◈ Episode 173. Who Do You Think We Are (1)

[The 69th Throne]

[Recommended Level : Lv.700~750]

[Collapse Progress : 24.8%].

New York.

A rift created in the center of the city.

The collapse progress indicated the intensity of the situation inside the rift.

But there was no hesitation. The paladins of the Goddess Church took the lead.

Talim shouted.

“Raise your shields, all!”


“The moment we enter, we become the public enemy!”

Padondon and Jurval.

It was only to be expected that the two Named Monsters, both of whom were nearly level 800, would attack in unison. The players swallowed hard. The pressure inside the rift was unbearable.

“……This, I’d have just screamed to death.”

If only they had been motivated.

They wouldn’t have been able to put up much of a fight, let alone clear it.

But the shield of the goddess surrounded them.

As if that wasn’t enough.

“Hehe, this apparition is new!”

“Be careful, Jibril Adept Mage.”

“Uh, yes, sir. Senior Maia.”

The senior, adept mages of the tower.

Their vast magical power made the shield even more solid. It was an unbelievable sight to behold, to see with their eyes, to feel with their skin.


“Schreig, what are you thinking?”


Second Sun.

His companion’s words snapped Schreig out of his reverie.

He flashed a smile.

“Wait, I was just thinking about something stupid.”

“Idle thoughts in this situation? That’s not like you.”

“I know.”

I wondered if it was possible for me, for Second Sun, for players to be as powerful as they were. Schreig shook his head.

If Hoyeol had seen him.

He’d be furious that his pride had been dulled.

He hadn’t even known the sword energy existed.

The version of himself in the Dungeon Rift, when he was much weaker than he was now.

But Hoyeol had convinced him otherwise.

Isn’t the result reflected in the foil?

Soon, Schreig’s eyes shone with determination.

“Watch your step, everyone. We have no right to be surprised or pleased by your consideration for us, and we can’t rely on the Arcana Continent forever.”


With determination, everyone entered the rift.

At the same time, their vision changed.

The rift.

A space halfway between the Arcana Continent and reality.

The bustling city center of New York was suddenly covered in blood.

Green flames erupted from the cracked asphalt.

Demonic cries echoed from every corner.

I could feel it vividly.

“……Is this what happens when the rift collapses?”

For most of the players, it was their first time entering a rift of such a high level.

It was also their first time standing in front of such a high-level demonic monster.

“What were you thinking…….”

I couldn’t help but feel a surge of respect.

A trusted ally.

Even now, after entering with the paladins of the Goddess Church and even the mages of the Magic Tower, I felt my body and mind overwhelmed with fear.

To have cleared this rift alone.

But my admiration was short-lived.

The moment we entered the rift, as Talim had warned.

The demons’ gazes focused on the intruder.

Talim shouted.

“Adventurers, do you see them?”


Talim’s sword pointed skyward.

A throne in the sky, to be exact.

“That is the purpose of the battle for the Demon King.. The demon who occupies that throne will be reborn as the King of Demons, the Demon King.”


Is that why the inside of the rift was filled with blood?

Demons fighting each other?

One of the players muttered.

“……So, wouldn’t it have been better to raid later?”

The enemy of the enemy is an ally.

Why, wasn’t there a word for that?

But Talim spoke firmly.

“We do not play the game of the demon king. Demons who want to sit on the throne, demons who stand in the way. To us, they are nothing more than demons that must be slain!”

He raised his sword toward the demon.

“That is the resolve of us Arcanians, the continent of Arcana that was trampled by them, and it is a different weight to carry than playing king. Forward, knights of the Goddess!”




[The 58th Throne]

[Recommended Level : Lv.800]

[Collapse Progress : 26%].

Bensch and Vangrit.

The two senior mages looked at the demon.

Bensch furrowed his brow.

“What do you think, Senior Vangrit?”


“I mean, did you think something like this would happen to you after you entered the Magic Tower? Because I never thought I’d be in this situation.”

“If that’s the case, neither did I.”

You see, Vangrit joined the Magic Tower simply because he didn’t want to starve. They fed him, housed him, and even let him study magic.

For young Vangrit, it was like heaven.


However, the Magic Tower was too cruel to Vangrit.

So much so that the young Vangrit grew up spoiled.

