Chapter 136 – Do you want to live?

◈ Episode 136. Do you want to live?


The name is well known on the continent of Arcana.

Each member of the clan possesses overwhelming magical power.

In every generation, there is a prodigy of such talent that other mage families struggle to produce even one.

But none envy the Simuard family.

A curse as famous as fame.

Instead of being born with overwhelming magical talent, each Simuard bloodline died before reaching middle age.

There were no exceptions. Not since the Simuard family had risen to prominence as masters of magic.


Marcelo looked around his office.

It was filled with all sorts of research materials.

He was beginning to organize them.

“Thanks to you.”

Chief Lee Ho-Yeol, if it weren’t for him.

His desk would still be littered with pre-qualification materials for regular conferences, hypotheses about anomalies, and even applications to attend.

“There’s a saying in this world.”

Beautiful people are beautiful where they stay.

……It’s not a phrase you’d use in a place like this, but Marcelo didn’t know that.

Marcelo just wanted to protect his dignity. The dignity of being a chief until the end.

He knows his body better than anyone.

A faint heartbeat.

The flow of magic has slowed.

His body shrinking.

“I could feel it in the rift of the broken dimension.”

Every time he used magic, he could feel the recoil in his flesh.

Senior Bellier, to borrow her words… … .

I’m sure it’s because I’m pushing my body too hard.

-“I’m sorry. You always get on my nerves, Senior Bellier.”

As if that weren’t enough, he continued to work tirelessly after returning to Magic Tower. He hadn’t been able to stop himself from rushing through his short orders.

Marcelo breathed out a dry laugh.

“But what does a day or two matter?”

A member of The Simuard Family.

For Marcelo, death was closer than anything else.

He had been familiar with death since childhood.

His father’s death was a constant in his memory.

No one in his family had mourned his father’s death, except for himself, who was still a child. It was as if death was natural. Even his own father, himself.

-“There will come a day when you will realize everything. Marcelo.”

Indeed, you were right.

For the curse of Simuard terminal illness fell upon all fair and square, without distinction between men and women, priests and non-priests.

As the year passed, and Marcelo faced the deaths of countless others, he came to understand his father’s wishes.

Death is fair to all.

It’s just a little rougher on the blood of the Simuard.

But Marcelo wasn’t resentful.

“To everything there is give and take…….”

As he said.

Perhaps he had traded life for talent.

With Simuard blood running through his veins, he was endowed with immense magical talent.

And unlike his father and other ancestors, he’s been granted a place in the Tower where he can fully utilize those gifts.

-“Marcelo, you have a birthright.”

It’s not about posterity.

It was only possible with the permission of his godmother, Yulah Simuard.

Marcelo shrugged.

‘Of course, someone is going to suffer because of me.’

Like it or not, he was a member of the Tower.

By oath, like all mages, he could no longer meddle in the affairs of his family. Besides, The Simuard Family wasn’t really anyone’s concern, was it?

‘So that’s not what I’m concerned about… … .’

This must be the magic tower.

Marcelo thought as he looked around the tidy office.

Much had changed in his office, as had the landscape.

The demonic worshippers who had taken over the tower in the guise of elders had been deposed.

The Elder Mages had been reduced from five to one.

But I don’t feel a void.

Every member of the tower was filling the void.

The roundtables, attended by mages of all ranks, were proof of that.

“Not only that…….”

In the process, the Magic Tower recognized a public enemy, the Demon.

Marcelo knew better than anyone that mages were dirty.

Now that there was a common enemy, the self-respecting mages were working together.

No need to explain that the senior mages who’d been snarling for days had quieted down.

“This is also thanks to you.”

Again, it was all thanks to Chief Lee Ho-yeol.

So Marcelo had nothing to worry about.

He would be the perfect replacement for him.

Yes, he had accepted it.

From the moment I realized that I was related to Simuard, terminal illness.

It was the death I had in mind.

Still, I suppose I can’t help it.

“……I’m not worried, but I do have regrets.”

The magic I never mastered.

Unfinished theoretical magical studies.

Unfinished studies in anomalies.

And most of all…….

“I wanted to see you wake up.”

To never see the Tower Master again.

That was Marcelo’s regret.

But Marcelo knew.

Resisting would make no difference. How futile it is for someone whose end is already set. So, without thinking, he moved his hand.


