Chapter 425

Episode 425.

Raon chewed the flesh on the inside of his cheek, feeling his heart pounding so hard he thought it might explode. The pain helped him relax a little.

‘I have to stay calm.

The slightest deviation would ruin everything.

The opponent was the Lord of Jealousy, ruler of the Demon Realm. One wrong word, one wrong move, and he’ll have your head off before you even have a chance to hand yourself over to Rath. You can’t afford to make the slightest mistake.

-You! What are you thinking!

He glared at Rath, who gritted his teeth.

‘Envy, Lord of Jealousy….’

Rath hadn’t heard much about Envy.

“But it’s all important information.

Envy was said to be rough with his men, sleazy and sleazy like a bastard, and had a personality similar to Muston’s. It’s only three, but it’s enough to help.

‘I said he was an asshole, crude, and sleazy, and I’m sure he’d bend over if you had more power.

Muston says that his jealousy subsided after he got a good beating, so maybe Envy will too.

If he can convince Lars and Sloth that they’re on the same side, he can take control of the situation.

‘Actually, if he’d just wake up, we wouldn’t have to take this gamble….’

Raon rolled his eyes at Sloth. The baby white bear was still sleeping, drool dripping from the corners of his mouth.

“Well, it’s too late to get up now.

‘I’ve already told you that Sloth is under Rath’s control, so there’s no point in getting up now. All I need to focus on now is fooling Envy perfectly.


Envy narrows his eyes. He stares at me with snake-like pupils, and I feel overwhelmed by his gaze, like it could tear my heart out.

“Say it again. What did you just say?”

“I said that Sloth, Lord of Sloth, has fallen into the service of Lord Rath.”

Raon blandly repeated what he had said a moment ago. My stomach churned as if I were going to throw up, but I forced it down.

-No, no, no!

Rath screamed, lunging at him.

-Why does that sleeper belong to the Wrath without the king’s knowledge, and I won’t take it for nothing!

‘It’s the only way for now.

If Sloth had been frightened by Rath’s interruption of his sleep, Envy had to be frightened by the power itself.

“Sloth got under Rath’s skin?”

Envy sneered and lifted his chin.

“You expect me to believe that?”

“And what if I don’t believe you?”

“What the hell. I’ll tear you limb from limb and feed you to my new servant.”

She pointed at Muston, who stood dumbfounded behind her.

“All your talent and fame will go to him.”

“You mean to tell me that I follow Rath, that I am a vessel of his wrath, and yet you attack me?”

Raon maneuvered his auror to keep his fingertips from shaking and looked at Envy.

-Follow and serve him, while still openly ignoring him?

Rath jumped up like a frog and stuck his face in his hands.


I swatted him with my elbow while pretending to pop his hand.

“I am Lord Rath’s faithful servant, a vessel for his soul. Touch me, and you will regret it.”

-Ah, no! I am his servant! Please, fetch him!

Rath waved his hand wildly in Envy’s direction, but of course she couldn’t see it.


Envy curled her red lips into an elongated smile.

“You should have been smarter than that to deceive me, Rath’s vessel with a rage the size of your fingernails.”

She held up her hands as if there was nothing to see. A movement as impulsive as her youthful appearance and speech. I felt my heart clench at the intense magick that coalesced in my grasp.

-That’s it!

Rath clapped his hands vigorously.

-Not like that stupid sleeper, attack now and make the Bone King descend.

The creature nodded quickly, a look of glee on his face.


Raon let out a low breath as he sheathed his Heavenly Sword and drew his True Soul Sword.

“You move as expected.

He deliberately didn’t raise his Rage much, hoping to sow doubt in Envy’s mind and crush it.

His current rage was a mere 20, a low number that would make the douchebag suspicious.

“You picked the wrong person to trick.”

The magick that had been blooming in Envy’s grasp turned to light and shot out. The sinister dark green energy ripped through my skin and melted my bones.


Raon crossed the two swords, polarizing Manga Ball and Glacia.


As Envy’s jealousy magick approached his eyes, he stretched out his Heavenly Sword upward and his True Soul Sword downward with such force that his legs dug into the ground.


The heat of the cartoon ball that had exploded in the short battle and the coldness of Glacia gathered at his fingertips, and he vomited out a magnificent streak of light. A crimson flash. The two opposing auras sent out a heartfelt ripple.

The crimson blade of the Heavenly Sword sent out waves of flame, while the blue-soaked pole of the True Spirit Sword cast a pure white shadow.

Saltless and white. Two sword attacks that could only be called exquisite, they met Envy’s magical power head-on.


The terrifying auras competed, and intense sparks filled the sky, shaking the entirety of Mount Sterin as if it were about to be crushed.


It’s not a joke after all.

Envy was only being slightly sincere, but the pressure from a moment ago was completely different. If he relaxed even a little, more than half of his body would fly off.


