Chapter 261 -Your name and its name (1)

◈ Episode 261. Your name and its name (1)

The red mark (√) contains memories.

Anyone who has completed the induction ceremony into the shadow mercenary group can read the memories contained in the mark. This means that she can see how the request succeeded and witness the process.


Kichi scratched her head.

…… When was that?

The last time she’d read the Mark’s memories.

Only one person can access the hidden request ledger.

Because there cannot be two leaders in a shadow mercenary group.

Unless, of course, there’s a hierarchy.

Just like the hierarchy of members.

The position of leader of a mercenary group is determined only by merit.

You want to be the leader?

You have to slit the throat of your predecessor.

Kichi was no different.

“I always feel like shit.”

Whatever the reason.

In the request book, there’s a record of the man she beheaded.

Her requests are also recorded.

……What can I say?

It’s like reading the diary of the man Kichi killed.

No, that’s not enough.

Peeking into the memories was just as unpleasant.



It’s all a weight that must be endured as a leader.

That’s why the memories are inscribed in the request book.

By leaving a memory, I was able to pass on my experience and knowledge to the next leader. That was the reason why the shadow mercenary group was able to continue its existence even in the cruel system called 『Sequential War』.

Kichi snapped her fingers.


Assassinate Claudi √


The Demon King who appeared in the world of adventurers.

The name the demon called out.


I place my finger on the marker to read the memory of the request.


The red mark dissolves.

A blood-red liquid seeps into her skin.

At the same time, a vision flashes before Kichi’s eyes.




-“A request from the demon. You’ve gone too far. Us too.”

A sarcastic tone.

Kichi remembered the voice.

She’d just joined the Shadow Mercenaries.

It belonged to Bellamy, who occupied the third seat.

Judging by his face, he was young, not old.

It seemed like the time when the request was successful was quite a while ago.

-“It’s not a common demon.”

-“Eh? Demons are all the same, aren’t they? They prey on weak humans to make a living. I don’t care how much notoriety they’ve earned, they still tremble when Akshan appears,, aren’t they?”

-“I agree with Bellamy. Akshan is the only one talking about great evils and demon kings. Is it obvious why you’re talking nonsense that even old people don’t believe? In the end, it’s about making a living!”

The seniors’ intuition was not very good.

‘If you’re looking at the Arcana continent in hell…….’

Are you probably shaking out of shame?

Well, they’re probably dead because they’re so clueless.

But the leader was different.

-“Demons, Great Evil, Demon King. What does it matter?”


-“If you’re paid to do it, do it.”

The one who engraved the mark.

The memory flashed back to the leader’s point of view.

I could see the change in Bellamy’s expression clearly.

How strong was the discipline he usually kept?

All it took was a single word.

His face went white.

-“That’s me and you. It’s the only reason scum like us can survive on the continent. Purpose? Don’t you dare ask. We are alive because we are scum, driven only by money.”

What has kept the Shadow Mercenaries alive for so long?

Some say it’s their skill.

But they’re wrong.

The Arcana continent is vast, and there are many skilled fighters.

They take on any job that comes their way.

Despite the countless grudges that have been accumulated.

The Shadow Mercenaries are alive and well.

As their now-deceased leader once said.

because they are scum who are only driven by money.

The assassination of Claudi would be no different.

-“Remember. This is not an opportunity that comes around often.”

The leader lowered his voice.

It made Kichi pay a little more attention to the scene.

Eventually, she was able to encounter the requested target.

In that moment, Kichi was stunned.

What came into view was.

Something brilliant and shining.

It was a head of silver hair.

Or to put it another way…….


Yes, the leader of the Holy War Alliance.

At the same time.

The same hair color as their employer, Hoyeol.

Suddenly, a rumor from the adventurer’s world came to mind.

If it was Hoyeol.

Could he know something about Claudi?

All sorts of speculation.

Kichi shook her head.

‘……It wasn’t that I knew something.’

