Episode 461: Infiltration of the Water Source (8)

Camu has begun to show her full power.

“I’ve been holding back a bit of my power for fear of intimidating the others……!”

She fired her mana and the Wraith Tree began to shake its branches in response.

The skull-shaped branches moved ominously.

The hanging corpses swayed like clockwork.

Each and every one of them was a vicious criminal or demon during their lifetime.


Even in death, they were unable to fulfill their destiny and became a source of energy for Camus, squeezing them to their limits.

They let out blood-curdling cries.

“Let me show you something cool!”

Camus drew dozens of magic circles in the air at once.

Each and every one of them were powerful fire and iron magic.


A ground-to-air missile that pursues its target until the end.

Rising from the ground, the giant iron skewers were engulfed in flames and shot up into the sky in a fiery trajectory before plummeting toward their targets.


The earth’s axis ripped and twisted, and countless pillars of fire erupted.

A mushroom-shaped cloud of dirt rises with a massive tremor.

But Camus wasn’t the only one in action.

“I’m going to show you demons the horrors of man-made capitalism.”

Sinclair. A woman who became the world’s number one in place by ascending to the position of the head of the Bourgeois family of the tycoons.

She took off the ‘Rich Hat’ she was wearing.

Then the hat awakens and reveals its unique abilities, which have been hidden until now.

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A huge amount of gold coins began to pour out of the hat.

This was the inventory ability to store an infinite quantity of money.

“Remember this money? It’s Belial’s inheritance.”

Money is power. Wasn’t that Belial’s slogan?

As Sinclair drew on the mana amplified by her vast wealth, the gold coins that popped out of her hat clumped together and changed her appearance.


A giant golem of gold coins rose up behind Sinclair’s back.

It was as large as a fairly large building and began to imitate Sinclair’s body movements.

…kwakwang! kung! ujijijig!

The golden golem also raised its heavy fist and began punching its target.

It was a sight as if the fear of golden omnipotence was being expressed with the whole body.

“Wow- they really are another class.”

“I can’t believe they’re so motivated.”

“Ewww, I’ll find something I can do and do it too!”

“I guess the only way to catch up is to train like hell.”

Tudor, Piggy, Sancho, and Bianca clucked their tongues as they watched Camus and Sinclair explode with destructive force in the distance.

Dolores, meanwhile, was expanding the Holy Shield further, pushing back the poisonous people behind her.

‘We must hold out until Vikir arrives!’

There was hope, as Camus and Sinclair were currently fighting beyond expectations.

Watching the ground explode and tear apart in real time before their eyes, it’s almost tempting to think that maybe they can hunt demons without Vikir.

…… But that soon proved to be too much to hope for.

[Hohoho- the youngsters are lively these days, no time for old men to wear masks].

A figure emerges from a thick cloud of mushrooms.

He was no longer Hobbes de Leviathan.

A face transformed into that of a wild beast, a black mane, eyes burning yellow like fire brimstone, and a long spear in his hand.

<‘The Second Corpse’ Flauros>

Danger Rating : S

Size: ?

Found in: The Serpent’s Womb, deep within the Gate of Destruction

-Also known as ‘Second Corpse’.

One of the Ten Plagues, natural enemies of mankind, incomprehensible and unkillable.

“I will turn the water into blood.”

– 『Ten Commandments』10: Top –

Second Corpse. Among the protagonists who led the Age of Destruction.

Flauros brushed the flames from his skin and said.

[Wraith Tree, I haven’t seen one in a while, it would be perfect for the hilt of my spear].

As he spoke, Flauros raised the spear in his hand.

Two snakes, both of them alive, became the blade.

The shaft of the spear was made of dried tree trunk, and Dolores recognized the material at a glance.

“Hell Tree!”

[Hohoho- yes, that’s right, Amdusias’s beloved tree].

Flauros grabbed his spear and swung it once, clearing away all the golden waves.

At the tip of the demon’s spear, two snakes tangled together.

It was the snake that created the Red Death.

“……Is that the artifact that produces the Red Death?”

Tudor’s eyes widened, having lost his father to the plague.


Slamming the ground with all his might, Tudor stretched Gungnir forward.

A tidal wave of blows washed over Flauros.

Flauros whistled and turned his head to the side.

[Oh- so this is the flesh Cimeries was looking for, not bad].

Tudor’s charge had missed by a single sheet of paper.

And the cost would not end with the weight of a piece of paper.


The spear Uroboros struck the spear Gungnir, forcing it off its path.

And through the gap, two snakes slithered in like ghosts and pressed Tudor’s neck into the ground.


Tudor spat up blood and fell to the ground.

