously touched.

I didn’t have to ask why.

“How can I repay you for this valuable teaching…….”


I thought it would be helpful.

I didn’t intend to teach properly.

Surely, Ranker isn’t Ranker for nothing, finding something to learn from every action, right? I nodded, never one to shy away from humility.

But the surprises didn’t end there.

……Are you saying they aren’t brothers for nothing?

Mr. Nam Cheolmin, why are you doing this to me again?!

“The results of your education are showing, Commander-in-Chief!”

After clearing the cave and returning to the Great Alliance’s base camp, Nam Cheolmin runs up to me, panting. He holds out a tablet, a video playing on its screen.

I’m stunned to see the title.

[Excalibur’s Chosen One, Lee Hoyeol].

Eh, Excalibur?

I was the chosen one?


Did he read my mind?

A difficult magic that manifests and draws a sword from a rock in real time. RRegardless of the sword’s performance. I thought it was like pulling out Excalibur with the foam threads of the Granfell combined……

‘How could you take that and put it as the title of a video?!’

What kind of education is that, beyond amazement.

I want to ask why you gave it such a grand name.

But as expected, there is no way this iron-faced person can remain silent.

“Excalibur is an understatement.”

It is an expression of supreme confidence.

The implication is that he has a higher level of magic than Excalibur.

Of course, it’s a Grandfell style of speech that specializes in misleading.


Everyone gasps.

Everyone’s eyes widen, including the Nam brothers.

Nam Cheolmin barely opens his mouth.

“I’m sorry, commander. Due to my lack of knowledge, I underestimated your power, but……! I think you can rest assured. The response from education is clear.”

The tablet screen soon switches.

What popped up on the LCD was a comment.

I scanned through the comments and realized.

-Excalibur hahahahahaha

-Liu Zunqun I guess it’s like adding insult to injury haha.

-Kyahahahaha this is the difference in class.

-Know your subject, please.

‘No, this is what you mean by education?!’

When I overcome one trial, another trial comes.

Why is the world so harsh on me?

I really can’t keep a straight face……!