He opened the drawer and found the green tea bag Ho-yeol had handed him.

Marcelo looked at the tea bag and smiled bitterly.


There was a knock on the door.

“You may come in.”

Was it Senior Bellier?

He didn’t want to worry her.

Marcelo fought to keep a straight face.

Then an unexpected figure emerged from the open door.


Never meet without prior arrangement.

A person you never thought of because of that motto.

It was Chief Lee Ho-yeol.

“Chief Lee, what brings you to my office?”

“Chief Marcelo.”

“I’m listening.”

“No, Marcelo Simuard.”


He had never told the chief his name properly.

It was unlikely that the adventurer would know the history of the Simuard family, but……. There was a what if. He had enough to worry about as it was.

However, if he did find out now…….


Marcelo bowed politely.

“I apologize, sir. I didn’t mean to hide it.”

But the answer was unfamiliar.

“Marcelo Simuard, I have a question for you.”

Technically, it was a question, not an answer.

Closer to death than anyone else.

Even though he was born as a member of The Simuard Family.

“Do you want to live?”


A question I’d never been asked before.




It was all in the name of fucking tired pride.

I stared at the blinking quest window.

[Quest: Marcelo’s Research]

Magic’s Tower, Chief Mage Marcelo.

To reach the next level of his magic.

He wants you to join him.

Accept Marcelo’s proposal (Success)

Prove your abilities. (Success)

The Weight of the Chief (Repeat) ▼

Access to Anomaly (Ongoing) ▼

The very end of the [Marcelo’s Research] quest, to be precise.

New quest objective.

─Continue Marcelo’s work. (Ongoing)

Senior Mage of Healing, Bellier Yusia.

When I picked up her application, the quest objective was updated.

I was quick to recognize the situation.

Even if we don’t know what The Simuard Family is.

I realized that they weren’t kidding about the time limit.

The question that remained in my mind was resolved.

I may not have carried much, but there’s no denying that I shared in the weight of Marcelo’s position as chief.

But despite all the hard work, Marcelo’s eyes would glaze over every time I saw him.

You can’t simply blame it on his constitution.

‘But it’s even weirder to recognize it.’

Once I realized that…….

I feel like I’ve become a very mean person……!

As if the [Broken Dimensional Rift] wasn’t bad enough, the [Demon Castle] Rift. Wasn’t I the one who dragged Marcelo from place to place with a time limit on his life? And the words I just spat out.

“Do you want to live?”

What a stupid thing to say, really.

But I couldn’t help it.

The heavy pride in my chest said so.

The curse of the Simuard Family.

The moment I saw the purpose of Bellier’s trip.

Another quest flashed in my mind.

[Quest: Request of the Simuard Family].

The House of Mage, Simuard.

They have been cursed with a terminal illness.

They want you to discover the source of the curse.

Visit the Simuard Mansion. (Success)

Confront Countess Simuard. (Ongoing)

A request from the Simuard family.

‘Success’ floating on the quest objective.

That wasn’t the quest I was on.

As I said, I don’t even know what the Simuard family is.

But I did know.

Akshan’s quest structure.

‘The demon hunter who was carrying out the request was killed.’

The past of Akshan’s existence.

When a demon hunter was killed, another demon hunter would take over the task.

But as we all know, Akshan is extinct, and I am the only surviving Demon Hunter.

‘So, naturally, the request was forgotten…….’

It must have come to mind when I learned the secrets of the Simuard family. Yes, from Lee Ho-yeol’s point of view, it was a no-brainer.

─Continuing Marcelo’s legacy. (in progress)

What, carry on Marcelo’s legacy?



You’re talking nonsense.

I have neither the ability nor the desire to do so!

All I want is the privilege of being a co-investigator, not the actual position of chief.

I’d die trying to do the work of a half-hearted chief. After Marcelo, I’ll be the next one to die of overwork……!

Then there was the matter of the demon.

The demons had become my main enemy, and Marcelo’s absence in such a critical situation? I could see the future before I did anything.

I mean, no matter how you look at it.

Confront Countess Simuard. (in progress)

[Requested by the Simuard family].

It is somehow right for me to fulfill Akshan’s quest that was given to me.

Besides, it’s Akshan’s quest.

‘The curse of The Simuard Family is most likely related to demons.’

Yeah, no problem.

But as I said, it was the damned pride.