Neither the Salt Sea Immortal nor the Baekyung Island could reach my Touro, and they were blocked by Magi. It was an overwhelming difference in power.


Raon held his breath and looked at Envy’s expression through the Magi. Eyes filled with mockery. A face that was convinced of a lie.


When conviction is broken, so is the mind. Now was the time to break Envy’s mind.


Biting his lip, he summoned up all the anger that clung to the bottom of his soul.

The rage, which was well over a hundred in number, exploded in a single burst, igniting new flames on the two blades.


As if blocked by a solid wall, the True Soul Sword and the Heavenly Sword tore at Envy’s magical energy with sharp blue light.


Envy’s face was visible behind the dark green magick that cracked like dried leaves. His mouth was set in a sneer and his eyes were wide.


Raon stared at Envy with a calm expression, but inside he was screaming.


That hurt like hell.

The plan had worked, but the combination of heat, cold, and rage had wreaked havoc not only on his body, but on his soul.

I felt dizzy and wanted to drop dead, but I dug my fingernails into my palm and held on.

“That, that fury is Rath’s….”

Envy held up a hand in disbelief.

“You finally believe it?”

Raon furrowed his brow, lowering his Heavenly Sword and True Soul Sword.

“If you had that much anger, why did you only bring it out now?”

Envy bit her lip, question in her eyes.

“I told you, I am Lord Rath’s servant, and I did not take out my anger without his permission.”

“Then you said he gave you permission earlier….”

“Yes. Lord Rath has given me permission to use my anger.”

Raon nodded, stifling a laugh that threatened to break out.

“It worked.

I’m glad he remembered the words I purposely threw out there for him to hear.

The combination of the words and the situation caused Envy’s eyes to dive into a lake of confusion.

“Lord of Jealousy. Envy. The Lord of Rage is watching you now.”

The voice spat anger and glared at Envy.

-Yes. He is watching. I am watching, and the King has not given me permission!

Rath cursed, pounding his chunky fists against his chest.

-There’s nothing I can do! I’ll search in vain!

“He says he’ll swoop down and tear you apart if you try any more tricks.”

Raon glanced at Rath and said something he hadn’t meant to say.

“This might work.

Rath said he was stronger than Envy. As a man who doesn’t lie, he must have some sort of brute force advantage.

“Ewww, a carnivore who only likes grotesque….”

Envy gritted his teeth as he called Rath a carnivore. Judging by his inability to charge, Rath’s words were true.

-See, carnivore? How dare that filthy snake!

As soon as Rath heard the carnivore’s voice, he stood up as if in a seizure. Apparently, his nickname was Carnivore, even in the Demon Realm.

‘I need to shake it more here.

Raon spat out the blood from his internal wounds onto the ground and stirred up his lazy energy.


Smoke-like black air currents spread throughout his body, penetrating the skin and muscles torn by Magi.

It was Natta’s unique regenerative power that quickly healed external and internal wounds.

“That, that!”

Envy’s eyes widened until they couldn’t get any wider. They practically popped out.

“Why does a vessel of fury possess the energy of sloth!”

“It’s proof that Sloth has fallen under Rath’s thumb. To keep him under control, I’ve taken on the energy of sloth.”

Raon dropped his gaze as he sheathed his Heavenly Sword and True Soul Sword. We’ve crossed over the Chibu Ridge. It was time to drive the final wedge.

-Why did that little sleeper become one of yours without your knowledge, you devil!

Rath roared, pounding the ground with his rounded fist.

-Devil! I’ll kill him and go to heaven! Please give me flesh!

“Yes? No….”

Raon frowned as he looked toward the rampaging Rath.

“You don’t need to say it yourself, Rath-sama… Ah, I see.”

He frowned and tilted his head toward the void.

-What else is this crazy bastard going to do….

Rath’s chin twitched uneasily at the sight.


Raon frowned, taking a step closer to Envy.

“From now on, Mr. Rath will speak for himself. May you be honored.”

As he said that to Envy, both demons seized up at the same time.

“You insolent….”

-You asshole!

Envy’s eyes narrowed and opened in a rage as he saw through the killing intent of the two demons.

Blue flames of rage burned above his red eyes.

“You filthy snakes crawling through the Demon Realm, what have you come here for?”

I listened to Rath day in and day out, so it wasn’t hard to mimic his tone.


Envy took a step back, her shoulders shaking. The way Rath spoke, using the filthy snake’s name, it was as if he actually thought he was speaking to him.

“How dare you trespass on my territory, you’ve gone overboard.”

“Dai, what the hell did you do, why did that little sleeper get under your skin!”

“He recognized your greatness. What other reason could there be?”


Rath’s characteristic arrogance was on full display, and Envy gritted his teeth in further irritation.

