Chapter 107 – Ego (2)

◈ Episode 107. Ego (2)

A blurry view of the ‘stance’.

I recalled the sensation and manifested Senios’ freezing magic. It would be nothing more than fresh blood compared to the original, but it was a near enough imitation.

Chirp, chirp, chirp-!

The power was incredible.

[Mossspike Mercenary Soul: Lv.560]

[Mossspike Mercenary’s Spirit becomes ‘Stiff’].

[Mossspike Mercenary’s Spirit becomes ‘Stiff’]. …….

I can’t believe a level 560 monster can’t do anything but freeze.

Suddenly, I remember the battle at the [Predator Swamp] Rift… Yeah, how crappy was that back then?

‘I don’t have enough magic, I have to use swordsmanship…….’

It wasn’t even to unleash sword energy.

It was only to protect my weak body.

I had copied Harkon’s stance.

Compared to then, I’ve improved tremendously. Now.

‘Of course.’

It’s not just high level magic.

A manifestation of high-level magic.

Unlike Karimzeva, I hadn’t made any preparations or overdosed on herbs. The drain on my magic was extreme. My eyelids trembled, but I didn’t show it.

“This much freezing magic in one fell swoop……!”

I said to Klee, who was breathing out cold air.

“It’s not just the living who are after you.”

“Ouch, I see!”

“Keep that in mind. I’ll leave the disposal to you.”

That’s the power of the chief.

I shamelessly ordered it disposed off.

The monster was literally a total catch.

I didn’t particularly want to share the experience points.

‘I must save my magic.’

Ghost Iron.

Since we found out that the Mantra Mine is buried with ghost iron……!

“Yes, yes!”

Klee looked a little surprised at my words.

However, she quickly disposed of the frozen spirits.

Yes, this is organized society.

You can’t help but fall in with it.

This is how I use the ranking system.

‘By the way, it’s the magic tower.’


She was an adept mage of the Healing School.

But she didn’t need the knowledge of a school to hunt monsters of this caliber. She manifested basic magic and finished off the spirit in an instant.

‘Jesse Heinness isn’t being treated as an apprentice for nothing.’

I was stunned for a moment.

[Leveled up].

[Leveled up]…….

No matter what, my contribution is greater.

I couldn’t be more proud of you, Magic Tower.

I hope not, but just in case.

I’ll be careful not to let my dark side come out.

“Wow, that’s a herb.”

Klee was mesmerized by the herb.

Okay, let’s stop being impressed and start gathering medicinal herbs.

Considering their effects, they won’t be useful right away.

If you hoard anything, you’ll need it someday.

“If you need my blessing, let me know.”

The silent nymph spoke.

It was the same nymph that helped the mistletoe grow.

That’s her specialty.

But as I said, the effects of the mistletoe are useless right now.

Besides, the Nymph’s Blessing, {Nature} ability will drain my magic.

At least until I acquire Ghost Iron. Blessing is a seal.

After gathering the herbs, I check my inventory.

It looks like all those wells paid off.

Items obtained in [Predator’s Swamp].

[Trivial Storage Belt].

I’ve extracted the inventory expansion effect that was attached to that item.

Thanks to the enchantment on the clothing.

I had a lot of space in my inventory.

What that meant was simple.

whether it has herb.

Or metal.

Experience points.

‘I’m going to fill it up as much as I can so I can get out.’

It looks like greed, but it’s not.

What does greed mean to the incarnation of integrity and innocence?

It is.

It’s just what it takes to be a tycoon.

I can’t miss anything.

This is my desperate struggle with a goal.


A glance.

Klee looked at Ho-Yeol from beneath her robe.

“……What’s wrong with you?”

I can’t believe you would entrust an incapacitated spirit to me.

To Klee, Ho-Yeol’s behavior was beyond comprehension.

Klee was a skilled mage in the Magic Tower.

“Something was very strange.”

Ho-yeol’s behavior was different from the mages of the Magic Tower he was used to seeing.

Klee knew mages well.

I don’t know if it’s magic for them.

Basically, they didn’t pay much attention to others.

‘First of all, I’m not the only one…….’

Knowing that.

Before leaving the tower, I made a firm resolve.

