◈ Episode 90. Blooming from the Swamp (7)

[The Pentagram of Pure Knowledge]

[Rating : Epic]

[Restriction: None]

[Effect : When equipped, the user gains knowledge of all minerals and all plants on the continent of Arcana].

[Description : A magical tool that contains an immeasurable amount of knowledge.]

Knowledge of all minerals said.

That’s not a rock.

The knowledge of all plants.

That’s a seed, a World Tree seed.

Yes, the World Tree is something that not even the forest nymphs know about.

If a book or something had written about the World Tree.

I wouldn’t have trusted the information so easily.

But you’re saying that Epic items aren’t Epic for nothing.

“Item effects don’t lie.”

The loot wasn’t a rock.

It was a World Tree seed.

My first words upon learning the truth.

“The continental crisis has truly arrived.”

The Nymph said respectfully.

“Mr. Ho-Yeol, I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean by that…….”

No wonder you don’t know.

I wouldn’t have guessed either if it weren’t for the item’s effect.

Even if I had known that the World Tree existed on the Arcana Continent, who knew that it would sow such seeds?

“It’s not that you’re not good enough.”

Of course, I knew why.

The World Tree sowing seeds.

That the World Tree was under great threat.

The threat, of course, is the demon.

“This knowledge was the devil’s knowledge not long ago.

The [The Pentagram of Pure Knowledge] is a demonic item.

It was obtained from a demon, Decarabia.

Decarabia, just like me, must have had items on all minerals and plants, and he must have known information about the world’s trees.

“Did he use that information to threaten the world’s trees?

Of course, with a specific story.

I have no way of knowing.

It happened in the past, on the continent of Arcana.

How could I in the present know?

But what I do know is simple.

[World Quest: Seeds of the World Tree]

The Arcana Continent is in danger of extinction.

In the midst of a great crisis.

Sprout a new hope.

Sprout the seeds of the World Tree. (Ongoing)

1 World Tree Seed currently found / Unknown

0 World Tree Seeds currently sprouted / Unknown

Risen Quests.

Clearing a world quest, that is.

Suddenly, I heard the players’ chatter.

A message popped up in front of everyone’s eyes.

This must be a World Quest.

Whoever it is, they must have completed a World Quest.

Everyone says so.

I thought so too.

But as I looked at the quest window, I realized something.

There was a real world quest!

It’s really world-class on that scale.

What about the story?

The world tree, the mother of the continents, is in crisis, and you must sprout the seeds of a new hope, the world tree, from such a world-class crisis!

As I said, I was amazing at grasping the topic.

‘……It’s a little early, don’t you think?

I’m only level 324 to handle a world-class quest like this.

Wouldn’t the world capital lament this?

A newcomer like me, sprouting his own seeds.

Okay, let’s think about a typical situation.

The moment I realized that was the World Tree’s seed, the quest came to mind, and the specific information about the World Tree is the quest’s starting condition.

……Wait, that starting condition doesn’t make sense, does it?!

Like I said.

Even the Forest Spirit Nymph was ignorant of the world tree.

I wonder if it’s any different for a magic tower.

I’ve read tons of magic books.

I had never seen the word world tree before.

But the player.

To get information about the mysterious world tree?

You’d have to be level 1,000 to get it.


So, to summarize in one line.

I deviated from normal quest progression.

Defeating the Demon King Decarabia.

and got my hands on the [The Pentagram of Pure Knowledge].

I was able to skip all of those intermediate steps.

I could start a world-class quest……!

This, it wasn’t strange to be overwhelmed, was it?

If I had a normal mindset, I’d be worried.

I wondered if I had what it takes to succeed in a world quest like this.


Since when have I been thinking and acting normally?

Greed, the seven deadly sins.

Demon King Decarabia.

Demon Worshippers of the Magic Tower, Elder Mages.

I wasn’t even level 300.

Even when I was only level 100 or 200.

I was just me, doing what my pride told me to do.

That’s why I can see it.

Even if it meant sinking and drowning in pride.

that I have no choice but to move forward.


“Time waits for no one.”

I have witnessed the continent of Arcana.

The continent of Arcana being trampled by demons.

What are the odds that demons would stand idly by while the seeds of the World Tree sprout?

Even with the existence of the Demon King Decarabia.

Not even a remote possibility.

Therefore, I spoke brazenly.

“Also, I cannot take your pride lightly. world tree.”

The nymph stirred at my ramblings.

“When you say World Tree, you mean……. that, a seed?”

I’m glad it wasn’t my tone that agitated her.


The nymph seemed to have figured it all out.

“That makes sense. Why so many of them coveted the rock, the seeds. Instinct, I suppose. The seeds of the World Tree must contain some unfathomable energy.”

The World Tree was a real thing…….

The Nymph blurted out.

A nymph whose steadfastness was unshaken by my influence, Contractor.

It was deeply concerned about what to do with the seed of the great World Tree.

“In a word, you feel the same way I do.

The pride of the Grandfell was daunting enough.

Now the pride of a world tree.

But I had no hesitation like a nymph.

“Get ready. Nymph.”

I’m good at staying on topic.

I’m confident that I’ll be able to do it again.

I’ll do whatever it takes.

I’m confident enough not to sink with pride.

“The seed needs your blessing to sprout.”

Even the greatest world tree was a plant.

Just as it was a plant, so it was possible to grasp information about it with the [Pure Knowledge].

The Nymph’s blessing, which promotes plant growth, would also be effective.

“Did I bless the seeds of the World Tree……?”

As expected, the nymph was taken aback.

But then she replied in a calm voice.

“If it were just me, it would be impossible, but since you’re here, I’ll try.”


We’ll see if the blessing works or not.