The commander-in-chief, he was related to Claudi.

The target, deeply connected, with the same hair color as Claudi.

Maybe it’s Cloudi’s bloodline…….

Kichi continued to speculate.



The silver-haired woman noticed the approach of the Shadow Mercenaries. She was dressed in fancy aristocratic attire and carried no weapons, so she didn’t appear to be a martial arts expert.

-“Have you seen through our concealment?”

-“I see, great bloodlines are good.”


Simply sensing the Shadow Mercenaries’ stealth with an innate sense.

Once again…….

Reading the mark’s memories was a shitty experience.

Kichi bit her lower lip.

‘This is why I killed him.’

After Kichi took over as the new leader.

The Shadow Mercenaries’ activities had decreased.

As long as there were pecking orders and ledgers.

As the years passed.

The Shadow Mercenaries’ level of power is bound to increase.

The reason for their lull in activity was simple.

Their leader, Kichi, didn’t want it.

‘If it were me, I wouldn’t do a request like this…….’

I wouldn’t have even bothered.

But Kichi didn’t look away.

Once she joined the Shadow Mercenaries.

It was the weight of being a leader.

Kichi didn’t look away, even at the end of her target.


The target screamed a name.

Then a hound appeared from somewhere.

From the noble appearance to the grandiose name for a dog.

It was obvious that the hound had been treated with respect.

Did she even realize it?

-“What a son of a bitch……!!”

As if to return the favor.

The Hound lunged at the Shadow Mercenaries, defending its master even as its body was torn to shreds. It fatally wounded the last seat and left a scar on Bellamy’s forearm.

‘That’s where that scar came from.’

A scar large enough for Kichi to recognize later.


That was it.

-“Lady of a great family. Do not expect help or miracles.”

A request from a Great Evil.

It was a request that had come to the Shadow Mercenaries long ago.

The reason it was done at Bellamy’s stand was simple.

Because it was the right time.

-“We are not the only ones targeting you.”

I had guessed.

It was not an extinction event, but only one assassination.

A simple noble daughter.

Why was the goal, which was like breathing for the shadow mercenaries, not completed for a long time?

It must have been the name of the Claudi family, a name that made even the Shadow Mercenaries recognize the subject.

‘…… Wait.’

It was Kichi, confident that she knew the back world of the continent better than anyone.

But she didn’t have a clue.

If the Shadow Mercenaries were entrusted with a single soul.

Same time.

‘The head of the family or the heir…….’

What kind of faction is she being targeted by?


Kichi didn’t know the answer to that.


A blurring vision.

Thanks to the relentless elimination of the target.

That was the end of the commission for the Shadow Mercenaries.





The ledger came into view once more.

A red success mark (√).

The lair was shrouded in inky darkness.

After a moment of silence, Kitsch spoke.


Suddenly, Harkon’s voice came to him.

-“Do you regret your past?”


At the same time, he remembered Hoyeol.

‘……I didn’t realize it would be so tangled.’

I had forgotten about it, but I felt it again.

That they are trash.

They’ve been living like trash.

In the end, they will have to pay this price.

But, but, but…….

“……If I carry it, it’s okay, right?”

Kichi was going to carry the burden of her mistakes all by herself.

Life in Yusra flashed by.

A life of drinking all day at the tavern and blending in with the rest of the crowd. They all seemed to be enjoying themselves, even if they didn’t say so.

“All alone.”

The original sin of the Shadow Mercenaries.

It was her role as leader, her responsibility.

Of course, there was no telling how Hoyeol would take it.

Kichi had something to say, too.

A bitter laugh escaped her lips.

” ……Just like you have always done.”

I didn’t want to use the word ‘pride’ to describe it.

Such a noble word for a scumbag?

I know it doesn’t fit.

So, what would be appropriate…….

Pondering, Kichi speaks up.

“……A voluntary act for an employee?”

And at the same time, atonement for Claud.

