Chapter 178 – Everything is ripe (1)

◈ Episode 178. Everything is ripe (1)

Looking back, it’s been a relentless day.

First, I started with the boring infinitely repeating class quests. If I defeated a Great Evil, a Demon King would pop out. Defeat the Demon King, and a Demon Worshipper pops up. Defeat that, and…….

‘After all, I’ve made it all the way to the High Ranking Demon King, Gamigin.’

You can’t show your true colors in front of your enemy.

I filled the hole with poison and water from a dug well.

However, it seems that holes are not tolerated from the ground up.


“Not bad for early morning tea.”

It’s 9am.

Normally, I’d be in the middle of my chief’s duties at Magic Tower. Let’s see, is this a good time to give Bensch a relentless rejection on his application?


The sound of a chirping bird.

But I’m sipping my teacup, looking out the window from my office in the Kingdom of Yusra. My annual leave, or rather, leave of absence, had passed without difficulty.

How long has it been since I’ve had a proper break?

Because I didn’t complain.

If I had.

All day, every day.

I could have whined all week.

Because it was killing me!

No, at the end of the day, if it wasn’t for the blessing of the First World Tree, I would have passed out from overwork.

Reality wasn’t enough.

After obtaining the [Telescope of Evil Eye], I had to think about the situation on the Arcana Continent as well.

But this snout would never tolerate a slap on the wrist.

“I will return to you soon.”

Don’t try to sound cool, Grandfell.

Now is not the time to be formal.

For even at this moment, the rings of the circle were still tightening their grip on my heart.

I remembered Yugweed’s words.

-“You’re forming a circle. This is an achievement that makes me feel ashamed of myself, Chief Lee Hoyeol. So, if you don’t get treated like an elder by Chief Lee, you have no right to be upset, right?”

You spit out a string of words, Yugweed.

You’re scary, mages……!

Still, Yugweed dutifully explained the circle to me.

-“To put it simply, the circle is like a horse’s reins, and if Chief takes hold of it and shakes it wildly, the magic will run wild like a raging horse.”

The magic of a mage who forms a circle,

will overwhelm the magic of those who do not.

If one were to quantify the power of magic before and after the circle was formed, the difference would be at least a dozen to one.

-“But, like the reins, the circle requires delicate control. For, as you know, Chief, circles are formed in the heart.”


That’s what it takes to handle a circle.

Perhaps it’s faster to feel than to say.

I slowly drew up my magic power.

Round and round.

A sphere of magic, light, floated in the air.

It was a basic magic, so I didn’t bother with the assimilation and interference process.

I carefully examined the light’s glow…….

As expected, there is no change in its output.


Of course, I don’t feel my heart constricting yet.

[Transcendent: the effect is sealed due to failure to meet the condition].

Judging by that message, the circle was only formed, not functioning. In that sense, I should be grateful that the effects of the title are sealed?

I haven’t even created the ability or the vessel yet.

If I grabbed the rings of the circle and shook it, I’d be stunned…….

standing and fainting.

If I stood upright, I might have crossed the netherworld with a heart attack.

-“Most of all, I’m sure the Tower Master will be pleased, for he has often lamented that there are no mages in the Tower to share his magical wisdom with.”

At Yugweed’s words, I could recognize it.

The Magic Tower, the most powerful military organization on the continent of Arcana.

The fact that the only mage who formed a circle was the tower master, even in the most powerful magic tower in the world. It hit me. I was so stupid to skip the middle step……!

So, it is understandable that I was caught in a bewitched


My magic power is comparable to that of an adept mage.

I’ve added a circle to that power.

Instead of being a rein to hold and swing, it’s a heavy shackle.


“It’s running wild without stopping.”

But what kind of pride does this guy have so easily admit his own shortcomings?


Instantly, the sphere of magic disperses into thin air.

I grunted nonchalantly.

“It’s been a while since I’ve had to deal with such a wild horse.”

……That comment implies that the circle is a wild horse, right?

Now you’re using metaphors, Grandfell.

There’s a level to shamelessness, really!

Although I was shocked, I was actually relieved at the same time.

If I had been Lee Hoyeol.

I’d be shaking in my boots, thinking I had an incurable disease. But thanks to our venerable Grandfell, I was prepared.

“I will personally subdue the wild beast.”



The power of the Transcendent in my heart.

To make the circle mine!



Marcelo’s office.

His desk was piled high with books and letters.

Marcelo realized something new.

He hadn’t realized it in his weakened state.

A small laugh escaped him.

“I’ve been indebted to a lot of people, haven’t I?”

What kind of people are mages?

They are those who seek truth, and when they see something new, they want to explore it. It’s no wonder they have so many questions about the Rift and the world of adventurers.

The application form alone was quite lengthy.

“As the Lord said, everything is according to procedure…….”

The purpose of the appearance is strictly inspected.

As I paid for the application, the time flew by.

Marcelo shook his head.

This is why…….

“……Truly, you must not have had enough.”

He and Hoyeol, who stayed in the magic tower and managed only the magic tower, were different.

The Kingdom of Yusra, Frost, and even the world of adventurers here.

It was hard to imagine the weight of the burden Hoyeol carried.

“You’ve made a good decision at a crucial time.”

Now that the Circle was formed.

He would need time to adjust to the Circle.

