Chapter 25 – The Parachute

Episode 25. The Parachute

“For him, humility had no place. Underestimation required proof, and overestimation required making it real.”

It’s an unchangeable nature.

Knowing that.

Without hesitation, I added to the list on the parchment.


1. magical tools related to magic regeneration

2. beginner magic books

3. intermediate magic books…….

4. books on magic regeneration ──────


Don’t you feel sorry for asking for so much?

I’m afraid not.

As I said, I’ll have to repay you for your generosity.

So in the end, I’m the one who suffers.

Well, let’s call it a false economy.

I handed Marcelo the parchment full of demands.

“I’ll have it ready in no time.”

……Really? That’s it?

I had the nerve to ask.

After seeing Marcelo’s nonchalant reaction, I’m finally relieved.

He thanks me once again.

“Thank you for your cooperation. Yours, Adventurer Lee Ho-Yeol.”

And then he adds honestly.

“However, I’m afraid I’m unable to proceed with my research at this time. For, as you pointed out, there is a hitch in my quest.”

Marcelo smiles bitterly.

It’s hard to tell because his face is so fleshless.

His pitiful expression makes me feel sympathetic.

Of course, even so, there’s nothing I can do to help.

“How can I explain what I just see?

A natural talent.

It’s not something you can work for.

Of course, I’m not the kind of person who would spit that out. I said.

“I’ll wait. Until you get over the gap.”

I said it in a big way.

In reality, it was a simple statement.

Until the next quest comes along.

I just meant I’d wait.

Marcelo’s face brightened a little.

“Thank you for your understanding. For the duration of your research, this lab and everything you need for your research is at your disposal upon request. Now…….”


Marcelo left the lab.

I remained alone in the lab and thought.

……It worked out just fine!

No matter how much I resented that snout of his.

I thought to myself.

“……I wonder if it’s just a matter of luck?

[Name: Grandfell Claudie Arpheus Romeo]

[Class: Demon Hunter]

[Level: 134]


Strength: 27 / Agility: 33 / Magic: 84 / Luck: 3

[Points: 0].

Level 34.

I spent 33 of my reserve points on horsepower.

I invested the remaining one in Luck.

‘I really didn’t want more luck, really.

Why, class quests alone.

Wasn’t my investment in luck enough?

But then again, it’s the human heart.

“There’s no law that says this is the effect of luck.

Why does it seem like every time I spend a point on luck, things go well?

Anyway, consider it a good jinx.

As I organized my thoughts, the view of the lab came into focus.

“This is pretty lavish for a lab.

Research desks, bookshelves, and even feather pens.

Nothing was out of place.

Nothing was out of place, even in the aesthetic sense of the word.

That’s a lot of quality.

“This is where the players’ money is.

Once upon a time, the martop was a vicious gold-sucker.

Now it doesn’t even charge for its portal.

It was infamous in its day.

“In a word.

A laboratory built on the blood and sweat of players.

I blurted out my appreciation.

“Too bad there’s no green tea.”

Yeah, I should have included green tea bags in the requirements…….

“No, not that.

I’m getting shameless by the day, I’m getting shameless……!

It’s a martop, a martop.

One of the greatest factions in Arcana.

And now, thanks to their chief wizard, they have a lab.

He said I was as good as a parachute.

“It’s not a situation you’re going to like.

Why, even a parachute has to have standards.

At least it should be able to do its job.

It should be able to stay up in the clouds for a long time without plummeting to the ground.

So what I needed to do next was simple.

Well, not much different from what I’ve been doing so far.

To stay afloat.

To not fall this time.

Struggle, again.

In that sense, it wasn’t a bad start.



Suddenly, the parchment on the desk began to scribble.

……Guanyan, it’s some kind of messenger from the Mage Tower.

A wizard.

For a moment, I was dumbfounded.

-The tool you requested is ready in Garnet Hall.

The tool I requested is…….

“Item related to magic regeneration.

At least a few hundred million, maybe tens or hundreds.

Considering the level of the Demon Tower, it’s not impossible that such items exist.

I requested such an item for research purposes.

I was borrowing them and gaining the right to use them.

What did I say?

How could I give something like that to a parachutist?

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed.

I proudly picked up the feather pen and flicked it.

-I look forward to Matap’s discernment.


The top floor of the tower.

The ceiling was backlit by luminaries.

Marcelo faced five shadows.

They were the elder mages of the tower.

“I will respect your judgment. Chief Wizard Marcelo.”

Marcelo said nothing.

The summons from the Elders was expected.

“I have offered the adventurer a collaborative research project.

And what kind of research is that?

A study that might lead to a solution.

It was research that might lead to a clue.


Marcelo had done something that had never been done before in the history of Matap.

“I need that knowledge, that talent.

To be able to manifest magic just by looking at it?

That alone is amazing.

But what kind of magic is ordinary magic?

Marcelo was convinced.

“Besides, he knows about the gap.

He spoke as if he had overcome it.

It was a curious thing.

“How does an adventurer understand the concept of magic?

Even he struggles with the concept of science.

But there was no doubt that he would be a great help in this study.

To Marcelo’s silence, the shadows added.

“But you will be held accountable for your judgment.”


Marcelo swallowed the sneer that threatened to burst forth.

“Who are you to speak of responsibility?

