Chapter 169 – Commander in Chief.

◈ Episode 169. Commander in Chief.


The blacksmith that every self-respecting dwarves considers the best.

When it comes to his skills, it’s better to show than tell.

He designed Akshan’s greatest weapon, the Quernberg Machine Tower.

The Iron Castle, and even the gates to the Dwarves’ lair.

There was nothing he hadn’t touched.


“I shouldn’t have said something so stupid……!”


The dwarves groaned at the sound of Gwicheol’s rant.

Chainwalker muttered.

“Something happened.”

The survivors of Dredsen Village.

The survivors, including Lansha, eagerly helped the dwarves with their labor. Dwarves they had only heard of in old tales, and now they were here in flying ships.

It was unthinkable, but it wasn’t a dream.

‘Anyway, you’ll have to pay for your food if you don’t want to be kicked out.’

But the mood was too somber to listen.

And a talking rock!

Eventually, Lansha cautiously asked Chainwalker.

“……Is there something serious going on here?”

“Ah, there is nothing for you to be concerned about. As per our pact with him, we dwarves will protect you to the end of time. Did someone say something unpleasant to you? Please don’t give me a hard time……!”


Black figure, you must be the lord Diend spoke of, right?

I don’t know what kind of oath he’s referring to.

Lansha wanted to see the face of her benefactor.

But first.

“No, it’s not that, it’s just that you seem to be in trouble!”

First things first.

“You must be a great man, a man called Wallswale!”

“Is that what you were talking about? Well, you’re making a lot of noise.”

“No. I feel more energetic and better for the first time in a while!”

These were not empty words.

I was.

For once, I felt alive.

“I’m glad to hear it, then.”

Chainwalker sighed heavily, then spoke.

“Wallshwale, the thought of dealing with that stubbornness is making my head spin.”

I have to admit, when it comes to forging things, Wallswale is a monster.

His temper was beyond description.

He was cranky enough when he was pounding iron ore that didn’t speak.

“‘I’m sure he’s not going to sit still after hearing that from an iron ore.”

Sure enough, Chainwalker was right.

Gwicheol’s screams were harsh.

And then Wallswale spoke.

Only then did Lansha realize.

“Just when I thought you were being considerate, you get all cocky, little guy!”

Is that what you were worried about?!

“You’re, uh, surprising, really?”

I never thought I’d hear such a thing out of a face that was supposed to be so stern, so stoic, so serious. When Lansha couldn’t hide her surprise, Chainwalker covered her face with both hands.

“……, survivor of Akshan.”

You have struck a blow to the pride of this inspiration.

From now on, Chainwalker dared not guess.

He could not imagine the equipment that would be forged when Wallswale, the best blacksmith in the dwarves, and Gwicheol met. Naturally, Of course, there is bound to be concern.

“Onya, there will be no further consideration!”

He roared.

The super-heated furnace blazed redder and redder as it increased its output.

Gwicheol responded to Walswale’s words.

“Lukewarm. Hotter!”

When it comes to furnace equipment, it’s all about the user.

From the design of right- and left-handed handles to the delicate consideration of the user’s abilities. But Gwicheol had gotten Wallswale fired up.

“I suppose you can handle anything, your master?”

Equipment solely for performance, without consideration, will be born.

That was why Chainwalker washed his face dry, even as he wrapped his hands around it.

Would Lord Hoyeol be able to handle such a monstrous equipment? But he was not worried.

“Of course he can. Didn’t I tell you so?”

Gwicheol, who had watched him more closely than anyone else, said.

“His bowl is so vast that it can be filled and still not be filled!”

He said.

There was conviction in his voice.

“Any more worries will become doubts about you.”

Thanks to Chainwalker, of course.

“Is that so?”

Even Wallswale, who held the hammer, was able to shake off his worry.

Wallswale was determined.


He spoke with a sincerity he had never shown before.

“Then I, Wallswale, will strike you down with all my might!”

“Good night! The sea I was hoping for!”



I wonder if it’s any good!

Hiel, Diend, and Gwicheol.

I see where you’re coming from.

You’re all doing it for me.

But too much loyalty sometimes overwhelms me. …….

I had no idea that Gwicheol was having a nervous breakdown with Wallswale.

He wants to make a piece of equipment that will go down in history beyond Wallswale’s prestige.

