Chapter 24 – No Objections (2)

◈ Episode 24. No Objections (2)

Marcelo doubted his ears.

“A bunch of ……?

Chief mage, the real power in the tower.

A position not easily attained.

It’s not a position you can keep.

Not with ability.

To keep your place at the top.

you must be a constant performer.

“Does this mean there’s a problem with the discovery process?

Of course not.

Marcelo took great pride in his position as Chief Wizard.

But what?

There’s a gap in the exploration process?

‘Even adventurers……?

And it was an adventurer who made that point.

Even the senior wizards who covet the top positions are keeping their mouths shut.

An adventurer, ignorant of magic.

How could he even raise such a question?

Crystal Hall.

“Something’s happened.”

“With Marcelo’s personality, he’ll never be quiet.”

“Who is that guy anyway, I’ve never seen him before……?”

No wonder the audience was roaring.

It was like throwing cold water on a great presentation.

Soon Marcelo would explode.

The senior, skilled wizard would turn into a viper, spewing venom at every turn…….

“……Can we hear why you thought that?”

……Wait, what is that answer?

The audience was agitated.

They thought it was bullshit.

I thought it was a straw man.

I thought Marcelo was going to explode.

To have a reaction like that means…….

“……Did I have a point?”

A small voice asked.

Marcelo answered in his mind.

“I have to admit it. There is a gap.

It was the disparity.

Magic and science were two different things.

The two concepts were fused to create new magic.

The process was grossly inefficient.

Marcelo alone had spent months trying to manifest this insignificant sphere of flame.

Even now, Marcelo was not convinced.

“It’s an unavoidable limitation.

But Marcelo is a man of great pride.

He would always be a wizard of the Tower.

Being criticized at a conference?

Not so much.

The quest for magic, for its essence, came first.

That’s why he asked the man.

Marcelo’s question.

And the eyes of the audience focused on the man.

The players who had been watching in silence chattered.

“Hey, ……, wait, isn’t that Lee Ho-yeol?”

“Did you just realize that he’s a silver-haired Concept Chong?”

“See? I told you it was our class, but it’s an alchemist, dammit. He’s got that nobility oozing out of his body, just like our mage class…….”

“Well, let’s have some manners during the conference.”


That’s not even in front of Ho Yeol.

At the sound of that, the players quickly shut up.

Of course, Jesse straightened his back, ignoring the tin foil hat’s words from earlier.

He clasped his hands together at his navel, a very polite gesture.


“Mr. ……wah. You’re going to have a stomachache.”

“I’d stutter if it were me. Really.”

“I just bit my tongue.”

And every single one of those unkind stares was from a wizard of great stature.

It was intimidating.

There wasn’t even a hint of nervousness in Ho-Yeol’s voice.

He was still seated in his crystal chair.

There was no change in his upright posture.

Then he said.

“I too have experienced the disparity. Chief Wizard Marcelo.”

……Experienced it?

No, he realized that he had felt the gap before.

How did he recognize it?

Marcelo is puzzled.

Then, as if to comfort him, the voice said.

“But it’s okay.”



Immediately, flames erupted from Ho Yue’s palm.

The flames spun, transforming into a sphere of fire.

It looked exactly like Marcelo’s.


The sight sent the Crystal Hall into shock.

Of course, Ho Yue, the master of ceremonies, finished nonchalantly.

“The interference process utilizes centrifugal force. The process is immature, but the result is not bad. Excellent presentation. Chief Wizard Marcelo.”



A sphere of flame spun in my palm.

I swallowed a sigh.

I could have utilized …… like this.

An ignition I’d been reluctant to use simply because of its poor horsepower efficiency.

But then I added a little elementary school science: centrifugal force, and that horsepower efficiency increased dramatically.

As you can see, I was able to maintain the ignition for a long time with less horsepower!

“I’m glad I came.

Chief Wizard Marcelo’s fireball wasn’t the only one.

