◈ Episode 172. It’s just childish play


A regular update that came to mind.


A new world event, ‘Battle for the Demon King’ begins.


The content was shocking.

Like nothing we’ve ever seen before.


A new Rift, The 69th Throne, is added.

New Named Monsters will be added.

The Monster of the Demon World, Padondon: Lv.777

Mine of Detection, Jurval: Lv.800…….


New rifts and new named monsters.

I wasn’t surprised by their levels.

Somewhere around level 800.

Of course, it was a high level in itself. [The Broken Dimensional Rift] and [Demon Castle] Rifts had boss monsters that were even higher than that.

It was the number that couldn’t be compared to before.


New Rift, “64th Throne” will be added.

New named monsters will be added…….


New Rift, ’72nd Throne’ is now available.

New Named Monsters are added…….


New Rift, ’45th Throne’ is added.

New Named Monsters are added…….


New Rift, ’24th Throne’ is added.

New Named Monsters are added…….


12 Rifts in total.

The number of Named Monsters that appear in each rift is several times that number.

Hundreds of times that number of normal monsters that appear below the named monsters.

That’s why I could guarantee.

“This is a cataclysm that can’t even be compared to the Demon Castle Rift.”

The moment the regular update details came to mind.

It was no wonder the world was in panic.

12 rifts had been created at the same time, each far beyond the level of the players.

“I hate to say it, but……. but if the rifts collapse, humanity could be facing a cataclysmic event as bad or worse than the early days of the Cataclysm.”

That’s how shocking the update details are.

So it’s hard not to feel disconcerted.

Is it too calm?

Or to put it another way, the world was too peaceful.

Even the AAU, which should have been on high alert.

AAU London, United Kingdom.

Baker looked out the window.

The miracle of London.

The iconic Aquarius oak trees gleamed in the sunlight. The waves of golden leaves that fluttered in the breeze were dazzling.

Baker opened his mouth.

“You mean we can enjoy this, this peacefulness.”

From the early days of the Cataclysm to now.

The AAU’s policy had been the same.

Always assume the worst.

It’s a sobering thought to some.

Only then can we take comfort in the lesser-than-expected damage.

So that humanity could move forward once again.

“……because we are weak. We are animals.”

I was right to be concerned.

Lee Hoyeol.

Are you saying you can handle this peace?

In calm waters, even small waves grow larger.

The more peaceful you are, the more you will be shaken by the slightest disturbance.

Are you saying that you are confident that you will not be disturbed?

Baker’s common sense didn’t allow him to understand.

“I can’t even begin to imagine it.”

The weight and pressure he must be carrying.

But Baker didn’t question it anymore.

Instead, he stared at the screen on the monitor in the prefect’s office.

A live broadcast of the Kingdom of Yusra.

Baker whispered.

“I hope you can lighten his burden, Schreig.”


The location of the rift had not yet been discovered.

But we have the data.

Considering the time it took to upload a regular update versus the time it took to create the rift…….

“It should be generated within a few tens of minutes, no matter how late we are.”

The Kingdom of Yusra was filled with players.

All of them had participated in the Unfinished Holy War.

A world event, the [Battle for the Demon King].

No one knew exactly what it meant.

One thing was certain.

“The update is full of demons, right?”

“That’s right. At first glance, it is an extension of the Holy War.”

“So, what are you guys going to do about it?”

The man suddenly broke into the conversation.

He was met with an icy glare.

He quickly threw up his hands.

“No, I’m not arguing, I’m purely curious! Honestly, it’s way out of our league, especially against these ridiculous Named Monsters!”

Is he trying to divert his intense gaze?

The man held out his smartphone.

It was a regular update.

A minimum of level 700 and a maximum of level 850.

The man wasn’t wrong.

Although most of the players gathered here are veterans, it has always been the players’ standard.

At best, they were in the mid-to-late level 300 range, and by level 400, they could be called Ranked.

“It’s a demonic monster, even if you apply many buff, would you still have the mental strength to fight it? It’ll probably get killed by a mob, let alone a named monster.”

Even top players.

That’s a lot of risk to take in a rift like that.

But there was no answer, no response, only laughter.


The woman snorted and flicked her bowstring towards the man.

“Didn’t you stop worrying about those things in the first place?”

“You mean ……?”

“No, didn’t you finish all that self-examination before you joined the holy war, so you could say you’ve proven your pride? No, wait. Did you even complete the quest objective in the first place?”

……No, do archers see other quest windows?

How do you know?

The man hid his bewilderment and shook his head.

“Well, yes, but I can’t really show you…….”

Even as he was making excuses, I couldn’t understand anything.

What’s the point of pride if you’re willing to risk your life for it?

Finally, the man asked bluntly.

“But it’s not just any life, it’s my life! Mr. Lee Hoyeol talks a grandiosely, but there are twelve rifts, and while you’re in one, a disaster could happen in another……!”


“Aaah! It’s surprise me!!!”

A large shield slammed into the ground.

A middle-aged man with gray hair.

He spoke in a low voice.

“Because there is something more valuable than my life here in the real world.”

“That’s ……?”

“Because I want my wife and children to be at peace in the real world.”


“Because I wouldn’t die for the thought of showing my bunny-like wife an ugly face. Isn’t that reason enough, or what, do you need another?”

Being awakened as a player doesn’t change your mindset.

Who in the world wants to die?

But everyone knew that.

If you run away because you’re afraid, you’ll keep running away.

