◈ Episode 231. Don’t make me repeat myself

Let’s use common sense.

There are plenty of clues that could lead us to Raymond Sean’s whereabouts.

For one thing, he hasn’t completely disappeared from humanity.

The official Arcana website hasn’t changed since the cataclysm.

Astronomical compensation paid to players.

And, crucially, the fact that he replied to Park Minjae.

The community was saying.

-Isn’t this just a trick?

-If you track IQ, it will all come out, right?

-It’s not IQ, it’s IP, it’s conspiracy theorist level haha.

There are some people out there.

It defied common sense to not be able to pinpoint Raymond’s location, but once I saw the scene unfold, I was convinced.

“There he is, crouched in the middle of nowhere.”

Only in the eyes of the player.

A place that was neither reality nor the Arcana continent.

I could see the rift.

He’d been hiding in the rift all this time.

Why, even human technology can’t capture all the rifts that exist in reality. Just look at all the players who still rely on updates.

Besides, there’s no way Raymond Sean would have uploaded the information about the rift he hid in to the website.

No wonder they couldn’t find him despite all the clues.

‘But as if that wasn’t enough.’

He hid under the ground, underground?

That’s sneaky in more ways than one.

I’ve never seen a rift like this before, flat on the ground, gaping open.

Of course, just to see the rift.

My stiff head never bends.

Information will appear before me in the form of a message.

As expected, as soon as I approached the rift, it flashed before my eyes.

[Dungeon: CODE-009]

A dungeon rift.

‘Well, that could be possible.’

I don’t know what kind of complex space exists beneath the ground I’m stepping on. It’s a dungeon rift, and it can appear if the conditions are right. Besides, it wouldn’t be the first time, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

The reason I was shocked was because of the name of the rift.


It’s definitely not your average rift, and the name is enough to make a newbie player immediately recognize something fishy and back away. But it doesn’t stop there.

The following information about the Rift.

[Appropriate level: can be entered if conditions are met]

[Collapsibility: non-existent].

The name screams unusual.

At least I can understand the “appropriate level” part.

It’s an area you can only enter if you fulfill certain conditions.

They were pretty common back when Arcana was just a game.

But then.

‘Collapse, what is this?’

Doesn’t it exist?

It’s common knowledge.

The closer a rift gets to 100% collapse, the more unstable its interior becomes. When it reaches 100 percent, it collapses, and the landscape inside becomes real.

‘That’s where you start to localize the rift.’

Even if you can’t capture all the rifts that are created in reality.

The presence of a rift that is about to collapse is significant.

From the earliest days of the Cataclysm to now.

We’ve been able to capture rifts on the verge of collapse without causing much damage.

It was thanks to that trait that we were able to locate the rift…….

“A clear violation of procedure.”

So there’s another reason it’s gone undetected so far?

Because the collapse map didn’t exist.

It’s just gone undetected all this time.

Well, even though I was wondering if there was such a thing as all this, I understand.

‘Because it’s Raymond Sean and no one else.’

To be honest, I didn’t know the full extent of Raymond Sean’s abilities. However, it’s clear that he must be omnipotent to a degree that is unthinkable for an ordinary player.

The fact that he’s created a rift in reality gives me an idea.

‘I also became so fearless.’

I can’t believe I just walked right into one of Raymond Sean’s lairs, but hey, it’s happened to me a few times, and it’s better than nothing.

“This violation of procedure will also be reflected in your disposition.”

…… By this point, I was getting a little worried.

Raymond Sean contacted me because he wanted to talk to me.

I wonder if Mr. Grandfell would want to talk to him.

One rule of hunting: you don’t talk to your prey.

I’m already worried about what I’ll do if he doesn’t talk to me. Even if I’ve lost my fear, I’m still very aware that my life is precious.

‘This is never going to be easy.’

If I can’t talk to you at ease.

I hope I don’t sink.

Anyway, that’s my selling point.

In that sense.

I hope you think about it from now on.


[checking for conditions].

You, I mean.

You got more demerits than Bensch William Senior.

Do you realize how serious that is?!



The door to the branch leader’s office opened, and the two men stepped back.


Park Minjae stuck his head out and opened his mouth.

“Yoon Soogyeom, Sung Hyunjoon. Where did you guys hear about this?”

