Chapter 283 – You Are Not Special (2)

◈ Episode 283. You Are Not Special (2)

[Waiting for the Dawn’s Jacket]

[Rating: Epic]

[Restriction: Lv.700/High Level Prestige]

[Artisan Dexterity has greatly reduced wear restrictions].

[Applied Artisan Dexterity Effect: – Lv.300]

[Effect : Manifest when equipped with a set item]

[Description: Equipment crafted exclusively for those who await the dawn. A masterpiece, a work of art, a marvel… No other modifier can express its nobility, so no other modifier is attached to it].

What behavior is most familiar to me, Lee Hoyeol?

If someone asks.

I would say, enjoying a leisurely tea time and polishing my clothes. Thanks to this, the act of throwing the jacket of dawn over his shoulder was natural and quick.

‘Excited in more ways than one’

First day at work.

Did I feel this way when I put on my jacket?

I was so embarrassed about my flapping jacket.

Are you comparing it to your first day at work, Hoyeol?

I even surprised myself for a moment.

I stared at the shifting landscape.

The end of the portal’s light cluster.

Soon, I see the target coordinates [Citadel of the Rose Vine].

‘By the way, something is definitely wrong.’

My gaze naturally turns to Leonie.

She’s soaked in blood, it’s definitely a state that would make Grandfell, who can’t live without his clothes, hesitate. But it’s higher than that damn formality, and I pride myself on being complex.

‘I can’t frown upon it.’

Of course, I don’t know what Leonie’s pride is.

But given the high level of pride resonance at Grandfell.

It’s not surprising to hear him say.

“You’re very much mistaken about formality, Leonie. But I’ll let it slide for now. For now, it’s enough that you’ve realized your pride.”

My words sobered her up a bit.

Leonie opens her eyes faintly and looks at me.

Then she finally speaks.

“……You look particularly shiny today.”




I thought you were narrowed from the blood on your face.

Was it because I was shiny?

More than anything, I wanted to ask what that meant.


Leonie lost consciousness and stumbled around.

Members of the Berserker’s Guild, a great alliance, rushed over.

Let’s see, the amount of magic used to manifest the portal is considerable.

It shouldn’t be a problem to manifest healing magic.

“First, potions……?!”

The players stop looking through their inventory.

Even though I know that 『magic』 is not the same as [skill].

They’re probably freaking out because they see me using healing, which is a healer’s specialty.

But it’s not surprising.

‘At best, it’s not even intermediate level, right?’

Even if it’s Grandfell, who reaches for whatever comes to hand.

Think about efficiency.

As long as the [Blessing of the First World Tree] exists.

I don’t need to dig as deeply into healing magic.

‘I could have used the time to pick up another grimoire.’

In short, my healing magic is merely cultivated, but Grandfell’s talent is not going anywhere. After all, I had just witnessed Hiel AoE buff with my own two eyes.

‘Good inspiration, Hiel.’

If you add that to the imitation, interference process…….

“Ugh……. Crazy…….”

Leonie cursed.

No, it’s not too late to come to your senses.

The players’ faces brighten sharply.

“What can we say, thank you, Commander-in-Chief……!”

“On behalf of my sister and Berserker, thank you so much!”

“I should say that properly, face to face…….”

I’m reminded of this when I see players who can’t look up.

……I don’t think the fact that it sparkles is something to just ignore?

I wanted to check my face in the mirror or with the front camera of my smartphone right away. I’m not so brainless as to do something like that right in front of a monster.

So for now, it’s best to make eye contact.

I sneak a glance at my outfit and realize that I’m wearing…….

Wait a minute.

What the hell is this halo?!

There’s a common phrase for a halo.

But this is more than a halo, it’s self-luminous.

I’m not exaggerating.

Silver threads embroidered on a deep navy blue background.

Each one emits a brilliant light.


It lives up to its name, what the hell?!

I resent my flapping jacket.

I knew I had to level up as quickly as possible.

There’s no reason to level up and wear a jacket like this.

Why, just imagine.