Pride wanted an answer from Marcelo’s mouth.

Other people’s pride is just as important as your own.

Marcelo, if his pride wanted him to accept the curse of a terminal illness. I will have no choice but to keep Marcelo quiet.

‘Your opinion? It’s important, I can understand that.’

But if I say the same thing, what’s the point of saying, “Do you want to live?

I wonder if Marcelo is offended.

I look at him in silence…….

For some reason, the corners of Marcelo’s mouth turned up.

“Do you know, sir?”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s the first time in my life I’ve ever been asked that question.”

Marcelo’s mouth twisted.

He said something that was half shout, half laugh.

“Simuard. My family’s curse is well known on the continent, and while there have been those who have envied my talent despite that fact, there have also been those who have looked upon me with pity…….”

Well, I didn’t have to look far to find them.

There were such among the senior mages.

Marcelo finally let out the laugh he’d been holding back.

“Haha, I apologize. That question is new to me.”

……That’s the kind of question that makes you laugh.

I don’t think this story is going to go well.

It’s all because of that damn cubic thing……!

“So, for a split second, I thought about it.”


At Marcelo’s words, I resisted the urge to punch him in the snout.

Marcelo’s gaze swept over his neatly organized office.

“I have no regrets, I know my vessel. If it weren’t for my family history……. I would never be where I am today, having traded life for talent. I’m grateful to be able to witness this from a position like this.”

Marcelo smiled bitterly.

“So it’s only right that I shouldn’t have any regrets …….”

He paused.

“The moment I heard your question, I couldn’t help but think.”

Marcelo clenched his fist.

“I want to …… live.”

Of course I don’t know.

What regrets Marcelo has left.

What he has left to live up to as a Simuard bloodline.

How he’s been living his life in a state of limbo.

But it is enough.

“I understand, Marcelo.”


“Please follow Senior Bellier’s words and stay calm.”

I did.

What I wanted to hear wasn’t some gimmicky story.

I wanted to live, just that one word.

At the same time, the quest window flashed.

Continue Marcelo’s work. (Pending)

The quest status changed from ‘in progress’ to ‘pending’.

If it was going to change, it should have changed to failure.

I have no intention of doing this quest.

I looked at Marcelo, who had a puzzled expression on his face.

His fist, to be precise.

Maybe it’s because he’s been talking about it all his life.

‘Now I know what it is.’

What Marcelo held in his fist was a green tea bag.

Dry tea leaves that had fallen to the floor when it popped.

I said nonchalantly.

“If you ever need them, just come to my office.”


“Time flies when you’re enjoying a cup of tea.”




[Quest: Request from The Simuard Family].

The Magic Family of Simuard.

They have been cursed with a terminal illness curse.

They want you to discover the source of the curse.

Visit the Simuard mansion. (Success)

Confront Countess Simuard. (Ongoing)

Unsurprisingly, the Simuard family is located on the continent of Arcana.

This wasn’t a major event like the Demon Castle or the Teffern Labyrinth.

The chances of it popping up in a regular update are slim to none.

Which naturally begs the question.

So how do we get to the Simuard family?

At this point, there was no way to travel from the real world to the continent of Arcana.

But I remembered. The [Broken Dimensional Rift] rift, the sight I had seen in that strange space.


A giant demon whose name I could not recognize.

It had apparently collapsed the rift to reveal itself, and then fled back to the Arcana Continent once more, following my manifestation.

It was then that I realized.

The Rift is a space of anomalies, half reality and half the Arcana Continent.

Just as reality is through the rift.

The Arcana Continent must also be through the Rift.

That doesn’t mean I know how to get from the Rift to the Arcana Continent.

But there is one option worth exploring.

The Demon King’s Loot.

[Map of All Things]

[Rating: Epic]

[Restrictions: None]

[Effect: You can learn the location of something that someone has hidden, something that someone has lost, something that is hidden somewhere. You can also teleport to the location of something once.

However, when you activate the teleportation effect, you immediately lose all effects].

[Description: A magic item with endless possibilities depending on how you use it].

There you have it.

That’s what I was able to say with confidence.

Someone might ask.

Isn’t the Arcana Continent already a den of demons?

Even if I were to step onto the Arcana Continent, would I be able to survive? Do I even know how to get back to reality in the first place?

“I can.”

As always, with a confident answer.


[Title: The Last Adventurer]