◈ Episode 93. Everything is procedural (1)

“Continental Extinction…….”

Marcelo drooled.

The World Tree, the stuff of legends.

The mere fact that it existed was incredible news.

It was bad enough that the Lord had discovered it.

I can’t believe he’d come back with a seed that had sprouted.

And to make a contract with a spirit in the process.

“It’s hard for me to follow in your footsteps.”

But the sternness didn’t last long.

Marcelo calmly assessed the situation.

“But you have made a good decision. The legendary World Tree is a being who organizes the Arcana Worlds, and the longer it is absent. the more powerful the demons would become, and the more powerless those who resisted them would be.”

Ho-Yeol sprouted a new world tree.

He had planted a seed of hope on the continent of Arcana.

“It’s a different level than magical research.”

Does he realize that he’s accomplished something so great?

Does Lord HoYeol know this?

Indeed, he had accomplished something that would be hailed as an ‘achievement’ by everyone on the Arcana Continent. But the fact of the matter is, he was too casual about it.

Beyond that, it was no different than as usual.

Marcelo wondered.

” …… Didn’t you think of that?

More than satisfied with his accomplishment.

Instead, Ho Yeol looked like he was enjoying a leisurely tea break.

Marcelo was determined.

‘Even if it does give the impression that I’m talkative.’

“Lord Ho-Yeol.”

‘You must realize what a great thing you have done.

You need to realize that.

“It’s not just words, there’s a new wave on the continent…….”

That was the moment when the determined Marcelo broke his rhyme.


Ho Yeol put down his teacup and opened his mouth.

“You’re right, Marcelo.”

He said simply.

“By sprouting the seed of the World Tree. The continent of Arcana will be awakened to life.”

He continued.

“The energy of life will be of great strength to those who resist the crisis of extinction. It means that it affects not only words, but also vitality and mana regeneration.”

His tone didn’t change in the slightest.

“Those who witness the new World Tree will also intuitively sense the threat of continental extinction. To protect the World Tree, to protect the continent, you can expect to face the demon with even greater resolve.”

There was no agitation, no excitement.

“You knew better than me……!

Even though he knew he’d accomplished something great.

To be able to recite his accomplishments so casually.

It was as if he had done what he was supposed to do.

“I just can’t get into his head.”

Marcelo could not help but be astonished at the bowl of Ho-yeol again.


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[The new World Tree has taken root on the Arcana Continent].

[The Arcana Continent blesses the birth of the World Tree].

[The entire Arcana continent is energized with life].

[The entire Arcana continent is buffed with the Life Regeneration buff].

[The entire continent of Arcana is granted the Magic Regeneration buff] …….

I just read the message that was printed.

Because the message said so.

He could have said, “I guess so.”

……But Marcelo doesn’t know that.

Just how successful this skipped a massive intermediate step. It’s like ignoring the normal path and taking a shortcut after cheating trick after trick.

that fact.

Even though you know better than anyone.

I can’t believe you’re so shameless.

I’m shocked at the thickness of your iron skin, really.

Of course, it’s an attitude that never goes away.

Let’s just say I’m glad I’m not shy.

Although Grandfell may not be so keen.

“Wait, what did Marcelo just say……?

I could only stammer.

It’s the kind of thing that makes your ears perk up.

“The tower no longer requires the approval of a majority of the top officials.”

At first, I was like, “Oh, yeah.”

Why, the current head of the Tower was not intact.

The lord of the tower is unable to act normally.

Three of the five elder mages have been determined to be demon worshippers.

Even with the leader, there are only two mages left.

What does majority even mean?

Yeah, I thought that’s what it meant…….

“Exit tower. That full power has been given to us.”

……What? That’s what you meant?!

A moment of realization.

The quest window popped up in front of me.

Weight of the Chief (Repeat)▲

●Proceed with the verification at Topaz Hall. (Success)

●Successfully conduct a regular meeting. (Success)

●Supervise a mage’s exit from the Tower. (Proceeding)

I couldn’t help but be impressed.

That’s what it means to go out.

The implications of his words could not have been clearer.

“Yes, indeed. It is only because you have broken the shackles of contradiction that we are able to act outside the tower.”

The mages chained to the tower were free!

……The day has finally come.

Once again, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed.

“Is my dream coming true?”

At the same time, I felt relieved.

I realized the need for reinforcements in [Predator Swamp].

If I hadn’t communicated with you beforehand.