This was much more humiliating than putting a jacket on the shoulders.

‘The level where you walk around with reflectors all over your body…….’

I thought I was getting some experience!

I can’t be happy that everything is fine, really.

I’m genuinely feeling complicated.

I just want to immediately throw away the jacket I put so much effort into.

But that can’t happen.

‘Because he’s waiting.’

The [dimensional] rift.

The question mark demon I encountered there.

I think back to that day.

It was only a partially formed creature on the other side of the rift.

Still, I could sense its extraordinary strength.

So what do you think its strength is?

I had an apt comparison.

‘To tear a dimension is to enter the Otherworld.’


Or a demon comparable to a dragon.

Now that’s a real target.

‘Of course, he had Karimzeva’s cooperation.’

Neither did I.

If I hadn’t mimicked the structure of the connector.

I wouldn’t have been able to open the portal to Arcana so quickly.

‘And to swallow Vangritrit as a sacrifice.’

The meaning of those words was simple.

He must be incomparably stronger than any other demon, except perhaps the high ranking demon king, and now I have to face him. Throwing off my jacket because I’m ashamed of my self-luminescence was not an option.

More than anything, I was desperate.

[Waiting for the Dawn’s Trousers]

[Waiting for the Dawn shirt]

[Waiting for the Dawn vest]

[Waiting for the Dawn Belt]

[Waiting for the Dawn Jacket]

A whopping All-Epic rank.


Set effects for epic items……!

So I’m going to ask for everyone’s forgiveness.

“I understand.”

“Thank you…….”

“So I hope you understand, too.”

“What? What are you talking about……?”

Demon hunters.

And Grandfell’s complicated pride.

It was shouting, contradictorily.

He couldn’t stand by and watch a demon breathe in the Zero Mountains, but he also couldn’t abandon his plans because of a mere demon. After much deliberation, he came to this conclusion.

“As of this hour.”

I raised my eyebrows and continued speaking.

“The capture is over.”




Nam Cheolmin’s heart sank.

-“The capture is over.”

The commander-in-chief is not a man who speaks in vain.

The strategy is over.

His declaration means it’s really over.

Nam wasn’t the only one who was caught off guard.

“C-Chief Analyst?”

“Could it be that he didn’t like something?”

“Is it because we’re not up to par……?”

Nam Cheolmin didn’t say anything, but he quickly spun his head around.

‘……Was I being rude?’

By hastily asking the commander-in-chief for support?

If it was his fault, he was glad.

If you are disappointed with the level of the Great Alliance…….

‘If that’s the case, I have no answer for that.’

He could fix his own faults, but the lack of ability of the Great Alliance was not something that could be fixed in a short period of time. Beads of sweat erupted from the glands all over his body in an instant.

“I guess I’ll just have to ask him directly.”

I’m afraid, but I can’t let it go without checking.


Nam Cheolmin took a deep breath.

Hoyeol continued.

-“From now on, it’s hunting time.”


At first, I didn’t understand what he meant.

I thought he wasn’t just disappointed in the Great Alliance.

I was too busy breathing a sigh of relief.

But as I watched, I realized.

A spontaneous laugh.

“So this is what you mean when you say the capture is over.”

Capturing and hunting.

The difference between the two words is clear to any player of Arcana, because while capturing requires preparation, combat, rest, and everything in between, hunting is much simpler.

Yes, as Hoyeol is demonstrating right now.

The analyst stutters.

“Since Commander Lee entered the Citadel of the Rose Vine……. exactly three and a half minutes ago……!”

The analyst looks incredulous.

I glance at the monitor again.

“Look, you’ve defeated the boss monster……!”

[Rose Tree Wooden Doll: Lv.750]

A boss monster?

In the face of overwhelming force, even a boss monster is helpless. Even before they could spew out the patterns commonly referred to as phases, they crumbled into dust and scattered.

“This is why…….”

At the same time.

I swallowed hard as I looked at the monitor on the other side of the room.

I swallowed hard, remembering what my brother had said.