-Ah, no!

Rath stepped closer to Envy and waved his hand wildly.

-Don’t believe it! It’s all a lie! You evil fiend is lying to you!

As Envy began to fall for it, Rath panicked, abandoning his dignified tone and shouting in frustration.

-”You’re using the Bone King’s information again, you filthy bat!

“Yes, sir. It’s because of you, thank you.

It was worth listening to Rath’s chatter, even if only with one ear. He was the best partner I’ve ever had, giving me information and playing along.



Raon held up two fingers, ignoring the outcry of anger Rath had caused.

“You made two mistakes.”

“What do you mean mistakes….”

“First, for trespassing on my territory, and second, for attacking this body that is to be my vessel twice.”

Raon channeled his rage outward. It blazed over his shoulders, crushing the entirety of Mount Sterin.

Envy’s genuine jealousy would have been enough to turn her off, but she was immobilized by Rath’s presence.

-Do not be deceived, the Bone King will not care if you kill this bastard! I can tap dance as his limbs are ripped off! Please, move!

Rath shouted that it was all just bluster, but Envy’s face grew angry.

“Sloth’s bed is not worthy to be your grave. Come.”

“I, I’m….”

“Don’t worry. I’ll tell Sloth to block the way, and King Bone will deal with you himself.”

Raon curled his lip and snapped his fingers.

He hadn’t expected Rath to offer to fight them alone, but it seemed to have worked. Now there was not the slightest hint of doubt in Envy’s expression.

-Don’t hold back, just go for it! He’s a scarecrow whose head will be blown off if you lift a finger! Attack him, please!

Rath could hold back no longer and unleashed his rage. A torrent of cipheron rage pierced through his mana circuitry. Normally, he would have blocked it with Glacia and the cartoon ball, but he deliberately allowed it to spread.


Her original 100+ Rage and Rath’s outburst merged into a single spark, creating a huge wave of energy that made Envy break out in a cold sweat.

“I, I didn’t think you two would be together, I swear!”

Envy shook her head wildly, seemingly reverting to the age of the girl she appeared to be.

“I’m leaving, I won’t tell anyone, I’m leaving, please let me go!”


Raon stared at Envy without answering.

“Falcon, I swear to you. I won’t tell anyone about your alliance, or Sloth’s presence here, or your bowl!”

Envy clasped his hands together, unwilling to speak of what he had seen here.

“Wouldn’t it be so much simpler to just catch and kill one of those stupid, filthy snakes?”

Raon sneered, dropping both swords to the ground. A chilling sound rang out as the swords hit the ground.

“I’ll give you a head start. Your descent will take time, so your chance is now. Strike.”

Raon frowned at the word “charge”.

“Rath, if you descend now, there will be a later date. No, no matter… Ha, I see, I’ll have it ready to go, but I’ll also wake Sloth, so you don’t have to.”

Concentrating his rage in his right hand, he curled it into a circle of coldness, ready to unleash an aurora of white silver.

With his left hand, he brought it to Sloth and summoned an aura of laziness.

“Aurora of White Silver….”

Envy swallowed hard at the sight of his right hand controlling the Aurora of Platinum and his left arm pointed at Sloth.

“Mi, I’m sorry, I’ll never come anywhere near here again, forgive me just this once!”

Envy waved her hands in the air and hung her head, her eyes fluttering as if she were about to cry.

“So far, so good.

With the overwhelming power of two demons on display, Envy ducked first, not bothering to fight.

It was just as Ras had told him, a crude, filthy demon.

-You little bastard! You’re fooling me with that act! Beat the demon! You don’t deserve it!

Rath ranted about Envy’s unworthiness to be a demon, but Raon was the only one who heard him.

Raon sneered, not revealing his true feelings.

“Seeing that little brat, I’m afraid I won’t be able to touch him.”


Envy looked up, his green eyes shining with hope.

“I’ll swear by the name of the Demon King that I’ll keep my word, if you’ll just let me go….”

She spat out the words like a rapid-fire cannon, not wanting to miss her chance.

“Oaths require proof.”

“Zu, proof?”

“King Bone said so. That you are at fault, and that it was your attack on this body that angered him.”


“Surrender your power to the Bone King’s vessel. Huh…?”

As soon as Raon spat out the words, he shook his head violently, trying to control his anger.

“Rath-sama, you don’t need me, you’d be much better off just killing Envy here, please reconsider!”

-Not again, that damned method acting!

Rath flopped around like a dolphin.

-Ino-o-o-o-o-o, aren’t you afraid of the sky!

‘The sky doesn’t care about demons.’

-I’m so miserable, I feel like my heart is going to burst, Bone King, Bone King!

He pounded his chest and howled, then rolled his eyes and fell backwards.


“Déjà vu?

I’ve seen that look before.