Chapter 135 – Evil Dragon Hunter

◈ Episode 135. Evil Dragon Hunter

[Name: Grandfell Claudie Arpheus Romeo]

[Title : The Last Adventurer]

[Class: Demon Hunter]

[Level: 440]


Strength: 71 / Agility: 76 / Magic: 387 / Luck: 6 / Aesthetics: Low

[Points: 15]

Gain 15 levels.

I haven’t leveled up dramatically since entering the level 400 range.

Still, there’s no business in the face of overwhelming experience.

The One Who Must Not Be Awakened is level 900.

Not to mention the Teffern Black Contractor.

That’s a lot of experience, even after splitting kills with players.

“Numbers are meaningless to me.”

……Isn’t this a time to celebrate, not gloat?

Anyway, let’s start with points.

I was about to go all-in on magic as usual, but then I paused.

“……It’s been an eventful year, hasn’t it?

I don’t believe in superstition.

I will not waste a single precious point.

I cried and ate my luck like mustard.

What was the result?

Demons are pouring out of me.

I thought it was a labyrinth, but instead I encountered dragon monsters.

I almost drowned in my own pride.

[Luck: 7]

Yeah, just one point.

It’s a lucky 7, and it looks good.

Let’s not waste it, Ho-yeol.

It’s much better for your mental health.

Rationalization aside, I pick up my teacup.


“It’s not just about enjoying tea. It’s about enjoying the passing of time together.”

Not exactly what I’d say to someone who’s been doping with herbs.

Good thing I’m talking to myself.

I shift my gaze to the quest window.

[Class Quest: Extermination of Akshan]

[Quest: Marcelo’s Research]

[Quest: Reconstruction of the Magic Tower]

[World Quest: Seeds of the World Tree]

[Quest: Demons, Flauros vs. Dwarves]

[10 Wonders Quest]

[World Quest: The Evil Dragon Hunter]

That’s a lot.

I have a whopping seven quests in progress that other players are struggling to complete. Of course, a few of them had already achieved the quest goal.

‘Only one quest is completely finished.’

The war quest between the dwarves and the demon Flauros.

My mind naturally flashes back to my accumulated karma.

Let’s see, how can I use them?

First of all, the situation is different from the Kingdom of Yusra and Frost.

My relationship with the dwarves was already at its peak.

A relationship that led to a pact.

Shouldn’t there be some other reward?

Of course, no matter how much I think about it, I won’t know until I meet the dwarves and test them.

Another quest worth checking out is…….

It’s a new quest.

[World Quest: Evil Dragon Hunter]

You hunted a clan of evil dragons.

The legends of the mountains call to you.

Reach the top of the Zero Mountains. (Ongoing)

‘The quest that other players received was [Traces of the Dragon].

The quest that came to me was different from the name.

It must have been due to my unusually high kill rate.

And I didn’t realize it at the time because I was too busy being proud of myself…….

[The Evil Dragon Hunter] was a World Quest.

It was the equivalent of the World Tree Seed quest.

Looking at the quest description, I think that’s true.

‘An evil dragon clan.’

Something that shouldn’t be awakened.

So, it was an asshole.

I knew it when I saw it.

“You were overly kind to the evil dragon.”

……Was that kindness?

Anyway, there’s a reason why Teffern kept him sealed in the Labyrinth, even at the cost of their own lives. I can already tell where this quest is going, just by looking at the description.

‘Zero Mountains.’

A skyscraper on the continent of Arcana.

Back when Arcana was just a game.

The Zero Mountains were a regular feature in commercials.

The Zero Mountains literally pierced the sky.

It had a majesty about it that made your heart swell just by looking at it.

Plus, there was a legend that a dragon lived at the top of the mountain!

It was a setting that players couldn’t help but feel excited about.

The problem was, no one had ever reached the top of the Zero Mountains.

The level requirements were ridiculous.

Not even the top.

You’d be stuck at the bottom from the start.

The Zero Mountains, such a terrifying place.

What, the first quest objective is to reach the top?

I’m supposed to beat this thing, really.

I realize again.

