Chapter 218 – Lesson (3)

◈ Episode 218. Lesson (3)

The missing Tower Master is on a rampage.

Hoyeol and Marcelo.

The two seniors realized that and moved.

Nevertheless, the reason why all the seniors of the Magic Tower, including Elder Yugweed, had come out was simple. The tower master was the closest thing to the pinnacle of magic.

It was only recently that Hoyeol had formed a circle.

By contrast, Tower Master’s circle had been formed in the distant past.

Therefore, Yugweed had made a judgment.

Even if it is said that it is Hoyeol who became the existence of Anomaly.

The difference in experience could not be overcome.

Of course, it was a huge mistake.

Vangrit stuttered.

“it, it’s too one-sided!”

Hoyeol was unilaterally pushing the tower master.

As if they were of different levels.

No matter what kind of high-level magic Tower Master manifested.

He didn’t show any signs of panic.

Yugweed couldn’t help but laugh.

“I don’t know how many times you’ve surprised me today.”

Wasn’t this what it was like to be an old woman?

A mage’s duel is not like a warrior’s fight with sword and shield. There is no such thing as a close combat.

It’s about magic. The stronger magic consumes the weaker, and the battle is decided.

“Indeed, Master. That’s how much fire magic ……!”

Bensch William, senior fire magic practitioner.

One of the magics that revealed the nature of magic better than anything else was fire magic.

Bensch had been reluctant to face the fire dragon, Karimzeva, because of its tendency to favor the greater flame.

‘But if it’s you.’

The same one who had defeated Karimzeva.

I would have expected him to manifest fire magic against fire magic.

But no.

“Freezing magic?!”

The question didn’t last long.

“Nonsense. Burning in reverse and subduing a tower master?”

It wasn’t just once.

Every time the Tower Master manifested a certain magic.

Hoyeol would counter that magic with a counter-phase.

The scene was like…….

Senior Spirit Magic Feiyan cautiously opened her mouth.

” ……Doesn’t it look like you’re kindly informing me?”

“Informing me of what? Feiyan, senior?”

“As if common sense isn’t everything you know.”


I said.

Hoyeol, who was manifesting magic, seemed to really be speaking.

He straightened his back and looked down at everything.

It seemed to be telling me.

That what you know is not all there is.

That alone should be a cause for concern.

Matisse knew.

That Hoyeol’s talents were not limited to simple magic.

The proper kind of magic.

Hoyeol’s talent for black magic was definitely a magical talent.

It was more than that.

That was why he could say it with confidence.

“I can assure you.”

“What do you mean, Senior Matisse?”

“That even at this moment, Senior Lee is not at full strength.”

“…… Are you serious?”

“Have you ever seen me joke?”


Why, there is such a thing as reality.

Extremely advanced science is no different than magic.

I guess we could take that phrase and apply it here.

Extremely advanced magic.

Its destructive power is no different from anomaly.

It is, indeed, a vast manifestation of magic.

Even if it was the same circle, the amount of time it took to incarnate it was different. If my magic power had increased by 1,000 percent as a result of the circle, Tower Master felt like he was pouring out magic at at least 2,000 percent output.

In that sense, it’s great, Hoyeol.

‘It’s a shame you’re so unbalanced in your magic.’

If I hadn’t gone through all that trouble, I wouldn’t have been able to reciprocate that terrifyingly high level of magic.

By the way…….

“There is no set path that is necessarily the answer.”

Seriously, can you stop sounding like a teacher, Grandfell?

I opened my mouth to say something, even as I neutralized all of the high level magic that Tower Master’s body was spewing out. He’s not even conscious in the first place.

“Magic is no exception.”

No, even if I said that, they wouldn’t hear me.

“Magic compatibility? Don’t limit yourself.”

Nothing is impossible in my dictionary.

And so on and so forth.

It sounds plausible, really.

‘The Arcanians might be fooled by the words I make up.’

Why, because I was countering the tower master’s magic in many ways and adding credibility to what I said. Perhaps that’s why the exclamation mark did not disappear from Jesse’s pupils.

“Don’t limit yourself, I’ll keep that in mind!”


Even if the world doesn’t know.

I know what I’m talking about.

How simple the anomaly I am manifesting is!

It’s just magic plus basic science?

I’m just adding a few easily understood scientific concepts.

that you can just look up on the internet and understand.

Of course, I know it’s not easy.

‘Because it’s so different.’

I’ll admit, if it weren’t for Grandfell’s setting, I’d have no idea how magic works.

I wouldn’t even realize that magic is different from skills.

But there’s a level of shamelessness.

I don’t want to show off about something like this.

But my screams could not be heard.

The words come out of my mouth even more nonchalantly.

“Don’t you get it?”

Of course, there is no answer.

“I’ll take that as an affirmation.”

With each word, each statement, I am tormented by shame, but this shamelessness has never once taken my shame into account.

I flapped my jacket and said.

“Let’s resume class.”



. .

Marcelo looked at Hoyeol.

Indeed, you are improving day by day.

Especially when it comes to anomaly.

“I’m ashamed to say we’re on the same path.”

Marcelo explored the science of this world as much as the magic.

But adding new concepts to the interference process.

It was a head-scratcher.

Especially in complicated situations like now.

The gaze moves from Hoyeol to Tower Master.


The Tower Master had no chance of winning.

You know that yourself, Tower Master.

‘You’re losing too much blood.’

It’s more than Tower Master’s body can handle.

He was unleashing a barrage of high-level magic.

Marcelo gritted his teeth.

‘I’m ready, sir.’

Marcelo gritted his teeth.

