Episode 460 Infiltration of the Water Source (7)


One of the giant poisonous people opened its mouth wide.

The gaping mouth was immediately pulled back, and it fell off its jaw and plummeted to the ground.


After slashing at the face of the poisonous people in his way, Vikir landed lightly on the ground.

However, there were still a few poisonous people on the slope leading up to the mountain peak in front of him.


[Kiik- Kiiik-]

[Hiss- Hiss!]

The poisonous soldiers are larger and more powerful than normal poisonous people.

And the poisonous people here are even larger and more grotesque than the average soldier.

Those with three or five heads belong to the ordinary axis.

Their long, twisted bodies were dotted with grotesque appendages that could not possibly have once been human.


An extremely rare creature that is born when a normal poisonous people crosses the line of fire time and time again, accumulating experience and refining their poisons.

The poison and stench emanating from its body were causing the surrounding grass to turn black.

And then one of the larger and more hideous of the poisonous peoples blocking the peak began to appear.

[gaggak…… gaggaggak…… gaggaggak…… gaggaggak!]

Vikir recognized the creature.

‘Hmm. That’s the one who went into the barracks earlier.’

The one that had just crawled out of the poison charging station he’d seen in the distance.

It was a large, powerful mutant, with no idea why it was stationed so far back.

[geugilg- a…… Beoji…… Youngest…… ya…… gagyagyalg-]

The mutant muttered unintelligible words through its bizarrely altered mouth structure, and Vikir quickly assessed the situation.

‘This is going to be a pain in the ass tomorrow if he’s going to be on the siege. I’ll have to take him down beforehand.’

The Night Hound was just about to bare his teeth at the giant poisonous mutant in front of him.


Tudor’s voice came from behind him.

Vikir spun around to see Tudor with a determined look on his face.

“You go first. We’ll take care of this place.”


“It’s more important to get the waterways open. We’ll do something about the poison mutants, so don’t worry…….”

“Got it.”

Tudor had barely finished speaking before Vikir was gone.

Clearly, it would be more efficient that way.

Tudor sighed as he watched Vikir rush off without a backward glance.

“Boy~ At least say no.”

“Now that’s proof that Vikir trusts us as much as he does.”

“I know, and I’m kind of flattered.”

Tudor smirked at Sancho’s axe-raised back, and readjusted his spear.

Soon, the group began to move forward, sending Vikir first and began to block the poisonous people behind him.

“Come on, you scum, let me show you something hot!”

Camus waved her hands, drawing a large magic circle in the air.

Her signature octa-casting, the ability to manipulate eight elemental magics simultaneously.

Eight rains of fire and iron began to fall.


The iron skewers that rose up from the ground immediately pierced into the bodies of the poisonous people, melting from the heat and burning their bodies.

“Eeh……If this happens, my gold will melt too. Well, it doesn’t matter?”

Sinclair drew up her mana and brought it to the ground.

Then, she pulled out the entire gold vein that was sleeping under the stratum.


A huge golden golem tears up the ground, crawls up to the ground, and throws a massive fist.

The molten gold bubbled and boiled from the flame magic that Camus had created, scattering the liquid in all directions, burning the poisonous people to death.

“Everyone, take a deep breath as much as possible! Don’t go away from me!”

Dolores cast a divine shield as wide as she could, keeping the red death spirits at bay.


The blood and pus that the poisonous peoples emit as they struggle are evaporated into ordinary vapor as soon as they come in contact with the white light emitted from Dolores’ body.

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca are also emitting auras of their own, blocking the poisonous people’s advances.

“Vikir, can you see anything up there?”

Tudor shouted as he pierced a hole with his spear in the center of the poisonous people’s large palm.

See- see- see- see-

Tudor’s strained voice echoes through the layers of trees and cliffs.

Vikir, who had just climbed over the peak, recognized the faint but clear sound of Tudor’s voice.

But it was


Vikir had no answer to Tudor’s plea.

No food. No water.