That if you run from it, the rift will come back as a bigger boomerang.

And there were times when they didn’t even realize that simple truth.

Hoyeol, the only one who stepped forward.


The middle-aged man raised his shield and stood up.

He placed a hand on the whining player’s shoulder.

“If you’re afraid, just step back and watch.”


“Why, wasn’t that what it said on the quest window in front of you? No rewards, no loot. The only thing you’ll be left with is the pride in your heart, so…….”

The middle-aged man continued.

“No one forced you, no one forced us, so there’s no one to criticize you.”

It was all a personal choice.

And you take responsibility for it.

The players all knew that.

“I’ve only gotten so much help from the Magic Tower.”

“I never thought I’d be training with the Lionheart Knights at my side. Sure, we’ve caused them some trouble, but…….”

“That’s embarrassing, shouldn’t you be done with training?”

We’ve gotten a lot of help from the Arcanians in preparing for the holy war.

To ask for their help from within the Rift?

If you have a conscience, it’s unthinkable.

“They’re capable of greater things than we are.”

Objectively speaking, the Arcanians were better than the players.

By far.

Why, the tens of thousands of Paladins of Muon alone were at or near the same level as most ranked players.

Not to mention the Knights of the Lionheart, the Shadow Mercenaries, and the Magic Tower.

“It doesn’t make sense to use all that power to defend us.”

“Exactly. We’d be better off taking down another demon in that time.”

“Let’s fight our own battles. Everyone.”

With that, the players made their final preparations.


The quest window flashed.

A new quest objective had been updated.

[Quest: The Unfinished Holy War].

From the continent of Arcana to the real world.

The holy war against demons is far from over.

There are no rewards and no loot at the end of this war.

All that remains is pride.

Prove yourself worthy.

─Prove your worth in the region. (Success)

─Join your main force in the region. (Ongoing)


The regions were Yusra, Frost, Muon, and Magic Tower, which varied from player to player.

What did he mean by main force?

What that word meant was simple.

“……We belong here?”

They decided for themselves.

They were in charge of their own lives.

That’s why the players were so determined.

The quest objective of joining the main force was puzzling.

But their doubts didn’t last long.

Through the portal of the Magic Tower.

What awaited them as they made their way to their respective destinations.

“Captain Harkon……. Knights of the Lionheart?”

“Chief Mage Marcelo?”

“Talim, and the priests?”

Participate in the Holy War until the battle for the Demon King begins.

For a short time, for a long time.

It was the Arcanians who had been with them.

“Adventurers, we have been waiting for you.”

The players gasped at the sound of Harkon’s voice.

……waiting for us, why?

Someone muttered.

“……We’ll be nothing but burdens.”

It was a pessimistic statement, but no one could argue with it.

Because it was true.

The level difference was at least double.

Because they knew that their performance in the rift where such demonic named monsters were rampaging would be at a mediocre level. Harkon continued, as if pointing out that fact.

“We who trained you know your level better than anyone. It is impossible for you to be an equal match for the demons that brought the continent of Arcana to ruin.”

Harkon was laughing.

But it was not a mocking laugh.

It was a smile as kind as ever.

“So, in this battle, lean on us.”


“Trust and rely on us.”

……What am I hearing right now?

It was a declaration that made me doubt my sanity.

Hoping, relying, when I thought about it objectively.

“……What in the world are you talking about?”

To carry us, the incompetent.

I couldn’t understand it.

But it wasn’t just Harkon.

Magic Tower, Marcelo, spoke up.

“As you take your first steps, it will be enough for me to simply watch. Your experience in the battle for the Demon King will serve you well.”

Muon, Talim exclaims.

“May the Goddess protect you, and the paladin’s shield protect you.”

As if the words need not be questioned.

A message popped up.

─Join your main force in the region. (Success)


The players all froze at this unexpected development.

Even the Rankers who had been through the all sorts of hardships were no exception.

The Shining.

Camilla raised the corner of her mouth with a smile.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before~”

“……Are Arcanians supposed to be like that? No, even if you take a hundred concessions and say the other one could be. What’s wrong with Magic Tower?!”

“Why – he might change his mind. If you look at Jesse, you know that mages are not a joke~ Isn’t that right, Rox?”

Rox was silent.

He searched through all his Arcana experience and knowledge.

But there had never been a time when the Arcanians had sacrificed themselves for the players.

They had never been willing to sacrifice themselves.

‘So this is a new change, then?’

Lee HoYeol.

At least level 900.

Fame beyond imagination.

Does this mean that changes have come about as a result of the relationships and influences that have been built with numerous forces? No, this was impossible even with those things.

This was a change that literally transcended the systems of Arcana.

Finally, Rox let out a wry laugh.

“Well. No matter how much I think about it, I don’t know.”




It’s simple.

Just as the players realized pride.

As the Arcanians realized pride.

Yes, everything depends on pride.

Me too.

I opened my mouth, driven by the heavy weight of pride in my chest.

“No sacrifice is too great for us to bear for the sake of a childish game of king.”

A battle for the Demon King over the pride of Grandfell?

A child’s game of demons, not worthy of a holy war.

Sacrificing allies for the sake of a little fun is also unacceptable.

Arcanians or players.

Not a single one.

Is that even possible, you ask?

I would answer.

“The Battle for the Demon King are only nourishment for us.”

I don’t know.

What our Grandfell said is true.

It’s a ‘setting’ that must be realized.

“It’s time to pay for your arrogance. Foolish demons.”