Fools, blinded by ideals, blind to reality.

Marcelo hated the elder mage.

A part of him wanted to question him right now.

The many contradictions in this tower.

But he couldn’t.

“Step aside, Chief Mage Marcelo.”

Instantly, the shadows turned.

Behind them, an enormous sphere of energy loomed.

And a human form floating within it.

“Any more commotion would be distracting, wouldn’t it?”

At that question, Marcelo bowed his head.


He gritted his teeth tiny.

“How long do you intend to remain silent, Tower Lord……!


Garnet Hall.

A room as red as a pomegranate.

A mage in robes stood there.

“Here are the magical tools you requested for your magic regeneration.”

……What are so many of them, anyway?

It’s a magic tower, after all.

I was expecting something.

But this was more than I expected, starting with the quantity.

I examined the magic tools and items one by one.

[Frozen Knowledge]

[Rank: Unique]

[Limit: Lv.550]

[Effect : When using Cryomancy magic, recovers 50% of consumed Magic Power].

[Description : A relic of a great Cryomancer, the magical knowledge he achieved during his lifetime has been frozen and preserved in this necklace.]

……Wait, that was crazy to begin with.

This is a level 550 unique item.

This was an item that players couldn’t even see, let alone use.

Moreover, its effect is no joke.

Even though it’s limited to Frost Magic, it restores 50% of the magic you’ve spent.

“…… The efficiency must be ridiculous as you level up.

Why, high-level spells were quite expensive.

That must be the price.

That’s what I thought.

Of course, to me, it was a picture.

“Level 550, that’s over 400 levels short.

Every little thing.

I realize I’m a parachutist.

But, of course, I don’t say anything.


I say nonchalantly, then look at the next item.

……But, why?

[Limit: Lv.500]

[Limit: Lv.600]

[Limit: Lv.500] [Limit: Lv.600] [Limit: Lv.450]

All of them had too high a level limit.

I couldn’t help but be exasperated.

“What do you think my level is……!

Such an overestimation, such an overestimation.

Show me another tool.

I wanted to change my tune.

Wasn’t there a message on the parchment?

“You can’t expect to have the discernment of a martop!

Seriously, they don’t call it a mouthful for nothing.

Suddenly, an unusually small item caught my eye.

It wasn’t a necklace or a ring…….

No, it’s a brooch.

As if noticing my interest, the wizard spoke.

“It’s an incomplete trinket, but I’ve prepared it just in case.”

An incomplete trinket.

Okay, let’s check it out.


Well, the level cap is Pass.

[Sixth Sight Brooch 1/6]

[Rank: Unique]

[Limit: Lv.100]

[Effect : When using magic, recovers 10% of consumed magic].

[Description: This is a part of a brooch where six come together to form one, but since it’s only a small part, it loses a lot of its effectiveness].

Maybe it’s because I’ve only seen great items so far.

I wondered if the effect was bland.

But it didn’t seem to be the case.

“Frost, fire, they all had limitations.

Even if they said they’d return 50% or 40% of the horsepower used.

There were strings attached.

But the brooch, as you can see, had no strings attached.

‘Besides, given my fighting style…….’

My fighting style, if you will.

It wasn’t anything spectacular.

No magic, no science.

It’s just a lot of nothing.

It was all about dragging it out and fighting to the death.

In that sense, it suited me better than any of the items here.

“I’ll rent this.”

It passed the most demanding of Grandfell’s aesthetics.

The wizard looked surprised at my choice.

“You don’t need any other tools?”

Even if I did, I couldn’t use it……!

I couldn’t tell him that over my dead body.

I replied.

“This is enough for me.”

“Oh, I see, I see what you mean.”

Well, that admiring look.

I wondered if he had misunderstood my meaning.

There was nothing more for me to do.

So what was the point of staring at a tree I couldn’t climb right now?

Time for that.

It’s time to build up the strength to climb any tree.

So it was time to get back to work.

I quickly made my way out of Garnet Hall.

My destination.

Just like the players below me.

The Yusra Islands…….

but just a regular crack.

‘I’m on a theme.

Treasure Island, Yusra Islands.

The nickname was tempting.

The minimum required level was 350.

Level 430.

I’d defeated Count Ascura, who was stronger than that.

When asked what he was afraid of.

“No demons……!

That’s because there are no Demon monsters in the Yusra Islands.

My success in Count Ascura’s estate was largely due to the effectiveness of [Natural Enmity].

Even though I had a highly efficient 『Magic』.

Even that magic wouldn’t have been able to manifest a few times without the enhanced magic power.

‘It’s a pity, but it can’t be helped.

Well, that’s what I told myself.

After all, I was building a foundation now.

A good foundation to build on.

And I had the backing of Matap.

“There’s no reason to be impatient.

So the Yusra system is far from me…….


That was it.

The class quest window flashed.

[Class Quest: The Beginning].

The prelude has begun, and the flame has risen.

The final demon hunter.

Uncover the world of evil.

─Train your weakened body. (Repeat)

─Investigate the evils of the Yusra system. (Ongoing)

……Wait, you’re going to have to change your tune, aren’t you?

I did not delay.

I immediately pinned the brooch to the lapel of my suit.

I was going to battle.

A very classy way to prepare for battle.

But I couldn’t have been more serious.

“No training is as effective as practice.”