It happened in a single blow.


Bianca immediately raised her bow.

Running forward, she fired a powerful sniper shot, aiming for Flouros’s head.


As soon as the dull noise of an arrow hitting the center of Flouros’ face erupts, Bianca grabbed Tudor and lifted him up.

But Tudor’s complexion was pale blue.

“Bianca! Back!”


It was a misjudgment to think that the arrow hit the target just by seeing it hit the face.

Where Bianca turned, she saw Flauros grinning, biting the arrowhead with his teeth.

[So this is the body Andrealphus wanted. Why was it so rushed……]

Then, Flauros stretched out his hands and brought them to Tudor and Bianca.

[I’ll turn you both into Corpses, in keeping with the will of my comrades…… Hmm!?]

But Flauros was cut off mid-sentence.


A thin slash flew past Flauros’ cheek.


For some reason, Flauros, who had remained nonchalant in the face of Camus and Dolores’ combined attack, took two steps backwards.

And in front of him stood an unexpected figure.


A man who stood up for his friends even as his legs shook.

“Get away from my friends!”

Piggy swung his sword and emitted an aura.

His aura had grown stronger over the course of his time at Colosseo Academy and his survival in the harsh world.

But there was something special about Piggy’s attack.

He had his own blood on the tip of his sword.

[……! ……! ……!]

Flauros frowned as he saw numerous small scars forming on his forearms.

[So, it’s an heteromorphic body, It is also a closed form, This is why he was so disgusting.]

Flauros’s expression, which had been relaxed until now, changed.

[I never thought I’d encounter a ‘homogeneous anomaly’ ahead of my great work. Is it worthwhile to abandon the civil war and come this far?]

Then, the demon’s fearsome eyeballs locked onto Piggy.


Piggy shuddered, but didn’t back away.

Flauros’s hand was slowly moving toward Piggy.


“Back off, buddy!”

“Get out! Something is suspicious!”

Tudor and Bianca grabbed Piggy by both arms and pulled him backwards.

Tudor’s spear and Bianca’s snipe bounced off Flauros’s arm.

Tudor and Bianca, with Piggy far behind them, said.

“By the looks of it, he’s got his sights set on you.”

“Yeah, I’ve been sensing it since the Hell Tree. There’s definitely something about you.”

Tudor and Bianca, who were quick-witted, were protecting Piggy early on.

“Huh? Guys – I’m not that special…….”

“Back off!”

A giant axe flew from behind, slicing through Flauros.

Sancho hugged Tudor, Bianca, and Piggy all at once and stepped back.

Before them, Camus and Sinclair’s barrage fell.


Flauros stretched out his spear as if it was a nuisance and blocked the combined attack of Camus and Sinclair.


However, Flauros could not afford to relax.


The power of Camus and Sinclair’s combined attack had a different kind of energy.

It was the holy white heat! It was a blessing from Dolores herself.

Buffed by the saintess, Camus and Sinclair unleashed a torrent of holy flames to burn away the Red Death.

Only then did Flauros’ expression harden.

[How annoying. Since we don’t know what will happen in the future, it is right to organize things in advance.]

The first direction Flauros’s spear pointed was in the direction of Camus.

[First, starting with the four most annoying……]

The two snakeheads pointed at Camus exuded a level of malice that no normal human could stand.


A dark red storm arises and sweeps away the surroundings.

Fragments of aura and poison scatter like powder, tearing and burning everything around.


Camus gritted her teeth as she saw the wraith tree shake violently.

Was it because it hadn’t yet deeply rooted itself into the Mental World?

It would need a little more time to become a giant tree.

Patsutsut- Tsutsutsutsu-

A shield was hastily created and deployed, but it was unable to block the entire aftermath.

The thick coat of blood she wore began to burn and reveal her bare skin.

Despite maximizing her mana, she was unable to fend off Flauros’ power, which was focused solely in her direction.


Her companions rushed forward, only to be blocked by the poisonous people.

In a moment of desperation, Camus gritted her teeth.

They had traveled all the way to the water source, but there was no water.

In fact, from that moment on, she knew she was going to die.

From that moment on, death was looming in the distance.

‘……Is this the end?’

Camus thought to herself as she swallowed hard against the rising tide of blood.

Slowly, her strength was slipping away, her body slowly collapsing.

Just as she was about to collapse.


Camus’ body, which was almost half naked, was covered with a black layer of blood.

“It’s a memorable one.”

And a single black knight stood in her way.


Camus let out a weak groan.

Even as her vision blurred, she could somehow see the man’s face clearly.

Vikir. Night Hound.

He was facing Flauros.