Chapter 282 – You Are Not Special (1)

◈ Episode 282. You are not special (1)

I take a deep breath.

Concentrate on handling magic, swordsmanship, and [Tenacity] naturally.

You are a good opponent for this exercise.

‘Level 820.’

A named monster.

I can’t just let my guard down, it’s an opponent that makes me feel nervous.

Practicing against a monster like that.

My liver is really sticking out of my stomach.

But what can I say?

The training quests pushed me to my limits every day.

Excalibur wielded with [tenacity].

……Not only that, but even the sword that emerged from the rock.

This was my conclusion and the path I had to take.

Still, a series of hardships serve as a basis for confidence.

In addition, the knowledge I gained as a chief of Magic Tower should be grounds for confidence.

‘I don’t like to think of myself as less powerful.’

Magical items forged solely with magic also exist in Magic Tower.

That’s because those are the ones that the Enchantment Department deals with.

How powerful are they?

‘Even if there is no jackpot, the minimum is guaranteed.’

There is no reason for impurities or interference in the smelting process.

To put it in Arcana terms…….

is that they are categorized as items with a minimum of [Rare] and a maximum of [Unique].

The problem is that their efficiency is severely reduced.

‘The Enchantment School is in charge of the deficit in the Magic Tower.’

Forging tools with pure magic power is a matter of creating something out of nothing with magic. But as long as the [First World Tree Blessing] exists.

I don’t have to worry about magic power.


The power of the sword created by pure magic was not excessive, like noble iron.

But it wasn’t ordinary either.

Yes, it means that it is perfectly suitable as a cane.

[Champion Challenger Giant Rat becomes ‘confused’].



“I told you, my teaching will be stern.”



Indeed, the spirit that challenged the champion has not gone anywhere.

My cold rebuke does not deter it.

It bared its huge teeth and charged.

‘Whether it’s magic or swordsmanship, it’s a simple matter.’

However, the important thing is the use of flowing magic, sword force, and [Tenacity].

[Tenacity is converted to magic power].

Immediately switch to [Tenacity] to manifest magic.

The magic you want to manifest is a familiar architecture magic.

The complicated process will be omitted from the special lecture.


A rock wall emerges.

The process of searching and interference is completely omitted, so even the process of rising is not visible. I’m not being self-congratulatory. The player’s reaction is proof.

“Huh, a wall just appeared out of thin air?!”

“What the hell, I’ve never seen anything like that before, not even in the Magic Tower……?”

“Another step forward, Mr. Commander-in-Chief.”

Especially Hisagi, who speaks meaningfully with his snake eyes open……. But I can’t help it. Besides, I’m a process-oriented person, and I can’t be distracted in front of someone who needs to be disciplined.

“If you can’t focus on discipline, I’ll make you do it.”

I was the one who wasn’t paying attention.

What a shameless statement.

The giant rat shakes his head in disbelief.


But then, a wall of rock rising from all sides completely surrounds him.


The sudden restraint causes him to slam into the rock wall with his heavy body.

However, the founder of architectural magic.

I, Lee Hoyeol, built this wall.

“Don’t make a scene. I have no choice but to do this.”


Even if it is cracked.


This time, I can actually revert to the Reversal Magic I created.

So accept your fate.

Poor little beast of the mountains.

“As of this hour, I will increase the severity of your punishment.”

Magic, sword, and tenacity.

The path to the Trinity under the guise of discipline.

This means that you should cooperate calmly with that action.





The giant rats collapse with a lone scream.

[You’ve leveled up].

Hisagi looked away from the flashing message and surveyed the battlefield.

The appearance of the Goddess had completely changed the atmosphere.

Most of all, it was the [First World Tree Blessing].

The effect was enormous, as expected.

“Any injuries?”

Hisagi’s question was immediately answered with a shout.

“Everyone is safe!”

Fighting an 800-level monster and not taking any damage.

That’s something I can’t explain.

Hisagi says proudly.

“It must be because the Goddess of Victory is with us.”


……Was the goddess now being prefixed with a modifier?

Toyomo paused to catch his breath, but only for a moment.

The battle was over.

The players’ gazes naturally shifted to the front row.

‘Still, it’s not easy.’

More than I could have imagined.

The 100,000 caves of the Zero Mountains were no small feat.

Take dungeons and labyrinths for example.

Usually no more than five named monsters per boss.

