Chapter 168 – Stroke 2

◈ Episode 168. Stroke 2

Set items have different effects.

Since they are not common, their effects are not widely known.

According to players who have them…….

-“It’s kind of a disappointment if it wasn’t there?”

-“Considering the rarity, it’s still worth the price.”

-“A little bit of difference is what makes a luxury item, right?”

So I wasn’t expecting much.

No, seriously.

Did you think I had a conscience?

I mean, it’s a 10% increase to all physical damage, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t expect a big set effect from collecting only two of the six.

[Sixth Sight Brooch 2/6]

[Set item effect applied].

[Set Effect currently in effect: 2/6]

[1. All base stats are increased by 2 points] …….

But, what’s this.

‘All base stats increase by…….’

[Strength], [Agility], [Magic], [Luck].

Four stats each get a 2 point boost?

In simple terms, that’s like gaining 8 levels!

And considering the exponentially increasing experience required to level up…….

That’s not what I was told, is it?!

I just don’t feel it because I’ve been steadily improving my stats through class quests. The average player really lives and dies by their stats.

‘Useless stats may increase depending on the class.’

What’s my class?

Nothing special.

I’m a demon hunter who needs to nurture every single stat.

I couldn’t have asked for a more welcome effect.

This alone exceeded my expectations.

I wasn’t done yet.

Wearing two brooches triggered two effects.

I quickly checked the second effect.

I muttered to myself.

“Not bad.”

[2. When attacking a boss monster, all damage dealt is increased by 10%].

……It’s not bad, it’s a huge effect, man.

What are boss monsters?

Monsters with strength beyond their level.

Not only are they stronger than normal monsters, but in some cases, they are dozens of times stronger than named monsters of the same level. Not surprisingly, they also have tons of health.

But a 10% increase to all damage?

I was sure of it.

An 8-point stat boost would have been ridiculous.

Especially for me, it was a welcome one.

Because I’m a demon hunter who will kill anything and everything?

I’ll let that slide since I just mentioned it.

Demon King and Great Evil.

And demons like Laxioros, the loser of the Western Demon World.

It wasn’t just the immediate battle for the Demon King.

The monsters you’ll encounter in the Holy War will all be boss mobs.

Not only are they boss level, but they’re also incredibly powerful, and I can’t think of a better way to make them feel it.

Okay, that’s it for now.


A swarm of griffins charged at me.


I draw my sword and crossbow.

There’s no time to waste.

Practice makes perfect.

Real life is like training.

It’s only right that you go into battle with the intention of improving your close-quarters combat skills, rather than the magic you’ve become accustomed to.

Tails, wings, claws, whatever.

Despite their arrogance, these guys are no pushovers.

[Level: 544]


Strength: 102 / Agility: 112 / Magic: 455 / Luck: 12 / Aesthetics: Mid

[Points held: 0]

Let’s say all stats are boosted by 2 points due to the effects of a set item.

I was still lacking in my Strength and Agility stats.

At best, I’d be at the same level as a level 200-250 melee player.

Against level 500 monsters.

Common sense tells us that it’s impossible to defeat a griffin with physical abilities alone.

But for me, for Grandfell.

He had a talent that made level a mere number.

『His innate magical talent was such that he could mimic any kind of magic just by looking at it. And the physical potential to match.”

Karimzeva and Senios.

After witnessing the battle between the two demigods『The Land of Magic』.

After witnessing the Demon Lord on the Arcana Continent, I rose to the rank of 『Sword Force』.

The setting of the Grandfell, with all its good settings, meant that no matter the experience, something would be realized.

I did.

I had witnessed it again.

Something shocking enough to wake me up.


For a moment, he accelerated.


So fast that even the eyesight of an eagle capturing prey in the sky can’t keep up. Level 250 if you hit it right, at a speed that my flesh can’t dare to handle.

‘No, apart from that.’

This was not the speed of a ‘human’ body.

Yes, I was imitating a race that was treated like a dragon.

It was Elsidor’s movements as he charged at the Rockid, an Elves.





After Rockid collapsed from his injuries.

Kichi, the leader of the Shadow Mercenaries, came to see me.

As Kichi entered my office in the Golden Palace, she spoke to me.

“I didn’t tell you this, but we have a saying in the Shadow Mercenaries that you pay back what you take. Where is it, that big eared guy?”

I could understand her wanting to pay him back.

The cheapness of Elsidor’s behavior was enough to piss me off.


“Are you confident of victory?”

Elsidor was too strong.

Even Kichi couldn’t guarantee victory.

Kichi swept a hand through his long black hair and smiled meaningfully.

“I’m not sure I’ll win, but I’m pretty sure I won’t lose. I have a worse back end than I look.”

No, actually, it’s because I’ve been stabbed.

I was the one who caused the elves to run away from their homeland, Sisley!

Technically, it was the [Blessing of the First World Tree], but……. The pride of Grandfell would not allow the third party to be responsible for what happened between the Elves and himself.

I declared to Kichi.

“I understand your feelings. But bear in mind.”


“I am responsible for you.”

Furthermore, the Shadow Mercenaries are currently employed by the Kingdom of Yusra.

I am the one who activated the [Authority] function in the Kingdom of Yusra.

It’s only natural that Grandfell would be in charge of the Shadow Mercenaries.


Kichi paused, then laughed.

This time, it wasn’t a meaningless laugh.

“Like Wolf said, this kind of treatment is unfamiliar.”

Of course, even for the Shadow Mercenaries, this was not going to be easy.

Knowing how she felt, I spoke up.

Just being me.

“I will also make him spit out something more valuable than his life.”


Unless he could prove his pride.

There was no freedom for Elsidor.