I realized that a true “world” quest, as opposed to a “world-class” quest, is a different beast from the start……! Of course, I had already cheated on the same world quest, the Seed of the World Tree.

A lucky break will always be a lucky break.

“You only climb a mountain because it’s there.”

An unnecessarily good memory.

I spout off quotes I’ve picked up somewhere.

Of course, they’re not wrong.

‘You have to rise through the crack to rise or whatever.’

But there are times when I’m not wrong, and that pisses me off even more.

In times like these, I’m the loudmouth, but I’m also the condescending one.

I dutifully sipped my tea and checked my items.

First, the loot for high kill contribution.

[Evil Earth Dragon’s Fang]

[Rank: Unique]

[Limit: Lv.800]

[Effect: None]

[Description: A sword forged from the fangs of an Earth Dragon that failed to become a dragon. Due to its inherent limitations, it has no special effects, but its destructive power is unmatched by any other weapon].

……It’s a tough loot to get your hands on.

Let’s start with its level cap.

Level 800.

There’s no telling how many more demons you’ll have to hunt to reach that level.

But I’ve got some, and I had a feeling.

Why, loot from demon-type monsters far above my level range. Most of them had huge level caps.

I’d already faced the problem.

I had dug my own well, my own hole to live in.

That was enchantment.

‘But there’s nothing to extract!’


The quality of not being attached to material things.

If it weren’t for that, I might have whined in frustration.

But as I calmly listened to the explanation, I understood.

‘It doesn’t work, but it’s quite destructive.’

The system window doesn’t lie.

Its destructive power is on par with any weapon.

It really does.

In that sense, it might have felt like an upgrade.

The destructive power is so great.

I can’t even use it because of the level limit.

That’s what I would have thought.

But as I said, I didn’t dig a single well.

Just because it’s a sword doesn’t mean you have to wear it and use it, right?

I took the Fang of the Evil Earth Dragon out of my inventory.

I energized it.

“Anything goes.”

You say there are many ways to wield a sword.


I moved the Fang of the Earth Dragon with my magic power.

Of course, its destructive power would be far less than if it were fully equipped.

Why, I couldn’t energize a sword I didn’t have in my hand.

But it would suffice.

‘For every disadvantage, there is an advantage.’

As long as 『Reversal Magic』 exists.

It doesn’t matter what form it takes.

Tsk tsk.

I split the Earth Dragon’s Fang into several pieces and reversed it back to its original state.

A level 800 restricted item, the destructive power of a single piece could be said to rival any weapon…….

My fingers itched to check its power.

“There’s a time and a place for everything.”

Of course, I can’t make a scene in the quaint office of the Magic Tower.

I’ll have to save my power checks for the next rift.

I gave up hope and checked my next loot.


A Named Demon that possessed the player.

The demon’s loot was purified by defeating it in a ritual.

[Baton of the Evil One].

[Map of Oblivion drawn in blood].

[Eyes blazing with malice].

But first, let’s be rational.

Which Demon Loot should you purify first?

All three loots have no wear restrictions.

However, there was a clear level difference in the demons that dropped them.

“From that perspective, I’d prioritize the [Eye Blazing with Malice].

It was the loot of the highest-ranked of the three demons, Flouros, but I couldn’t help but be influenced by Grandfell’s picky aesthetic.

“It’s important to stay in the middle.”

It was just ugly and I didn’t want to touch it.

I’m good at making excuses, really.

It was.

The loot I purified was the Middle Way, the [Map of Oblivion Drawn in Blood]. Okay, let’s just say it’s a matter of order. I’ll purify the other Demon’s loot anyway.

I calmed down and checked the information.

[Map of All Things]

[Rank: Epic]

[Limit: None]

[Effect: You can learn the location of something someone has hidden, something someone has lost, something hidden somewhere. You can also teleport to the location of the something, once.

However, when you activate the teleportation effect, you immediately lose all effects].

[Description: A magic tool with endless possibilities depending on how you use it].

The description summarizes the long effect in a single line.

“……It’s really endless possibilities.’

I mean, you can actually know the location of the ‘something’ you want, right?

