Chapter 292 – Overlooked (1)

◈ Episode 292. Overlooked (1)

A magical twist.

The world was stunned by the twist.

Except for the self-proclaimed great powers.


The leader of the Great Nation, Jian Wei, slammed his fist down on the desk. Even more disturbing than his bitter fist was the chatter of the foreign media beyond the screen.

Subtitles flashed by.

-The truth magically revealed……. The cruelty of the Heavenly Unity.

-Liu Zunqun, Why did he instigate the tragedy?

-Anonymous Ranker, “Many of the members of the Heavenly Unity Guild are likely suffering from status abnormalities.”…….

The attendants who were watching the news from the sidelines spoke up.

“It’s not the first time there’s been rumors from the outside, is it? As usual, they will never reach the eyes and ears of the people. Don’t worry about it.”


Jian Wei gritted his teeth.

Do you think I’m worried about the people?

It’s too little, too late.

‘Liu Zunqun……!’

At this moment, it was Liu Zunqun that Jian Wei was afraid of. It was Liu Zunqun, who had been so humiliated by this.

All of them!



A series of purges.

Thinking about what Liu Zunqun had done so far sent chills down his spine. He still remembered Liu Zunqun’s chilling eyes as he warned him.

-“Do not go against my wishes, President Ji.”

-“Do you know why I let you live?”

-“Because you have utility value. I hope you don’t betray my expectations and deny your utility value. For then I will not be able to guarantee your safety.”

Damn it!

Jian Wei felt a deep regret in his heart.

‘I have raised a tiger cub with my own hands.’

A saying that appeared after the Cataclysm.

He who controls the Arcana will control the world.

Jian Wei cursed himself for saying that.

Look at the results of his unlimited support for Liu Zunqun and the Heavenly Unity.

Wouldn’t it be Liu Zunqun who would rule the world, not him?

Jian Wei had an intuition.

‘At this rate, my life is short.’

Liu Zunqun had disgraced himself.

Whether he did or didn’t.

It didn’t matter.

What mattered was that he failed to prove his worth.

He had shown himself in front of the camera.

Didn’t he declare that he would take any attack on the Heavenly Unity as an attack on the Great Nation?

Didn’t he declare?

It was a stern warning, not a joke.

But as you can see, it had no effect.

The reason was simple.

It was because the opponent was the opponent.

‘……Lee Ho-yeol!’

A player whose behavior was even more inexplicable than Liu Zunqun’s.

The world’s assessments and predictions didn’t matter to him.

Not even now.

‘I thought it would at least give me time to think.’

The Shadow Mercenaries have unexpectedly become involved.

He was confident he could hide the truth of what had happened.

The massive bribes and connections he had scattered around the world were no sham.

So he showed his face.


‘It was all for nothing’

Lee Hoyeol, for him……!

Jian Wei glanced at his wristwatch.

There were roughly fifteen hours left until Liu Zunqun’s return.

‘…… by the time he returns, I will.’

Could he still be alive?

Jian Wei weighed the odds and came to a conclusion.

‘Liu Zunqun, before he returns.’

To leave the motherland.

‘I’m not worth using anymore.’

He realized that he couldn’t even play the role of a scarecrow.

It was impossible for a man as cold-blooded as Liu Zunqun not to know.

But value is relative.

Why didn’t he see the possibilities on the screen?

‘Lee Hoyeol, then…….’

It was clear that he wouldn’t give in to Liu Zunqun.

Jian Wei was confident.

Liu Zunqun and the Heavenly Unity?

No one would know more about them than him.

Finally, he spoke up.

“Everyone, get ready.”

“What do you mean, President Ji?”

“The time has come to redesign the future.”

Jian Wei kept only the best and most loyal of his entourage with him, and with them, there was no need to worry about information leaking out. It was that thought that caused him to jump into action.

“If you understand, let’s move.”

Their eyes narrowed.

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Do you not understand? There is no future for me here.”

“How can that be?”


At the change in tone, Jian Wei glanced at the attendant, then frowned.

For some reason, their eyes were dull, like the eyes of a rotten animal.

Like a puppet, like being manipulated by someone, ‘brainwashing’…….

‘Wait, brainwashing……?’

The audio from the TV flashes by.

The Zero Mountains magically appearing.

The voice of the player of the Heavenly Unity.

-“Say what you want, are you looking for inside information of the Heavenly Unity, if so, use me, I’m no longer Liu Zunqun’s puppet……!”

Jian Wei stuttered.

“Uh, at what point did I even reach out to you guys……?!”

But what came back was no answer.

“Let me go. Let me go. You bastards!”

Only the rough hands of the attendants suppressing Jian Wei from both sides.

Even if they didn’t mean it.

Just blind loyalty on the surface.

“I can’t believe you would even think of betraying your master.”

“I am disappointed in you, President Ji.”

“Why don’t you just stay quiet and wait for your master’s disposition?”



Jian Wei’s legs just gave out.



I left the Magic Tower’s office with light steps.

The world is in chaos.

What was I doing in the office, if you ask me?

“Exploring anomalies.”

That’s right.

I was surfing the internet.

I was a little concerned.

‘I was wondering if anyone recognized Claudi.’

To my surprise and relief.

The interest in Claudi had been put on the back burner.

It was thanks to my snout being so kind to me.

‘I dropped the bomb of Heavenly Unity.’

