Chapter 217 – Lesson (2)

◈ Episode 217. Lesson (2)

Marcelo Simuard.

A talent coveted even by the demon kings that parasitized the Simuard family. Nothing could stand in his way. There was even a story circulating in the continental Mage family.

“He’s said to be one of the top geniuses in Simuard Family……….”

“Indeed, a talent not limited to the family!”

“It’s a talent worthy of a senior position in the Magic Tower.”

Because they are from a mage family, they know better than anyone else what kind of place the Magic Tower is. But it’s not like entering the Magic Tower, but it’s evaluated as being enough to hold a senior position.

Any one of them could have argued that this was an exaggeration.

But they didn’t.

No wonder.

“For a boy like this to master the magic of all mainstream school!”

Around the age of fifteen.

Marcelo had mastered the magic of the twenty school that supported the Tower.

He could freely manifest mainstream magic up to the intermediate level.

There was no way Marcelo would be held back from entering the tower.

“That slender boy is Simuard’s child?”

“Oh my.”

“Well, that’s a pretty strange reaction to a discussion of apprenticeships.”

Apprentice mages are treated like newborn chicks in the Magic Tower.

They can’t belong to a school, and they don’t have the ability to prove it. But Marcelo was an exception. Ever since he was an apprentice mage, he had been recognized by many seniors.

‘An incomparable talent.’

‘Coveted, but dangerous.’

‘……even a threat to one’s position.’

A mere apprentice mage being kept in check by a senior mage?

Never before or since, unthinkable.

No, it was completely unprecedented in the history of the tower.

Some breathed a sigh of relief.

“We should be thankful that we are not of his generation.”

Even for the most gifted.

The Tower was an unfriendly place.

Even if Marcelo could threaten their position.

It would take time.

Of course, such complacency.

“……Simuard has been pre-qualified?”

“He hasn’t even chosen a school yet, has he?”

“You don’t mean to tell me he finished his studies during his apprenticeship!”

From apprentice to adept.

It was as if he was just waiting for a promotion.

Thanks to Marcelo, who passed the preliminary verification and attended the regular conference, it disappeared.

From that point on, Marcelo became the competition for the seniors.

“It depends on which school he chooses.”

“One of our seats will be at stake.”

“Oh my God, this is ridiculous…….”


Marcelo defied the odds once again.

He didn’t choose, he created.

『The Theory of Magic』.

A book that changed the history of magic.

A whole new school.

From then on, it was known as such.

Theory of Magic pushed all magic to the next level, and Marcelo was recognized for his work, becoming a Senior Mage and he rose to the position of chief, beating out the leading candidate, Matisse.

He became the youngest Senior ever to accomplish such a feat.

That day, Marcelo attended the Roundtable as Chief.

For the first time, he faced the Tower Master.

He stood face to face.

“Hmm, you’re too weak to bear the weight of the Chief, but it’s not too late. Why don’t you return to your senior position and take care of your body first?”


For the first time in his life, a ‘wall’ stood in his way.

The wall, Tower Master, was only harsh on Marcelo.

Even in the face of the theory of magic, his attitude remained the same.

“Magic isn’t something that can be captured in words, child.”

“It’s the theory of magic that makes it possible. And I’m well past the age of maturity, so please refrain from calling me a child.”

“Very well. Understood, Chief Marcelo.”


Tower Master grabbed Marcelo’s pod with a squeak.

It was a good thing that everyone in the Magic Tower knew of Marcelo’s talent, or else he would have abandoned his position as Chief and left.

Yugweed suppressed laughter at that sight.

“I never realized that even a tower master had such a crooked side.”

Including himself.

All mages deviate from the norm.

As I said, that was true of Marcelo as well.

To put it another way…….

Tower Master and Marcelo were only twisted toward each other.

“Did you know, that’s called a pod?”

“That’s rude, little Chief.”

“Changing the word order doesn’t change the meaning behind it.”

“Got it, Chief kiddo.”


Who would have thought.

The Great Magic Tower.

That the Tower Master and the Chief Mage would be having such a childish conversation on the top floor.

