Chapter 108 – Ego (3)

◈ Episode 108. Ego (3)

Second place in the guild rankings, Heavenly Unification.

Guild Master Liu Zunqun has a goal.

“We will take this opportunity to surpass Shining.”

The opportunity, of course, was the new rift created by the new update.

Takedown Shining, the goal is always the same.

But this time, we had to take it more seriously.

The Shining was currently faltering like never before.

“Rox, you must have taken a lot of damage to your power.”

Jesse Heinness, the Shining’s second-in-command.


[BREAKING] Jesse Heinness has officially left The Shining……!


Because she jumped out of the fence called Shining.

We don’t know why, but we do know that the announcement wasn’t a dream.

Shining’s falling rapidly stock price was proof of that, as was their soaring stock price.

“No time to waste in Muon.”

Muon, the holy land of the Goddess Church.

At first, I tried to gauge its value.

There were many things that could benefit the Guild if we were to establish friendly relations with the Goddess Church.

But now that we know that the Muons harbor hostile feelings toward humanity.

There was no longer any reason for us to remain loyal to the Muons.

[Mantra Mine – 2 pits]

[Recommended Level : Lv.550]

[Collapse Progress : 0.8%]

“Everyone, enter the rift!”

A golden opportunity to stand on top of the Shining.

Standing in front of it, Liu Zunqun didn’t hesitate.

He led the elite forces of the Heavenly Unification to enter the rift.

“Don’t back down!”

“Grit your teeth and hold on!”

“What are you doing, unleash your magic!”

The battle was not easy.

First of all, the monsters in the Rift are all ghosts.

To prepare for this, they consumed a potion that gave their weapons a ghost attribute, allowing them to attack ghosts.

“They’re too fast, those things!”

“Shit. They’re hiding behind walls.”

“It’s not easy to swing a sword when they’re flying overhead……!”


They were moving as if they were making a joke about the great army.

But Liu Zunqun had tons of experience.

From when Arcana was just a game to now.

Experience that had made Heavenly Unification stand out as a top-tier guild.

“Don’t chase. Stay in line.”

A tricky pattern.

But we’ve seen monsters with much trickier patterns than this.

And since this was a golden opportunity, we were prepared.

“We don’t give them what they want.”

Liu Zunqun was confident in the long game.

Under his command, the whole of Heavenly Unification had calmly attacked the rift.

And now.

“All troops stand by.”

To get a sense of the mine’s terrain.

Dozens of explorers scattered everywhere.

Soon, they returned with something in hand.

“Map complete.”

No matter how complicated the mine’s structure is, there’s no business in quantity.

Liu Zunqun looked at the maps the explorers had created by activating their skills.

He found a passage that stood out among the dozens of maps.

“There are a lot of weeds growing here.”

Of course, Liu Zunqun didn’t ponder for long.

He had plenty of hands and feet to do the work for himself.

He waved his hand, and a few groups quickly moved off.

“We’ll return with information.”

They disappeared beyond the mine with the explorer’s map.

Soon, Liu Zunqun received good news.

The Rift’s boss monster.

They’d found the [Iron Ghost].

“All troops, advance!”

[Iron Ghost].

Defeating it would clear the rift. If they could clear the new rift in such a short amount of time, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect the guild rankings to change.

“What a wasteful overflow of junk.”

An armored giant.

His size and his voice.

It exuded a great deal of authority.

“All forces charge!”

Liu Zunqun.

He and the other players of Heavenly Unification didn’t back down.

This was thanks to the special effects of Liu Zhunqun’s class, [Monarch].


Leader: After the start of the battle, the skill “Morale Boost” is activated on players who serve the Leader until the Leader takes the first damage. The effectiveness of Morale Boost is proportional to the player’s level.


Supergiant Guild.

The reason why the Heavenly Unification can unite around Liu Zunqun.

It’s because of Liu Zunqun’s class, [Monarch].

Liu Zhunqun looked at the guild members charging at the giant.

‘They are my sword and shield.’

It wasn’t just words.

The experience points they earned.

It was coming to him at a certain rate.

This is the power of the rare class [Monarch]!

It was precisely because of this that Liu Zhunqun had the full support of China. Of course, Liu Zhunqun was also aware of its weight, so he made a cold judgment.


The guild members collapsed.

Liu Zhunqun didn’t blink an eye.

Swords and shields could be replaced at will.

But there is only one [Monarch].

There is no one who can replace me.

Liu Zunqun swung his sword and shield.

“Never, never back down!”

Thanks to the effects of the [Leader] skill.

Under his command, the guild members moved in unison.

