Chapter 260 – Different From Cats

◈ Episode 260. Different From Cats

Demon Hunter.

Nowadays there are overflowing demon-type monsters.

Occasionally, the name was mentioned in the player community.

Back when Arcana was just a game, it was treated as an insignificant thing.

It’s even more insignificant now.

When other classes are hunting down monsters with fancy names and fancy skills. Demon Hunters had to fight monsters with flat hits and, at best, one of their basic shooting skills, Simultaneous Fire.

‘Don’t even get me started. In my day…….’

At this point, those who don’t know about those days might ask.

A class where players didn’t have anything to show for it.

Why did you switch to the Demon Hunter?

Me, Lee Hoyeol.

I’m possessed by a severe Chunibyo syndrome that came out of nowhere.

I did switch to Demon Hunter.

I don’t think other players chose the class for the same reason I did.


There were Madam Faces that drew naive and innocent players to Akshan, and one of them was the guardian spirit of Akshan, the Akshan Wolf.

[You have learned the class-specific skill, “Akshan’s Guardian Spirit”].


Akshan’s Guardian Spirit: Summons the Akshan Wolf, the spirit of Akshan.


[The Akshan Wolf answers your call].

The wolf’s howl echoes in Sisley.


Agentress jumps to his feet, his eyes widening.


Agentress was right.

Sisley was a seemingly perfect land.

There is no more appropriate expression than greenhouse.

I’ve noticed this myself as I’ve walked through Sisley.

There was nothing in Sisley that could be considered a threat.

‘Too peaceful.’

On the Arcana continent, you can see that the herbivorous animals that were busy running away at the sight of a person’s shadow instead opened their eyes and approached first.

“How could a beast come to Sisley……?”

No wonder the wolf howls.

But it’s too early to freak out, Agentress.

What’s with the damn beautiful face?

Akshan, who had nothing to prove.

The one who brought the players here…….

No, I mean the Wolf.


The air splits.

The rushing wind hints at its speed.

As befits the guardian spirit of Akshan.

It never makes an ordinary appearance.

‘What a stunning entrance.’

As I watch, I remember it all over again.

Why, even in the Arcana Continent VR Demon Hunter class introduction video.

The Akshan wolf’s presence was awe-inspiring.

Larger than a full-grown man.

Even the flames that bloom wherever your feet step.

The appearance was anything but plausible.

“……Ah, Agentress?”

Overwhelming enough to make even an elf stutter.

So does that make sense now?

Why the Demon Hunter class was once the center of attention for players. Why, for a brief moment, Akshan was bustling with players.

‘If it weren’t for that, I’d be called a wolf keeper instead of a demon hunter.’

The majority of players who switched to Demon Hunters were aiming for Akshan Wolf.

They thought that if they could have an Akshan Wolf, they could endure the lack of skills, the disparate training methods, and the endless quests.

But then.

‘You’re truly bad, Akshan…….’

I thought to myself in disbelief.

……Now that wasn’t just hype, was it?

Why, it was an introductory video for the Demon Hunter class!

I look back.

How I acquired [Akshan’s Guardian Spirit].

This unique skill was, in effect, the reward for the [Class Quest: The Tree of Good and Evil]. It’s a necessary intermediate reward to reach the next goal.

The question is.

How many years will it take to reach this point?

To put it bluntly.

‘…… without going through the process.’

I am the overwhelming leader among players.

In terms of level.

In terms of actual abilities.

The level of my equipped items.

Even the tricks I’ve saved for last.

I’m clearly several steps ahead in every way.


So many times that even I can’t count them.

I skipped a lot of intermediate steps and even actively emitted Claudi’s halo to get to Sisley, which is a unique skill I’ve gained because of it.

‘I promised myself not to overdo it.’

This time, I’m confidently assuring you.

This, back when Arcana was just a game.

It’s a skill that no one would be able to acquire!

The difficulty level doesn’t make sense in the first place, does it?

The moment I realized that.

I remembered the faces of the Akshan seniors.

Players asking about the Akshan Wolf.

‘You just assumed that you would find out when the time came, right?’

Our seniors.

If I had told the truth, everyone would have run away.

Of course, before they knew the horrible truth.

The players would have run off on their own.

This moment.

I was back after years and years of absence.

‘……Is it because it’s been so long?’

Akshan Wolf looks at me blankly.

