◈ Episode 112. Do You Understand the Situation (2)

Muon’s situation was broadcast in real time.

The AAU was the first to recognize the news.

There was no distinction between branches.

Everyone realized the uncertainty of the situation.

” ……Do you think it’s okay to leave the players alone?”

“What do you mean, about that?”

“There’s just too much of a variable with Freyja.”

The mysterious Freyja.

A saintess, she was the only one who could move the muons at this point. If only she had kept the gates of Muon firmly closed, we wouldn’t be in this much trouble………….

“Is that what you hear our players talking about?”

“Well, that’s one thing…….”

“Of course, I can understand your concern, but we’ll see. After all, the last time I saw a change in attitude on Muon was right after Magic Tower and Marcelo made their move.”

He was silent for a moment, then stared at the monitor.

“In other words, you’re going to have to rely on Lee Ho-Yeol again.”

It was Lee Ho-yeol who moved Magic Tower.

And this time, he didn’t disappoint.

He appeared on Muon.

Dressed as always.

But his behavior was even more extraordinary than usual.

The bystanders were dumbfounded.

“……Wait, what’s going on here?”

Lee Ho-yeol, a paladin knelt before him……!

AAU was more surprised than anyone.

They didn’t know who Freyja was, but they knew the Paladins’ setup better than anyone.

“A paladin kneels down to……. players?”

“How much prestige do they have to accumulate?”

“No, that’s not just prestige.”

Yeah, it wasn’t just prestige.

A paladin, the head of a paladin order, would be brought to his knees.

That meant Lee Ho-yeol had a lot of influence in the Goddess Church.

“You’re telling me that you’ve done quests for the Goddess Church?”

“Did it come to fruition in the first place, right?”

“How much does he know about……?”

However, the astonishment didn’t end there.


A boom.

Muon’s citadel suddenly collapsed.

A mass of tentacles appeared at the same time.

“Mu, a monster in Muon? What is that?”

A monster that didn’t exist in the database.

An equally non-existent Freyja.

An exclamation of disbelief erupted from the AAU.

“Was that the real Freyja……!!”

We didn’t even know the identity of the monster.

We didn’t know if it was strong or weak.

But one thing was clear: it was no ordinary creature.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t have survived this long impersonating a saintess in Muon.

“Hurry! Contact the players!”

The unknown.

The dangers are unimaginable.

Everyone must refrain from rash actions.

But they’d been caught off guard.

“……This too?”

Lee Ho-yeol’s presence.

It seemed to have guessed the existence of the tentacle mass as well.

His posture was not the least bit disturbed.

Its expression and gaze were the same as usual.

And there was a paladin by his side.


-“In the name of the Goddess. Draw your swords, Paladins of Muon!”

Not just one.

Tens of thousands of paladins with swords drawn towards the giant tentacle mass.

Tens of thousands of paladins.

The AAU had to admit, it was a sight to behold.

Park Min-jae, president of the AAU Korea Branch.

With all the members of the branch gathered, he opened his mouth.

“This is why I don’t know who the AAU is.”

Damn, who’s the anti-Arcana?

Arcana is eroding reality.

What’s even more surprising is that even though he’s doing such a tremendous job, he doesn’t show the slightest bit of reserve.

“……Hyun-joon, do you think you can do that?”

Yoon Soo-gyeom asked Sung Hyun-joon.

Even if you knew that the muon had a tentacle mass. The muon was in the gills of that monster.

Lee Ho-yeol had jumped into the monster’s mouth.

“This isn’t a game, this is real life. Real life with lives at stake.”

No matter how high my level is.

I can’t do it.

Sung shook his head.

But Lee Ho-yeol had done it.

No, he had already done it several times.

Without faltering once.

There was only one word that could describe him.

“That ‘nobility’ made even the paladins follow him?”

Tens of thousands of paladins moved under his gesture.

Paladins of the Goddess Church are an outsider.

They follow the player’s orders.

According to the setting of Arcana.

It should never have happened, but…….

“You’re an unbelievable player, Lee Ho-yeol……!”

Yes, this was also real.



[Current state: waiting for orders]

Tens of thousands of paladins stood behind me.

I’m not a master of a huge guild like Namtae-min or Hisagi. I’m not even of the [Monarch] class, and I don’t know when I’ve ever led so many troops. I’m sure I’m feeling the pressure.

“Talim Eber. I accept your will.”

But I’m shameless.

Paladin of Muon, I have taken their command.

Wielding tens of thousands of troops?

Even with the setting of Grandfell.

There was a limit.

Even in my wildest days, when I thought I was something special, the thought of commanding tens of thousands of soldiers never crossed my mind.

Especially when I was alone, when I thought myself to be the cool one…….

‘It’s my territory from here on out.’

In the end, it’s up to me.

I have no choice but to face it on my way.

Yes, Lee Ho-Yeol’s way.

I’m used to it now.

You know, the way he takes everything he can get his hands on.

Quack, quack, quack, quack!

The muon citadel crumbles under the tentacles.

It’s a mineral, too, so it’s a familiar target for exploration.