No matter how hard he peered down into the crater, he could see no water.


Vikir took a few deep breaths and then looked carefully at the scenery below the crater.

He could see a hillside of dry dirt rolling away from the overgrown vegetation below.

As he followed the line of sight, he saw nothing but an empty wasteland.

There was no sign of water in the crater, just dry dirt and hard rocks.

Only a few dried tumbleweeds rolled around in the grass.

Minpin’s information had been wrong.

Vikir gritted his teeth.

It was information he hadn’t known before the regression, and he doubted it.

The uncertainty he’d leaned on had turned out to be a fatal hand.


Vikir struck a blow, collapsing part of the peak.

But there was still no water.

‘……this is dangerous.’

At this point, they should change course and return to Tochka as soon as possible.

But the rear was already surrounded by the poisonous people.

Vikir flew down the rock face to rejoin the front.

The chaos at the Poison Charging Station hadn’t been completely cleaned up yet, and the poisonous people were still spread out, but it looked like they could put out the immediate fire.

‘After clearing out the poisonous people here, we’ll take advantage of the distraction and head for Tochka. Perhaps by moving in reverse, the siege network will be less vigilant…… and all that remains is to hope that the leeches will hold out as long as possible.’

Vikir scrambled down the cliff, planning this and that.

The moment.


An unexpected event occurred that made Vikir’s plans and judgments go to waste in an instant.

“Hohohoho…… I see all the troublemakers of Tochka have gathered here.”

A face with a sharp hooked nose, tightly closed lips, and a dark shadow beneath deep, sunken eyelids beneath black hair.

A grim-looking, middle-aged man dressed in black priestly robes stepped through the crowd of poisonous people.

There was not a member of the group who did not recognize his face.

A genius who knows how to combine all the poisons and medicines in the world.

A fearsome figure that not even Hugo of Baskerville is reluctant to deal with.

Duke Hobbes de Leviathan.

He is the patriarch of the extremely poisonous House Leviathan and a key player in the current civil war in the Empire.

Vikir has to grit his teeth when Hobbes shows up much earlier than expected.


“Hmm. I can see what brought you here.”

Hobbes scanned the faces of the Night Walkers once more, smiled grimly, and thrust his long spear forward.

A spear blade that looks like two long snakes entwined around a hard, dried wooden handle.

“Go, ‘Uroboros’.”

Hobbes’s command dropped.


The spear began to wriggle as if it were alive.

Every time the spear swings, the evil spirits of the Red Death run wild and swirl around Hobbes.

Huge, hideous, poisonous mutants were standing behind Hobbes along the red mist, spewing out terrifying killing intent.

When Vikir saw his companions and Hobbes facing each other across the mountainside, he accelerated his steps even more.

‘……That guy is dangerous.’

The Second Corpses.

During the Age of Destruction, the Demon King was never defeated in many-to-one, one-to-one, or many-to-many battles.

The most vicious and wicked of the ten demons.

If Vikir was a seasoned demon hunter, he was a seasoned human hunter.

“Don’t fight him! You don’t stand a chance against him……!?”

However, Vikir’s shouts to his companions were short-lived.


A thunderbolt of fire came out of nowhere and hit Hobbes.

As soon as he appeared, Hobbes’ head turned and he was thrown backwards, spouting out blood.


As Vikir’s mouth dropped open in surprise, a series of fearsome pillars of fire rained down on the pit where Hobbes lay.

wa-jijijijijig! kwakwakwakwakwakwang! …kkwaleuleung!

It was a thunderbolt of fire, each with huge, red-hot iron skewers built into them like pencil lead.

“Hohohoho- I guess I’ll just have to hunt demons until Vikir comes. It worked, because I can start with the king.”

Camus, who had been controlling her pace up until this point, let loose her limits for the first time in a long time.


A huge, black tree began to grow above the red-hot flames created by Camus.

The Wraith Tree.

It had fully bloomed and become a mature tree, and before we knew it, it was bearing fruit.