Of course it has.

It is impossible for me and Grandfell to avoid someone’s gaze. Thanks to eye contact, the appearance of the Akshan wolf becomes more visible.

To put it simply…….

If there were a gatekeeper to Hell.

It would be the Akshan Wolf.

As the name suggests, it is the guardian spirit of Akshan.

The wolf was extraordinary to behold.

Indeed, the face is so handsome that it is worthy of being called Madam Face. Even looking at it again, it’s a visual that could easily fool players.


The sound of the elves swallowing dry saliva can be heard all the way over here.

You’re probably wondering what’s going on here.

But don’t worry.

Just looking into each other’s eyes.

You’d think they were in the middle of a snowball fight.

Unlike cats, both I and Grandfell like dogs.

“I know how you feel.”


“You must have been infinitely lonely all this time.”

A generosity that is completely opposite to the merciless things he said to the Tower Master.

But it wasn’t a simple greeting.

Yes, Akshan had met the end.

Because he was someone I knew better than anyone else.

So it was more of a consolation than a greeting.


I wonder if he recognized my voice.

He trotted over to me and stuck his head in.

I put my hand on his head.


I gently stroked his head and said.

“There’s nothing to be sad about now that I’m here.”

……Have I ever said such warm words to someone?

I ask myself.

I wonder if Tower Master would have been horrified if he had seen this.

He would have thought he was worse than a dog.

But in retrospect, I’m not surprised.

On that first rift, which now seems like a distant memory.

-“You must be undisciplined.”

I was also quite kind to the dog-like gnoll.

‘To the point of personally punishing them.’

I was especially merciful to puppies.

‘Even though they’re technically wolves, not dogs.’

Such was my affection.

The Akshan wolf must have noticed.

His tail began to flick.

So did Agentress and the other elves.

It seemed relieved.

By the way…….

You’re too steady, Akshan.

‘I can’t help but catch my breath.’

There’s a brief, touching first meeting.

The Akshan wolf sniffed.

Following the scent of a demon.

It moved toward the spot where the World Tree had grown.

Agentress asked.

” ……May I ask what happened?”

You’ve changed your mind, haven’t you, Agentress?

I can see the formality in your tone.

Perhaps I should answer in kind.

“A primordial evil that fled from the fallen World Tree.”


“From this time forward, I will pursue the sinner.”

New Class Quest Objective.

─Hunt down the Primordial Evil. (Ongoing)

[Akshan’s Guardian Spirit] may not have been given as a reward at a time like this for no reason.

Indeed, as expected.

The Akshan Wolf soon raised its head to the sky and howled.


It had smelled it.

Primordial evil.

Since this is a demon with a grand name, I wouldn’t expect it to be easy to find. Just looking at the name, it’s safe to say that it’s the final boss.

Still, it doesn’t matter.

This is the Arcana continent.

As long as the [Last Adventurer] effect exists.

I can die, die, die a hundred times.

In four days, Arcana time.

Twenty-four hours in real time.

I won’t get tired of it.

I will appear before you again.

“Just as the dawn rises each day to drive away the darkness.”

……The expression is truly poetic, Grandfell.


It means that this damn pride will follow you until it puts you in hell. Because I, who suffers from pride, knew better than anyone else how persistent pride is.

It was then that.

“Then I’m with you.”

Are you serious, Agentress?

‘Well, that’s kind of nice.’

Taken on their own terms, elves are second only to dragons in strength. Just look at what Elsidor did to Rockid, for example.

The problem is that he has an extremely nasty personality…….

Thanks to the effects of [Sublime].

The look in Agentress’s eyes was definitely different.

He didn’t even look like he was thinking about it.

In fact, even if he did, the [Hierarchy of Blessings] was still in place.

‘It shouldn’t be a problem.’

Our Lord Grandfell is a man of great pride.

He would not approve of forcing others into danger.

But Agentress has requested this of his own volition.


“I cannot ignore your pride.”

” …… pride?”

“I will allow you to accompany me.”

“Thank you.”


Don’t overthink your pride, Agentress.

Pride is a thing.

It’s not something you can understand by thinking deeply.

But Agentress asked anyway.

“May I ask what pride is?”

There is no more difficult time to express pride in words.

At the same time, I wondered.

Indeed, how would Grandfell define pride?

In anticipation, my mouth opened.