‘That’s why the demon kings are special.’

Named monsters ruled by demons.

The average number of Demon Corps Commanders started at ten.

But in the Zero Mountains, common sense didn’t apply.

“This is the tenth one……!!!”

We were just getting started.

It was an unknown sanctuary. The number of named monsters that had emerged from the mouth of the entrance was already beyond counting.

Hisagi squinted, trying to comprehend the power.

‘We were able to survive.’

As I said, the effect of the [First World Tree Blessing].

It was because the giant rats we faced were ordinary monsters.

They had simple patterns.

That’s why we were able to skillfully deal with them.

Tomoyo opened her mouth to speak.

“If the commander-in-chief wasn’t there…….”

“It was a blessing or something, but we wouldn’t have been able to respond.”

“It must have been like that, right?”

Their movements are definitely different.

I don’t see a pattern.

Those [Champion Challenger Giant Rats] charged at Hoyeol.

One after another.

He didn’t allow them to land a single effective hit.

Hisagi gave a small laugh.

‘It’s embarrassing, to say the least.’

Hoyeol’s consideration was touching.

It was a cave in the Zero Mountains, after all.

It would be nothing more than a trivial hunting ground for a Dragon Lord and a Dark Dragon. No, it wouldn’t even be called a hunting ground if you considered the unimaginable level of Hoyeol.

‘Even if it’s a level 820 Named Monster.’

Considering the experience it requires.

Even if he were to hunt thousands of them, it would still be an insignificant number.

In that case, it would be a pointless waste of time.

‘You gave up your precious time just for us.’

It’s still a great feeling.

Now that he realized it.

Hisagi could not afford to stand still.

Since Hoyeol gave up his precious time, he must live up to Hoyeol’s expectations.

And he must repay the favor.

Hisagi ordered.

“Let us begin our exploration.”

Explorers from the Great Alliance.

They grabbed their class-specific equipment, magnifying glasses, and began scouring the cave. Who knows, maybe they’ll find loot, maybe they’ll find information that could lead to a quest.

‘I don’t expect this to be a reward.’

Perhaps Hoyeol knows more about this cave than the explorers do. It’s not blind faith. You can tell ten by looking at one.

It was Hoyeol who had drawn Excalibur, buried somewhere in the sanctuary.

Still, Hisagi knew.

that the only thing that matters is pride.

So, he muttered quietly.

“Please do not reject our pride, Commander.”

It was a pledge that would have sent chills down the spine of the party…….


[Citadel of the Rose Vine]

[Proper Level : 750]

[Collapse Rate: 100%]

The level of the monsters?

Considering the level gap, it’s not easy.

However, Leonie’s class is Berserker.

It’s a class that thrives on adversity.


Undying Fighting Spirit (Master): Significantly increases strength, agility, and health regeneration as health drops. Also converts critical hits to a status effect, “Bleeding”.


Damage that occurs continuously is often referred to as dot damage.

Meaning damage that lasts like a dot.

“Bleeding” is one of the classic dot damage status effects.


Leonie, whose entire body was covered in blood, spat out blood.


It was a spit in her face, but no matter how you look at it, Berserker is a flawed class. Facing high-level monsters, you have to risk your life every moment to perform.

‘I want to grab the bastard by the collar, really.’

Back in the days when Arcana was just a game, logging out was the end of it.

But after Cataclysm, it’s life or death.

One wrong move, and you’re crossing the Styx.

[status abnormality, “bleeding” occurs]…….

In that case, bleeding sucked, but it was necessary. If I could turn a critical hit into dot damage, I wouldn’t suddenly be incapacitated.


Leonie’s twin swords continue their relentless assault.

The other guild members are no different.

A fighting style that pushes itself to the limit.

The Berserker Guild was a guild that only accepted people like her.


But now I’m overwhelmed too…….


A deep sigh rises up.

Even a Berserker who specializes in battling powerful enemies can’t make up the gap of at least 250 levels. Besides, the longer the battle goes on, the more you lose concentration.

That’s common sense, and Berserker is a contradiction in terms.

“This is so fucking annoying!”

It’s a class that requires you to be physically and mentally exhausted.

I feel like I could fall off the ropes at any moment.

I had to endure the pressure to move forward.


A great alliance that knows that.

The members of Berserker’s guild looked at Leonie wistfully.

She was pushing herself to the limit every moment.