No asssimilation, no interference, just instantaneous manifestation.




The crumbling citadel of Muon is rebuilt.

The scattered puzzle seems to fit together on its own.

The sight left even the most determined paladins speechless.

“What is this?”

“The building is rebuilding, ah……?!”

“……, Goddess.”

Well, it’s pretty spectacular, even for me.

It’s pretty magical, isn’t it?

To the untrained eye, it looks like a miracle of the goddess.

But it’s actually quite simple.

“Reversal magic.”

It’s just that its scope has broadened.

The power-to-value ratio of Reversal Magic is quite outstanding.

Plus, it triggers [Natural Enemy].

Minerals are a familiar object to assimilate for.

I spent very little magic to restore the destroyed muons to their original form.

“This level of aesthetic value is rare. It needs to be preserved.”

The reasoning is simple.

Aesthetics alone.

But it shouldn’t matter.

Talim spoke to me in an elevated voice.

“Thank you for protecting the muons.”

There was no need to reveal my true colors.

And it was enough.

Even to scratch the tentacle mass’s temper.

“Cocky, very cocky. How dare you think you can afford to look around while dealing with this Nephrite? How arrogant. But at the same time, I’m used to it. Every single one of you didn’t know what you were talking about.”

Every single one of you.

You mean the Demon Hunters of Akshan.

It’s a familiar feeling.

Demons sure are good with words.

“So what was the endgame? Let’s see. Your behavior at the Holy War is still fondly remembered in my mind. You were foolish. You took my word for it like it was iron and ran with it.”

You didn’t take Muon for nothing.

The paladins were responding to his words.


Talim severed his outstretched tentacle and looked at me.

“‘The Holy War……? And you?”

A demon hunter?

That was the question in his eyes.

Yes, I am a demon hunter.

The last demon hunter.

I wanted to say it coolly.

Grandfell’s stubbornness is unbreakable.

“These are not words to be spoken in front of lesser prey.”

One rule.

No unnecessary words with my prey.


Instead of answering, I summoned my magic.

The thoroughly ignored mass of tentacles wriggled grotesquely.

Activate [Exorcism Ritual].

You have been invited to my ritual.

It must have been able to hear my voice over the commotion.

Soon, I hear a croaking laugh.

“You are the most arrogant of them all, and that is unforgivable. What do you dare to think of me, Nephrite?”

I don’t know what I think.

I think you’re a saintess impersonator.

Of course, don’t feel bad for thinking so.

You’re not even worth thinking about, a demon like you.

“The weak demon who hid in the shadow of the great evil no longer exists. I am me! I am Nephrite, a being that no clumsy demon dares to touch! My power rivals that of a high-ranking demon king!”


At the same time, tentacles surged out.


No, thousands of tentacles stretched out towards me and the paladins.

Their attack pattern was as extensive as their size.

It seems like someone is bound to be harmed.

But if I’m there, it’s a different story.


What’s there.

What isn’t.

I’m the one who decided to be mean.


I lifted the ground.

The surface of a muon made of rock, to be precise.

Its strength is considerable, but it’s not lacking in aesthetics either.

It’s the kind of weapon I’d be happy to wield.


Its shape is like a disk.

I manipulated the surface of the muon in midair.

I cut off its tentacles.

The magic efficiency of telekinesis wasn’t very high.

This isn’t just telekinesis.

I’ve definitely added a concept to it.

『Magic』, different from telekinesis.

A completely new concept.

[Skill], simultaneous fire.

That’s right, it’s an 『Anomaly』


Dozens of discs cut through the tentacles.

The power of this attack is beyond magic or [Skill].

One cannot counter it alone.

What does that mean?

Thud, thud, thud─!

Its tentacles fell to the ground.

[‘Dismemberment’ happens to Nephrite, the Named Demon].


Paladins too.

Nephrites also stopped moving for a moment.

And each of them─

The only thing moving is my steps.

I opened my mouth.

“You are mistaken.”

I have a code of never talking to my prey.

But I’m too tired to let a wrong word go unanswered.

So this wasn’t a conversation.

It was a one-sided declaration.

“How dare you claim to be a high-ranking demon king.”

I couldn’t take it anymore.

Resurrection of the high-ranking Demon King.

To stop him, I and Magic Tower worked tirelessly.

Clashing with Karimzeva in the process.

Senios, an elder mage, was slain.

This was the resurrection of the high-ranking Demon King that the Magic Tower of Heaven had sacrificed so much to stop.

Therefore, I spoke coldly.

“Do not make light of that sacrifice.”

Nephrite, the Named Demon.

As I suspected, it was strong.

I can tell by the fact that she’s unharmed, surrounded by tens of thousands of paladins in the [Exorcism Ritual]. The message said it was a Named Demon.

Demonic beings grow like players.

Like the succubus that possessed Baek Yi-seol. I’m sure it lived as a saintess, a Freyja, and grew stronger than ever before.

But I know this.

The High-ranking Demon King are untouchable, even by those who have attained enlightenment like Karimzeva.

even those as accomplished as Karimzeva.