I wonder if Kichi understood Grandfell’s theory of pride.

Her eyes returned to their normal color.

“I see. I’ll believe you, then, Commander Lee Hoyeol!”

……Commander-in-Chief Lee Hoyeol.

That’s a terrible name for someone to hear.

I can’t get used to it.




The best mercenary organization on the continent of Arcana.

A being who destroyed Rockid, the last seat of the shadow mercenaries, and even leader Kichi could not guarantee victory.

Elsidor, the Elves.

But it wasn’t due to a lack of skill or combat power.

As Elsidor said, it was a difference in birth.

Even with all of Grandfell’s talents, a difference in birth cannot be overcome. So, at this moment, how am I able to abnormally accelerate my body like the elves did?


Accelerating physical body.

Human muscles and joints shouldn’t be able to withstand it.

I was too sane.

[The blessing of the First World Water rejects the fracture].

[Blessing of the First World Tree rejects fracture].

I was.

The [Blessing of the First World Tree] must have had a lot to do with the birth differences the elves were talking about.

In other words, he could mimic Elsidor’s movements with his buffed teeth……!

“It puts the wings to shame.”


“You’re so slow.”


……That’s both buffed and shameless, Grandfell.

“As I’ve said many times, numbers are meaningless in my presence.”

……You may not know shame, but you know shame is beautiful, Grandfell.

Fallen griffins.

An instant of silence.

Seriously, a level 500 cap?

All of the physical damage bonuses from the second brooch are significant.

And then there’s the added bonus of elven mobility.

More than enough to make up for my lackluster strength and agility stats.

‘I’m looking forward to it more now that I can feel it.’

What about set effects and increased damage to boss monsters?

At least they’re noticing.

The griffins stopped charging.

Well, let’s move on happily.

I didn’t enter the rift to hunt either.

“Finally, some basic manners.”

Forced manners.

As my surroundings quieted, I drew on my magic.

To understand the situation on the Arcana Continent through Hiel and Diend.

Soon, Hiel and Diend appeared out of thin air.

What are you doing together, anyway?

“Hiel, I have answered your call.”

“Infinite deep darkness, my lord.”

Hiel’s greeting is as noble as ever.

Diend iis quite burdensome.

My lord.

You’re not supposed to be that kind of character, are you?

After a moment, Hiel speaks up.

“I talked to him about basic etiquette.”

……You’re my alter ego.

Yes, etiquette training is important.

I don’t need to hear it to know what was said, Hiel.

Still, it’s quite overwhelming.

It’s so heavy, I can almost feel my cheeks burning.

I wonder if this is what it feels like to summon two spirits.

‘… … Let’s summon them one by one if possible.’

Especially with you, Diend, it would be good to talk to you in a place where no one is watching. Of course, so I don’t reveal my true colors.

“I know your hard work.”


“That is an unworthy statement, my lord.”

……Please, can’t you both just be still and listen?

But, despite my heart’s screams.

Diend faithfully did not forget to report on work.

“By order of my lord, the survivors of Dredsen have taken refuge aboard the Iron Castle. Even if they are survivors, there are only about two dozen of them.”

Certainly, there is no safer place on the continent of Arcana right now than the Iron Castle.

Considering the size of the Iron Castle, it shouldn’t be too difficult to accommodate the Dredsen residents.

“Following Chainwalker’s words, the dwarves accepted the Dredsen survivors. Since there is almost no interaction between the two races, it seems that it will take time for them to become harmonized.”

If you say one thing, you know ten, Hiel.

That’s what I was wondering.

As the last survivor of Akshan, my relationship with the dwarves was maximized to begin with, but not the others. Still, the Chainwalker’s presence eased my worries.

“Also, the demons are starting to move.”

“I’m listening, Diend.”

“The scattered forces are gathering.”

The time has come, [Demon War].

Let’s see, given the difference in time flow between the Arcana Continent and reality…….

We may see something about the War of the Demons in the next regular update as early as next week?

Of course.

“I warned you. You don’t understand, as is typical of an inferior race.”

I’ve been preparing for this since I entered the Arcana continent.

And this time, I didn’t have to wrap my head around it.

Yusra, Frost, Muon, Magic Tower, Player’s Alliance…….

I’ve been preparing for this in Arcana and in the real world with some of my strongest allies.

So I was confident.

“I will make you appreciate the humiliation of crushing the Demon King.”

The setting of Granfdell, which always makes the words spoken, come true, has also been added.

Of course, it was up to me, Lee Hoyeol, to make it happen.

In the meantime, let’s prepare as much as we can.

I asked Hiel.

“How is the smelting of the noble iron going, Hiel?”

Wallswale, the best blacksmith in the Dwarves.

You said he was in charge of smelting the precious iron.

Surely he must be making some progress.

But for some reason, Hiel didn’t look happy.

“I have something to tell you about that.”


Iron Castle.


A super-heated furnace heated by ultra-pure magic stones.

Noble Iron shouted while being completely melted down.

“Not good enough. Who do you think my master is!”

Noble Iron had witnessed everything.

“He is. The infinite deep darkness.”

“No, a ray of light in the infinite darkness.”

“The one who hunted the evil dragon at the same time.”

He had seen it all.

The afterword was bound to be long.

Noble Iron’s shouts filled the Iron Castle.

“The savior of another world, not only saving that world, but also saving the Arcana Continent, which has nothing to do with him. A sublime person who never rests for a single moment.”

“That is why I must be born as a weapon worthy of him.”

“That is my reason for existence.”

Noble Iron taunted Wallswale, the best blacksmith in the dwarves.

“This tempering is lukewarmer than the tea he drinks!”