“…… I didn’t mean to eavesdrop.”

“I know, I know. The branch leader’s office isn’t soundproof. Come in.”

The two men shuffled into the branch leader’s office.

Park Minjae shuddered.

“Isn’t this why I don’t stay in the office? I’m afraid my snoring will leak out. No matter how important transparency is, there’s no point in having a glass window.”

The first step to socializing.

At first, I agreed with my superior.

But now I had forgotten how to move.

My head was full of questions.

Yoon Soo-gyeom opened his mouth immediately.

“Mr. Branch Leader, is it true that Raymond Sean contacted you first? The rumor has already spread to all the branch offices around the world. There’s even a satellite photo.”

“Really? What was in the picture?”

“There was nothing. It was a desert.”

Sung held out his tablet and pulled up the photo.

It was indeed a desert with not a blade of grass in sight.

When Park Minjae was silent, Sung Hyunjoon spoke up.

“……Do you think we’re hooked?”

Park looked away from the tablet and sighed.

“We may have been caught, but you are not in charge.”

“……The general manager?”

“You two, can you do a good job of enlisting?”


I wondered what he was trying to say.

Yoon Soogyeom and Sung Hyunjoon exchanged glances.

Then he spoke up.

“If you don’t, then you’re crazy, branch leader.”

It wasn’t about anything else, it was about favoritism.

What if he didn’t enlist.

Imagine facing Hoyeol’s cold gaze…….

Sung Hyunjoon took over the conversation.

“I’ll keep quiet, even if it means sewing my mouth shut.”

Only then did Park Minjae get to the point.

“Actually, I don’t want to talk about it to anyone, not even to you guys, but……. but he asked me to. So I’m telling you guys so I can keep my discipline, and you’ll be my accomplices.”

Hoyeol and Raymond Sean meet.

What would be the outcome of that meeting?

Park Minjae didn’t dare to predict.

That’s why he didn’t tell the AAU.

At this moment, the world didn’t know that Hoyeol had set out to find Raymond Sean.

Park Minjae raised the corner of his mouth.

He was a middle-aged man.

It was because he had a glimpse of how the world would turn.

‘I’m sure they’ll have their own expectations again.’

Even though they don’t have anything to do.

The world’s judgment of favoritism.

I didn’t want to see that anymore.

If this is also a half-goal, it would be a half-goal.

Park Minjae continued.

“Actually, Mr. Lee Hoyeol, the general manager of YUSRA, has already gone to see Raymond, the bastard. He’s probably talking to him right now.”

” ……?!”

“Well, that’s not what you said, is it?”

“Would you want to tell the world that?”


Sung stammered.

It was because he had a clear picture of the future.

The world relying on Hoyeol, just as it had always done.

Yoon Soogyeom nodded.

“I’m sick of that shit that’s different on the outside and the inside.”

“Oh, you’re being a little harsh. Yoon Soo-gyeom?”

“You’ve done well, Mr. Branch Leader.”

Yoon Soo-gyeom knew.

Society is not a place full of dreams and hopes. There were still ungrateful forces out there that would bite off more than they could chew for their own gain.

“So what do you think it is?”

Why did Raymond Sean seek out Hoyeol?

It was too difficult a question for a mere AAU employee to answer.

But he could promise one thing.

“We’re not going to talk about it.”

“I have to agree with you.”

“Really? Why?”

“Don’t you think you’ve guessed it yourself?”

“Well, I’m actually thinking that too.”

Park Minjae’s heart was still beating wildly.

Pride stirred in his chest.

Raymond Sean, that bastard was unstoppable.

The pride of being the virtual reality developer in the Arcana Continent.

How about Hoyeol?

Sung Hyun-joon said in a low voice.

“Maybe……. might be worse than the demon.”

Hoyeol and Raymond.

There was bound to be a clash between them.

In that sense, the three of them sweat on their hands.

“It’s not so easy to predict.”

“You’re walking into a tiger’s den.”

“Then, do we even have a chance in the first place?”

No matter how strong Hoyeol was.

This was Raymond Sean.

A man who knew all the secrets of the Cataclysm.

In a way, he could be said to be the creator of Arcana.

The two men fell silent at Sung’s words.