Before that, of course.

“We need to calm the commotion.”

Predator swamp.

The most fierce center of all.

Getting to the seed of the World Tree was a matter of getting past the vast array of predators.

“We don’t have much time.

I thought coldly.

This wasn’t an herb, it was a blessing on the World Tree Seed.

“The backlash will come not only to the nymph, but to me, the contractor.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if I was suffering from magic exhaustion right now.

It’s hard enough to stay on track.

I was the one who dug holes in my flesh through swordsmanship and black magic in preparation for magical exhaustion… … .

The other is the opponent.

“Unless [Natural Enemy] is activated.

Otherwise, I’d be hard pressed to take on a single one.


But the monsters weren’t the only ones fighting.

There were players here, too.

Some familiar faces among them…….

No, I saw some unfortunate connections.

“To everything there is give and take.”

So, it’s finally my turn to receive again, isn’t it?

‘I’m really a steel plate, and you’ve laid several layers of it.’

Where are all these familiar faces and connections?

Basically, they were all rankers and top-level guild masters.

I said to them.

“We need your cooperation.”

Not help, but cooperation!

But it was too late to be humble.

“After all, I’ve summoned the senior mages of the tower at will.”

I’m afraid not.

I have experienced too much…….

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Reaching the center of the predator swamp.

The first thing I saw was a huge boulder.

And monsters battling around that rock.


But there was one thing that caught my eye more than anything else.

It was Ho-yeol, standing tall above the swamp.

“Mr. Ho-yeol, you’re walking on water now?”

Really, homen, homen……?

The guild members of Gaon said to the stunned Nam Tae-min.

“Brother Tae-min. Look closely, you’re riding on a lotus leaf.”

“Oh, yeah, but that’s a different kind of……?”

“Wait, is that the spirit next to him?!”

Indeed, it was the spirit of good fortune.

A pretender is a pretender.

Just like the story goes.

At the very least, it was a high ranking Spirit, and most likely a Spirit King.

“Isn’t that rather fortunate?”


“You don’t look any different from your sister to me.”

I don’t see any difference.

“……what, her face?

Leonie looked up and saw the crazies sizing her up with their fingers. …… was gone, and she didn’t even have the energy to say it. Instead of answering, Leonie stomped her foot.


“Aah, sis! It’s a joke. It’s a joke.”

It was then.

Ho-yeol’s voice came through.

“I need your cooperation.”


High level skill, [Telepathy].

Ho Yeol’s voice sounded like he was right next to you.

Leonie was stunned for a moment.

“You’re so close, all of a sudden?!

Even though she knew it was telepathy.

This kind of distance from Ho-Yeol was unfamiliar.

“……Leoni, you’re delusional.”

But Leonie snapped out of it.

“You need my cooperation?

I don’t know what kind of cooperation you want.

This was my chance to repay my debt to Ho Yeol!

Yes, I’ve been waiting for this day.

Regardless of personal feelings.

‘……It’s not like I have any feelings for him.

Yeah, whatever!

Aside from getting a cup of tea!

The debt to Ho Yeol was a guild issue!

As the master of the Berserker Guild.

Naturally, he had no choice but to accept Ho Yeol’s request for cooperation.

Leonie didn’t hesitate.

He bumped into him.

“Uh, you too?”

“……What’s that, a mismatched combination?”

“I don’t know.”

Nam Tae-min.

Kazuma Hisagi.

And everyone in the Gaon and Inazuma guilds.

“It’s Gaon, even if it is.

Gaon owed Ho-Yeol as much as he did himself.

And Nam Tae-min seemed to share the same nationality and friendship as Ho-yeol.

It was understandable.

“But what about Inazuma and Kazuma Hisagi?

Gaon and Inazuma?

It was a combination that didn’t make sense, no matter how hard I tried to wrap my head around it.

Even to Leonie, one of the parties.

Not to mention the third parties watching.

The studio.

“What is this……?”

The cast squinted at the screen.

I wondered if I’d seen the wrong face.

The host slowly recites their descriptions.

“A strong physique. That’s Nam Tae-min from Korea, and next to him is Berserker’s Leonie Cassell, who has had a lot of contact with Gaon lately. And…….”

No matter how many times I wash my eyes and look again, it’s clear.

“The spear he’s holding. And judging by the sharp look on his face, that’s……. I’m pretty sure it’s Kazuma Hisagi, Guild Master of Inazuma!”

Hisagi Kazuma of Inazuma.

What’s all the fuss about just saying the name?

If anyone asks.

Let’s start with the long-standing bad blood between Gaon and Inazuma.

From when Arcana was a game to after the Cataclysm.

The two guilds, the two guildmasters, had snarled at each other to the point where there were fewer days when they didn’t clash, so I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at the screen that came up.

“……Well, it doesn’t look like there’s a feud, does it?”

Gaon, Inazuma, and Berserker.

Three guilds were gathered together.

In the Predator Zone, where battles were raging even at this moment.

If it wasn’t a nerve war, it was simple.

“Are you saying that Gaon and Inazuma have joined hands?”

“It looks that way. And the Berserker Guild, too!”

“Those aren’t guilds that would join forces without a good reason. They’re both large guilds with nothing to lose, aren’t they? Moreover, Gaon and Inazuma. Considering the conflict between the two guilds, this can’t be……!!!”

“Oh, wait, just as I’m saying that, it seems that player Lee Ho-yeol has appeared! Silver hair, shoes, a suit, and a spirit. I’m pretty sure it’s Lee Ho-yeol!”

“Lee Ho-yeol? Wait a minute, is that why Gaon, Inazuma, and the Berserker Guild have joined forces……?”

I asked.

Soon, the spectacle of capturing people began to unfold.