In that sense, there was no time like the present.

The Battle for the Demon King returned to nothingness.

Even the high ranking demon king, Gamigin, has fallen to hell.

Demonic activity on the Arcana Continent had subsided.

It wasn’t an illusion as it was during the Demon Castle Rift.

Unlike then, I was able to see the Arcana Continent through the [Telescope of Evil Eye], and I saw the appearance of demoralized demons.

“I will do my best to fill your shoes.”

As he muttered that, Marcelo’s feather quill snapped.

“Bensch William Senior will have to work a little harder.”



The world was at peace.

There were heroes who had cleared twelve rifts without losing a single casualty, so it was no wonder that tales of heroism could be heard throughout the rifts.

[Knights of the Lionheart, defeating a named monster!]

[Senior Mage, and the strength of the Magic Tower].

[The strongest shield, the paladins of the Goddess Church].

[The Ultimate Success of a small group of Elite, Shadow Mercenaries.]

But it’s the Arkanians who steal the show. They had proven their overwhelming power in front of so many players and camera lenses.


Golden Crown Tavern.

A laugh that was not to be missed.

Rockid cracked open his second barrel since broad daylight.

“It’s the best……. I don’t know exactly what that means, but being king must be good, right? The goddamn world is finally recognizing you for what you are, Rockid!”

The defeat at the hands of Elsidor still stung, but…….

Well, our employer said he’d take care of that.

I suppose I shouldn’t dwell on it.

Instead, I wanted to enjoy the moment.

“Come on, let’s see what they’re talking about.”

Rockid pressed the remote with a clunky finger.


Immediately, the figure began to move.

“Now, it’s the turn of the axe that used to slaughter demons.”


No matter how long he waited and how many barrels he emptied, the image of Rockid never came to him. All day long, everyone kept talking about the same person.

Employer, Lee Hoyeol!


When I think about the help I received during Elsidore… … .

It was enough to prick my conscience that I didn’t have much left to blame Hoyeol.

But it would be unfair to do so.

In the end, Rockid gulped down the sweetened liquor.


“What, you have so much to say, you’re going to talk all day!”

Even if Rockid couldn’t understand, the players in the tavern could. This was Hoyeol, who had made no secret of his behavior since his first appearance.

“At its worst, you even had paparazzi following you, didn’t you?”

Yes, the paparazzi.

There were times when the notorious among players followed Hoyeol for information.

“No one is perfect in this world. That one, the concept is clear. I’m going to get to the bottom of this, I’m going to find out, and I’m going to be sitting on a fortune,”

Of course, not long after, everyone.

They were gone with their tongues out.

It was literally a whirlwind.

Magic Tower, Rift, Magic Tower, Kingdom of Yusra…….

Let alone deviation.

Is it true that humans have desires?

Because it was Hoyeol who repeated his routine so regularly that it was suspicious. The last thing that drove a wedge was when Baek Yiseol, the Sinhwa guild master, approached Hoyeol.

“How many times in a row was it? Rejected 10 times in a row? Anyhow, after seeing that door blocking, even the Paparazzi didn’t even think about pointing a camera towards Lee Hoyeol.”

While repeating that routine.

This was Lee Hoyeol, who had cleared countless rifts.

Then he put down his burden and took a break.

It was only natural that the world’s attention would focus on his first break.

“The player community is already freaking out! There’s even speculation that he got a huge quest or something……!!” .




The more time I had, the more time I spent surfing the internet.

Isn’t that a violation of pride?

Of course not.

“Even if it’s urgent, I can’t neglect it.”

Isn’t this a rationalization that goes beyond pride?

I had my doubts, but it’s not the kind of pride you can resist by getting tackled.


‘Why are they so interested in my break?

Because Marcelo announced the news about the break to the roundtable.

I expected it to be publicized through the players.

So I was prepared, but it was more than I expected.

That’s quite a lot of attention.

-Isn’t it a world quest? Isn’t it a high ranking demon king?

-Honestly, just a world quest? I expected a main quest.

-What the hell is a main quest?

-Does the main quest even exist in the first place?

-In fact, I don’t even know ㅈㅅㅋㅋ

-What a topic, it’s a real aggro;;

What the hell, what are you all thinking?

I’ve accomplished more than just completing a world quest.

Then what the hell are you doing?

I can’t even digest the rewards!

It’s not a big deal, it’s more like a lung training exercise.

“You have a poor imagination.”

……It is your conscience that is poor, Grandfell.

Please, let’s stop talking nonsense.

It’s embarrassing, especially at this moment.

I shifted my gaze, looking desperate.

The reason I said embarrassing was right in front of me.

The first day I turned in my leave of absence.

I wasn’t in a world quest, not even a main quest location.

I was in the Kingdom of Yusra.

To be precise, I stood stiffly in the garden of the Yusra Kingdom’s private chambers.

An unwavering stance.

Correct arm angles.

He scattered watering cans across the garden with dignity.

He chattered plausibly.

“There are many ways to tame a beast.”


Says the guy who’s never tried.

I’ve dug a few wells over the years.

Shouldn’t we do everything we can, even if it’s a waste?

『How to Cultivate Medicinal Herbs』.


If you can’t overcome it with elixirs.

How about an elixir grown from medicinal herbs?