-“Do you want to share the burden that Mr. Hoyeol is carrying?”

I hadn’t thought much of it at the time.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have.

Nam Cheolmin muttered to himself.

“…… I’ll have to work much harder from now on, Taemin.”

With the same half-hearted determination and effort.

There was no way I could ever help Hoyeol.

Panic over.

One by one, the analysts spoke up.

“In this case, [Rose Vine Citadel] is clear.”

“It went a lot different from the plan, didn’t it? Is this okay as is? Chief Analyst……?”

“First, why don’t we check with the commander-in-chief to see what he has planned……?”

Yes, of course I’ll check.

Nam Cheolmin pushed his glasses back on his head.

He was trying to communicate with Hoyeol through the player.


Hoyeol’s gaze landed on the angle.


Suddenly, groans erupted from everywhere.

It was the intense light.

Nam Cheolmin urgently opens his mouth.

“The light is so intense that the camera can’t focus……? Is the lens broken? No, it can’t be because we bought all new lenses this time……?!”

It’s understandable to have such a reaction.

Hoyeol emitted Self-luminescence.

It’s hard to believe that it’s just emanating from the clothes.

Because it was radiant.

Like dawn, literally the sun rising out of the darkness.

But the opposite of that.

-“Analyst Nam Cheolmin.”

Hoyeol’s voice was cold.


Nam Cheolmin struggled to open his eyes and replied.

“Tell him I’m listening, will you?”


Up and down.

The player’s angle swaying slightly.

Then Hoyeol’s voice takes over.

-“I will leave the future situation entirely to your judgment.”


-“As I said, it’s time to hunt.”

It’s called hunting……?

[Citadel of the Rose Vine] has been cleared by the Commander-in-Chief.

It was already cleared.

I thought you meant the other cave.


Nam Cheolmin soon realized what he meant.

‘……There’s no way this could be hunting for the Commander-in-Chief, right?’

What had just happened could hardly be called a hunt.

It was a one-sided slaughter.

Furthermore, there was no way a level 750 boss monster could have dropped enough experience to call it a hunt.

“You don’t understand.”

You’re a long way from understanding, Nam Cheolmin!

So what is this hunt you’re talking about?

Could I help him find it?

It was a moment of thought.


A chill ran down his spine again.

This is the second time.

Nam Cheolmin finally realized.


Hoyeol’s voice sounded like it was the right answer.

-“The ‘thing’ you are feeling is my prey.”


Nam Cheolmin was stunned again.

It meant that even in the cave, Hoyeol could see through the situation in the Zero Mountains. There was nothing I could do to help him…….


That was the moment Nam Cheolmin shook his head.

The player before the analyst.

A message popped up in front of his eyes.


It was an appearance message that only an analyst could recognize.

Appropriate level, [not recommended for anyone].

An appearance message on a zero mountain.

Isn’t this a bug?

One might wonder.

Nam didn’t hesitate.

The ‘thing’ in the message seemed plausible enough.

Nam regained his composure and opened his mouth.

“From now on, I will relay the situation in the Zero Mountains to the commander-in-chief!”

[Great Evil, Seven Sins Sect Jealousy appears].

[The Zero Mountain pulsates with negative emotions].

[The field transforms].




Great Evil.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Envy.

Considering Greed that had just been revived was level 600.

I couldn’t even begin to guess his level.

But it doesn’t matter.

『Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo’s pride is paradoxically highest in the presence of the demon.』

Be it a great evil, a demon king, or a lowly imp.

『No demonic temptation, deception, or trial can even scratch the surface of his lofty pride.』

To Grandfell, they were all the same demon.

『Perhaps what the demon should be most wary of is not Grandfell’s class as a Demon Hunter, but the person himself, Grandfell.』

I chanted at the message that came to mind.

[Great Evil, Seven Deadly Sins Envy appears].

“Great Evil. You are mistaken.”

Let alone tension.

“You are not special in the slightest.”

Grandfell spat out harsh words.


[Skill, ‘Natural Enemy’ triggers].