The Iron Ghost opened his mouth.

“You’re the kind of people I hate.”

A mere monster, what are you talking about?

Despite the bitterness in his voice, Liu Zunqun’s gaze did not waver.

Shaking in the face of an enemy?

That was unbecoming of a monarch.

“I may destroy myself. I will not bend the knee to you.”

A sea of hope.

Liu Zhunqun pressed the Iron Ghost relentlessly.

Even if it was knocked down, it could still rise again.

As he had emphasized many times, there was no business in quantity.


Soon, a sound was heard.

At the same time, the walls of the mine glowed.

Liu Zunqun suddenly realized.

“Was that boulder your main body?”

If he had destroyed the main body from the beginning.

He would have been able to defeat it more quickly.

But it didn’t matter.

“That’s probably good.”

I have plenty of swords and shields anyway.

It didn’t change the fact that I had captured the [Mantra Mine – 2 Ore Pit] with only the power of the Unified Heavens.

A message pops up.

[You have leveled up].

[Leveled up].

[You have cleared the Mantra Mine – 2nd Ore Pit Rift].

Liu Zunqun couldn’t help but smile with satisfaction.

“Time to enjoy the atmosphere at the top.”


……Giddy. Really.

Imagine if I didn’t have the [Pentagram of Pure Knowledge].

Of course, I wouldn’t even know what ghost iron is, and I’d have a hell of a time defeating the Iron Ghost.

“Suppose I was lucky enough to know that it was the main body.”

So, directly attack the Iron Ghost.

Destroyed it.

Imagine defeating an Iron Ghost.

It’s so terrible that it makes you groan……! That includes the Ego Sword, the ghost iron that can be used to craft Ego equipment. Because it was like crushing it with my own hands.

‘Just thinking about it…….

I got goosebumps. Seriously.

Ignorance is bliss.

If you don’t know until the end, you don’t know.

Or if you do find out later.

‘That’s when the insomnia begins.’

Of course, I couldn’t guess the monetary value of the ghost iron.

Like the Ego Sword, that information was unknown.

But he could guess.

[Ghost Iron]

[Rank: Epic]

[Limit: None]

[Effect : When crafted, imparts ‘Ego’ to the crafted item].

[Description: A mineral with a soul. Its rarity is worthy of being treated as a legend, and its value is immeasurable].

I did.

I’ve got the precious metal in my hands.

Yes, it was all thanks to the sword’s energy.

As I said before.

There are only two ways to acquire it.

You can either defeat it.

Failing that, earn its respect.

I had done the second and earned its recognition.

“Even now, your swordsmanship is unparalleled……. But there is still so much room for improvement.”

It was the Iron Ghost evaluation of me.

As I listened, I felt vaguely familiar.

Now that I think about it, it’s similar to what Harkon said, isn’t it?

-“I’ve always been convinced, but only today can I say it with confidence. Lord Ho-Yeol, you must walk the path of the sword. What’s with the five fingers? At least on the continent, you’re within three fingers of……!”

Iron Ghost continued.

“I have been waiting here for someone like you. Will you please take me to the path of the sword, and I will burn my body so that you can reach it too!”

Just as magic has its limits.

There must be a level to swords.

Surely, why not?

‘I have no intention of letting Grandfell’s talent go to waste.’


I don’t want to waste the well I’ve worked so hard to dig.

I’ll dig as hard as I can.

I got my hands on the ghost metal.

‘Well, I didn’t get any experience points.

Destroying a precious metal for experience?

What kind of crazy person would do that?

Of course, it didn’t change the outcome of the [Iron Ghost] disappearing from the rift.

[You have cleared the Mantra Mine – 1 Ore Pit Rift].

Soon, a message popped up in front of me.

A landscape of crumbling rifts.

It wasn’t the first time, so I’d gotten used to it.

The nymph bowed formally to me.

“Then, until we meet again, may you be at peace.”

……Somehow, her tone seemed to grow more refined as she spoke.

It’s not like I can fault the tone.

I summoned the nymph back and turned to Klee.

“Oh, are you done, Chief Lee Ho-yeol……?”

As I suspected.

Klee was agitated by the collapsing rift.

Even a skilled mage of the Magic Tower would be surprised at first sight. I said to Klee, nonchalantly.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Yeah, close your eyes and open them.

You’ll be back in the real world.

Why, like now.

Among a forest of buildings.

I opened my eyes and saw the players.

From the looks of it, they were confused.

“……What the hell, it’s already cleared?”

No wonder they were surprised.

I was dumbfounded, too.