But one day, their seemingly unbreakable parallels were suddenly and abruptly cut off.

” …… Tower Master?”

Like a caterpillar cowering in its chrysalis.

He had been trapped in a magic sphere.

It was no one’s doing.

“It’s definitely Tower Master’s magic sphere.”

He had done it to himself.

Marcelo couldn’t understand.

He couldn’t accept it.

The only wall that blocked him was the tower master.

He could no longer break it down with his own strength.

But they say time is a medicine.

Years passed, and Marcelo finally admitted.

“I was ignorant.”

Tower Master had recognized him and his lack of theoretical magic.

Marcelo remembered his conversation with Tower Master and improved his theoretical magic. He hopes to meet Tower Master again someday and prove himself…….




He realized once again.

‘All the mages are screwed up, even if a screw is missing!’

Marcelo didn’t just admire the Tower Master.

In other words.

He had a twisted sense that if he could break it, he would break it with his own hands.

Even that could be reduced to a single word: ‘love-hate’……!

“I apologize for not speaking to you. Sir.”

Nothing to apologize for, Marcelo.

As I always say, reinforcements are always at hand.

It’s just that there aren’t many I can bring with me in good conscience. I’m the one who got stuck in the middle of a bunch of bubbles and got stuck in the middle of an unbearable difficulty.

‘Actually, if I feel like it, I would like to at least give an order for a general mobilization.’

From the Great Alliance to the Knights of the Lionheart.

I’d love to be able to call in the big guns.

But right now, few of them will be able to face the Top Master and survive.

Especially on the player side.

“Except for Jessie, of course.

Not Jesse, who is a disciple and favored by Tower Master.

And then there’s Marcelo.

There’s no need to worry about Marcelo.

Regardless of ability, this is my first time seeing it.

“I’ll take responsibility for that when I get back, but there’s a reason I can’t back down. The story I just told you.”

Marcelo was that motivated.

Who knew I could sense emotion in a telepath?

I nodded.

“I understand, Marcelo.”

Now that Marcelo was on board.

This wasn’t just a class for Jesse anymore.

I, of course, would be looking over his shoulder, learning the archmage’s magic.

And Marcelo, eager to prove his growth to the Master.

It’s a battlefield of stories.

“Jesse Heinness, apprentice mage.”

“Yes, I hear you, Chief Marcelo!”

“I will ask for your pardon as well.”

“Ah, yes, that’s fine, though I’m not sure what it is!”

I didn’t exactly reveal the identity of the Archmage.

Maybe that’s why.

Jesse just assumes that Marcelo has a connection to the Archmage.

Of course, Marcelo is in the same situation.

‘I still haven’t realized that Tower Master is unconscious.’

……No, I mean, did he even know that Tower Master was an archmage in the first place? Given that the identities of the archmages before Tower Mater were not widely known, it was doubtful.

Jesse was an adventurer, so she was an unusual case of a known archmage.

‘Twisted, but tightly twisted.’

I swallowed a sigh, for once.

‘Well, I’m not the only one with a heavy heart.’

The saying that ignorance is medicine could not be more relevant……!

“Wow, it was all illusion magic!”

Jesse exclaims, really thinking it’s a class.

“It’s been a while, and you don’t even have an answer.”

Marcelo is talking to Tower Master’s shell.

I know the whole story.

I am in a very serious situation.

But I couldn’t show it.

Apart from the pride of Grandfell.

Because I wasn’t even given the opportunity to do that in the first place.

[Tower Master’s physical body appears].


The emergence message.

The meaning was simple.

So far, it has only been a preview.

The landscape created by the illusionary magic slowly began to dissipate.

Soon, it turned into pure magic.

And then it ignited.

Marcelo gritted his teeth.

“You really don’t have a grasp of the situation, do you?”

The founder of the theory of magic.

Marcelo had theorized all of mainstream magic.

It’s no wonder he’s so good at it.

Which means he knows it better than anyone.

Marcelo immediately unleashed a barrier of water.

“Water on fire……!”

That’s what Jesse said.