That cruelty didn’t change when he became a senior mage.

Especially when it comes to being stabbed in the back by an elder mage!

Vangrit asked.

“Does that make you feel bad, Senior Bensch?”

“No. Of course not.”


Bensch raised the corner of his mouth.

In his hand, he held a high-grade magic item, the [Miniature Magic Sun].

Bensch’s pupils flashed like the sun.

How long had it been since he felt this sensation!

“I’m rather pleased.”

Bensch was being overly honest.

His honesty had gone too far.

He had written down his purpose exactly as it was on the application form.

The purpose was obvious.

The reasonable carrying of high grade items.

“I didn’t expect to be granted permission this way, but oh well.”

A good thing is a good thing, isn’t it?

Muttering, Bensch’s gaze shifted to the demons once more.

Sensing Bensch’s flowing magic power.

The [Miniature Magic Sun] began to spin.

“Senior Vangrit, I have often thought.”


“Why must a mage of the Magic Tower be chained to the Magic Tower, for discipline? What kind of bastard created that ridiculous discipline?”

The quest for magic and truth is all well and good.

But the moment you enter the tower, you have to completely sever your ties to the world. What kind of ridiculous logic is that? In that sense, Bensch liked the changes at the tower.

“I will always be grateful to Chief Lee.”

If it weren’t for Chief Lee.

I would have stayed in the Magic Tower and studied magic books even if the Arcana Continent was in this state.

But thanks to him, I’ve been forced to face the reality I’ve been avoiding. I’ll be able to set things right.

And besides…….

Bensch’s gaze flicked to the players behind him.

“Watch carefully, you could be like me. To avoid repeating the mistakes of the Arcana Continent. You must grow.”

……Wasn’t that just a little bit like Chief Lee?

As you can see, I even got a chance to show off as a senior.

Vangrit clicked his tongue as Bensch unconsciously squeezed his shoulder.

“Don’t get too excited, though.”

A steadying breath.

Vangrit hadn’t forgotten his plan.

Vangrit drew on his magic as well.

The target, as always, was the demon who sought the throne.

“Unless you want this to be the last time you make the trip.”

“yes? No, Senior Vangrit. What are you saying that makes me so sad? I know, Chief Lee’s plan! But if anyone were to look at it, they would think that Vangrit’s application for trip was passed, right?”

“I’ve been passed.”

“……Yes?! What, is that true, and why only me?!”




The number of demon kings hunted by me and Akshan’s demon hunters is twelve.

The number of thrones and rifts that emerged was also twelve.

I looked at the rift that had just been created.

[The 20th Throne]

[Recommended Level: Lv.1,000]

[Collapse Progress : 33.3%]

The more I think about it, the more I admire you, Akshan.

After getting your asses kicked so badly in the Holy War, you still managed to send demons to the heat of Hell.

Including a 20th ranked demon!

I have so much respect for you that I can’t believe it’s been over a decade. Especially when I see their level, which is almost four digits.

‘What was it really like?’

It’s not for nothing that the demons have been cowering until Akshan is exterminated, I hope, and it’s been worth the wait, though you made one mistake.

I straightened my clothes.

“In life and death, pride lives on.”

I am alive and well, Akshan, the last survivor.

I was alive and well, with one of the most powerful armies on the continent of Arcana.

So there was no concern for me.

In fact, it’s strange that I should be worried.

Why, I had a rough estimate from experience.

Three [Demon Castle] rifts.

I’d crushed them in a matter of minutes.

As the number of rifts increased, and the number of demons that appeared increased, they weren’t demon kings. They weren’t named monsters or boss mobs yet.

Of course, there were more important plans for this [Battle for the Demon King].

[The Demon Castle] Rift made it clear.

Demons are really, really ignorant.

Three Demon Kings died, and they didn’t learn their lesson.

How dare they think to claim the throne!

What an inferior race they are.

I don’t call them inferior for nothing.

Look at you now.


You can’t even make eye contact with me.

[Nine-headed Hellhound: Lv.900]

[Anaconda that Swallowed the Great Demon: Lv.920]

[Legendary Demonic Species, Screaming Bird: Lv.900]

Three Named Monsters, three Demons of True Origin.

