Chapter 113 – The Name (1)

◈ Episode 113. The Name (1)

The outskirts of Muon.

Marcelo and several senior mages were watching the situation.

I wonder if it’s okay to stay still.

Vanguard Tom, a senior in Pure Magic, spoke up cautiously.

“Hey……. Shouldn’t we join in?”

“I think we should wait until we have a signal to do so.”

” ……If Chief Marcelo says so.”

Maybe it was the experience of being played.

Vanguard had gotten to know the demons somewhat.

And that dealing with demons, regardless of your abilities, is something you can never be too careful about.

Vanguard remembered the sensations from the past, from the Broken Dimensional Rift.

‘I don’t even know when I had that thought…….’

Suddenly, he came to his senses.

He realized he was acting on the demon’s intentions.

‘If it were just me, I’d blame it on my lack of knowledge.’

Even the elder mages had their minds clouded by demons.

‘Chief Lee Ho-yeol should be careful.’

There was no doubt about his ability, but…….

As I said, the opponent was a demon.

A demon who had toyed with the Goddess Church.

When Vanguard couldn’t quite straighten his face, Marcelo spoke.

“I don’t know what you mean, so I can’t say anything specific.”


“I don’t think it’s anything to worry about.”

Because, unlike Vanguard, Marcelo did know.

That Ho-Yeol was a demon hunter, not a mage.

The only natural enemy the demons feared so much.

“It’s like his specialty.”

……A major in dealing with demons?

What the hell are you talking about?

Vanguard’s brow furrowed even deeper.



Far away with a vibration.

A tentacle shot out from the center of the muon.

Its size was grotesque even from a distance.

“It’s disgusting.”

Matisse, the senior mage of Black Magic, suppressed his emotions.

He’d guessed it from the moment he’d reached the Magic Tower.

Demon was indeed playing with the continent of Arcana.

It would be impossible for a human to keep his emotions under control.

The wind stained Matisse’s ring black.

“It’s as if we’ve been neglecting them.”

If only Magic Tower had been able to move beforehand.

The continent of Arcana wouldn’t be in the mess it is today.

As Matisse mulled over his anger, Marcelo spoke up.

“Yes, it’s late, but it’s also up to us to make it right.”

It was.

It should have been up to them to dispose of that demon.

For some reason, the Lord Ho Yeol stepped forward this time as well.

‘I don’t know, but he must have a meaning in his actions.’

But Marcelo soon realized what Ho-Yeol meant.

The paladins’ eyes had changed.

They were now charging at the demon with death in their eyes.

As Marcelo watched, a thought popped into his head.

‘……Is this to prevent the Goddess Church from falling?’

So that the Goddess Church, who was tossed by the saintess and the demon, can defend its final pride. Did Lord give them a chance to dispose of the demon with their own hands… … !

Matisse, who had likewise guessed Ho-Yeol’s meaning.

He exchanged glances with Marcelo.

The two men spat out words of admiration.

“I didn’t even think about it until I saw it with my own eyes.”

“Neither did I. Your Lordship is truly…….”

“You think on a different level than the rest of us.”

Marcelo switched positions and thought.

“If I were Lord…….

Even if he had been played by the demon, the Goddess Church, which had betrayed Akshan in the Holy War, was an enemy to him.

Even if he knew it intellectually, his emotions would have to take precedence.

But what about Ho Yeol?

‘Even in the face of an enemy, a demon, you still think of the pride of the Goddess Church.’

I couldn’t help but be impressed.

Come to think of it, it wasn’t the first time.

The Lord hadn’t forgiven the original sin of the tower either.

So the only ones who didn’t understand were Vanguard and Senior Flamemage Bensh William.

They also exchanged glances. Unable to contain my frustration, I whispered in a low voice.

“……What are you talking about?”

“‘Different dimensions of thought’? What are we if we can’t understand that?”

“……Why don’t you just ask him outright?”

“Are you serious, Senior Vanguard Tom?! You know what I went through the last time I tried to enter the rift with Matisse Senior? I swear, I still get choked up just thinking about it!”


Talim Eber, leader of the Paladins of the Goddess Church.

I hadn’t learned anything new from my conversation with him.

He, and everyone else in Muon, was just a victim of Nephrite’s [status abnormality].


[Slight increase in magic regeneration for 30 minutes].

I set down my teacup and opened my mouth.

“I understand.”

Yeah, I guess that means I had no choice but to lay down.

Just like the Magic Tower had no choice but to stay where it was.

Apparently, so did Muon.

Unlike Magic Tower, of course, who didn’t even care about the holy war.

Muon had been in and out of the holy war.

Though he did hit Akshan in the back of the head harder than Magic Tower.

“Not my backside.’

A gap of over a decade.

And Grandfell’s unflappable personality.

And finally, a heavy dose of pride.