He’s been pounding him day and night.

‘I’m worried about the results.’

Starting with the Quernberg Machine Tower.

To the beam cannons of the Iron Castle, which wiped out millions of demons.

I’d seen the dwarves’ technological prowess in action, literally, and now Wallswale, the best of them all, had declared his intentions.

‘ …… I wonder if I can wear it.’

What if it’s a 1,000 level cap item?

I mean, that would be the picture of perfection.

Of course, regardless, I blurted out.

“A fine stance for my weapon.”

To Grandfell, level limits are just numbers, numbers, numbers.

After all, it’s who I am.

I’ll just have to be shamelessly maneuverable.

Even so, I’m practicing with the Fangs of the Evil Earth Dragon.

I’ve been practicing with it.

Soon, Diend’s excited voice could be heard.

“Indeed, my lord.”

……Don’t take me for granted. Please.

I can feel his sincerity, but I can’t help but rejoice.

But I can’t afford to play the pity card either.

The demons of the Arcana Continent have begun to move.

The [Demon War] is just around the corner.

I opened my mouth to speak.

“Hiel, Diend. Do your best at your posts.”

“I will do as you say.”


“And pass the word.”

The dwarves and Dredsen survivors need not be told.

They, and the survivors of Arcana, have fought harder than anyone else in this living hell.

It is not in my, Grandfell’s, pride to wish them anything.

From now on, it is our turn.

“Your pride has touched us.”


Golden Palace, Kingdom of Yusra.

As the leader of the Shadow Mercenaries, Kichi had touched countless gold and silver treasures, but he had never been prepared for the splendor of the Golden Palace.

Nothing but splendor.

However, Kichi’s steps across the Golden Palace were unusually light today.

His expression and mood were the exact opposite of what they had been this morning.

“Excuse me, ma’am.”

Seat 2, Wolf asked cautiously.

“Have you been drinking ……?”

“No, I haven’t. Why, do you want a drink, Wolf?”

“No, nothing like that, just that you seem to be in a good mood.”

Just a moment ago, Kichi’s face looked ‘dead.’

Seriously, one of those ‘dead’ faces.

The reason was obvious.

They were all in the same boat, after all.

That is to say, Rockid had been gravely wounded by an elf.

In that situation, she was drunk and fell into a deep sleep.

It’s no wonder he’s so angry.

A private room in the Golden Palace.

Kichi’s entrance drew the attention of the distracted troupe.

Including Rockid, who had just woken up.

Rockid spoke in a half-submerged, more gravelly voice.

” …… there, boss.”

“What the hell, you’re awake? Your limbs are shaking!”

“Bitter, talkin’ little shit.”

Seat 7, Alkari, took over the explanation.

“A mage from the Magic Tower stopped by here.”

“I see……. Why?! Did anyone do anything wrong?! Did anyone catch you guys talking crap during the Demon Castle Rift?”

“You sound like you’re going to get in trouble, boss.”

“Eh? No?”

“Why do you think Rockid woke up in one piece?”

“Because he’s stupidly strong, like an ogre…….”

No, Rockid’s wounds were serious.

Even the potion Alkari brewed wouldn’t do much good.

But the fact that he woke up like that means…….

“You can’t be serious, that Magic Tower mage healed Rockid?!”

“That’s right. And the senior mage was there in person.”

“……Why them?”

Kichi knew the Mages well.

Their names were all over assassination lists.

That should be enough proof of a dirty temper.

A mage of the Tower would add to that, not subtract from it.

‘There’s no contact point in the first place……?’

Was there a contact point other than the Demon Castle Rift?

Kichi’s thoughts were interrupted.

A figure flashed by.

” ……Commander Lee Hoyeol?”

Alkari smiled and nodded.

“They said they came to treat the wounded at his request. It was magic to the point of ecstasy, that was. A vast amount of magical power enveloped Rockid’s body… … !”

Despite Alkari’s vivid description.

Kichi’s ears heard nothing.

Because of the voice in his head.

-“I am the one responsible for you.”

Kichi smirked.

‘You are taking responsibility for once, from this employer.’

Of course, it was Rockid, who didn’t know the story.


Rockid slowly pushed himself to his feet.

“So where is that asshole?”

“The asshole?”