Finished with her thoughts, Kichi closes the ledger and leaves the lair.

His next move is simple.

“This is my specialty. This way.”


A Great House.

To find out why they had faded into history.

Specifically, the day I started the request.

To find out what forces were involved in Claudi’s destruction.

And to tell Hoyeol everything she had discovered.

“……It’s already cold.”

The thought of facing that cold face.

Kichi’s tongue was already twitching.


“I guess I won’t be able to keep my promise to meet you in Antonium.”


A promise and common sense in RPG games.

The later you acquire a skill, the better it is.

From that perspective, [Akshan’s Guardian Spirit] has not betrayed me.


I have also ridden on the back of the dragon, Eunaxus.

Akshan wolves are as fast as Eunaxus.

No, the standard for fast is slightly different in the first place.

If I were to compare it, would it be like running through space?

Why, that appearance wasn’t just a simple summons.

It actually heard my call.

It even responded with a howl.

It ran all the way to Sisley.

‘Certainly extraordinary.’

Akshan’s face madam.

It would be reasonable to praise that ability.

I said shamelessly.

“You still have a lot to teach.”

Well, that’s a tough one, even by Claudi standards.

As if I didn’t already have enough to be impressed with in terms of speed and maneuverability.

Somehow, there is no such thing as satisfaction with this guy’s personality.

It’s a shame for a listening wolf.


……You’re actually liking it, aren’t you?

It’s not just flicking its tail like the tower master cat.

It’s actually wiggling its tail as if it can’t control its joy.

As I look at it, I feel a little sad.

‘Did it really miss people that much?’

After the Akshans were wiped out.

This must be the first time you’ve encountered a human.

I suppose I’m just glad for anything.

Of course, my emotional thoughts don’t last long.

I soon realized.

It was Akshan’s guardian spirit.

Just like the Demon Hunters of Akshan.

It was said that they were a people who were crazy about hard work quests and training……!

It was thanks to Agentress that I learned the truth.


Beings who could commune with nature.

Thanks to him, he understood the wolf’s words and spoke to me.

“I’m really looking forward to something.”

For a moment, the faces of the Akshan seniors were overlapped on the wolf.

Yes, I can understand your frantic minds and bodies.

Why don’t we save our training for another day?

Why, we’ve got a big quest goal to accomplish: Track down the Primordial Evil.

From Sisley back to the Arcana continent.

[You’ve entered the Arcana Continent, where legends are stirring].

This guy’s message is grandiose no matter how I look at it.

Anyway, with the legend of the Dark Dragon fluctuating, the demons were still weak. However, the [Natural Enemy] has been activated without fail. Moreover, at this moment, I was not alone.

One, hatred for the demons.

Second, sadness.

Akshan Wolf was with me.


A howl echoed across the continent.

At the same time.

A message appeared before my eyes.

[Guardian Spirit, Akshan Wolf is activating ‘Natural Enemy’].

You really are an Akshan to the bone!

Effect of [Natural Enemy].

Greatly increases combat power when facing demons.

As if to prove its effectiveness.

I could feel the Akshan wolf’s momentum surging fiercely.

It would be great.

Agentress swallowed dryly and spoke.

“May I ask you a question?”

A polite question.

No reason not to answer.

And most of all, I’m very happy right now.

Because, why not?

[Legendary, Dark Dragon] wasn’t enough.

Now that I’ve acquired the [Guardian Spirit, Akshan Wolf].

I couldn’t be happier.

But I had overlooked something.

“Your name.”

Look at my mind.

I had forgotten to introduce myself.

And then.

“The name of the wolf you rode.”

I didn’t give the Akshan wolf a ‘name’.

The fact that I didn’t ‘name’ the Akshan wolf.

Before I can stop myself, Grandfell opens his mouth.

He spits out the wolf’s name.

“Tempest Over The Horizon.”

No, really.


Will you stop naming my kids without consulting me?!