The levels have been updated to make them even more murderous.

Above all, they know their strength.

That’s why they’ve challenged for the throne, ranked 20th in the hierarchy.

Of course, you’re probably wondering.

“What are you?”

By the way, it is a snake that speaks respectfully.

I don’t know who the great demon that swallowed is, but he has formality.

Are you sure it’s worth the level?

It’s not like the other demons I’ve encountered.

Well, it does know how to stop fighting and ask questions.

I was just about to enter the rift.

The question was.

“Oh, aren’t you a demon hunter?”

They realize I’m their nemesis.

It wouldn’t make much difference if they realized I was a demon hunter.

The snake’s eyes turn white and it speaks.

“I have seen your end through the eyes of Evil Eye. It is a strange thing, my dear. Why are you still alive? You poor demon hunter.”

Of course, even with formality.

Demons are demons.

Is there any way to mix words with Grandfell’s personality?

“Aye, and that cold look in your eyes convinces me even more. You are, indeed, a demon hunter who was burned to death with millions of demons. I don’t know how you were resurrected, but it’s a pleasant surprise!”

Even the dogs and birds seemed to listen to the snake’s words.


Because of its size, the sound of its tongue flicking could be heard in a majestic manner.

As the highest of the three, the snake spoke arrogantly.

“It’s a feast worthy of being savored while sitting on a throne!”


Instantly, the snake’s mouth opened.

Until then, I hadn’t moved a step.

I was alone in the rift.

If there were eyes watching, they would be speechless at the sound of a truly insane man.

Even Nam Cheolmin, who knew me to be at least level 900, wouldn’t let me enter.

“Mr. Hoyeol, even if it’s part of a plan, it’s too risky. Even considering your level, you can’t take on three named monsters like that alone…….”

Indeed, it was a good idea to put Nam Cheolmin in charge of the AAU Yusra branch.

He tried to convince me, using the patterns of Arcana Named Monsters as examples, like an analyst.

Of course, he couldn’t break my stubbornness.

Speaking of “I,” this wasn’t just about Grandfell’s pride.

It was because I, Lee Hoyeol, wanted to.

I entered the rift alone.

[Natural Enemy].

[Blessing of the First World Tree].

[Sixth Sight Brooch].

Because I’m overconfident after all the preparation?

No, of course not.

Grandfell may be fearless, but I’m not.

Even with all the buffs and temptations, can you clear a moderate level 1,000 rift by myself?

Because I know it’s impossible.

I did.

Which means there’s a good reason.

From the moment you entered the rift and saw the throne.

The quest window flashed.

Witness the Throne of Hell. (Success)

A new quest objective floated beneath it.

I didn’t have to look to see it.

I had the information from the [『Anomaly』].


The hellfire is still roaring from the ground.

The moment I first saw the throne, I had a question.

The throne is also coming out of hell.

Why can’t the demons get out of hell?

The question didn’t last long.

Information from the AAU’s biography of the continent of Arcana.

I’ve seen it in those documents.

Arcana, the setting of Hell.

[Hell: the afterlife to which a demon hunted by a demon hunter falls. Demons who fall to Hell can never be resurrected. Even if the gates of Hell are opened, they can never escape].


Says the Akshan Demon Hunter.

“When I look into the abyss, does the abyss look into me? Even if I fall into evil and become a demon. We only hunt demons. That is the way of the Demon Hunter.”

A demon hunter who becomes a demon is also a demon hunter.

So where does a demon hunter who becomes a demon go when he dies?

To hell, of course, just like the demons themselves.

But you know what?

You know what I, Grandfell, have been saying for ages?

“Even death can’t kill pride.”

Well, as if to prove it.

I remembered the quest objective.

─Encounter the Demon Hunter of Hell. (Ongoing)


At the same time, the hellfire raged even more fiercely.

─Encounter the Demon Hunter of Hell. (Successful)

A message popped up.

[The condition has been met].

[Reward will be awarded].

[You have acquired the class-specific skill, ‘Akshan’s Upkeep’].

“Isn’t that right, Akshan?”

As if to answer my question.

In the hellfire.

I heard the sound of a crossbow being loaded.


note:  Demon of true name -> Demons of True Origin, Vanguard Tom -> Vangrit Tom