Not so simple magic, that one.

Considering the amount of work that went into the interference process.

It was as if he had manifested the three highest levels of magic at the same time.


Still, it wasn’t enough.

The fact that water is superior to fire is also a story when the level is right. Because the demonic fire that devours everything evaporates even water.


That word came out of Marcelo’s mouth.

It’s a rare sight indeed.

Anyway, I can’t stay on the sidelines forever with my arms crossed.

This made it clear.

Tower Master’s body is clearly running amok.

“This is too much.”

The disparity between the separate consciousness and the physical body.

‘I can’t even imagine the interference.’

Even the tower master couldn’t manifest himself perfectly..

Regardless of what the consciousness had left behind.

The body is just a rampage.

So from now on, it was no longer a class.

The words I would spit out were fixed.

“As a chief, I can’t approve this class.”

……I opened my mouth in defiance.

Even Marcelo’s magic was overpowered. Even with the [Blessing of the First World Tree], magic alone might not be enough to defeat him.

He has a circle just like I do.

In the end, I have no choice but to be sincere from the start.

I immediately prepared for a bizarre manifestation.

Obviously, reversal magic would be the most efficient.

However, reversing attribute magic only reverts it to pure magic.

‘The Tower Master will interfere with it again.’

Even the most powerful master does not have unlimited magic.

Using this much magic would surely take a toll on your body.

Illusions and fire magic.

It was one of the most powerful spells in terms of power consumption.

‘Do you think you’ll do a good job there?’

To take down an archmage, I must be precise. With [Blessing of the First World Tree] active, it’s safe to say that my magic regeneration is at its maximum, so I’m going to use my magic advantage.




Marcelo and Jesse froze.

They had detected an abnormality in Tower Master’s body, no change in emotion, no consciousness. A trickle of blood dripped from the corner of Tower Master’s mouth.

She recognized the experience.

Jesse looked at me and said.

“That’s got to be magic exhaustion……?”

Meteor strikes, illusions, fire magic.

One manifestation after another.

You have no conscience if you think you’re okay.

At this point, I’ll make a cold declaration.

Tower Master, your plan.

seems to have failed miserably.

“I don’t understand.”

Twisted admiration.

But Marcelo clearly admired Tower Master.

He was the only one who could see through his inadequacies.

“What on earth would make you……?”

Marcelo’s pupils fluttered.

He thought he could only be recognized by such a master.

He wouldn’t be the Tower Master he knew anymore.

I opened my mouth to speak.

“Jesse Heinness.”

“Yes, I’m listening!”

“I’m afraid I have some unfortunate news.”

“……Ah, I was going to tell you even if I didn’t!”

No voice came out of the cone hat.

Jesse had spoken.

I could feel it in my gut.

Something was happening inside the cone hat.

But it’s okay.

This is the end of a lesson that will only hurt everyone.

I continued.

“Your class will end here.”

“Yes! I accept!”

“But stay focused until the end.”

“You mean ……?”

“Because I’m in charge of this class and I’m going to finish it.”

Meteor strike.

Illusion magic.

And now fire magic.

I realized as I watched Tower Master manifest the highest level of magic.

Apparently, I was speaking out of turn.

I dare to look down on the state of transcendence.

I feel like I’ve stepped into the realm of the anomaly.

In other words.

“There was nothing to learn from your apparition.”


“I told you. Everything has changed.”

This fire magic.

The anomaly of freezing that is inverted.

Which means it can be offset by [『Absolute Zero』].


An instant.

The area was chilled to the point where breath was pouring out.

I looked at the tower master and said.

“My class will begin at this time.”

“I will not take questions during the lesson.”

“Because the one answering is not me, but you, the master of the tower.”

Wow, the back end is a bit long, Grandfell.

In that sense, brace yourself, Tower Master.

I was the one who made Magic Tower wet with tears just by preliminary verification..

My first lesson will not be a pleasant one!




A whirlwind of magic.

Elder Yugweed arrived late.

And all twenty senior mages witnessed.

“Truly, you chief, you……!!!”