All of the spells presented at the conference were amazing.

Of course, many of them were beyond the reach of my meager magical powers.

“It’s all in my head.

I was confident that if I had the power, I would be able to manifest it in no time.

In that sense.

At the end, I couldn’t help but rave.

“That was a great presentation.”

Above all, I felt a sense of camaraderie with Marcelo.

I struggled with the disconnect myself.

Like science and magic.

Two completely different concepts.

To translate [skill] into [magic].

I still remember staying up for days and nights trying to figure it out.

Yeah, even the greatest mage in the world would have struggled for days, right?

I can tell just by looking at that bony face.

“Now, let’s take a short break and resume the conference!”

It’s already break time.

I was still staring at the fireball in my palm.

“I wonder if this magic efficiency will be maintained when I manifest it on a larger scale.

If so, I might not have to fight as hard.

I was just thinking about that.

A figure approached me.


No, it was Chief Wizard Marcelo.


I frowned inwardly.

Inwardly, I was paying attention.

After all, I’d just pointed out his research.

And at a big event, a regular conference.

“You have a favor to ask of me. Chief Wizard Marcelo?”

Of course, even if I wanted to, I couldn’t.

Not with this body.

How can I be so arrogant with a snout like this?

But Marcelo’s next words caught me off guard.

“Adventurer, Mr. Lee Ho-Yeol.”

Marcelo addressed me formally.

Then he asked politely.

“Would you be willing to join me in my research?”

At that moment, my vision flashed.

[Quest: Marcelo’s Research].

Mage Tower, Chief Mage Marcelo.

To reach the next level of advanced magic.

He wants you to join him.

─Accept Marcelo’s offer. (In Progress)

……Not enough magic, and now a quest?

I thought again.

I’m glad I went to the conference after all.


Yusra Islands.

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Clear skies.

Blue ocean.

A gentle breeze.

It’s enough to make you feel like you’re on vacation.

“Sis, doesn’t this feel a little like Arcana?”

“When we were full of dreams and hopes. I remember~”

“If I’d known it would be like this, I would have brought a bikini.”

A legendary island.

The Yusra Islands are as legendary as their landscapes.

It has been said that each and every one of the Yusra Islands is incomparable to the rest of the world.

Indeed, the natural scenery was more beautiful than any vacation spot.

“You sound like a bikini. You’re a feral, shut up.”

Of course, a berserker who only knows how to fight.

It was unreasonable to expect such sensitivity from Leonie.

On the glistening sand.

Leonie stood on her hind legs and stared at the portal with a pout.

“That’s a lot. Realodas.”


No wonder there were so many.

What kind of place is the Yusra system?

A treasure island that’s been sought after since the days when Arcana was just a game.

Only time will tell.

It’s no wonder so many guilds and players flocked to the islands just for the anticipation.

“Yes, I’m in the Yusra Islands right now.”

It was no surprise that there were reporters filming the Yusra Islands and players.

“I didn’t expect that.”

But I didn’t expect the NPCs.

“Oh, no, are we going to call them Arcana now?

In any case, even those summoned from Arcana had flocked to the Yusra Islands.

They may not be interested in monsters or rifts, but they are interested in treasure.

“Ah, headbutt.”

Another truckload of competition……!

Leonie’s head spun.

A cursory glance around revealed an impressive array of NPCs.

“The Knights of the Lionheart, the Shadow Mercenaries, the Explorers’ League, they’re all just plain bad at treasure.”

In the best of all possible worlds.

The mages of the Matriarchy were the same this time.

Who are they?

Wizards, each with a power beyond imagination.

In the past, it has been said that when they move, the order of the Arcana changes.

It’s ridiculous that the mages of the Tower focus on research.

There was even a joke that it was for the sake of balance.


And let’s not forget the hundred monsters.

Above all, there was a high probability that the Skarl would appear in the Yusra system this time.