A million possibilities, all at once.

The location of an elixir so rare it’s considered legendary.

It meant I could pinpoint the location of any item I wanted.

“Of course, there are limits.

Reality and the Arcana Continent were two completely different worlds.

Even if I knew the location, I wouldn’t be able to find it right away.

Of course, I might be able to if I used the teleportation power, which can only be used once.

But you wouldn’t need to.

“Time marches on and solves everything.”

For now, just know the location.

Later, when the rift appeared, I could jump into action.

As far as teleportation goes, I’d probably never need to use it.

That’s how I organized my thoughts…….

I feel a little proud.

It is indeed the spoils of a demon.

‘It may be useful beyond the aspirations of pure knowledge.’

In that sense, the effects of the other two loots are worth looking forward to.

But so much for drinking kimchi soup.

There’s still a rigorous routine that’s become a habit.

Okay, so you’ve checked all those flashing messages.

Now it’s time to fulfill my senior responsibilities.

First, let’s check the applications.


I set my teacup down.

I stood up straight and began flipping through the parchments one by one.

I flicked my quill as usual.

“It’s still a useless purpose for a tower.”


“Failed. Senior Mage Bensch William.”


[Quest: Traces of the Dragon]

It was like a medal for clearing the [Teffern Labyrinth] rift.

From the description, it was clear that the quest was unavailable for now.

The players weren’t disappointed.

“I honestly don’t think I’ll be able to complete it……. Why, there’s such a thing as mood, and just looking at the quest window for no reason makes me full.”

“First of all, it says dragon on it, so it looks like I just became a ranker, right?”

“I’m more concerned with the fact that you fought alongside Ho Yeol. It’s even better that it’s on video. We should actually videotape it and pass it down as an heirloom.”

…… You want to pass it down as an heirloom?

If anyone listens.

It’s no wonder the conversation was so shocking.

But now that Dragon is here.

The world, including the players, was focused on a trend.

None other than the official player ranking leader, Skarl.

Level 445, Skarl!

The player’s information, including his ranking, is private.

As a result, he had never been removed from the top of the official rankings.

With the public predicting Ho-yeol’s level to be at least level 900, the interest in Skal has diminished.

“I’m in New York now!”

As I said, this time it was different.

Central Park.

The press swarmed in front of the giant building.

Correspondents from around the world talking to the cameras.

“It’s unusual for the Skarl, who has been so mysterious, to make a public appearance.”

“This is the first time since the Cataclysm that Skarl has appeared in public.”

“However, the response from players and the big guilds has been muted. They say they’ve been expecting this move from Skarl.”

If you’re a player.

If you’re a player who knows Skarl.

I can only think so.

Yes, Skarl’s class is the Knight hidden class.

He was a [Dragon Knight].


Soon, Skarl appeared.

His western eyes could not be hidden by sunglasses.

The mystique was gone.

Skarl brazenly appeared in front of the cameras.

He grabbed a microphone from a group of reporters.


He took the microphone and opened his mouth.

“Alas, I have a story to tell you as a dragon knight.”

……It’s not what I expected, but it’s so different.

How did I manage to keep my mysticism alive all these years?

It’s a bold statement that turns heads.

But Skarl’s purpose seems clearer than ever.

“I have no business with these beggars. Lee Ho-yeol, I wish to speak with you.”


“Mr. Great Evil Dragon Hunter.”





As if the infinite darkness wasn’t enough.

A ray of light in an infinite darkness.

Just when I thought that wasn’t enough, the Evil Dragon Hunter?

Thanks to Skarl’s bombshell announcement, there was one more unfamiliar name to add to the list. Ho-yeol, the man in question, remained in his original position at his desk in the Magic Tower’s office.

His eyes were drawn to the application form.

An application form from Bellier Yusia, a senior mage of the Healing School.

His gaze skimmed over the purpose of the application.


Senior Mage, Marcelo Simuard.

The Curse of the Terminal Illness, passed down through the Simuard family.

A study on its interpretation.


It was like any other day.

There was no excitement and no long pondering.

Ho Yeol left his office.

Another day─