Well, aside from the fact that the nymphs gave me a shortcut to where the ghost iron was buried. The process of acquiring it was much shorter than I expected.

“Wait, that outfit with the silver hair……. Is that Lee Ho-yeol?!”

“Damn, no wonder.”

“Lee Ho-yeol? When did he enter the rift again?”

The players chattered.

It’s not like it’s been a day or two.

I shouldn’t have bothered with the stares.

“……But who’s the guy with his head down next to him?”

It wasn’t Klee.

No, it wasn’t just Klee, but if the world knew that the Tower had been set in motion. It was as obvious as fire that the mages of Magic Tower would be the center of attention.

So, yeah.

“Is this Mr. Lee Ho-yeol’s group?”

“……I’m not sure, but I’d like to interview her.”

“Wait, let me take a look and see…….”

Don’t you think I accompanied you to the tower?

Another angle─

I headed straight for the portal.

“Let’s go.”

As soon as my words left my mouth, Klee followed.

That was enough for me. The players and reporters who had shown interest in Klee swallowed their disappointment and turned to walk away.


-“Be polite and respectful.”

-“I will not answer your rude questions.”

I’m sure it’s because of my consistent demeanor.

Of course, Klee doesn’t know the story.

Klee was still bewildered when I arrived at the tower through the portal.

But I’m the chief, and she’s a junior mage. I shouldn’t have to explain the specifics.

‘It’s just the way society is.’

I don’t know, but it’s a hierarchy.

I said shamelessly as I climbed the stairs.

“Looks like we got everything done on time.”

“……Ah, yes!”

“I hope this trip will help you with your research.”

No, I hope not.

It’s bad enough that I’m a magician, now I’m a swordsman.

With my goals now so ambitious, I must have a knack for medicine…….



After returning from his trip, Klee was bombarded with questions.

Adept mages surrounded Klee.

Their eyes sparkled with curiosity.

“What was the outside world like, Klee?”

“What about the rift? What about the rift?!”

“No, everyone. Wait. Everybody be quiet.”


The one who calmed the commotion was Jibril, who had braided her hair in two pigtails.

From a prestigious family of the Empire.

She had always been a force to be reckoned with among adept mages.

She cleared her throat and opened her mouth.

“Hmph, well, no matter how curious you are, we must keep things in order.”

She spoke softly.

“How did it happen, Miss Klee?”

Klee nodded, and the voice continued.

“Didn’t you have any trouble with Chief Lee, too?”

……Ah, yes!

Sighs erupted from all directions.

I’d been so focused on the tower itself that I’d forgotten.

That Klee had just left the tower alone with Chief Lee.

“Geeky… … . No, because you’re so mean. Chief.”

“He’s also very blunt, isn’t he?”

“Honestly, it’s a little scary……?”

The conversation poured out like a rapid-fire cannon.


The silent Klee shook her head involuntarily.

“……Ms. Klee?”

The gathered people were stunned.

Everyone had a big misunderstanding.

“Chief Lee Ho-yeol is not like that!”

Klee thought back to this trip to the pagoda.

‘From the way, he so kindly shared his knowledge of medicinal herbs.

To warn us of the ghost attack.

How many times had he directly helped me?

‘As if that weren’t enough, my research can be found at …….’

Except for Mr. Velier.

Regarding the ‘Cultivation Method of Medicinal Herbs’ that no one else was interested in.

She was more serious than herself.

Jibril had a bad feeling about this.

“And what was that reaction, Miss Klee? What was it again?”

“Tell me quickly. What… what happened between you two?”

“Klee, are you really going to keep your mouth shut like that?”

But Klee kept her lips tightly shut.

She hadn’t forgotten what Ho-Yeol had said.

-“All you have to do is behave yourself.”


‘I won’t talk about anything related to the chief.’

However, Ho-yeol is also misunderstood.

She couldn’t just stand by and watch.

Determined, Klee opened her mouth.

“… … Chief Lee Ho-yeol.”

Okay, just the facts.

This was no illusion.

Klee had watched intelligently.

The moment he stepped out of the rift.


The intense attention and gazes directed at him.

In the midst of her confusion, she heard a voice.


He did.

With that single word, the crowd parted.

It was a sight I had never seen before, not even on the continent of Arcana.

An order from the Emperor, an imperial decree, if you will…….

At least Klee had never seen the Emperor himself.

Klee pondered seriously.

Could it be that Chief Lee is a noble of this world?

No, not just any noble.

Could he be a very high noble……?

Because I think so…….

Ho Yeol’s formal nature began to make sense.

Klee said meaningfully.

“Maybe he’s even more amazing outside the Magic Tower than he is inside……!”