He didn’t know why.

He wouldn’t even answer if I asked.

But it was clearly dangerous.

If only Hoyeol hadn’t come out right away.

The Adventurer’s World had been shattered by the Meteor Strike unleashed by the Master.

Besides, considering how much Magic Tower owed Hoyeol……. Even if Hoyeol hadn’t moved. Magic Tower would have taken it upon itself to stop Tower Master.

He knows the fate of the game as well as the tower master.

It must be another party, Hoyeol.

But why?

Hoyeol hadn’t made up his mind about the match.

He showed no sign of changing his mind.

Hoyeol stood by his words.

“Let’s resume class.”



As if to enlighten Tower Master.

It was just a response to the tower master’s magic.

“Why would you go so far…….”

I hope the tower master opens his eyes.

It was an action that even I, who had been waiting for more eagerly than anyone else, could not dare to do.

Marcelo looked at Tower Master.

His appearance remained the same, as if time had stopped.

Only one thing had changed: the pupils.

His eyes, always so languid, were now hollow.

It was as if their souls had escaped.

“Why are you looking like that…….”

My head, which had never lost its cool, was a mess.

Then a voice spoke.

It was apprentice mage Jesse Heinness.

“I realized it too late, but that’s the tower master, isn’t it?”


“Then I have a message for you, Chief Marcelo.”

Jesse wondered why the tower master didn’t answer.

Why he was pouring his magic indiscriminately.

He knew why.

As an archmage, she knew that Tower Master consciousness, as a former archmage, was embedded in the hat, so she couldn’t let the anguished Marcelo pass her by.

“……So you say.”

Marcelo’s voice trembled harshly.

“Are you saying that the tower master was a former archmage?”

Jesse nodded.

Marcelo realized something.

Why Jesse, an apprentice mage, was in this place.

And then he remembered.

The letter Tower Master had left on the parchment.

“…… Was everything planned from then on?”

That face, always so languid.

There must have been a purpose beneath that look.

But it’s foolish, Tower Master.

“It is a purpose that must be pursued even at the cost of one’s life.”

There is no such thing in this world.

“Such a thing is not the truth, is it?”

Watching Hoyeol.

Marcelo realized.

So he could shout at the tower master.

“Is this truly the ending you wanted?”

Tower Master didn’t turn his head.

He merely exchanged magic with Hoyeol.

Still, Marcelo cried out, the blood rising in his throat.

“Have you really not regretted a single moment? I regretted every moment. Why didn’t I realize my shortcomings when you were awake? I thought I could finally prove myself in front of you

Tower Master still didn’t answer.

“Should you have deceived me in this way!”

Marcelo’s shout reached everyone.

Jesse bit her lip.

This was the first time she had heard of this story today.

It was as if everything had happened because of him, the Archmage.

It didn’t feel good.


The Magic Tower remained silent.

Bellier, meanwhile, clenched her fists.

She couldn’t imagine the loss Marcelo must feel.

The only constant was Hoyeol.

He was unaffected by Marcelo’s pleas.

He exchanged magic with the tower master without ceasing.

Tower Master body doesn’t understand anything.

As if trying to teach something.

Yes, to some it is futile.

To others, it’s cold.

To others, it might seem like unbreakable pride.

But to the system, it was the same as always.

“Don’t you get it yet?”

Even on the roughest roads.

The [sublime] that can make everything right.

That kind of sublimity could make a difference.

[The effect of the sublime causes small changes].

Then Tower Master’s lips twitched.

” …… I didn’t want it to end like this.”


“You’re late.”

Hoyeol heard that voice.

“However, it would be enough if you realized it now.”





I was waiting for those words.

It was wrong to begin with, wasn’t it?

To use a magical metaphor, the search is wrong from the start.

Why risk your life to get to the Anomaly in the first place?

Moreover, do you think Grandfell would stand by and watch those who risked their lives to enter the realm of the Anomaly? Yes, archmages, I’m talking about you.

I stared at the flashing quest objective.

Defeat the body of a rampaging Tower Master. (Ongoing)

Tower Master.

If you think I will meekly go along with your plans, you are sorely mistaken.

I will not follow the path laid out by the quest objectives.

I have learned of another path.

Countless particles of magic scattered around.


The magic particles turn into threads and wrap around Jesse’s hat.

Yes, that’s another path.

This is the ending presented by [Aesthetics] that has reached the high.

As they say, you can’t forget a lesson if you don’t use it in time.

So I didn’t delay.

I reached for Jesse’s hat.


I search for the cone hat with more concentration than ever.

I would have called it a spell that forcibly separates the body and consciousness.

I traced the traces of Tower Master’s magic that would have naturally permeated the hat.

I understood the structure of the magic from the magic marks.

Then I opened my mouth.

“Jesse Heinness.”

“……Yes! I can’t look up, but I’m listening!”

……I must have tipped my hat too hard, I sorry, but there was no apology. I didn’t have time to follow procedure and ask for her opinion.

“May I take the Master back from you?”

“By teacher, I assume you mean the consciousness of a tower master!”


The response was immediate.

“Of course, I believe that is the correct procedure!”

After all, it doesn’t matter who taught you, you have to be polite.

With both parties in quick agreement.

I immediately drew up my magic.

I manifested a reversal magic.

At the same time, my vision flashed before my eyes.

●Defeat the body of the rampaging tower master. (Failed)

The message was simple.

“You’ve grown up, little Chief Marcelo.”


“And I am greatly indebted to you. Chief Lee Hoyeol.”

Tower Master’s consciousness had returned to his physical body.