Did I strike the first blow?

After realizing his mistake, Sung Hyun-joon spoke up.

“Excuse me, could you please refute that?”

“No, no. That’s great, Hyunjoon, there’s no room for rebuttal.”

“That’s right. That’s exactly right.”

“Ugh, please……!”

I said.

Raymond Sean, maybe because of his experience with him.

Park Minjae could picture Raymond’s behavior in his head.

“But Raymond, that bastard is no ordinary snake. He will do whatever it takes to talk to the general manager before they collide. Why, I experienced it too.”

“Is that something you experienced during Cosmo?”

“That’s right.”

Park thought back to the time he’d bumped into Raymond Sean.

The corners of his mouth turned up.

The expression on his face.

Riddles instead of clear answers.

It was an unpleasant memory to recall.

It is said that society is full of people who are different on the outside and inside.

Because there was no being as different on the outside and the inside as Raymond Sean.

“He’s the best CEO out there, remember? Remember how he was full of praise? But what about internally? Did we ever really have a say in how Arcana Continent Virtual Reality was run?”

“That……. wasn’t there?”

“He wouldn’t let me touch a single balance that was out of whack. He bullshitted us into thinking Arcana was perfect. I’m an asshole? No. Raymond Sean, the one who tried to lock us into a pre-established mold, is the real asshole.”

Is it because I’m an asshole?

Park Minjae’s voice strains when he says the word “asshole”.

He composed himself and continued.

“It’s obvious, he’s going to try to start a battle of wills, one way or another, to get you down enough so that he can steer the conversation in the direction he wants.”

“That’s the kind of guy he is, Raymond Sean.”

“Yeah, that’s what I’m looking forward to.”

“It’s ……?”

Park smirked.

“Can you imagine?”


“Our general manager giving instructions in a battle of will.”




I stared at the flashing message.

[Checking for conditions].

What was that condition, I wondered, only to realize it was this?

[Quest: Disarm]

Fulfill the conditions to enter the Dungeon Rift.

─Disarm your weapon. (Ongoing)

A weapon.

Aside from the Gwicheol on my belt, the only weapons in my inventory are the two crossbows. The Gwicheol in my inventory didn’t make much of a difference in power.

‘If I’m ever in danger.’

Ego Sword.

The ego sword would jump out of my inventory to defend me, so it was a trade-off I didn’t mind making. But what did I say?

“You want to keep the clothes as a gesture of hospitality.”

I said coldly.

“But I must decline your hospitality.”

I didn’t find Raymond Sean because I was disappointed.

He came to me first.

There can be no compromise.

‘Besides, he’s the one on the other end, isn’t he?’

To me and to Grandfell.

Raymond Sean looks very hateful.

Knowing that, I opened my mouth.

With pride.

I’m scratching my head.

After all, it’s Grandfell specialty.

“I did not accept your offer.”

That’s right.

I am here to dispose of you, Raymond.

I’m here to dispose of you with or without pride.

So don’t try to control me with quests.

─Disarm Your Weapon. (Failed)


The space of the [『Anomaly』].

In other words, a person who entered the realm of the Anomaly could interfere with the Rift, the space of the Anomaly, to a certain extent.

Although they might not be able to tear through dimensions like a dragon and cross over to the Arcana Continent, they could at least interfere with the rifts that had already been created.

“So it’s up to you to open the door.”

From now on, I’m going to make it open somehow.

Soon, I’ll start pulling magic power from my heart.

A frightening light flashed before my eyes.

[You have fulfilled the condition].

I think you’ve realized the gravity of the situation.

I’m afraid not.

It’s too late.

Shouldn’t you have taken the lead?

No, it’s not about winning or losing a battle of wills.

It’s that you dared to try to fight me.

“It was done to judge me.”

It would be a good idea to prepare an excuse from now on.

“This will also be reflected in the disposition.”

I don’t know if Grandfell will listen to my excuses.

By the way, you’re the same in front of Raymond Sean, Grandfell.

I, on the other hand, racked my brain nonstop.

That brain came up with an estimate.

‘It’s worth a shot.’

Whatever comes out of Raymond’s tiger’s den.

I had just gained one more ‘corner to trust’.

An unexpected and reliable ally.