If I hadn’t gotten that help.

I, alone.

I would never have been able to sprout the seed of the World Tree.

In that sense, the mages of the Magic Tower?

I couldn’t have asked for more reliable allies.

Moreover, I was the one who had to fulfill the World Quest.

In the future, there would be even more challenging quest objectives.

However, with the Magic Tower as an ally.

Not just a shortcut.

I could even create a new road.

I could even tear up the highway!

But wait.

Something about that flashing quest objective didn’t feel right.

It’s not like I’m approving the tower or anything…….


“The purpose of the towers will vary, but they will all point toward the Rift, as you know from your experience as Vanguard. The Rift is likely to be haunted by demons.”

It was.

[Broken dimensional rift].

In the rift, ‘???’.

The nameless demon targeted Vanguard.

Of course, that was only possible with the cooperation of the elder mages who were demon worshippers.

‘Even if it wasn’t.’

I was a demon hunter, I could assure you.

Demons will only get more insidious as they invade reality.

The stronger they were, the worse they were.

In that sense, Marcelo was wary.

“I want our power to be wielded with integrity.”

Chief Wizard of the Tower.

With great power comes great responsibility.

Marcelo should know better than anyone.

“I hope so, too.”

I nodded wordlessly.

‘Imagine, if Vanguard was possessed by a demon.’

It’s horrible to think about, really……!

Wouldn’t I be the one who couldn’t run away with the demon in front of me? I’d be crying and eating mustard, and I’d be drowning in a sea of pride.

I said.

“Indeed, as you say, there is a need for supervision.”

For the sake of my old age.

I’m going to supervise the mages of the Tower.

Technically, I need to accompany them into the rift and supervise them, but supervision will always be me, Grandfell.

“The procedure should be simple.”

Of course, the procedure always came first.

Marcelo nodded.

I opened my mouth without hesitation.

“A mage who wishes to ascend the tower sends me a letter detailing the purpose of the ascension. I am the sole judge of the validity of that purpose. Naturally, the status of the person seeking ascension is not a factor in my judgment.”

Do you take on the hassle of others?

The heavy pride of the Grandfell is easily manipulated by others.

That’s why I’ve been chosen to supervise the tower.

“It’s the mages who should be doing the work, not me.”

I said shamelessly.

“And I will be the one to schedule and conduct all of them.”

Another lesson learned.

In society, promises are not to be made lightly.

I look at it now.

I’d given away my power for nothing.

“I’ll pass it on to the senior wizards.”

Such an unfair process, right?

But not that I care.

I’ve always said.

“If you can’t do it, don’t do it in the first place.”

I carry the weight of seniority.

I must enjoy all that is to be enjoyed.

If only to keep from sinking.


I have other things to worry about right now.

Yes, now that the Magic Tower was in full swing.

I needed to get rid of the biggest threat.

Also about the circumstances of the Magic Tower.

Even about demons.

The threat factor that even exists in the criminal record.

[Quest: Reconstruction of the Magic Tower]

The contradictions that existed in the Magic Tower.

Even its purpose, the pursuit of truth, has been corrupted.

Rebuild the tower from its foundations.

Meet with the Tower Master. (Ongoing)

Dispose of the escaped demon worshippers. (Ongoing)

Search for the real truth. (Ongoing)

The supervision of the Tower is also a regular conference.

The pride of seniority is on the line.


In the towers I supervise.

Not a single rash act can be tolerated.

‘I have to dispose of it. Threats.’

I said, rising from my seat.

“Time to interrogate the prisoners of Void.”

Marcelo asked, concern in his voice.

“You’re going straight to them?”


“… … Are you really okay?”


The mages of the Magic Tower were born with innate magical powers.

For them, the sense of powerlessness felt in the Void is quite traumatizing.

Marcelo, as well as the elder mages who were like snarls, couldn’t keep their sanity in the middle of nowhere.

But hadn’t he said?

『The first thing Grandfel learned as the next head of household was not to skimp on personal things. The position of head of the Cloudy family was a position where even the slightest disturbance was not tolerated.』

The terrible Void is my bedroom.

But I can’t tell you about the past, even in death.

I added, being myself.

“Helplessness is part of the sensation.”


“Even that takes some getting used to. Marcelo.”

I was done.

Plausibly wrapped up in the experience of disenchantment…….


All I see is darkness.

“……are you there?”