Even if Ho-yeol accompanied me as an officer.

I would be the one to protect my safety.

But it was unexpected.


To be generous.


-“There is a procedure to gathering medicinal herbs.”

-“Look around.”

I can understand Ho-Yeol’s warning and freezing the spirit to a standstill.

He was in charge, after all, and he didn’t want any trouble at the tower.

“But why did you send the last one to me……?

Klee’s mind was full of question marks as she killed the spirit.

Is it because I’m a junior mage that I can’t fathom the Chief’s thoughts?

Wouldn’t a senior mage, Velier, have realized that?


I couldn’t figure it out.

Therefore, Klee glanced at Ho Yeol’s eyes from earlier.

She wondered if there was a clue in that look.

“I don’t know, Ms. Velier!

The same posture.

The same expression as always.

Of course, such a thing was impossible.

A voice called out to Klee, who was screaming.

“Why, do you have any doubts?”


Klee clamped her mouth shut again.

Is he using his mind-reading magic now?

Klee, whose feet were tingling unnecessarily, continued.

“It’s a story about a ghost herb.”

……Thank goodness, that’s the story.

“yes. I don’t know how the ghost herb and mines are related… … .”

But his words trailed off.

There are hundreds of thousands of herbs that grow on the continent of Arcana.

It’s impossible to familiarize oneself with the effects and characteristics of each one…….

“Ghost metal.”

“Is ……?”

“It’s a medicinal herb that only grows in places where ghost iron is buried.”


It was supposed to be ……?

“How on earth does Chief Lee Ho-yeol have such intimate knowledge of the elixir herb? This is information that I couldn’t even find in the books of the Magic Tower……?

And why would he give away such valuable information?

You’re just casually giving it away, aren’t you?

No matter how she thought about it, Ho Yeol was not a mage.

……No, you really aren’t a mage, are you?

Such a ridiculous thought.

But Ho Yeol didn’t stop there.

“The environment in which elixirs grow, for example, would be useless information if it were just for use, but I’ve been thinking about your research and how to cultivate elixirs.”


You’ve been thinking about my research?

It’s been a long time since our last meeting.

And yet?


I don’t know why, but you’re still a chief.

From the conference to now.

He never stopped thinking about his work.

Klee couldn’t help but admire him again.

‘I don’t think I could ever do that even if someone told me to, Chief!’


The mine became more complicated as it intertwined with the forest of structures.

It was the Nymph who led the way.

“This way.”

Nymphs could talk to trees and other plants.

She asked the ghost herb where the precious iron was buried.

She knew where it was because she listened.

“What a shortcut.”

[Mantra Mine – 1 Ore Pit].

The shortest route to the Rift’s boss monster, the Iron Ghost. I had also checked the update history for information about the Iron ghost.

[Iron Ghost: Lv.650]

So it’s just a level 650 monster.

It must be pretty tough.

Let’s be careful.

That’s what I thought at the time.

Now that I realize it’s related to ghost iron.

It was a very plausible name.

And it was a relief.

“This big mine wasn’t just shut down.”

Knowledge of all minerals.

If I hadn’t had that prior knowledge of ghost iron.

I would have struggled quite a bit in the battle against the [Iron Ghost].

Suddenly, the nymph’s wings fluttered and she stopped.

“This is it.”

I said to Klee.

“Cleodia, wait here.”

I didn’t know then.

But now I know.

I didn’t need Klee’s support.

Another turn.

I was greeted by an iron giant.

He was at least three meters tall, and his armor covered his body impeccably. Considering his level was 650, his appearance was overwhelming.


“That’s a fearsome warrior.”

I couldn’t help but feel intimidated.

I knew that regardless of his personality.

That his gigantic size was just an illusion.

Yes, the [Iron Ghost] was an illusion created by Iron.

“But you cannot deceive my eyes.”


Isn’t that just as mean as the name possessed iron?

[Iron Ghost] was a warrior by all appearances.

It made me want to cross swords.

But as I said, it was a fake, created by him.

Like a ghost.

A ghost that can’t be harmed by physical attacks.

“That trick doesn’t work on me.”

So what I needed at this moment.

Not a sword, but magic.