I don’t think that personality is unnecessarily cranky…….

“You guys thought I was fucking right now, right?”

“……, eh, what are you talking about?”

“Fuck you.”

Leonie laughed.

Did I mention that some people have strange personality changes after awakening as a player?

Maybe I was one of those people who was affected by that awakening.

To relieve the pressure of being pushed to the limit in every battle.

I had to let out a few curse words.

That’s what I thought was the limit.

“I bet you thought that was pretty damn good, didn’t you, everybody?”

Yeah, just to be polite.

I was being very careful with my words.

But I don’t think I can do it anymore.

Leonie muttered in a low voice.

“……But pride is more important than formality, isn’t it, Commander-in-Chief?”

My vision of the monster turns red.

A trickle of blood from the wound has found its way into the corner of her eye.

It is covered in lukewarm, strangely sticky blood.

Commander Lee Hoyeol.

If you, a man who cares about every detail of his clothing, were to see what I look like…….

I’m sure he’d be appalled.

Leonie smirked.

‘But……. What if this is my idea of pride?’

Leonie hadn’t forgotten.

The day the Great Alliance began.

The world was saying.

-Gaon and Inazuma joining forces?

-I’m going to live a long time to see that.

-But it’s not Second Sun, what is Berserker?

-Why did the rankings suddenly drop so much……?

-They were rookies not too long ago.

I’m not saying your assessment is wrong.

It just pisses me off that you’re not wrong.

Of course, I’m not the kind of person who’s going to go anywhere.

She gritted her teeth and swung her sword in pursuit of Nam Taemin and Hisagi.

Only then…….

I thought I could go after you, too.

But it’s something I’ve learned from being part of a great alliance.

Following two big guys.

And chasing after that.

I realized I couldn’t do it with dignity.

Because I’m not graceful or noble like you.

I have to be me.

Only a berserker would do.

It means that I have realized that I can even chase after it.


Leonie let out a laugh.

Yeah, what kind of pride is that guy?

I’m still not sure.

“You all understand this, don’t you?”


That was it.

The sword fell from Leonie’s hand.



Look at that, I’ve lost all my strength in a moment of inappropriate respect…….

It was a moment of Leonie being Leonie.


A cluster of lights floated in the air.


Familiar footsteps.

A voice spoke.

“You are greatly mistaken about formality, Leonie.”


“But I’ll move on.”

The jacket no longer fluttered.

With a halo as brilliant as ever.

Hoyeol speaks up.

“For now, just realizing pride is enough.”




I immediately manifested a portal.

-The target coordinates are [Citadel of the Rose Vine]!

This is Analyst Nam Cheolmin, briefing the three caves at the same time. He’s decided that Leonie’s side needs support, so I’m going to go straight through the portal.


…… As expected, the magic drain is considerable.

I’ll have to use my sword force for the time being after I arrive.

I stepped through the portal, planning ahead.

Hisagi asked politely.

“If you need any help, I’ll follow you.”

That was nice of him.

‘The profit margin is zero…….’

It seemed like the magic consumed to move each person to the portal would be more burdensome than receiving support one by one. With that in mind, I answered in my own way.

“One person is enough.”


As if Hisagi had expected that, he immediately bowed his head and saw me off. Even if you owe me a lot since Frost, that’s true. I’m very much overwhelmed by that reaction, Hisagi……!

‘…… It’s, complicated to explain.’

I swallowed the sigh that was rising in my throat.

I stepped into the swarm of light.

A message flashed in my darkened vision.

[Skill, ‘Natural Enemy’ is triggered].

Your experiences on the Arcana Continent.

Perhaps it was the class quests I’d been doing, tracking down primordial evil.

My sharpened senses were telling me.

This was the moment the coordinates flipped.

It came from the Zero Mountains, not the cave.

……But what kind of coincidence is this?

“How presumptuous of you to reappear before me.”

I don’t know.

There’s no way Grandfell wouldn’t remember the demon he faced once.

It was on the day of a regular conference at the Magic Tower, when the senior mage, Vangrit, went on a rampage.

The question mark demon he’d faced at the [Dimensional Rift].

The creature’s presence was clear.

With his right arm out.

The one that tore through the dimension and fled.

In that case, the timing was right.

We can finally prepare for this one.

[Level: 700]

Finally, I get to wear it properly.

The name says it all.

[Waiting for the Dawn’s Jacket]!