Chapter 293 – Overlooked (2)

◈ Episode 293. Overlooked (2)

A Cataclysm.

For some, it was a disaster.

For others, it was an opportunity and good fortune.

In the case of the Republic of Korea, it was the latter.

It wasn’t enough that Arcana’s most powerful military organization, the Magic Tower, had been updated in the capital city of Seoul. Starting with the top ranker, Nam Taemin, there are players with a high level compared to the number of players.

The most fortunate of these South Korean citizens were the politicians of Yeouido.

In the past, when the international situation was unstable, people sometimes resented Dangun, who transferred the country to the peninsula.


Clinking glasses.

“Who knew that being beaten by the Chinese and the Japanese would become a calling card. Thanks to you, it’s very flavorful these days. Hahaha.”


South Korean politicians are too lucky.

Look at other countries.

You don’t have to look far, just look at Japan.

If Hisagi, a ranked player, was at odds with the Japanese government.

Didn’t he completely abandon his country?

Perhaps it’s the flavor of the flesh, but alcohol tastes good too.

“Great, Nam Taemin, he’s not too big for his size, and he’s so gracious. It’s a new feeling, but isn’t Korean nationalism great? Even after all that happened, he listens really well.”

A Korean hero.

Nam Taemin lived up to his title, and his behavior was upright. It was a pity that he couldn’t even get a straw through his mouth when he tried.

At times like that, you have to go back.

“No matter how lean you are, if you’re too greedy, you’ll lose. You know that, don’t you? Quietly, as if it were not there. Thin and long.”

Three-term, four-term, five-term congressmen, ministers, and so on.

If the players’ experience is a level, their experience is a gold badge. The men gathered here were masters of the art of maneuvering.


The glasses clink again.

Drunkenness sets in.

The real talk comes out.

“He’s totally embarrassed himself, what a dick.”

“Lianwei, I can’t wait to see the look on his face. Hahahaha.”

“Now is the time to watch some good movies and eat some rice cakes. The Heavenly Unity is backed into a corner. The more they’re backed into a corner, the more they’ll spill the beans, don’t you think?”

Be impatient, China and the Heavenly Unity.

The more impatient you are, the more you will look for a way out.

They were the ones standing in the way.

They say things they don’t know if they’re serious or joking.

“Shouldn’t we raise the toll on this?”

“I’m sure it is, given the circumstances, haha.”

“How much do you think you’re getting away with behind the scenes, Liu Zunqun?”

It was a game of cat and mouse, and even if I didn’t say anything, information would come in.

The same goes for rumors about Liu Zunqun.

In that sense, the higher-ups swallowed a sigh of relief.

“No matter how you slice it, it’s a stroke of luck.”

“What do you mean?”

“Not only Nam Taemin, but also Lee Hoyeol.”


“There’s not much interest from this side, is there?”

Since there was an example of Liu Zunqun.

It wasn’t hard to empathize.

Even a player of Liu Zunqun’s caliber was shaking up China, right? And the only person with more influence than Liu Zunqun was Lee Hoyeol, himself.

At this moment, everyone gathered had the same thought.

What if he started to act like Liu Zunqun?


You can’t help but shake your head.

The aftermath could only be imagined.


“As usual, we’ll have to keep things in moderation.”

Lee Hoyeol’s influence needed to be kept in check.

If someone was listening to the conversation, they might have snorted.

What could the old political foxes possibly have against Lee Hoyeol? And honestly, they’re right. Their role is simply to stir the pot.

“Isn’t it always the people who bite?”

It only takes one word to raise the question.

But to refute it.

You need dozens of proofs.

“Of course, the opponent is the opponent, so let’s be careful.”

It’s Lee Hoyeol.

The Arcana Continent and the real world.

A player who accomplished legendary feats in both worlds.

No one who cares about their own safety would dare to mess with him.


“Now that he’s defeated the Great Evil, it’s best to keep quiet.”

Not only has Hoyeol defeated the Great Evil.

He’d delivered the perfect blow to the Heavenly Unity.

He had the support of the entire world.

Of course, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way out.


The word came to me as I sipped my drink.

” …… You’ve all heard of it, by the way, right?”


“Claudi, that is.”


The Demon Hunter.

And finally, Claudi.

Three beings who had been found to be related to Lee Hoyeol.

Among them.

What was still questionable was Claudi’s exact meaning.

“Wouldn’t it be possible to push this while pretending to raise some doubts? Why, isn’t it the demons who were calling out for Claudi?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Wait, but wasn’t it Lee Hoyeol who actually defeated the demons?”

“Haha. Stories are made to be told, Mr. Minister.”

A photo of politicians simply shaking hands.

A picture like that is enough to create a ridiculous novel.

They were the ones who could pass it off as fact.

But, Claudi.

Isn’t this a perfect rice cake?

“Does it make sense?”

“Maybe it’s time to get the big picture right, haha.”

“So, on second thought, we’re the lucky ones?”


The glasses tilted.

Now that they were scheming.

Hoyeol wouldn’t even be interested in them.

The people gathered were suddenly grateful for Hoyeol’s pride.

“A hero who doesn’t care what the world thinks of him. Isn’t he our hero, the one who can bring us the world we want? Hahahaha!”


it was No. 3 and Wensu.

I read Lee Yerim’s message carefully.

Then I said to Wolfe.

“We’ll tell the rest of the story when everyone is awake.”

The back end of Grandfell.