I asked into the void, but there was no answer.


Is my hearing failing me now?

Or is he truly unable to answer?

The elder mage of the tower.

No, a devil worshipper.

No, it wasn’t even that anymore.

It was just a helpless human moaning into the void.

“How long has it been?

My head is foggy.

My memory is fuzzy.

As it was, it would be a problem even if he was released from the void.

I wonder if I’ll ever be able to manifest magic properly.

But even this is something that can only be done when there is hope.

‘After all this time.’

Why am I stuck in this damn place?

Have all my plans come to nothing?

I shook my head and tried to clear my mind, but it wasn’t easy.

‘……Yes, the plan may have already worked. Even though we know we’re trapped in the void. Even though they know we’re trapped in the void. Are they turning their backs on us?’

So, we were just a throwaway hand?


Even more doubt and disbelief dominated my thoughts.

And then.



Void’s door opened and someone approached.

It didn’t matter who it was.

I could beg as long as I wanted to be let out of here.

“Who is it, who has come to get me, to get us out?!”

But there was no answer.

Yes, there were voices in the darkness.

And again.


Only the sound of footsteps, which remained strong even in the confusion of memory.

Soon, the devil worshipper was presented with an unbelievable sight.

“You, are you……?”

The name sounded vaguely familiar, though the blurred memory didn’t quite clear.

The silver hair.

The arrogant face.

How could I forget that look?

Marcelo, the adventurer he’d made co-chief.

That he had shown up again.

It was simple.

‘……After all this time, after what seems like an eternity.’

The plan, the real truth.

Still so far away?

Despair all over again.

But the real despair was yet to come.


The man sat up in his chair.

He picked up something without a word.

My vision was blurry.

I couldn’t see exactly what it was, but I recognized it.

It was a book.

And in his other hand, he was holding…….

“A glass of ……?

That’s right.

A teacup, to be exact.

This is not a floating garden.

This is Void.

The passage of time.

No physical sensations.

A space where everything converges at all times.

It’s a terrifying place to step into, a place where you can’t stay sane……! And yet, you can open a book and sip tea in this nothingness……?

‘How can anyone be sane in such a place?’

But the question didn’t last long.

Soon, I realized.


The sound of flipping through a book.


The sound of a teacup being moved.


Those actions became the sound of a clock’s ticking.

It was the sound of a clock’s second hand.

It was the return of a part of my senses.

It was nothing to celebrate.

The man opened the book to a map.

It seemed like days had passed.

“‘It’s only been a page on the bookshelf……?


It seemed like an eternity.

The steaming tea showed no sign of cooling down.

“……mah, this is ridiculous!”

Yes, something must have been done.

Surely, magic must have tricked my eyes…….

And then I realized.

This is Void, a place where magic cannot exist.

“Then how come the eons of time I’ve endured……?

Only a few weeks.

No, only a few days?

If so.

‘How much longer do I have to rot here?’

Unlike anything I’d ever felt before.

It was a different kind of despair.

For the sake of a book and a teacup.


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One must cherish even one’s own time.

‘Why, even in my school days.

The best students never put their books down, even during breaks.

Besides, I was in a sorry position.

I need to dig a lot of holes, a lot of wells.

I need to be efficient in my interrogations.

We can’t waste time interrogating a mere demon worshipper.

That’s why I came into Void with a magic book and a teacup.

Of course, I’m under no obligation to explain why.

“The Advanced Theory of Magic Enchantment.”


The book I brought is the Advanced Theory of Magic Enchantment course.

The services that I could enjoy for free by claiming my seniority included enchantment.

I didn’t have the slightest intention of letting go of the free service and attempting to bestow enchantments myself.

“Enchantment depends on the person who does it.”

As it turns out, the effect of the item is different.

I wouldn’t be able to do anything with my shitty, disenchanted hands.

But even with someone else’s hands.

‘Cause I need the knowledge to order it properly.’

Besides, this was knowledge I could leave behind once I had it.

That’s what I thought as I concentrated on reading.

Suddenly, I heard a voice that sounded like a groan.

“‘I’ll tell you the truth, Mo. The elder wizard who ran away, where he is now, what he’s doing. I’ll tell you everything I know……!!!”

……What a surprise.

We haven’t even started the interrogation.

Well, at least you saved me the trouble.


There’s a procedure for everything.

I said, keeping my eyes fixed on the book.



Quiet while reading.

Basic etiquette.