Chapter 179 – Everything is ripe (2)

◈ Episode 179. Everything is ripe (2)

Elixir (靈藥).

Medicinal herbs that are ripe for harvest are called elixirs.

Naturally, the value of elixirs is beyond imagination.

Or, perhaps, immeasurable.

In the beginning, elixirs were never been exhibited on the Arcana or in any auction house.

Since ancient times, those in high places have been careful to preserve their own bodies.

According to herbal texts, kings and nobles have been searching for elixirs since the days of the ancient kingdoms.

『According to what is known, the human being who took the most elixirs was ‘Urus of Iron Fist’. Born weak by nature, he had to take elixirs to survive and then realized the true value of elixirs…….』.

Later, he traded his vast county for the elixir.

In the old story, he became a wandering fallen nobleman…….

Every old story has a moral.

I was nodding my head as I read that passage.

This is why drug addiction is dangerous, I thought.

But I never thought I would covet an elixir!

My need for elixirs is simple.

I remembered the effects of elixirs.

‘No matter how precious the elixir is, it will only raise your stats.’

That was the case with the Contemplative Mistletoe I’d gotten in the Predator Swamp when I’d signed the contract with Hiel, but the effect of the elixir was far from that.

‘That kind of change doesn’t happen just because your stats increase by a few points. never.’

It’s impossible, I was sure of it.

I mean, we have hard evidence, right?

Whether the stats go up or not.

The daily grind of the Physical Fitness class quest.

『The Urus of Iron Fist was at a level that cannot be explained, both at the time and even now when this book is being written. A man who didn’t even have the grip strength to hold a sword properly smashed the gate of the capital city with his fist… … .』

Is that to blame?

At the end of the book, it said.

“It is said that most of the elixir herbs that have been rooted and grown for a long enough period of time to be called elixirs have already disappeared from the continent of Arcana during the time of the Ancient Kingdom…….”

Anyway, if it is good for your body.

I guess the inability to use all four limbs is universal.

But who am I?

I’m the wielder of the [Pure Knowledge].

Am I not the one who has knowledge of every plant on the Arcana Continent? That means that the knowledge of the rare ‘elixir’ also exists in my head……!

It is.

The plants I’m watering now are all medicinal herbs that have the potential to grow into elixirs.

Someone might ask.

No, aren’t the herbs alone worth a fortune?

Where did you get and plant such medicinal herbs?

I will answer proudly.

I’m glad I’m a sucker.

[Map of All Things]

[Rating: Epic]

[Limit: None]

[Effect : You can learn the location of something someone has hidden, something someone has lost, something hidden somewhere. You can also teleport to the location of something once.

However, when you activate the teleportation effect, you immediately lose all effects].

[Description: A magic tool with endless possibilities depending on how you use it].

In order to save Marcelo’s life, he was forced to teleport to the continent of Arcana.

Unlike Grandfell, who has integrity and innocence and is not concerned about material things.

I, Lee Hoyeol, could not give up my greed for material things.

Just like the [Sixth Eye Brooch], I’ve memorized the location of items that might be useful in the future.

-“An elixir. Pointless to me.”

I remember muttering that, but…….

Good for you for enduring Grandfell’s bullshit, Hoyeol.

This shit might save my life.

With the help of the [Pure Knowledge], I was able to identify the elixirs that would be either medicine or poison to me. There are two elixirs that I have identified.

The Everlasting Snowflake.

The Scorching Sunflower.

The Circle was a mage’s realm.

Naturally, in order to activate the circle, I would have to boost my meager magic abilities.

There are many ways to do that, but for now, I chose the easiest shortcut.

‘The other way is too difficult for me.’

If Marcelo can’t do it, how can I do it?

And even if I could, the time investment would be significant.

Until then, I respectfully decline to listen to this kind of heartbeat.

「An Everlasting Snowflake that increases your affinity for Ice Magic.

The opposite of that.

Scorching Sunflower, which increases fire magic affinity.」

I was going to take two of these precious elixirs.

No, I must.

Otherwise, you will end up leaving this world due to side effects.

As the story of Urs shows.

Elixirs contain a great deal of energy.

What if you take a bunch of them?

Naturally, the body can’t handle it.

“Urs fainted immediately after taking the first elixir, and didn’t wake up until a month later. Even then, it was only because his naturally weak body was not in conflict with the elixir’s medicinal properties.”