“Akshan just kept his pride until the end.”

A holy war.

Akshan’s demon hunters were wiped out fighting demons.

Or rather, they fell victim to the demon’s schemes and perished.

Their pride is not extinguished.

To pity their deaths?

At least among demon hunters.

They do not mourn each other’s deaths.

Grandfell’s pride said so.

“……I’m sorry, and thank you.”

Of course, Talim can’t know my complicated mind.

To him, I’m just a generous demon hunter.

As proof, Talim is thrilled.

“We, the Goddess Church, will no longer play with demons, if you are so wise as to recognize a saintess’s true nature. You know where we, the Goddess Church, must go.”

“As long as we have [natural enemy].

I can see the direction we need to go.

It’s an overestimation.

But overestimation comes naturally to me.

You’re shamelessly convincing.

Talim’s voice turned serious.

“At least now, the Goddess Church will honor the promise I made to Akshan that I could not keep.”

An unfulfilled promise to Akshan.

What he meant by that was simple.

“The Goddess Church will join you in this holy war.”

The continent of Arcana falls into the clutches of demons.

Demonic forces are now reaching into the real world.

A continuation of the Holy War of the past.

There was no reason for me to refuse.

After all, I knew firsthand the power of the Goddess Church.

‘They must be overwhelmed.’

Tens of thousands of paladins.

And priests to support them.

If they had failed to bring them out of their [status abnormality]…….

I can only imagine how it would have played out.

For such a goddess church to join the holy war.

Next to the most powerful military organization in Arcana, the Magic Tower.

Arcana’s largest religious organization.

That’s a lot of support.

And technically, they weren’t the only ones.

‘The Kingdom of Yusra, Frost, and…’

Guilds intertwined in give-and-take and business relationships.

I have many allies.

So one thing is certain.

I’ve got this, Lee Ho-Yeol.

You’re on your own, Grandfell.

‘…… Please, don’t be fake.’

That was the end of the conversation.

The muon had been updated to reality.

We have a way to stay in touch.

If he needed to, he could manifest a portal, as he was doing now.

“I, Talim Eber, will not forget your kindness today.”

“Next time, I’ll bring you tea.”

“…… Thank you. Lord Lee Ho-Yeol.”

……No, I thank you.

It’s a good thing the Goddess Church has an herbal tea that enhances magic regeneration, or I wouldn’t have enough magic left to manifest a single portal by now.

Another lesson learned.

High-level magic is not for the faint of heart…….

I know my stuff.

With that, I headed for the portal.

The coordinates, naturally, were for the Magic Tower.

A level gained by hunting Nephrites.

The messages I’d passed.

Even the items I’d acquired.

It’s time for some maintenance.




Talim murmured softly as he watched the line disappear over the portal.

Talim chanted softly.

“May the wisdom of the Goddess be with you in all things.”

You say you don’t believe in gods.

You can’t pray to them audibly.

But it was all Talim could offer him.

“I do believe.”

Talim looked out the window at the crowd beyond.

To be precise, those who were driven by the ‘tears of the saint’.

Ho-Yeol’s words flashed through his mind.

-“It’s not a miracle of the goddess.”

He realized that the saintess was a demon.

When even the miracle of the goddess, the tears of the saint, are denied.

He had no faith left in the goddess.

But Ho-yeol said.

-“But there is also no solid proof that the gods do not exist.”

At that, Talim thought to himself.

‘Perhaps wonder is proof that a goddess exists?’

The tears of saints and saintess.

The Goddess had pity on them, for they had been led astray.

They wondered if she had sent them a favor.

Talim laughed bitterly.

” …… would call that nonsense, wouldn’t he?”

Ho-yeol doesn’t believe in God.

He was proof of God’s existence.

It was ridiculous, even to himself.

But Talim continued in a low voice.

“But please, my lord. My lord.”

Then he looked at Muon.

The commotion had passed him by.

The young priests were in tears of shock.

The paladins wore expressions as complex as his own.

Yes, they were on his shoulders.

“Please be the strength that keeps me from falling apart.”

Of course, Ho Yeol was there to support him.

He must be stronger for himself and the Goddess Church.

That would require determination.

But Talim could still see the tears of a saint in his eyes.

“First the miracle of the goddess, then the truth of it.”


What a coincidence, by the way.

‘No wonder you’re mistaken.’

Tears of a saint.

spring, I never would have guessed that the Demune Moonstone beneath the ground was bringing out the effects of the Aryan Moss, which, in its natural state, is nothing special.

Its true value is unknown.

Its value was nothing compared to its effectiveness.

Of course, I can’t get it now.

I bought them all a long time ago.

Why, in preparation for my birthday present to my dear Mrs. Choi.

The herbal tea bags I sent to Mrs. Choi.

They were made from Aryan moss.