“That big-eared bastard. Since I was wronged, I have to pay back. This debt.”

My employer barely held my breath.


Pay the debt?

Kichi’s eyes narrowed once more.

“Does this still keep you sane ……! Whoa, no. Rockid.”

It’s back to normal again.

He doesn’t know what he’s doing yet, so he deserves a reaction like that.

Wolf spoke up for Kichi, who was busy trying to contain his anger.

“Just calm down, Rockid. How can you do that in your condition?”

“What does an archer know? If we fight again, I win.”

“Yeah, well, if you do.”

Wolf shrugged and looked at Kichi.

With him, the eyes of all the members turned to Kichi.

As he said, the Shadow Mercenaries had discipline.


Rockid gritted his teeth.

“You get what you deserve.”

Finally, it was time to get to the point.

Kichi opened his mouth.

“Like we talked about this morning. I’ve been talking to Lee Hoyeol, the commander-in-chief. About the handling of the elves.”

“We have our reasons, so I assume the conversation ended well, so where is the big-eared bastard now……!!”

“First of all, calm down and listen, Rockid. The elves, this Elsidor fellow, is in the Golden Palace, staying in a private room like the rest of us.”


Rockid was dazed.

A memory interrupted by a faint.

In what remained, the elves were nothing more than madmen.

No matter how strong he was, he was always shouting unintelligible words and barging in. He didn’t seem to listen to anyone, which is why I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“He made that bastard kneel?!”

And all it took was a few mouthfuls?


Rockid was speechless in disbelief.

But there was proof.

The Big Eared One was sitting quietly in the Golden Palace.

Without magic, without a sword that even he could recognize.

And now he’s using words to make an elf obey him?

“How absurd.”

Rockid glanced at Kichi.

‘… … Maybe I’ve found a goal bigger than the leader.’

It was something to be happy about, but just to be sure.

“And what does that have to do with paying off the debt, Boss?”

There was no mistaking Rockid’s words.

The eyes of all the Shadow Mercenaries, including Wolf and Alkari, snapped to Kichi once more.

Kichi ran a hand through his hair and smirked.

“You want his life, don’t you?”

“Again, boss, you know that, don’t you?”

“Because our employer, the Commander in Chief, told me about him.”


As if in anticipation.

I look around the troupe.

After a long pause, Kichi speaks.

“I’ll make you spit out something more valuable than your life.”


Everyone is stunned by Kichi’s words.

He’s going to spit out something more valuable than his life.

No matter how you look at it…….

“That’s the ‘thing’ we’re good at, right?”

Torture, interrogation, and intimidation for life!

Rockid smirked.

“This is making me like our commander-in-chief more?”

I thought he was tight.

There was a surprising connection, right?

Kichi put his hands on his hips and laughed heartily.

“See, now you know why I came back smiling?”

Rockid nodded grimly.

“As expected, boss. You have a plan!”

“So keep your temper in check, Rockid. These are elves who have lived for eons, don’t you think a little digging might reveal a ton of information?”

“That’s right, it’s a debt, and then I can pay it back, hahaha!”

“Of course, you’ll have to pay off your tavern debt first.”


Wolf shrugged his shoulders amidst the back-and-forth conversation.

‘Everyone is clearly mistaken, aren’t they?’

Lee Hoyeol.

He didn’t look like one of us at all.

‘Obviously, the leader is mistaken, as usual.’

Of course, I didn’t bother to correct her.

Kichi spoke up, meaningfully.

“So what we need to do from here on out is simple.”


“For great information. For great treasure. For a comfortable retirement. To impress your employer.”

The deck was stacked, wasn’t it?

“Let’s give it our best shot, holy war!”


All hands on deck.

Meeting place is the Golden Palace, Kingdom of Yusra.

The time is noon.

Harkon had come to the Golden Palace as soon as he had finished his morning training in Frost.

It was still several hours until noon, but he wanted to meet with Yessica and Enoch, who were on a mission.

And then.

“Whoa, you’re late, I was just getting here.”


And then.

Someone had arrived at the meeting before him.

It was Kichi, the last person he expected.

Harkon was horrified.

A shadow that even the Empire could not control.

The blackness of the continent of Arcana.

The Shadow Mercenaries.

What the hell was driving them?

note: the ghost/noble iron change to Gwicheol