One might wonder.

If the elixir is so effective.

Shouldn’t all those who took it have gone down in history?

The reason they didn’t is simple.

Because most of them died from the side effects!

“Neither cold nor heat can affect me.”

Padding in the middle of winter.

Formality that won’t let you wear short sleeves in the middle of summer.

But this isn’t just cold or heat. Grandfell.

‘I’d suffer side effects if I just ate it.’


I was shackled by the circle around my heart.

So there’s only one way out.

Take both the Everlasting Snowflake and the Scorching Sunflower at the same time. Neutralizing their effects was the only way to increase my magic power without side effects.


I set a goal to consume two precious elixirs.

All I’ve done is water my garden with a watering can.

Someone might misunderstand that they are growing lettuce or something.

But this isn’t just any garden.

-“Here’s your research project!”

Adept Mage, Klee.

As expected, she’s been accepted by Grandfell.

Klee has made quite a few advances in her knowledge of medicinal herb cultivation in a short time.

-“Using healing magic to maintain an optimal environment for herbs to grow……. An interesting idea. Regardless of the efficiency of the magic, it deserves praise.”

Medicinal herbs grow in demanding environments.

Arcana systematically speaking…….

Are we supposed to explain that they’re debuffed outside of certain environments?

Klee’s cultivation method was focused on removing the debuffs, not matching the environment.

‘Sure, it costs a ridiculous amount of mana.’

It’s a very expensive healing magic.

Healing magic like that can be manifested in plants?

That was why Klee’s research hadn’t seen the light of day.

But I didn’t care.

There was a part of me that believed…….

No, not exactly believe.

I just had a corner to use.

I mean, I had a garden full of everlasting snowflakes.

And I planted a bunch of medicinal herbs that would grow into scorching sunflowers.

If you sprinkle water containing Hiel’s blessing on top… … .

Shouldn’t we be a little excited?

Even if it’s just to meet with Hiel.

I’ll have to enter the rift tomorrow.

I chattered idly.


Water droplets on the herbs.

Gardening may seem peaceful to others, but to me, it was the beginning of a vacation I couldn’t enjoy in the slightest…….

“Indeed, there is no greater work of art than nature.”

…… Likewise, I can’t enjoy this monologue.


What was the reason for the sudden break?

“It’s definitely because of the quest, right?”

Yoon Jongjin spoke up for the first time in a while.

The rift in the [Count Ascura’s Castle], where Lee Hoyeol first showed his presence in the world.

Wasn’t it Yoon Jongjin who had watched his first move?

“This is the infamous Lee Hoyeol, the same Lee Hoyeol who roamed the Siberian snowy mountains without any padding, and he suddenly stops all activity and rests? It doesn’t make sense!”

Move over.

This is the limit of my patience.

The chilly voice was still clear in Yoon Jongjin’s ears.

At Yoon Jongjin’s insistence, Hyun Yongseok finally raised the white flag.

“So, what you’re saying is that you’re going to wait at the Magic Tower Portal?”

“That’s right, for the quest, you have to enter the rift anyway, so the players will capture the scene, and I’ll just jump through the portal, perfect!”

“Yeah, whatever. It’s good to see you’re so motivated.”

I’m sure he must have had a grumpy look on his face…….

Yoon Jongjin wanted to kick Hyun Yongseok’s ass.


There’s something about being the main camera director.

Yoon Jongjin rushed to the set and said to writer Kim.

“I’m pretty good at contemplation. My aunt is a shaman, so maybe I’m a little bit of a psychic. Our Mr. Hoyeol’s contemplation is not one that you can rest on.”

……So, how fierce was my contemplation that I was dragged here?

Mr. Kim had a lot to say, but he held his tongue.

And then he said something.

He said.

“In that sense, PD Yong’s contemplation is very admirable… … .”

Yoon Jongjin continued to speak.

Writer Kim, who was looking at his phone, was stunned.

He jumped to his feet.

“Director, camera! Get the camera!”

“You’re up, you’re up! I knew it!”

Yoon Jongjin hurriedly gathered his equipment.

He folded his tripod and followed Kim diligently.

Anything but Russia was welcome.

“So, which rift is this?”

“A rift? It’s not a rift.”

“What? It’s not a rift?”

“The Kingdom of Yusra.”