“What you saw and felt.”

“What did I see and feel……?”

“That’s pride.”

No, that’s crossing the line, that’s shamelessness!

I wondered if this would convince the cranky Agentress.

What, that unexpected response again……?

Are you laughing when you hear this answer?

“Yeah, that ‘something’ was pride.”

……What is that something else?

Again, the more I think about it, the more I lose.

This is how I ended up being infiltrated by pride……!

So I won’t delay any longer.

“Let’s go before the smell wafts away.”

Agentress did the same.

“Make sure no one approaches Sisley.”

I ordered the elves.

‘Because I don’t know what information may have leaked.’

From now on, Sisley would have to be a little more vigilant.

The elves bowed to Agentress for a moment.

He added a word.

“But……. Dragons are an exception.”

Dragons, not lizards.

My brow furrowed at the mention.

The name change alone is a big step forward.

‘It’s better than me still calling her Wensu.’


Let’s go, shall we?

As if he’s been waiting for me.


The Akshan wolf crouches down.

Who would have thought that the demon hunter hype would come to life like this.

It’s quite an experience.

I reached out to the Akshan Wolf.

If I hadn’t prepared anything, I wouldn’t have been able to get on it.

Why, the Akshan Wolf appeared in a gust of wind.

Its speed seemed fast even to the elf’s eyes.

‘Perhaps it should be closer to a max level.’

I’d have a hard time balancing on top of an Akshan wolf without some sort of horsemanship skill. But who am I, a master of maneuvering who can skip the intermediate steps.

[Achievement: Ride a Dragon, King of All Things]

[Effect: Increases proficiency with all mounts to maximum].

[Duration: Permanent].

So there was no hesitation.

It was a single motion.

Without missing a beat.

I leapt onto the wolf’s back with ease.

Then I looked at Agentress.

What are you doing, Agentress?

You have to keep your word.

Of course.

Grandfell wasn’t the kind of man to let someone ride on his back.

The reason is simple.

It would ruin my carefully put-together outfit and wrinkle my jacket.

‘……For one reason, it’s just me.’

Anyway, get on that deer over there and follow it, Argentress……!


Shadow mercenary leader.

Kichi reached out the hand that had been covering her nose and placed it on the rock.

From the palm to each palm print.

A tingling sensation.


A thud!

The rock shifted.


With a loud clatter, it revealed the entrance to the lair.

Kichi’s pupils quickly scanned the darkness.

For now, there were no signs of intrusion.


Kichi removed the hand covering her nose.

“Who would even bother to search a place like this?”

A nameless corpse.

Or bodies that shouldn’t be named.

The 『Canyon of the Forgotten』, where dozens of them are dumped every day.

The Shadow Mercenaries’ lair was hidden at the bottom of the canyon. It was at the bottom of the canyon where no sunlight, no corpse-eating vultures, not even a rat would find it.

“The vibrating rotten smell is still there.”

Kichi snorted and moved on into the darkness.

She was used to the darkness by profession.

The lair was like her home.

She could close her eyes and still know what was where.

Kichi knows the layout of the lair like the back of her hand.

‘These are basic skills.’

That’s what the position of leader requires.

Even if it looks sloppy on the outside. In reality, this is absolutely not the case.

A position that requires you to carry a lot of weight.


The curtain on the wall was lifted, and a rock appeared.

Kichi reached out once more.

With a tingling sensation, a hidden space was revealed.

The place where the Shadow Mercenaries’ accumulated wealth was hidden.

None of the members, not even Wolf, the second in command.

The existence of this space was unknown.

Of course, none of them had ever seen the ledger.

“Ew, look at all the dust.”

Kichi blew a whistle to blow away the dust.

The ledger was scary to open.

From past to present.

I see a list of clients, one after another.

A quick glance at the list reveals that they were indeed murderous.

“You’ve lived a rough life, everyone.”

Kichi smiled bitterly as she read through the ledger.

The corners of her mouth twitched.

A low voice escaped her lips.

“……I was just wondering, but it turns out I wasn’t mistaken.”

Kichi looked at the list of requests.

She pressed her fingers together and read it again.

But no matter how many times she read it, nothing changed.

The request was there.

In red ink.

Clear as day.


The Assassination of Claudi √


It was marked Success (√).

t/n: Madam Face is slang word means the prettiest or the most handsome,