My sisters were more excited about the effect than Mrs. Choi.

What was the name of that tea?

It’s not a joke, it’s to the point that if you go outside with your mom, you’ll be mistaken for four sisters. As I recall that memory, it seems that the voices of No. 3 and Wensu are ringing in my ears.

‘Shut up.’

Anyway, unless Talim speaks first.

The effects of the Aryan Moss will never be revealed.

It’s probably better for the players.

Aryan Moss with such an effect.

and find out that you sold it for nothing.

‘If I were them, I’d lose sleep over it.’

Same goes for the ghost iron.

It’s not for nothing that they say ignorance is bliss.

Of course, knowledge is power.

I had a large stack of Aryan moss.

“There should be no shortage of materials for research.”

The embodiment of integrity.

It wasn’t greed, it was the Cultivation of Medicinal Herbs.

It was part of the research.

[Name: Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo]

[Title: The Last Adventurer]

[Class: Demon Hunter]

[Level: 390]


Strength: 65 / Agility: 70 / Magic: 335 / Luck: 6 / Aesthetics: Low]

[Points held: 10].

Freyja, the Saintess.

By hunting Nephrite, the Named Demon, I have gained 10 levels.

It finally feels real.

It pales in comparison to the hype.

Still, it’s a respectable level.


That’s why.

I understand what the rankers said.

It’s too hard to level up.

All those interviews where they whined about how much experience they needed.

I can totally relate.

It’s only 10 levels.

But when you consider that you’re sharing experience with tens of thousands of other Paladins, it’s a decent number.

Sure, tens of thousands of paladins contributed kills. I was the one with the highest contribution.


I didn’t manifest a pseudo-advanced magic for nothing.

[Tainted Ceremonial Robe]

[Rank: Unique]

[Limitations: None]

[Effect: Sealed]

[Description : A demonic curse has sealed its effects, and it must be purified before its full power can be known].

A demonic item obtained by defeating Nephrite.

It’s a unique, but unrestricted item.

The old me would have lamented the fact that it might not work.

Now, I hadn’t even considered enchanting.

‘If only the effect was useful.’

I could just extract it and enchant it to another item.

Oh, it’s a demonic item.

The one that was suddenly stolen by the Magic Tower…….

No, I remember a demonic item I lent out.

[Vampire Count’s Orb]

[Rank: Unique]

[Limit: Lv.400]

[Effect : When attacking, has a high chance to deal additional damage].

[Description: An orb filled with vampire blood, which bursts out whenever it comes into contact with magic, dealing damage to the target].

The item you obtained after defeating Ascura.

You’re only 10 levels away from reaching the once distant 400th level. Congratulations, Lee Ho-yeol. You’ve managed to keep your head above water.

“I’ll get it back as soon as I reach level 400.

I’ve thought about it before.

The damage bonus was so versatile.

I hadn’t forgotten about the precious iron in my inventory.

‘Finally, if I can smelt the Ghost Iron into a decent piece of equipment.

I may not be a tycoon myself.

I’d be a tycoon if I could get one piece of equipment.

Of course, it was already a mouthful.

Especially worrying about how to use the iron.

I’ll have to wait until after our encounter with the dwarves.


I organized my thoughts.

Suddenly, words appeared on the parchment.






Feiyan Lot, a senior mage of the Spirit School.

She forcefully put down the feather pen.

……I did it!

So what can I do?


A contractor of the High Spirit.

Because of that contract, the gas mileage of the body is terrible.

A glutton, Feiyan chewed on a cookie out of habit.

“Chief Marcelo. Well, I only trust you. Blah blah blah.”

Surely, you’d say, he wasn’t as harsh as he was worried?

The reason why I wrote down the feather pen even though I was worried.

It was all because of the rumors about Chief Lee Ho-yeol.

The rumor that Senior Lee Ho-yeol had signed a contract with a spirit!

As a senior in Spiritology, I was surprised, but that wasn’t the only topic of conversation that prompted me to write to him.

Another rumor, yes, a rumor from the continent of Arcana that Fire Drake had heard.

“If you had sprouted the seed of the World Tree with the power of the spirits…….”

The spirit that sprouted the seed of the World Tree.

He must have achieved a tremendous rise in rank.

A rise that would be recognized by all the spirits of the Arcana Continent.

But Feiyan hadn’t heard anything from her own spirit, Fire Drake, whom she had summoned from the Rift.

So he had to ask.

No matter how basic.

Knowledge of spirits was not widely known.

“I don’t know if this will be helpful or rude.”

Feiyan mumbled an excuse.

“It’s not like it’s a hassle. Just giving the spirit a new name would be a step up in rank. The sprouting of the World Tree, an achievement like that would make it a ‘unique spirit’ that’s not bound by rank. Besides, there’s no particular reason why you wouldn’t want to give it a name……!”

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