It would be unreasonable for Wolfe to be the only one to hear of the Shadow Mercenaries’ plans for the future, in case there were any members who would oppose his wishes. Only by talking to all of them could he be certain.

Wolfe bowed his head.

“Of course, sir.”

I hurried out of the room.

What was so urgent?

If anyone asks, I have a reason to be…….!


-Why does this sister seem so familiar?

-That word Claudi???

-(Evil smiling puppy emoticon)

I think back to a distant memory.

Did I tell that thing the full name of Grandfell……?

‘Did she say I was crazy!’

No matter how severe the Chunibyou I had, the other person got sick while hiding it. There’s no way I would have said such a name in front of Wensu, who would have grabbed me like a mouse……!!!

‘What do you think you know, this?’

It was a moment when I was sweating inside.

There was a memory that suddenly passed by.


It was a notebook.

It must have been a notebook with all my dark history in it!

It’s only natural that the house gets smaller as the momentum builds.

What does that mean?

This means that no one had any choice but to invade my living space.

‘…… There was a time when we exchanged backpacks with each other.’

Isn’t that when you went through my dark history notes?!

The moment when sweat turns to cold sweat.

First, I try to get my bearings.

Especially since she didn’t seem to know anything about it.

‘If she knew, she wouldn’t be so quiet, that’s her personality.’

Besides, Wensu’s point wasn’t about Claudi.

-But he’s the youngest…….

-Why are mom and dad so worried today?

-Because of this article.


The title says it all.

I knew what it was about because I’ve seen it before.

I told you.

Internet surfing is a curious quest that cannot be neglected under any circumstances.

I nodded my head in agreement.

I even mumbled something.

“I see.”

To summarize the article, it was simple.

‘The intent is clear.’

It was a common criticism that followed me everywhere.

Why, because netizens can see through it.

There was no conclusion, just a bunch of bullshit.

Here are some examples

-Government official, “It’s a pity that we don’t have closer cooperation…….”

-Expert, “We should follow the example of China and the Heavenly Unity.”

-[In-depth interview] It was a tragedy that could have been prevented.

Naturally, I, Lee Hoyeol, didn’t even snort at that article.


From the moment I mentioned the Heavenly Unity, I could see through it. After all, I had some of Korea’s best players by my side, like Gaon’s Nam Taemin and Shinhwa’s Baek Yiseol.

‘The government never bothered me.’

I was able to hear it through them and experience it indirectly.

Not to mention the case of Grandfell.

He doesn’t care what others think of him.

He’s a man of great pride.

Whatever they say, it hasn’t been worth it.

By the way.

-[In-depth interview] What is Claudi’s identity?

-Anonymous expert, “Lee Hoyeol may have contact with the demon…….”

-The word the demons howled, ‘Claudi’…….

This is a different story……!

‘What is Claudi, my deep, black, dark history.’

And you’re going to bring it up?

It’s not even worth the coverage.

And then you mention a connection to the demon?!

Of course, I’m the only one who knows the complicated truth.

The general public is bound to misunderstand.

‘It’s not just the demon, it’s the Demon King who cried out for Claudi.’

Maybe this is what Wensu meant by mom and dad being concerned.

In that sense, these articles crossed the line, and they crossed it well.

I said.

“I’ve been overlooking it.”

Yeah, I’ve been too easy on you, haven’t I?

In your desperation, you’ve been neglecting.

Formal education.

“The feelings of my father and mother.”

……But wait.

What’s with the mom and dad all of a sudden?

And by overlooking, I mean who overlooked it, Grandfell.

‘There is no other filial son like me, are there?’

Phrase after phrase.

To this day, I still wake up at dawn to write a handwritten letter to say hello. I’ve also been sending them a little pocket money every month. However, the words continued without heeding my rebuttal.

“That the world’s judgment is not only directed at me.”

I suddenly realized.

“My family’s honor.”


This wasn’t just about Claudi, it was about the Lee family’s honor, too. So you’re going to take the honor of the Lee family, the backward family that cares about reality and the Arcana continent…..!

“As the heir, I can’t stand idly by.”


Yes, heir to the Claudi family.

But I’m also the heir to the Lee family…….

‘Do you really have to mumble that so loudly?’

In front of the Healing Magic School’s private room.

The gazes of the adept mages, including Klee, are focused.

None of them reacted to the seriousness of the atmosphere, but…….

‘I’m sure you all heard me, I said to myself.’



There was no hesitation in my already determined steps.

At this point, worry takes over.

Always ready.

Grandfell, who had remained calm in the face of any demon or great evil, was quietly furious at this moment, when his family’s honor had been dishonored. I, too, was beginning to worry because my actions were unpredictable…….



Ssanghwa tea with yolk.

My peaceful teatime was interrupted by a hotline call.

A suitably attired attendant carefully delivered the message.

“AAU Korea Branch, this is Mr. Park Minjae.”

A middle-aged man with graying hair asks.

“Mr. Park? Why him? He’s not the first person to call.”

The attendant replies with a puzzled expression.

“That’s because player Lee Hoyeol wants to talk to the president…….”


President of the Republic of Korea, Jeong Han-taek.

Player No, the Dark Dragon Lee Hoyeol wants to talk to me……?!

He freaked out and spewed out the Ssanghwa tea he’d been drinking.

“Uh-uh-uh. What, what’s going on now?!”

To restore honor.

From the first move.

It was checkmate.