Yes, the magic I’d been stockpiling to acquire the Ghost Iron.


I immediately raised my magic power.

Even though [Natural Enemy] wasn’t triggered. That means my magic power has increased as my level has increased. I could feel the difference in the flow of magic from me.

“You recognized it right away. You’re not an ignorant fool.”

A voice like scraping iron came from the [Iron Ghost].

It must be the voice of an iron ghost.

Speaking to an iron subject.

In the past, I would have been furious.

I’m the one who knows everything about iron.

‘It’s only natural that I can talk.’

I did.

There’s a reason why it’s treated similarly to the minerals of legend: it’s an ingredient in the Ego Sword.

Ego Sword.

A sword with an ego.

A rarity since the days when Arcana was nothing more than a game. But it was unknown to players, or even to Arcana itself, that anyone possessed an Ego Sword.

It was that rare.

I could guess the reason.

“First, there’s the matter of finding the ghost iron.”

Ghost iron is basically a rare mineral.

But as if that wasn’t enough, he had the will to do something.

No, more like stubbornness than will. That thing.

The hissing sound again.

“‘Mage. Do you think I will yield to you?”

In other words, it wasn’t going to come to me easily. Perhaps that’s why I created the illusion. I remembered how to mine ghost iron.

“Either you recognize it, or you break it.”

Either way, it’s not going to be easy.

So, somehow, the mercenaries who had heard the rumors of the ghost iron had also become vassals.

But no.

“I’m just as stubborn.”

No, I have more pride than stubbornness.

I cast a spell on the charging Iron Ghost.

The armor was only a facade.

I knew it was a ghost.

My choice was pure magic.


Vanguard Tom, a senior mage of pure magic.

I manifested his usual magic beam as a thermal plate.

I’ll try to make up for the difference in power by adding the [Aesthetics] stat……!


I don’t know how effective that effort was.

For now, something colorful.

I’ll take one and go for it.

“……You’re no ordinary mage.”


The shooting beam of magic bends in a flash of color.



It began to pierce through the [Iron Ghost], and the sight of it made me realize once again.

I wasn’t wrong when I said that the [Anomaly] was on the same level as a ‘state’, was I?

“But you can’t defeat me.”

But his body is made of iron.

He stood up once more.

This is why it’s so tricky.

‘If you can’t break its stubbornness.’

In the end, it must be destroyed.

Only then would I be able to escape from the endlessly reanimating [Iron Ghost].

I checked my magic level.

I have about 7% left.

I wonder if I can break its stubbornness while my magic holds out.

No, not whether or not.

It must be broken.

From just struggling to keep from sinking.

As long as I’m determined to move forward.

For me, it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss.

There is a saying that if you don’t have teeth, you have gums.

Yeah, if you don’t have magic power.

I’ll just have to drag something with me.

I have wells I dug to do just that.

The workshop with the Iron Ghost continues.

Mages and ghosts.

I was able to overpower him, but the drain on my magic was extreme.

Of course, as is typical of your body, you were unyielding in your stubbornness.

‘In the end, I have no choice but to pull out the next move.’

Magic, then black magic.

I had no magic power, but I had plenty of ‘suitable magic power’.


“I will never give in to……. Mage……!!”

I froze at the sound of Iron Ghost screaming voice.

“I will not give in, even to my own destruction. The only one who can make me submit is a swordsman worthy of my service……!”

You weren’t just stubborn, either.

This is a level of pride beyond stubbornness.

Naturally, I couldn’t ignore it.

I’m not a mage, after all.


I raised my sword nonchalantly.

I steadied my breathing.

Sword energy surged through the edge of my sword.

My insignificant level.

“In a life-and-death battle, the sword energy grows stronger and takes on a color of its own.”

Because of this, every battle in the Rift has always been

Always treated as a matter of life and death.

My sword was darker than ever before.

Without the slightest wavering.

It radiated a unique ‘noble’ light.

Suddenly, I heard Iron Ghost’s voice, filled with excitement.

“Sword energy……! You’re the one I’ve been waiting for!”

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귀철(鬼鐵): gwicheol(gwicheol). : Ghost Iron. -> metal
철의 귀인 : cheol-ui gwiin: Iron Ghost -> boss monster