……Ah, yes!

A quest that starts in the Kingdom of Yusra.

The possibilities were endless.

Wasn’t the Kingdom of Yusra an ancient kingdom?

If it’s a tangled mess, the quests will be endless.

However, Yoon Jongjin’s Introduction to Contemplation.

“What, what is this? Isn’t it synthetic?!”

Kim shoved his smartphone in Yoon Jongjin’s face.

It shattered.

A photo appeared on the screen.

And there he was, standing tall as always.

Why, it was Hoyeol tending a flower garden.

Yoon Jongjin looked dejected.

“……No, that’s not what contemplation looks like.”

“Director, stop talking about contemplation and get the camera!”

“Camera? We’re going to take a picture of this?”


Kim pushed his glasses up and his eyes lit up.

Because writer Kim also had a feeling.

“Lee Hoyeol, who tends the flower garden. There will definitely be a demand audience for that too. First of all, it’s fresh! More than anything, if you don’t want to hear harsh words from PD Yong… … .”


There was no time to agonize.

Didn’t I just make a loud noise?

Yoon Jongjin immediately grabbed the tripod and started running.

“It’s in the separate room of the Golden Palace, right? I’ll be there first!”




As it turns out, Kim’s hunch was right.

[Ratings: 21.7%].

Hoyeol tending to his flower garden at a leisurely pace.

It was a sight that no one had ever witnessed before.

At the same time, it caused a small stir.

-I wonder how tired he must have been to suddenly start growing flowers.

-Don’t touch him.

-What kind of flower is that????

-Stop wondering that too!

Lee Hoyeol.

Maybe he just wanted to rest, plain and simple.

As such public opinion became the main focus, the actions of Hoyeol so far began to be reexamined.

-It was a murderous schedule, for sure;;;

-To add insult to injury, consider his level.

-He’s at least a level 900 player.

-To get to that level means you’re constantly doing something behind the scenes, even when we can’t see it, right? I’m a player, but I really admire you…….

Of course, it wasn’t just the proud ones who lived in the world.

As they say.

Where there is light, there are shadows.

There are those who see the same thing and think differently.

In the Kingdom of Yusra, in the darkness of the Golden Palace.

Two shadows lurk in the darkness.

Trigger Skill, [Stealth].

The two shadows whispered in secret.

“Kinver, you say that bastard is missing? Really?”

Supernova, Kinver.

I’ve matched up with other players several times, but there has never been another player who is as certain and cruel as he is. Above all, Kinver did not shy away from his work.

“My face turned white.”

“……Kinver got white in the face? Did I explain that correctly?”

“I’m not an idiot, I didn’t misrepresent the job, I made it clear. We’re not killing anyone, we’re not raiding, we’re just sneaking in.”

It wasn’t about sneaking into the golden palace, where the guards were wide-eyed, but just about pulling up some roots of flowers in the garden.

Who would dare?

Robbing Lee Hoyeol’s flower garden.

But if they could do it.

There would be no doubt in the minds of the players in the underworld as to their boldness.

“It’s a chance to raise the ransom.”

The two players had infiltrated the Golden Palace’s spare room with that in mind.

“……But where’s that asshole?”

Given Kinver’s mastery of the [Stealth] skill, no one should have been able to spot him in this darkness.

However, as soon as Lee Hoyeol’s name was mentioned, Kinver left the scene as if he had heard something he couldn’t hear.

“Well, enough about the little bastard.”

Anyway, I guess Lee Hoyeol didn’t think that there would be people who would open up his flower garden.

Not a single guard in sight.

Good thing I found it.

“It looked pampered, by the way, didn’t it?”

“Maybe it’s a valuable item?”

“……Hmm, if grass is precious, how precious is it?”


It was the moment when two shadows approached the flower garden.



Instantly, goosebumps sprouted all over their bodies.

Eyes glowed in the darkness.

A message appeared in front of the two men.

[Fear is occurring].

[Skill, ‘Stealth’ is dispelled].

As if extreme fear wasn’t enough to force the release of Stealth.


His weapon dropped to the ground.

Soon, a huge presence emerged from the darkness.

The two men’s faces contorted as they realized its identity.

…… Why?

A legendary being, compared to a dragon.

A member of the Shadow Mercenaries, the monster that defeated Rockid.

An elf guarding Lee Hoyeol’s flower garden!