The number one ranked Skarl.

His unorthodox strength.

As a fellow ranker, Leonie knew this well.

‘……Ah, add one more to Skal.

Lee Ho-yeol.

I’m stuck.

Leonie let out another sigh.

“At least we’ll get something.”

Yeah, he wouldn’t be the only one worried about the competition.

Around the portal.

I could see the subtle undercurrents flowing between players and guilds.

That they were keeping each other in check.

There’s no way I’d be able to keep up.

“……, why are your eyes so wide open?”

“Those assh*les look like a bunch of d*cks.”

“Maybe they’re just looking at you because you’re cute?”

“Cute as f*ck.”

Leonie’s eyes widened even more.


On her white wrist.

The smartwatch vibrated.

Leonie connected the call.

“Ugh. Is the conference over already, or are you coming right over?”

Guild rankings.

Twentieth, up one spot from twenty-first.

It wasn’t unusual for the Berserker Guild to have a guild member who was invited to attend a regular meeting of the Martop.

It was.

What was strange was what the guild member said.

“……What? Lee Ho-yeol chose the chief mage?!”

-Ah, sis, you really need to clean up your language! I didn’t pick him, he was my enemy.

“That’s it, Mr. Lee. Is that why you broke up with him?”

No matter how good you are.

You have to show off.

I’ve gotten my ass handed to me by the head mage, too.

Leonie stifled a snicker.

“I figured it out when you were being a d*ck about food. I did.”

……You’re being a d*ck, sister.

The guild members clicked their tongues for a moment.

Leonie was stunned.

“What, what?! You admit it, the Chief Mage?”

The scoundrels had accepted a point?

It was unthinkable.

But the surprises weren’t over yet.

“As if that wasn’t bad enough, you even got a quest……?”

In that moment, Leonie imagined it.

A monster.

And it’s carrying a pagoda on its back.

A horrifying image from the Yusra Islands……!


Leonie felt a chill run down her spine.

This was not the time for this!

She quickly disconnected the call and spoke.

“We’re going fast. Get ready!”

And the good news was.

It wasn’t just for Leonie.

“Yeah, I’m listening.”

“…… this Ho-yeol?”

“You’re a mage after all, that bastard.”

Similarly, the guild members who participated in the regular meeting.

When they heard the news, their expressions began to change.

“……What, he got a quest from the Demon King?”

“Aren’t we mistaken, is this authentic?”

“Bowing down in front of him? Is that even possible……?”

“Brother……. What do we do?”

Lee Ho-yeol in Seoul.

He is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The mood in the Yusra Islands had changed completely.


Naturally, I accepted Marosello’s request.

[You have fulfilled the conditions].

[You will be rewarded].

I don’t know what it was, but it was a quest.

A quest that no one could do even if they wanted to.

It’s a linked quest!

Besides, I figured if it was a quest for the Magic Tower, the reward would be worth it.

Why, if I could get at least one item related to magic regeneration, it was a win-win.

‘By the way…….’

Where am I being taken?

“Where’s the reward?

I followed Marcelo to the upper levels of the tower.

The stairs were out of the ordinary.

A dungeon.

I stepped into the void, and the marble that floated there supported my feet.

An amusement ride, I thought.

Wow, back in the day, I wouldn’t have been able to take a single step.


“Thank you again for your cooperation.”

A wooden door similarly floating through the air.

In front of that antique door.

Marcelo turned to me.

“This is the laboratory you will be using, Adventurer Lee Ho-Yeol.”

Is this the first reward of the quest?

Then Marcelo added

“If you need anything for your research, let me know.”

……What a treat.

I dare say it’s to be expected.

I might be the first player to be assigned a lab in a martop.

But nonchalantly.

I was taking it for granted.

I replied.

“Then I will request the supplies I need right now.”

On the desk.

Pen flicked across parchment.


1. magical tools related to magical regeneration…….


Very confidently.