Of course, it’s always up to me to clean up the mess.

I left the Shadow Mercenaries in Bellier’s care.

I went straight to Marcelo.

I figured Marcelo would know.

As for magic as a replacement for CCTV.

As expected, Marcelo didn’t disappoint.

‘You must be feeling quite a bit upset, aren’t you?’

The bare face of Heavenly Unity.

It was much uglier than I expected.

Liu Zunqun, I don’t like you at all…….

“My rotten self was shaking.”


He had his reasons.

This resolved the remaining question for the Shadow Mercenaries.

‘You’re the one who made the first threat.’

The world is not a flower garden.

The player’s world even less so.

If you want to take someone’s life, you must be prepared to lose your own. In that case, I, Lee Hoyeol, understand the Shadow Mercenaries generously.

‘At least they’re gentle for such a dark organization.’

The worst criminal organization on the Arcana Continent.

However, was it because they were together?

By comparison, the Shadow Mercenaries seemed like a loyal group.

Their arms were not bent inward, and the world’s judgment of them was not much different.

Henderson and Rockid.

Two men who had been beaten to a pulp.

The world had seen a group of Shadow Mercenaries attacking a great evil.

‘A good thing is a good thing.’

I didn’t want to have to scratch it and make a mess.


Who is Grandfell?

The owner of a sword-like pride that never compromises even an inch.

A troublesome personality that can’t ignore anything. So it was only natural that my destination after leaving the office would be the Healing Magic School’s private chambers.


A familiar face stares at my imposing presence.

It was Klee, an adept mage of the Healing School.

Klee lowers her head in a bow.

“Chief Lee, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you!”

I returned her formal greeting graciously.

“You’ve been in a lot of trouble, Cleodia.”

“Not at all!”

Except for that obnoxious cat (tower master) in the Magic Tower, is there anyone who doesn’t suffer? Among them, the healing school has put in a lot of effort recently. From how to purify the evil fruit swallowed by the dragon to the healing of the shadow mercenaries.

‘I must have asked for a lot.’

But who is Grandfell, after all?

I’m more tired than anyone else.

A man of iron skin who can take on anyone with confidence.

“Nevertheless, we must not neglect our studies.”

“Certainly not, Chief Lee!”

“Your studies are well worth the effort.”

It’s important to add a caveat to the praise.

What a sweet boss, really…….

It’s a good thing Klee has a good personality.

I open the door to the private room and see the patients lying on the bed.

Nine in all.

All of the Shadow Mercenaries, except for Kichi.

Wolfe was the only one still awake, pushing himself upright.

“Isn’t it still too much?”


Wolfe quickly turns his head at the sound of my voice.

Then he opens his mouth to speak.

“Why did you take us away, Commander-in-Chief……?”

Wolfe turns his head, but can’t lift it.

By the looks of it, Wolfe must have guessed it too.

A Great Evil request involving me, Claudi.

‘No, that’s really nothing to worry about?’

I mean, none of the current members of the Shadow Mercenaries were there in the first place, including Kichi, right? No matter how much importance is placed on procedures, even Granfell has a tendency to be lenient.

‘I have no intention of asking for guilt by association.’


‘There’s no point in digging into that……!’

After all, it all comes down to my dark history……!

Let’s say no more about that dark past, Wolfe.

I said with that in mind.

“I will not hold you accountable.”


“Because, Kichi, your leader has already taken responsibility.”


Wolfe didn’t look like he was going to back down easily, so it would be best to address Kichi appropriately. Of course, I don’t intend to hold her accountable if I meet her in the future.

Nevertheless, Wolfe still couldn’t look up.

“Isn’t that right……? But we don’t deserve your grace, and it would certainly be a blemish on your reputation if you were to associate with our ugliness.”

He continued.

“Even now, that’s true. Even if there was a purpose and circumstances. We took the life of an adventurer. If that fact were known to the world…….”

Oh, that?

Well, you don’t have to worry about that.

Even if they tried to mobilize public opinion the other day, Marcelo’s magic showed them the truth of the time. Even the bribed ones won’t have anything to say for a while.

Why, the winds are blowing against them now.

-How long can you stand by and let them threaten you with a knife?

-I was the first to call for orders, and they were the first to follow.

-If I don’t disguise myself, they’ll kill me, if I do, they’ll kill me……

-Shouldn’t we do a more specific investigation into the missing players in the Zero Mountains? I would’ve screamed if I met them without a guild.

The only thing more certain than internet opinion was the reaction of the Heavenly Unity and China.

The Supreme Ruler’s bold proclamation had fallen on deaf ears.

Now that his true face was revealed, there was no reaction whatsoever.

So I spoke up.

“That’s nothing to worry about either.”

” ……Yes?”

“You are no one to me.”

…… This sounds really nice on the surface.

‘Is this just showing off?’

To my ears, I know the Granfell style of speaking better than anyone else.

It’s bound to sound different.

But for some reason, Wolfe shook his head again.

Then he muttered in a low voice.

“It would take me a lifetime to repay …….”

Of course, as I said, what Granfell wants is a clear ending.

So I needed to hear exactly what happened.

I also needed to know what the Shadow Mercenaries would do in the future.


But I was interrupted by a ringing vibration.

Ziying. Ziying. Zing.

The constant vibration.

A familiar interval of notifications.

Because that alone made me realize the seriousness.

……This persistence is undeniable!