And you say you’re on par with the High Demons King?

You must have lost your sense of reality from all the time you’ve spent in muons…….

I have a saying for you.

“Foolish demon in the well.”

I spat, and then manifested my magic.

“……Don’t you dare!”

It’s not a conversation if you don’t give me a chance to respond.

The magic I cast was simple.

You’re not even a saintess, and you claim to be a high-ranking demon king.

I dare you to try this one.

[『Absolute Zero』].

Senios’ arcane magic.

Technically, it’s not a skill, but an imitation of a skill.

Even so, it was [『Anomaly』].

‘A fake is enough for a fake.’


Even I, with the [Warmth] buff, feel chilled.

A chilling chill enveloped Nephrite.


The twitching tentacles froze in place.

[Nephrite, the Named Demon, is ‘frozen’].

[Nephrite, the Named Demon, suffers ‘Frostbite’]…….

Well, this is the reality outside the cold well.


. https://pindangscans.com


‘……No way!

The frozen Nephrite could not admit it.

How many humans he had deceived?

How many negative emotions he had absorbed?

She had become hardened through them.

“How did I get this body to ……?

And what is this demon hunter?

From the moment he invited himself into consciousness.

Even when he revealed his true form.

There was no emotion in him.

‘This is ridiculous. How can a mere mortal……!!!

A sense of discomfort washed over her.

To elicit such negative emotions from such a person.

The same thing happened when I brought up their colleague.

‘How can you be so calm?’

Even when I mentioned the Holy War and the gruesome end of the Demon Hunters. There was not the slightest stirring in him. Not even a glance down at himself.


That’s why it was fun.

It’s always more fun to bring someone down from a great height.

But she couldn’t bring it down.

A mere mortal had overpowered herself.

completely overpowered this Nephrite.

‘It wasn’t arrogance…….’

In that moment, Nephrite remembered.

A distant past.

The voice of the great evil that had taken him.

-“I leave the disposition of Akshan to you.”

-“Am I worthy of such an honor……?”

-“Do as you please. I am troubled by everything.”

The Seven Deadly Sins.

I thought she was a foolish old-fashioned demon.

A demon’s natural enemy.

I didn’t like that she was so evil and afraid of humans.

But when she exterminated Akshan as planned.

Nephrite thanked her.

-“How foolish of you to give me such a position!”

Because she had taken the muon, she grew stronger at a faster rate than any other demon. She grew stronger day by day. His confidence soared as he watched.

-“Perhaps I can rise above the demons king and be called a great evil.”


A foolishness greater than her, a genuine evil.

Nephrite had truly thought so.

Until she met her nemesis.

“……Move! I must move!’

It was cold.

The giant body didn’t move.

The chill was unbearable.

It was a cold that froze even the passage of time.

“Everyone, stop. I am a saintess. I am Freyja!”

In the midst of it all, she could see the paladins coming toward her.

Weak mortals playing in the palm of her hand.

They began to cut into her flesh.

And the sight.

There was a man watching with a steady gaze.

For the first time in his life, Nephrite felt fear.

“Am I, this Nephrite, going to die in vain?

It began to make sense.

Why the great evils and demons feared Akshan so much. Why they’d gone to the trouble of wearing disguises to bring Akshan to his doom.

In the end, Nephrite could only plead.

“Great evil. My master, Sloth! Save me!”

But no answer came.

The reason was very simple.

Was she not the source of her sloth?

She had rebelled against herself over and over again.

She was a sloth itself that I didn’t even realize I had.

No wonder there was no such thing as saving oneself.

‘Beyyyyy get up and eat…… !!’




[Leveled up].

[You have leveled up].

[You have leveled up]…….

A vanishing mass of tentacles.

Put off checking the dizzying array of messages for a moment.

The hunt is over, just to be sure.

I turn to Talim, who approaches me.

“I’ll ask the Goddess Church about the holy war.”

That’s the way he talks.

He sounds so arrogant when he says the same thing.

But cockiness is no excuse for not getting a response.

I had just messaged him.

[Your relationship with the Holy Land, Muon, has increased significantly].

[Your influence in the Holy Land, Muon, has increased significantly].

[Your friendship with the Goddess Church has reached maximum].

Besides, I deserved it.

I didn’t need to explain what that was.

Talim, leader of the Goddess Church’s Paladin Corps.


He was before me.

He knelt formally, head bowed.

“I will take full responsibility, even if it is a ‘judgment’.”

……Wait, I didn’t mean that kind of judgment.

There was no time to correct the misunderstanding.

There were too many eyes watching.

“Wait, did you just say that the Goddess Church is responsible……?”

“Responsible for what?”

“Judging……? Lee Ho-yeol is judging the Goddess Church?!”

First, let’s move away.

“This is not the right place to have a conversation.”

“……Yes, I’ll show you around.”

“I’d prefer a place where we can talk over a cup of tea.”


After the battle.

Replenishing my energy is an important procedure for me…….

tlnote: I forget this, Named Demon is a demon with a name not just by species in the category of named monster, 진명의 악마 : Demon With True Name